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Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Good piece on Happ on Murphy's blog. It sounds a lot like a BLer conversation.

Here's one of those links, to video of TMac's interview w/Chase on Comcast Sportsnet.

mojo reference was a stretch... : - )

Unlike too many other dumb jocks, Utley is smart enough to do his "talking" on the field.

Slugga: Agreed. Excellent post by Murph. I'd love to see Happ revive his curveball, which is quite good and give him another weapon to offset what will certainly be some regression this season.

What exactly are we talking about?

Thanks for the head's up. I missed this Utley stuff yesterday.

Considering Utley's usual reluctance to be in the national media spotlight, a more appropriate metaphor might be, "Garbo Talks!" (Although I don't think Garbo ever dropped the F bomb in front of thousands of fans.)

A TMac reference. UGH! Haven't the Phils axed him yet and replaced him w/ Todd Kalas?

Cholly has a news conference today at noon. WIP is broadcasting it. I believe that CSN is televising it.

ozark - try to let it go. TMac isn't going away any time soon.

Is there a specific topic for the Press Conference?

No, just a 'state of the team' address

RE: Happ...

I think a reasonable expectation of him would be that he performs as an above-average #4 starter. If he gives the Phils league-average performance, that should be good enough.

If he "overachieves" again, great. If not, he's not expected to be anything more than a #4 on the team and it's not that big a deal.

"In my talks with management including Mr. Amaro and Mr. Montgomery, we have decided it is in the best interests of the team to grant Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, and Roy Halladay their unconditional releases prior to the 2010 season. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors." -UC in today's press conference.

UC said in 07 winter meetings he talked to cleveland about a trade for Cliff

Thanks for the heads-up about the news conference, Bonehead. Charlie looked happy to be talking baseball. Good stuff.

Another possible Mojo sidebar: Utley: Halladay, Pedro, Dogs, and ME!!

How can you insult Keef Richards like that? Ugh!

Keith Richards has given up booze. The legendary drinker who once claimed he'd outlived several doctors who told him to stop hasn't had a drink in four months. The move reportedly stems from the 66-year-old Richards witnessing his Rolling Stones bandmate Ronnie Wood's public battle against booze, and taking stock of his own life. A source said that after a lifetime of hellraising, Richards "has started to feel for the first time like it might do him some good to give up the booze for a while." (The Sun)

The presser was only a Q&A. A few hilites:
- 5th starter job is between KK and Jamie. But Contreras will get spring training starts.
- Polly will bat 2nd
- Cholly has only talked to 3 players over the winter. Not spoken to Halladay (Cholly left him a voice message). Not spoken to Cole.
- Talked to Clifford after the trade. Said it was a difficult call to make. Lee said nothing but good things about the team, org, city, fans; and was disappointed about leaving
- weighs 230; down from 286

Chase Utley and The Human Riff in the same article. Awesome. The two coolest people on the planet.

Should be 'Clifton', not 'Clifford'

At there is a pretty scathing article by Bodley re the Lee trade.

Bonehead - at this point I don't think anymore can be said about the Lee's over and done with. Everyone really needs to move on.

NEPP- "grant Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, and Roy Halladay their unconditional releases"

If that's the Phillies plan to free up salary to keep Werth I think it needs a little fine-tuning.

Chris, you're right, and Bodley's article didn't bring anything new to the table. Apparently he couldn't come up with a better topic to write about.

Is this going to be the theme all year? The WIP crowd calling for Lee--originally a pitcher most of them didn't even WANT at the deadline--to still be a part of the team? Hey, there's a team in this town that continually lives for today and never looks to the future--the Flyers. The win now philosophy they have doesn't work, either.

My God, they certainly do know how to beat a dead horse in this town. It's exhausting.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. The water is long gone over the dam, boys. Pitchers and catchers report in 3 weeks.

The Oakland Athletics have agreed to terms with free-agent pitcher Ben Sheets on a one-year deal, the team said.

The contract is worth $10 million plus incentives, baseball sources tell ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.

That's a TON of money for a guy with such a shaky health history...

Some of you guys act like its a rite of macho passage to just not have any feelings and move on from the Cliff Lee trade. Cliff Lee was totally more than well liked by the fans and by his teammates - see the Inquirer article on Utley today. Yes baseball is a business but the players and fans are still humans who for better or worse have feelings and form attachments. Allowing people in the off season to continue to bemoan or mourn Cliff Lee's departure is hardly the end of the world - in fact if you study Psych it might even be good. And some of the other discussions on here during this off-season haven't actually been stimulating. Everyone remains amped up Phillies fans and we'll be all be behind our Fightins come April. But hell, I hate that trade, I hate seeing Lee in a Seattle uniform. I even hate now his awesome cool sense of humor like when I read in the Inquirer that he had a press conference this week and when asked by a Seattle reporter what he was looking for to extend his contract there, he replied "Well I guess from reading the newspapers, I'm looking for 10 years/10 billion dollars!" That Dude who ran on the field each inning to pitch is just a good guy and a real sweet pitcher. Go Phils!!

