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Monday, December 28, 2009


Not pounding Petitte when given the opportunity.

Ryan Howard going from NLCS MVP to setting the World Series strikeout record didn't help. Also, Brad Lidge. Cameras extending over the outfield wall into play. Hideki Matsui. Ugh, thanks for the reminders, Jason.

I think the most underrated factor in the World Series was the flu and the fact that the bug was going around the Phillies clubhouse while I didn't hear of anybody on the Yankees being sick. The flu completely took out Dobbs and took its toll on at least half the team. I've gotten the flu three times in my life, but the version I got in October was far worse than the other two. If the Phillies players had anything close to what I had, I have no idea how they got out of bed, much less suited up and faced MLB pitches.

There were other 'reasons' why the Phillies lost, of course. But I think being sick is the most under-appreciated. Of course, the players/coaches would never blame losses on being sick and as many Phillies stated, the Yankees were just a better team at that time.

I blame ClifF Lee. He should have volunteered to pitch every game.

"No minor league deal."
Then the gNome signs with the gNats;
it's just semantics.

"Considering that we weren't going to sign Belre or Figgins, Polly was the next best thing. Whwn he has two good years, then what will people say?"

Exactly, DPatrone. That is why I said in that post that Polly is better than DeRosa or the other options.

I could see how being asked to sign a minor-league deal with the same team you just accompanied to two consecutive MLB world series would be a bit of a blow to the ego. Also, Gnome has a much better chance of making the major league roster with one of the worst teams in baseball than with one of the best (although beating out Juan Castro can't be all that difficult, can it?)

" Tyler Walker, who I had forgotten about, remains unsigned"

Wait, hold on a second. Is that the same Tyler Walker that people on BLer were calling to close OVER Lidge in September just before he started to implode? No, must be a different guy.

Word is according to Heyman, Rosenthal and Olney that the Giants are close to signing DeRosa for 2 yrs/12 million. For a 35 year old with a wrist injury???

mvp/DP - I think people have issue with the terms of the contract, not necessarily with Polanco compared to other 3B FAs. MLBtrs' Dierkes says that Polanco could have been signed to a 1-yr/$5M contract. I highly doubt that. My view is that Dierkes is somewhat discounting the defensive side of the equation, which more and more teams are valuing at more of a premium these days. Then again, 3B is not a premium defensive position.

I agree with you, Jason, as regards Tyler Walker.

TNA: See my post above regarding what DeRosa is getting/just got. Polanco for 1 yr/5 million is laughable.

People here have an issue with the length and money of the deal, I agree. People always have issues with those kinds of things. But I ask you would you rather have DeRosa for 2 yrs/12 million or Polanco for 3 yrs/18 million. I will take Polanco.

Maybe the reason the Phillies were sick is because Leslie Gudel was in the Phillies locker room doing interviews while sick. Why would she want to do that and who on God's green earth LET her do it?

mvp - BLers were grasping at straws and Walker's performance over the course of the year through AAA/MLB was very solid and he had closing experience on the major league level. I didn't advocate putting him in the closer spot, but I definitely understand the rationale as Lidge was stinking up the joint. The decision to put him into higher-leverage innings was merited at the time. Just didn't work out. But overall, you cannot deny that Tyler Walker was a great minor-league signing; RAJ scooped him up only a couple days after Seattle released him on the last day of spring training and after he healed up, he put together a very impressive string of games down at LV. And I don't think he'd be a bad guy to have in the organization over the course of the season.

As for DeRosa, we'll see if he can fully rehab that torn wrist sheath. But if you assume it saps some power, and put him in the Giants anemic lineup in SF's pitcher park, his numbers are likely going to fall off a cliff.

TNA: It was a good pickup by Rube. But we should have never used him in high-leverage spots. Walker is a good guy to have in low-leverage spots. As soon as he gets put into pressure situation he crumbles. I said that on here from August on through September. All people wanted was for him to replace Lidge as the closer. Then in the middle of September Cholly started to use him in high-leverage spots and he got raked.

JW is right. He is good to have as "an extra body" but nothing more. I would rather have Rube take a chance with a guy with that money instead of signing a guy that you know his upside (and it isn't very big).

