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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


BA believes Cardenas is the A's future third baseman out of necessity. Nowhere else to go with him.

Saw a fair amount of Taylor last summer and man I hated to see him go. Phils would have had a nice replacement available if Werth likely leaves next year and the possibility of a nice homegrown OF of Brown/Gose/Taylor by 2012.

Hated to see him go, too. I wonder if his power will continue to develop.

The other thing that always made me wonder was how BABIP-driven his offensive numbers were (that's a question, not a statement). He had some very high BABIPs in the minors the last two seasons (over 400 in 2008) and I really wanted to see if he could maintain correspondingly high numbers in the majors. Certainly, you'd have to guess his BABIP would regress, but to what point? After all, the guy is fast, and does focus on "squaring up" pitches, which results in lots of line drives. A sharp decline in BABIP could really erode his offensive value, especially if his patience at the plate doesn't continue to develop.

Either way, I thought he had a bright future in Philly.

Great article on Vogelsong. The man has heart, I'll give him that. I'm rooting for him.

It is a shame we lost him, esp. being that he's RH. But how exciting for him to have a chance to earn a spot as a starter this upcoming season! Wish him well.

Just read on Zolecki's blog: "They're talking about multiyear extensions with Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton and Carlos Ruiz, Ruben Amaro Jr. said today. first reported the Phillies were talking to Victorino about a multiyear deal. A source said today those talks have been for one-year and multiyear deals."

Yes, and if he makes the team, there may actually be a reason to tune into an Oakland A's game.

Who's their #1? 1B Chris Carter I assume, right?

That guy can crush the ball.

I wish the Phils played the A's this year. Do they get the West next year? This whole interleague schedule with us playing the RedSox and Yanks again (back to back this season, along with Toronto and then a select few Central teams -- has me lost.

Interleague play has completely lost its appeal to me at this point.

Watching the Phils go like 2-10 every year during interleague doesnt help its appeal.

Despite the fact that most of the world thinks that MLB revolves around the Yankees and Red Sox, the AL West has been the most interesting division this offseason. LAA is perceived to have come back to the pack. So, TEX and SEA have been aggressive in making moves to overtake them. And Billy Beane is Billy Beane.

Plus, the division abounds with interesting ex Phils.

This would've been a great year for the Phils to have matched up with that division for interleague play.

Watching us get the Yankees and Red Sox every year screws up the balance of our schedule too.

I'd rather see us play the NL Central and NL West more often than play interleague. Honestly, I'd be happy playing each division rival 15 times a year instead of 18 and spread those extra 12 games with other NL teams as well.

I'm not a big fan of the massively unbalanced schedule we currently have. I doubt our Mets rivalry would be any less intense if we played them 3 less time a year.

Piniero signs with the Angels...believed to be 2 years, $16 million. Another player turns down the Mets (who were reportedly offering 2 years, $15 million but could've gone higher)

For proper balance, the 1970's were great. 18 games (3 home series, 3 away series) against each of the five great rivals in the division. And 12 games(2 home series, 2 away series) against each of the six teams in the NL West.

That was my favorite period for baseball. Good balance between pitching and offense. Pre PED. No big issues of small market v big market teams. Ah yes.

For proper balance, the 1970's were great. 18 games (3 home series, 3 away series) against each of the five great rivals in the division. And 12 games(2 home series, 2 away series) against each of the six teams in the NL West.

That was my favorite period for baseball. Good balance between pitching and offense. Pre PED. No big issues of small market v big market teams. Ah yes.

Pineiro signed for 2 years, 16 million a year after posting a 118 ERA+.

Phillies should keep that in mind when they're considering how much Joe Blanton is worth on a multi-year deal.

Good luck with the A's Taylor, but he is no longer in the Phillies organization we should worry more about our own prospects and not others.

from metsblog... "the off-season storyline, so far, is: The Mets have Cooties…" love it!

also saw on metsblog that the phillies were in attendance at the ben sheets audition. anyone else know that?

MLBTradeRumors has a report showing the PHillies are working on multi-year deals for Blanton, Ruiz and Vic right now.

Isn't the 1970's when Amphetamines were rampant and Charlie Finley tried to sell off his players?

From John Sickles on Taylor:

2) Michael Taylor, OF, Grade B+: Borderline A-. This was a great pickup: he fits into Oakland's needs more easily than Brett Wallace. More defensive value than Carter, but a year older and doesn't have quite as much power.

Never really understood how amphetamines were supposed to be so bad for the game.

Wow, it's so unfair that (player x) is awake and may have lost some weight!

I could care less about Amphetamines...if they're good enough for our combat pilots (seriously, they are regularly given to pilots on long missions for obvious reasons), they're good enough for baseball players.

Its not a performance enhancer, its just a performance maintainer. You try playing 162 baseball games in about 180 days...includign a couple dozen cross country trips and multiple other travel days. I can barely drag my 28 year old body into work 5 days a week so I can sit in a cubicle and BS on Beerleaguer 7 hours a day.

EF - And I was well on my way to patenting a "bubblegum-style crystal meth dispensor" for big league dug outs, too.

So unfair.

On MT's power: I think Taylor is one of those guys that could modify his swing and go from a .330,15-20 HR guy to a .270, 35-40 HR guy if he wanted to. He swings for contact, not power and it shows. His HRs are almost incidental as a result. Personally, I'd rather have the .330 hitter in my lineup but that's me.

Note: I am not saying MT is a .330 hitter at the MLB level...I was using his last MiLB season numbers for my example.

Also, on greenies and baseball...Amphetamines were rampant from the 70s till at about 2 years ago when they were banned. They likely started even earlier (the 40/50s) as amphetamine use was pretty common in that time period as it was widely used by soldiers in was handed out to combat soldiers routinely.

JBird: Tru dat. It was also the era when most teams played on turf, which radically changed the game as formerly routine grounders became base hits.

For overall quality, I'll take the 60s, although the reversion to grass fields and drug testing could make the era we're in now the best of all time from a pure baseball standpoint.

He probably wouldn't have signed here because he's a setup/closer, but I'd have paid Dotel $3M, as the Pirates are doing, to share the 7th inning with Romero while relegating Durbin to middle relief. Baez could bounce between the 7th and 8th depending on which bullpen guy needs to rest. That would give the Phils 4 setup/closer types so they wouldn't have to stick with Lidge/Madson no matter what. And it would free up Durbin to take a few starts should the 5th starters go south on us.

NEPP: Taylor absolutely has the potential to put up a .330 season in the majors, although that might be his career year. I see him settling into a .290-.300, 15 HR guy with good secondary skills.

I don't see him ever hitting 35-40 HRs even if he tried, however.

Taylor seems like he will settle in as an ideal 3-hole hitter...high BA, good OB skills, good speed, moderate power, etc. He could eventually develop more power, but he's pretty close to his peak years already so I don't really see that happening.

Hopefully Brown continues to develop and lives up to the potential the Phils see in him, cause we gave away a couple good ones in Taylor and Drabek to keep Brown out of the deal.

Clout - agree on your predictions for Taylor - especially if he plays the majority of his career in the AL West - there are some pretty large yards out there to contend with.

yo, new thread.

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