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Thursday, January 28, 2010


A real steal would have been signing Contreras for $1M as initially reported. Getting him for 50% more is less astonishing, but the deal is still a good bargain for the Phillies. Even if he has an age-related decline from last year and pitches only 60 innings, he should provide very good value; especially if he's going to be used in high-leverage situations.

My only concern is that there are no relievers with good command in the BP with the exception of Madson. Lidge, Contreras, Durbin, Romero, Bastardo (possibly), and Baez (less so), are all big stuff, poor command pitchers. We could see a lot of walks and strikeouts this year, which I guess is better than hits and CBP big fly specials. Still, it'd be nice to get someone like SD's Adams or Mujica in Philly.

TNA, You're tough to please!

I like the signing because he has a proven, big league arm even if the results can be spotty. It's also an amusing signing since it reflects Ruben's alleged predilection for signing 38-40ish year old ball players.

Hugh, I suspect Ruben's "predilection" for those older guys has to do with the fact that any younger guys who can pitch - say, Ryan Madson's age - have been locked up by their teams and are not available.

For example, the Rockies tendered a contract to Taylor Buchholz, even though he is coming off of TJ surgery and didn't pitch in 2009.

The younger guys are just too valuable, and don't hit the market.

Great signing...even at the "inflated" price.

Aging vets are an underpriced commodity right now in baseball. Rube recognized that and struck. The odds are in Contrera's favor of being quite effective out of the pen. Heck, he was sitting 95/96 on his fastball in relief last year. For a guy like Jose, that's huge. He gets a lot of Ks and he's got a big fastball with movement. And he can spot-start. For that price, I'll take it.

Can we go get Damon to be our 5th OF now? That would be hilarious. Offer him $2-3 million to sit the bench, spot start for Ibanez and DH during interleague. (only half-serious). Maybe he could give leadoff hitting lessons to Shane and Jimmy too.

I completely recognize the value village element of signing older players. I just find that complaint about Amaro to be amusing. It's not as if Contreras is 56 years old like Moyer.

I am NOT that excited about Contreras. Am I supposed to be thrilled with a 38 yr old pitcher with near 5 ERA--- for his career? He is NOT a strikeout pitcher (about 6.6/9IP) He does have good control overall... Yes, the price was right, only because that's exactly what these types are worth. So, it seems that we got what we paid for. An average reliever/starter at a market price.

BP projects a negative VORP for Contreras, one of but a couple for the whole team.

All I know is it looked like the guy was throwing the hell out of the ball in the playoffs. Same impression I had of Park with the Dodgers in '08. Hope he turns out the same, minus the starting rotation fiasco.

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