Since this is a signing thread in a sense, what has happened to Brett Myers? You don't hear anything about him. It's as if he fell off everyone's radar.

My theory on the single biggest mistake in the WS is that Charlie and Milt told all the hitters in game two to take the first pitch no matter what. The result was Burnett got ahead of every hitter and then put them away with his hammer curve. The Phils should have learned from what the Angels did the second time they saw Burnett in their series, which is swing at fastball strikes, even if its the first pitch. Pedro pitched well enough to win that game, and maybe if they go up 2-0 the Yanks butts start to get tight and things turn out a litlle different.

If they're not going to bring back Chan Ho, I'd say Myers should be here. He is the only guy left on the market who can both start and relieve, and for the first time in years he's healthy.

akasmith: No money left. Myers is going to want a multi-year deal. If he can't have that he is going to want at least $7 million for 1 year. That is about $6 million too much for us.

"and for the first time in years he's healthy."

He is? Are we sure of that?

Every time Myers pitched, I kept hoping that someone would be dumb enough to rush the mound against the former boxer. I'm going to miss that.

How can he be healthy tommy? Some bats have a higher IQ. He obviously learned to lead with his face in youth boxing. Is Mrs. Myers healthy too?

He's right where i want him forever. GONE. OUTTA HERE

Meant to reference AKsmith tommy. My apologies.

mvp - regardng DeRosa vs Polly - excellent post. Thanks!

"and for the first time in years he's healthy."

Until he runs into the next car door or whatever.

Jonesman: agree completely.

'08 WS:

Phils runs per game: 4.8
Rays runs per game: 3.0

'09 WS

Phils runs per game: 4.5
Yankees runs per game: 5.3

The Phillies would have beaten the '08 Rays again, but the Yankees offense was too much. Good thing half their lineup wasn't hitting.

TNA: Unless the Nats plan to carry 2 utility INF, Bruntlett must beat out Alberto Gonzalez for the job. Gonzalez is both a better fielder and a better hitter than the Gnome.

DHall: Yours is my favorite post of the day.

The Phillies lost the 2009 World Series because of....Leslie Gudel!

BobbyD: Good post.

The reason the Phillies lost the WS is because the Yankees were a better team (and by a decent amount). Chase Utley was the best player in the World Series, and Cliff Lee the best pitcher, but after that, pretty much every Yankee played better than every other Phillie. The Yankees were simply the better baseball team.

On the WS: We lost to a better team.

It sucked that half the team had the flu but even healthy, I say we win 3 of 10 series against that team...maybe 4 of 10.

from the last thread: goody wrote - 23.1 innings is a big thing? Over 162 games? The worst guy in the pen, who Cholly might use once a week, would need to have an ERA 2 points higher than Joe to give up 5 more runs than Joe would have for the year.

23 innings isn't alot in itself but it adds up if you have 2-3 good starters instead of 2-3 5 and out guys. At that point you're looking at a 60-80 inning swing and that type of stuff kills bullpens.

****Unless the Nats plan to carry 2 utility INF, Bruntlett must beat out Alberto Gonzalez for the job. Gonzalez is both a better fielder and a better hitter than the Gnome.****

Yeah, but how many WS rings, WS winning hits and unassisted triple plays does Gonzalez have?

"But I guess I should remember not to post here without tons of research and a calculator.

Posted by: aksmith"

smitty, one doesn't need to do a ton of research, but just enough so that you don't make the mistake of letting your opinion get in the way of the facts.

For instance, while your observation is correct that Blanton does indeed experience
a drop-off the second and third time through a lineup, as clout pointed out that is a phenomena that is almost endemic to MLB pitchers.

In 2009, covering a total of over 185,000 PA, this is what happened to MLB pitchers' OPS vs. batters:

1st PA in G .726
2nd PA in G .708
3rd PA in G .807

2007 and 2008 look similar with similar sample sizes.

For his career (about 5,000 PA), Blanton's look like this:

1st PA in G .714
2nd PA in G .708
3rd PA in G .794

Joe is actually slightly above average, which is reflected in his ERA and other periferals.