Good, another Mets target signs with another team.

It would be funny if we signed Lee next off-season.

Sheets for $10M PLUS incentives. That is way too much. At first read, I thought it said that it could be reach $10M if he hits the incentives. Sheets can be a great addition, but is the risk worth it?

10 years and 10 billion dollars worth of funny , baxter.

I for one am still pissed about Cliff Lee. But, oh well.

I thought $10 million was a lot for Sheets. Thought he'd get more of an inventive laden deal, especially since it's just for 1 year with no option, as far as I know.

Chris: Good idea. If we pretend it doesn't exist, it won't ever cause a problem.

Either way, he's another guy the Mets couldn't get that they wanted...Lackey, Pineiro, Sheets, Molina...the list of guys that turn down NY grows by the day.

Oh, and $10 million PLUS incentives is a ridiculous price for a pitcher who just missed an entire year due to a major arm injury. Did Beane have a stroke...or is he laudering Colombian drug money all of a sudden?

Payback for CJ Henry?

Yankees acquired OF Greg Golson from the Rangers for IF Mitch Hilligoss

New thread topic:
Phillies claimed IF Brian Bocock off waivers from the Blue Jays.

Bocock, who was claimed off waivers from the Giants earlier this month, is quickly becoming the Hot Stove's hot potato. The 24-year-old shortstop hit .143 in 77 at-bats with the Giants in 2008 and hasn't made much progress at the plate since, batting just .230/.302/.316 with three home runs and 51 RBI between two levels in San Francisco's minor league system last season. He doesn't offer much besides a nice glove.

NEPP - to be laundering the money he'd need to be getting something in return for that $10 million...and I don't think he'll be getting anywhere near that amount in starting pitcher value out of Sheets this year.

PhilliesDude: I don't think that's what most people are saying. Of course, we'd all love to have both pitchers on the staff simultaneously, but most of us know that doesn't guarantee anything. What I don't want to hear is every time the Phillies lose a game or go on some slide, "Well, if we had Cliff Lee..." Why is it macho to not sit around pining for "what could have been"? I'd rather focus on what we can do with the current roster.

The fact remains that the Phillies don't sign pitchers to long term contracts, they needed an ace beyond this season and they don't get into FA pitching wars. Hence Halladay. They preferred to trade Lee right away rather than risk even more bad PR by holding on to him too long, even though it may have increased their leverage in trade. That's my real sticking point with in that it would appear the trade was a bit hasty in that regard but Amaro seems to favor cost certainty and quick action over the typical way GM's do things these days.

Ben Sheets last 3 seasons ERA+:


If he puts up any of those numbers, $10M is a bargain. If he gets hurt again or has a bad year, then Beane is a dope.

Clout: Exactly right. That's why I believe my mind forced me to read $10M as the ceiling of the deal, not the floor. If Sheets stays healthy and has a good year, he's definitely worth $10M. But if he gets hurt...Freddy Garcia for the Beane and the A's.

Yeah, IF he is healthy. The guy had major shoulder surgery and missed a year. I am quite impressed that his agent was able to swing that deal given the circumstances. Also, Sheets has a history of injuries so it was an isolated issue for him.

I wonder what the incentives take it too...$12 million? $15 million?

Didn't realize the A's had that type of cash to play with.

Trade deadline scenario:

Seattle falls off the pace due to lack of offense, Phils, with a 7 game lead in the division, trade Werth for Lee, bring up Brown to play RF.

I saw the Bodley article and the headline. Anyone else see it as a challenge to Cole? I believe it was entitled something like "Dream of 2 Aces." Last year at this time, Cole was considered to be an ace. I know he had a rough time of it last year, but the Phillies are looking for Cole to be an ace in 2010.

Oops, strike "and" in that first sentence. I think I only saw the headline.

Yeah. I agree. If Sheets stays healthy and pitches like his old self he's worth in the teens. I would think the A's would give him something like 5 mill guaranteed with some huge incentives. 10 guaranteed is a helluva big noose to stick ones head into.

the ERA+ isn't the problem, its the IP.

If he throws under 100IP of 130 ERA+ baseball, not a very smart deal.

Is it a realistic scenario for the A's to sign Sheets, build him back up and hope for success...and deal him at the deadline for more prospects once he has proven himself to be healthy?

Is it a realistic scenario for the A's to sign Sheets, build him back up and hope for success...and deal him at the deadline for more prospects once he has proven himself to be healthy?

Posted by: BENTZ | Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 03:50 PM


Yes. And not only that, but I tend to believe the A's were looking to invest some short term cash into a player or two in order to keep themselves off the bottom rung of the MLB welfare ladder. Those revenue sharing $$$ come with spending strings attached, and supposedly Selig might be cracking down on those teams which have not been using the welfare money as stipulated.

The coliseum is a pitchers ballpark, Sheets has the potential to be worth a lot come the trade deadline, and the A's will most likely be looking to add some long term real power to the lineup.

yo new thread

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