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Sunday, January 03, 2010


Tagg Bozied - love the signing, mainly because he has an awesome name.

Baez - I have no real opinion, other than it was just another position they had to fill. Wake me up for pitchers & catchers.

Also, Happy New Year J - you are doing great work.

Eh, not thrilled about the Baez signing but the Phils have had success in the past with low risk-high reward type of guys. Especially relievers.

Aside from average cost/average reward, I also happen to think Baez is the reason Cliff Lee is now a Seattle Mariner.

I like Bozied better than Andy Tracy, but he's a prospect that never really panned out. Even after he came back from injury he didn't tear up Trip A so who know if he could've sustained that good half-year he had before he was hurt. His best year was in the hitter's paradise of Albuquerque in 2008. Since he can neither run nor field, he needed to hit .300 with 35 HRs to warrant a look-see at the major league level and that didn't happen.

JW: All the posters on Beerleaguer have been blaming Moyer. Are you saying they're wrong?

I don't see where the high-reward comes in with Baez. I'd term it low risk/easy-to-guess results. He'll put up a league average-or-so ERA. But as you said J, it is something they need right now.

I think there are a few things to like about the Baez signing (other than the fact that I'll call him Joan during every one of his appearances...)

1) Extreme ground ball rate
2) 2nd yr after TJ usually is a good thing
3) Closing experience
4) Like Doc, numbers could improve upon
moving out of AL East
5) Like Joel said, the Phils have had some
uncanny success with these types of

Unless I'm reading JW wrong, I think he agrees. Smart play (we'll see what the money is and then we might howl w/ complaint.) I think they're resolute in adding young arms (Bastardo, Escalona, Mathieson etc) to the veteran nucleus in the pen (Lidge, JC, Durbin, Madson).

I would expect no more bullpen additions other than MiL deals w/ invites ala Walker, Majewski-types of the past.

Clout: I went back and researched Bozied when he was a power prospect with upside in the San Diego chain. Even then, they weren't sure about him because he hit a wall once he got to the high minors. Sounded like his best shot was as a utility guy. I also ready they were ready to move him to catcher in the Fall League before the injury.

Put it this way. Jon Knott, a journeyman who played 2008 in Lehigh Valley and 2009 in Camden of the Atlantic League, was considered a better prospect in the San Diego chain than Boized the year he got hurt.

Don't know if this was mentioned, but according to Mark J. Miller of Yahoo! Sports, the Phillies reportedly asked Hudson if he would switch to third before signing Polanco, and Hudson said no way.

Sorry to nitpick JW, but Bozied is a complement to Andy Tracy, not compliment. This is a pet peeve of mine up there with "mute point."

On a side note, Phils Rogers if the ChiTrib suggests the reason Yanks and Bosox are not going after big signings this offseason because they're holding dough back to go after either Pujols, Fielder, AGonzalez or Mauer.,0,809746.column

clout - No one is blaming Moyer but it is hard to argue that this backloaded contract that is worth $8.5M this year has handicapped their ability to address some needs. Not like he is making $4-$5M.

BTY - Moyer's will be t-6th highest paid player on the team next year. Only Howard, Halladay, Utley, Ibanez, and Hamels will make more than him.

muchacho peligro: you are reading me correctly.

****the Phillies reportedly asked Hudson if he would switch to third before signing Polanco, and Hudson said no way****

Yeah, that's the kind of guy I'd want in my locker room..."Did you mind putting a team's needs ahead of your own?"

"Hell No, I ain't gonna do it!"

Oddly enough he's still unemployed.

LOL NEPP. Good point!

I'm puzzled. Why is Hudson morally obligated to play third base?

I'd rather have Polanco than Hudson anyway.

Agostinelli said, however, that the Phillies have made an international signing that he's excited about: Miguel Nunez, a 6-6 righthander from the Dominican Republic agreed to a $220,000 signing bonus shortly before Christmas.

[Tagg Bozied] ruptured his patella tendon in his left knee while celebrating a walk-off grand slam midway through a breakout season in 2004...

Sounds great. At least his name's cool.

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