Amazingly, earlier in the year the Phils won 2 of 3 from the Yankees, and were a blown save away from a sweep.

So the team that would beat us 7 times out of 10 on BL in reality lost 4 out of 9 to us in 2009.

Oops, for all MLB pitchers in 2009 that should say:

2nd PA in G .768

For his career (about 5,000 PA), Blanton's look like this:

1st PA in G .714
2nd PA in G .708
3rd PA in G .794

And how about this bum...

1st PA in G .652
2nd PA in G .654
3rd+ PA in G .719

the 2nd numbers are Roy Halladay's career splits.

Jack: "The reason the Phillies lost the WS is because the Yankees were a better team (and by a decent amount)."

In fact, one of those decade in review lists called the '09 Yankees the best team of the 2000s.

NEPP: The only point I was trying to make is that 2/3 of an inning dosn't seem like a big gap between 2 pitchers with entirely different perceptions.
I do realize that every out matters to a tired or overworked bullpen.

NEPP, that's exactly why Halladay is perhaps the best pitcher in baseball and Blanton is a slightly above average workhorse.

On another note, fangraphs has a post by Dave Cameron (linked at MLBTR) on how scouts and the statheads are now saying the same things:

Here's another link.

The article mentions Polly.

What, no one is going to place any blame on Cole Hamels for losing the 09 World Series? It's completely proper to credit him with winning the 08 Series, but to be fair, he was one of the biggest reasons they lost this year.

clout - alberto gonzalez is no competition for the gnome. given that the gnome has been to two world series in the past two years, i'd say his 'experience' puts him in the running for the starting 3B job in DC. after he gets outhit by the gnome in spring training, that guy they currently have playing 3B there should start thinking long and hard about asking for a trade to a NL East contender that plays in Philly.

goody - 2/3 of an inning more a GS really adds up over the course of a season. That adds up to another 23-25 IP over the course of season. Means it is 25 IP you don't need out of your relievers and likely lesser- talented middle relievers.

Even 45-50 IP out of your bullpen over the course of a season means that you likely from having a relatively well-rested bullpen more nights, less over utilized relievers at the end of the season, and more IP by higher-quality pitchers (starters/relievers).

Several drops aren't a lot of water but if it can really add up after a while.

goody, what also matters is not just the 2/3 of an inning, but the lead a team has when the pitcher exits a game.

World Series loss was pretty simple. It is a mismoner that the Yanks were clearly the better team. They weren't. They had a slightly better BA (.247 to .227 for the Phils) but the Phils' outhomered (11 to 6) and had more BBs (26 to 18) than the Yanks. Yanks' starting pitching was just as shaky as the Phils too as both Petitte/Burnett didn't put up great overall stats:

Reasons for the loss:

1. No 1/2 hitters for the Phils really didn't show up offensively (Vic/JRoll) and the Yanks did (Jeter/Damon). Jeter/Damon scored 11 runs compared to only 6 to Vic/JRoll.

In fact, for all of his reputation for being 'clutch' JRoll has generally been more of a zero in the playoffs in his career than a hero offensively.

JRoll's line in 32 G is .231/.297/.366 with an OPS of .663

2. Crappy starting pitching with the exception of Lee. There wasn't a single Phils' starter in this series who pitched a really quality game and there were two real duds (Hamels and Pedro) mixed in their.

3. Hitting with RISP. In their 2 wins, the Phils were 7-16 (.438). In their 4 losses, 4-28 (.143).

4. Little/no contribution from the bench when they started or PH. 1-16 (1 single) with 1 RBI. Phils' pitchers by comparison were 2-6.

5. Mo Rivera came up big in this postseason and generally put the clamps on the Phils. Lidge was a "sieve, sieve, sieve."

Who's mug gets posted during a rain delay or a rain out? Or does Juan Castro get that honor?

People were saying Ibanez was the "worst signing" last offseason, then he hit 34 RBIs. Polanco could prove to be a bad signing, but I have a hard time with "worst signing" before one pitch is even thrown.

Phils' roster took a big hit today in the 'versatility' and 'facial hear' categories. I expect Rube to make a signing in the next few weeks to boost both categories.

