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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Was there any thought of trying to trade Blanton so we could keep Stairs?

I wish him well. I hope he makes their team and gets 400 ABs for them.

He'll never have to buy a drink in Philly for the rest of his life.

There's gonna be lots more LOLBroxtons to be had in the future.

EFF: That was hilarious.

I think Stairs shed the weight so he can motor for extra-base hits in the cavern known as Petco Park.

You'd think most of the 2008 team wouldn't have to buy a drink in Philly ever again, as long as they're recognized. Adam Eaton, maybe not.

Meaker is not considered a prospect, probably because his stuff is just OK and his command and control are non-existent. He was quite old for single A last year and he was terrible. Not sure where the Phils plan to slot him.

Pinckney, however, used to be a prospect. He was a 12th rounder out of Sacramento Community College by the Indians in 2003.

He's a pretty good contact hitter, doesn't strike out, but doesn't walk either and has no power. He was a SS who lacked the range to play there, all of which adds up to a poor man's Jason Donald.

Unlike Donald, however, his bat hit a wall in AA ball, where his offensive numbers were mediocre in '07 and '08. He signed with Baltimore last season as a minor league free agent after playing some indy ball in York.

He plays 3B-SS-2B and corner OF and should serve as a super-utility guy in LV.

I doubt Eaton would get served, let alone for free.

Thank you Mr. Stairs and Godspeed.

The Matt Stairs case anyone wanted to see it again.

Thanks, NEPP. Always like to go back and relive those happy feelings.

Let's not forget the clutch walk from the 09 NLCS as well.

In terms of post-season moments (I only have three postseason's worth to look back on), the Stairs home run is second only to Rollins Walk-off double. I remember exactly where I was when he hit that, and saying to myself "He'll get it done" before he hit it. One of the most majestic home runs I have ever seen, and Stairs, since then, has essentially become a cult-legend in Philly. Godspeed, good sir.

Typical of this front office to let Stairs go. They might spin it another way, but it was clearly about money.

With this ownership, you have to wonder if we'll ever be able to compete with the San Diegos of the world.

I will always remember the exact moment that Stairs hit that.

Hope he makes their roster by June 4th, when the fathers come in for a weekend series.

****Typical of this front office to let Stairs go. They might spin it another way, but it was clearly about money.****

I almost thought you were serious for a second. Then I realized it was you posting.

Good one.

I'm very happy that another team was able to give Stairs a good shot to keep playing.

The Stairs HR was way bigger than the Rollins walkoff in my mind. If only because all of 2008 was a magical perfect season.

I, too, will never forget the Stairs homer. I was sitting on the 1st base side at Dodger Stadium when he hit that blast, and I almost got whiplash following the ball.

CSN is reporting Ruiz signs a 3 year deal worth 9 M.

CSN is reporting Ruiz signs a 3 year deal for "close to 9 million"

sorry about the double post, I do more reading than posting.

That's great news. He earned it. That means 2010 and 2011 are pretty much solid, except for Jayson Werth.

Yo, new thread.

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