MG: The Yanks won 10 more games over the season, against better competition, and had a run differential of 50+ runs better than us.

They were quite clearly the better baseball team last season. Even the most diehard of Phils supporters would have to agree with that.

The things that jumped out at me. Curious if any other BL's noticed some of my sour grape items:

-Ryan Howard's dramatic cool down from carrying the team through the first two rounds to a virtual disappearance in the Series. (Somewhat offset by Tex's going MIA as well)

-Surprised that Cole did not rise to the moment when given the ball.

-Lidge vs. Rivera, sadly no contest this year.

Then - a few purely subjective things I gnashed my teeth over. In 2008, the ball just seemed to bounce the Phils' way when it really needed to. This year, in the Series, it seemed to work the other way. Not taking anything at all away from the Yankeees, they did what they had to do, and took care of business. Hopefully there will be a rematch where things might just go differently. These seem like sour grapes, and maybe they are, but to me, taken as a group, they made a collective difference, so here goes:

- A couple of absolute monster AB's by Johnny Damon at crucial points. I remember griping when he came up to my non-baseball fan wife about how he was going to turn an important AB into a 9 pitch marathon and totally shift the momentum. When he did, she ended up saying, "Jeez, I knew he was a cute guy and a good player when he was with Boston, but I had no idea how good he was."

-Chase was on fire. I was absolutely convinced he was on track to break the Series HR record. Then it seemed like every AB in game 6, he got stung early on with a called strike that was clearly out of the zone, putting him behind in the count and on the defensive.

-Bloops and bleeders. Seemed like they all fell in for the Yankees. Jeter in particular had a number of them.

-Poor game plan against Burnett in the second game, featuring taking a called strike every AB before anyone swung. Don't know the percentage, but it didn't seem like he threw more than a couple first pitch balls the entire time he was in. The idea was OK, but you gotta adapt to circumstances on the ground.

-Matsui v. the Phils counterpart? Kind of like Mike Tyson v. the hapless paparazzi who got in his face.

Again, taking nothing away from the Yankees. They won fair and square. But I do not feel they were "clearly the better team" or that "order has been restored" or any of that garbage. They grabbed some momentum, got some breaks, and took advantage of them. That's what good teams do, and they are a really good team. But if there are any Phillies that are the least bit intimidated by the possibility of a rematch, I would be stunned. I would think they are all praying to have another shot.

JW- Now you need to come up with a new rain-out graphic

Oh, one other thing:

They should have brought me back on a minor league deal, given the fact that an average of 10 different pitchers made a start for each MLB team the last 3 years, and the fact that I pitched pretty well for them last summer.

Oh well.

How is "they were a better team", if true, even an explanation?

"the fact that I pitched pretty well for them last summer."

Rolo, I am sorry my eyes must still be foggy. Did you just say you "pitched pretty well"? If you are considering 30 innings while allowing 42 hits, 24 runs(19 of them earned runs), 11 walks, and 19 strikouts for a 5.70 ERA pitching well, then you are out of touch.

tommy, look at the individual game logs.

Through July I was 3-1 with a 3.62 ERA.

I had had one bad start and was relegated to the bullpen where my routine got screwed up and I did not pitch well.

So, yes, as a starter I think I pitched pretty well, unless you think 2-2/3 IP in the bullpen is a large enough sample size to make an evaluation.

He pitched well for an emergency callup...He kept them in several of the games he started.

He didn't pitch well when compared to a legit MLB starter.

Rodrigo Lopez as a starter:

5 GS, 3-1, 3.62 ERA, 27.2 IP, 34 H, 11 ER, 17 SO, 8 BB, 1.537 WHIP

That's pretty good out of an emergency callup. He simply imploded when he was sent to the BP...thus the 5.70 ERA overall.

Oh, I almost forgot....the Phillies were 4-1 in the games I started.

But, I guess in your mind no pitcher is allowed to have a bad start - or a bad spell because the team screwed with his routine?

Oh wait.....I forgot about Brad Lidge.

Rolo, the only reason your ERA isn't higher is because in the last game you started 4 of your 7 runs weren't earned. And you only pitched 27 innings in which you were a starter.

Good luck in the future, but at age 34 it is going to be a tough road for you.

Jack - During the WS, I got sicked and tired of hearing how the Yanks clearly played better than the Phils. They didn't.

rolo: The ONLY reason you are 3-1 as a starter and the Phillies were 4-1 when you pitches wa sbecause they scored a boatload for you! In the 3 games you won your team scored 7,10 and 14 runs respectively. I am sorry Rolo, but I could be pitching and we still would have won.

Don't be testy, you had a good run in the MLB. But sorry to say, it is all over amigo.

NEPP, thanks for trying to give tommy a reality check.

Considering your audience and our past experience with him on this board I think you're probably wasting your time. so much for his analytical skills and looking past raw numbers. (And he thinks I'M out of touch.)

(I'll bet I pitch better in ARI if I'm called up this season than some of the guys the Phillies eventually call up from the minors.)

tommy, are you serious?

Are you now trying to say that unearned runs should count the same as earned runs?

"Oh wait.....I forgot about Brad Lidge"

Did Rolo win us a World Series?

Well Brad Lidge did.....thus he gets a pass for 2009.

P.S. Brad Lidge pitched pretty well overall when it counted in the playoffs right? 3 tough saves, 1 win. Game 4 in the WS was a tough one but not really his fault.

"Are you now trying to say that unearned runs should count the same as earned runs?"

No, of course not. I am just saying Rodrigo Lopez is no more special than Tyler Walker. You know the guy that BLer was demanding to make the playoff roster over Lidge before Walker imploded. Yea that guy.

The first reason the Phillies came up short was that Hamels was a mess. The team had no confidence in him pitching in game two, meaning he wouldn’t pitch game six. Then Hamels pitched in game three and he gave the game away. I didn’t agree with the decision of starting Pedro in game two in the first place and then I really didn’t agree after the Phillies took game one. I thought if there was any chance to get a good game from Cole it was game two, when the Yankees were reeling a bit and maybe that could help set a competent game for later in the series.

I think the second reason was the decision to not to have Happ start any of the first six games. Really, there was no excuse for letting Pedro start 2 games in the World Series unless it was a game seven all hands on deck situation. I don’t care if the Yankees saw three strait left handed starters, you put your best pitchers on the mound and Happ was one of the four best pitchers on the team (at least that’s how I remember it).

Maybe the Yankees would have still won the series. Maybe not having a clear second left handed reliever would have cost the Phillies in the end, but I would have preferred Charlie would have been to take his chances later in games then at the start of games.

Oh while we are talking guys who are way overrated on BLer. One of my favorites of 2009. BLers claiming that Andy Tracy should bat off our bench over Mayberry or Dobbs because he went 5-12 last year and hasn't played since 2004. But yet there are BLers saying he is a tough batter.

Uhhhh, tommy, lunping RoLo in with Tyler Walker.

Are players now guilty of a manufactured association on your part?

Please, please, PLEASE explain the logic of that?

P.S. Nice diversionary tactic on your part!

NEPP: Two things stuck out in your post which AWH/Rolo doesn't notice. You said.

"He didn't pitch well when compared to a legit MLB starter."


"That's pretty good out of an emergency callup"

Now, I am talking about as a MLB starter, not an "emergency callup". As a MLB starter, does he deserve a contract?

"lunping RoLo in with Tyler Walker"

Umm, didn't their year go EXACTLY the same?

Both started out pitching well then imploded...

Face it, Rolo isn't a option that should be counted on.

****As a MLB starter, does he deserve a contract?****

No...I'd have offered him a minor-league invite again and stash him at AAA. Nothing more than that. What did he end up getting from AZ anyway? I dont even remember.

on the WS: Had we gotten the 2008 WS Cole Hamels instead of the mess we had from him, we likely win in 5 or 6 instead of losing. Those are the breaks and that's why its so hard to repeat.

"I'd have offered him a minor-league invite again and stash him at AAA"

Sorry, but he will be pitching for D'Backs this year, get lit up and then we will all remember why he isn't here.

tommy, your obfuscating again and trying to change the discussion.

What does run support have to do with with how well a guy pitched?

You're being Leviculus Tomas Preur again.

If you're allowed to cherry pick stats like run support, then I get to point out that in the games where he had that run support he pitched 18-2/3 innings and only gave up 6 runs - that's a 2.95 ERA.

Wanna cherry pick? How's this for a consecutive game performance by a starter:

2 GS, 8 IP, 13.50 ERA, .452 .452 .810 1.262, 2.375 WHIP

Care to guess which Phillies' pitcher threw up those numbers in 2009?

It's this simple:

What did RoLo do as a starter?

For your education and review, please refer to NEPP's post above.


AWH: Well, it is obvious that you like Rolo and I don't. He is signed by Arizona and won't be here, therefore this argument is a mute point. As NEPP said(and I agreed with) he was a good emergency callup but isn't a legit starter. Therefore, if he isn't a legit starter, why waste our time? It is like a Benson all over again.

Even considering rollins/vic awful performance compared to jeter/damon at the plate, I think if you had to pick the biggest reason the Phillies lost the world series, it is definitely Cole Hamels.

With the 09 playoff version of Cole Hamels, the Phillies probably would never beat the Yanks in a seven game series.

If he protected the 3 run lead he was given in Game3 and comes back later in the series with another good performance, Phils probably repeat.

In 2010 I am hoping he can return to form. Maybe 08 postseason Hamels was a stretch, but at least something inbetween would be a huge improvement.

And who said anything about "counting" on him?

I said I'd have offered him a MiL deal and stashed him in AAA.

Let's review:

"They should have brought me back on a minor league deal, given the fact that an average of 10 different pitchers made a start for each MLB team the last 3 years,..."

Sounds like NEPP and I agree. Somehow, though, in the twisted logic of your mind, that gets translated into "counted on".

Hopeless....just hopeless.

Oh and AWH, there is a Rolo signed ball on EBAY "Buy It Now" for only $24. Better snatch it up before someone else realizes the profit and gets it.

Hurry. Go now!!

Once again, leave it to sophist to cut through the nonsense and stupidity:

"How is "they were a better team", if true, even an explanation?"

Exactly right.

"I said I'd have offered him a MiL deal and stashed him in AAA"

Exactly. But what is the point, when you can take a flyer on a young kid with more of an upside?

Sheesh. Sounds like I understand completely.You want a MiL contract and I want a kick in the backside to get out.

tommy, for the record, based on their track records and injury histories these are the Phillies' SP who will be in ST who I believe can be "counted on" in 2010 to produce something near their career norms as starters:


Do you agree or disagree?

AWH: Sure. Halladay will be as advertised. Hamels will bounce back and Blanton may not be a 12-8 with a ERA+ of 105 but it will be close. Obviously Happ won't pitch out of his mind like last year, but I think you can "count" on him to go about Blanton-esque numbers wise.

The SP in ST is going to be a battle between Moyer and Kendrick for the 5th spot. And I have a feeling that clout will get his wish and KK will take that spot.

mvptommy: According to numerous Beerleaguer posters KK can't possibly pitch successfully in the major leagues because his K/9 is too low. And how often are those posters wrong?

tommy, I don't like or dislike RoLo.

But what I do know are these facts:

One, 11 different pitchers started a game for the Phillies in 2009. They were much more fortunate in 2008 it was only 7, but in 2007 13 pitchers starter a game.

That's 31 in 3 seasons - an average of over 10.

Two, the above numbers fall right in line with the averages for ALL 30 MLB teams. The number of different SP who got at least one start from 2007 to 2009 were 302, 304, and 306 respectively.

That's an average of over 10 per team.

Three, Rodrigo Lopez has MLB experience, was, at one time, a decent MLB starter before he got injured, and pitched pretty well for a short spell as a starter in an emergency callup last season. (I stand by that assessment, and the statistics bear that out, no matter how you try to twist them.)

So, based on all of the above, do you think it makes sense for them to stash a guy with his experience and past success - some of it as recently as 2009 - in AAA in case he's needed?

I do, and that was the crux of my post.

But for some reason, you seem to keep trying to interpolate some hidden meaning into my post, which is, unfair and intellectually dishonest.

Then, when the weakness of your argument is exposed you engage in diversionary tactics to somehow obscure your original post which lacked more than a cursory glance at the numbers.

Nice try.

AWH: My bottom line is that Rodrigo Lopez is not going to make or break our season. So take a deep breath, it will be ok. There are still a zillion "Rolo's" out there on the market that can and will do the same, if not better than him if needed.

"Exactly. But what is the point, when you can take a flyer on a young kid with more of an upside?"

Ummmm, this one is easy:

Because the point is to try and win games, no?

I, at least, do not expect them to run away with the divison this season. Do you?

For the record, in the Phils' system, which "young kid[s] with more of an upside" do you think will give them a better chance to win a game and the division this season?

"I, at least, do not expect them to run away with the divison this season. Do you?"

Frankly, Yes I do.

Lopez only got a minor league deal from AZ. I agree that the Phils should have offered him the same, though we can't really say for sure that they didn't. Maybe he prefers to be in Arizona, or sees more opportunity there.

"sees more opportunity there"

Well that is a definite possbility because they have him penciled in to compete for a 5th spot in the rotation. Here, he had no chance of that opportunity.

I was never a KK fan, but he pitched extremely well at end of last season, and I expect him to beat out Moyer. He must of got confidence back and learned something new since returning from Minors.

Halladay's ability to pitch on 3 days rest could've made all the difference in the 2009 World Series. If Halladay started and won game 4, he could've pitched again in game 7. The fact that Halladay, unlike Lee, can start 3 games in a 7 game series could've influenced the front office's decision to swap one for the other. If a starting pitcher can single-handedly bring you within a game of winning a playoff series, he's worth 20 million dollars a year.

Cole: Heidi, they're blaming me for losing the World Series on BL.

Heidi: Get over it! Man up! At least you were good in the 2008 World Series.

Cole: Heidi, are you posting on BL under an assumed name?

Heidi: Grow up, Cole! Oh, by the way, Trixie left a doody on the rug. Get a paper towel and clean it up.

Cole: Yes, Heidi. Will you be wearing your dominatrix outfit tonight?

Heidi: Shut up, you wimp! Only I will decide what I wear tonight. You are only worthy to clean up dog poop. (Whip cracks!)


When did Tyler Walker implode? He never allowed more than 2 ER in a game all season. I still don't understand why he was left off the playoff roster. Sure, Bastardo gave Charlie another lefty, but whats the use of a situational pitcher you're afraid to use?

tommy, one, you didn't answer my second question(who goves them a better chance to win a game), and two, if you expect them to run away with the division, how many games do you think they'll be up at the end?

One thing that is kind of odd is that Amaro hasn't taken the same approach in signing a slew of journeyman/AAAA type pitchers to add depth to the club. Figure it has to do with the Phils being right around their budget and preserving some flexibility for possible arbitration cases with Blanton, Vic, and Ruiz.

MG, you could be right, but if past history repeats itself, they are going to need about 5 guys who can step in and start a game who do not begin the season as SP on the big club.

"When did Tyler Walker implode?"

Did you see him pitch from the middle of September through the end of the season?

"one, you didn't answer my second question(who goves them a better chance to win a game), and two, if you expect them to run away with the division, how many games do you think they'll be up at the end?"

1.) I will tell you after spring training. I don't have a crystal ball to see how Carpenter,Bastardo, etc. will pitch.

2.) I think they end up winning the division by 3-5 games again.

My personal opinion is that this team, as currently constructed right now, is definitely good enough to make the playoffs. So why worry about possible shortcomings until the FO is more certain that they truly are shortcomings? Save money, use it at the trade deadline to fill in the gaps that will be more apparent based on 4 actual months of baseball. That's when you worry whether we need another starter, additional BP help (maybe a closer), more bench help, etc. Why worry about the unknown if you have more time to fix it and the situation will become clearer in time?

It's not a MUTE point... it's a MOOT point!!!

This one kills me.

Although, from mvptommyd, I think we'd all prefer a "mute" point if it meant never having to see it!

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