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Monday, December 07, 2009


There's no Blanton in the champagne room.

that Mets/Burrell rumor was pretty bizarre indeed. I guess with Sheffield leaving/retiring (?) they might need to fill the utterly immobile, rapidly declining corner outfielder role, but other than that...

the mets must want burrell for when they play the braves and wagner...

Nobody is the least bit afraid of Pat Burrell these days, especially the Phillies, who know exactly how to pitch to him.

The VIP room, eh? Come on clout, make it rain...

From the prev. thread:

Of course, if the Phillies are trying to extend Blanton, the fanhouse story could be a negotiating ploy to get him to take notice.

"Hey, Joe, if you want to stay and aren't going to be flexible, we can always trade you to some place like WSH, KCR, PIT or ARI where you'll have a lot of fun winning....oh, wait."

Burrell was an interesting case last year - his walks went down and strikeouts went up but not by huge margins...his babip was a little low but not out of the ordinary...GB/FB/LD ratios were all around career average...however his HR/FB was cut in half (2006-2008 avg: 17.4%, 2009: 8.4%). Maybe he just really liked CBP?

Trading Joe Blanton when he is at his peak value (and only one year away from free agency) makes a lot of sense, but only if the organization has internal candidates to fill the position. Right now, a rotation of Lee, Hamels, Happ, an aging/injured Jamie Moyer, and Kyle Kendrick would leave only Kyle Drabek to fill in when a starter is injured/ineffective.

As I stated last week, adding depth to the starting rotation should be every bit as important as rebuilding the bullpen. This is especially true this year, when the Phillies farm system may not have enough depth to trade for another starter at the deadline.

Here's a different question:

Assuming he's moved for prospects, what could the Phillies expect to get for Blanton?


Is their desire to explore moving Joe a sign that they could possibly do a deal for a reclamation project like Ben Sheets and that they're satisfied with the 'medicals'?

circus, take a look at PtB's Home/Away HR splits.

2006 - 12/17
2007 - 16/14
2008 - 12/21

He hit more HR AWAY than at home his last 3 years at the Zen.

Burrell had lots of injury issues last year. He's still only 33 & could easily bounce back with a very normal Pat Burrell season next year.

On the flip side, he's an old 33, he can't play defense anymore, and he has a $9M salary for next year. For $9M, he's not a great risk. If the Rays would eat, say, one-third of his salary, then he'd be a pretty good risk for some AL team. Frankly, if the Rays have to eat salary to deal Burrell, I'd say they'd be better off just keeping him & hoping for a bounce-back. It's not like they have some other guy on their roster who is a great DH candidate.

Crazy speculation of the day: Phillies move Blanton to clear up some salary and a spot in the rotation for Roy Halladay.

Trading Blanton would have to be contingent on having at least one proven starter lined up to step in, I'd imagine. Otherwise it makes no sense unless Blanton is the piece that gets you a desired bullpen arm back and then you start kicking the tires on a Sheets or Descherer.

Hey, Joe, if you want to stay and aren't going to be flexible, we can always trade you to some place like WSH, KCR, PIT or ARI where you'll have a lot of fun winning....oh, wait."

u think blanton care as long as he gets a raise? Cmon grow up.

awh: If you sign Ben Sheets to replace Blanton, and if Sheets gets injured (as he almost always does) or is unable to return to prior form, then we've made ourselves a lot worse off. I'm all for signing a high-risk, high-reward guy in the mold of Sheets, Harden or Duscherer, but only for the 5th spot. That way, if it doesn't work out -- which it probably won't -- you still have 4 decent starters. If we signed someone like this to replace Blanton, and he didn't work out, then we'd basically only have 3 good starters, since I'm mighty skeptical that Moyer or Kendrick will be viable starters this year.

Why not use Blanton as part of a pkg for Halladay or another number one starter? At least it cuts down on the number of prospects necessary to obtain an ace.

Why would the Jays want Blanton? They're trying to cut salary, not get a pricey 3rd starter in his final season before FA.

I immediately thought 3-way deal where Blanton goes somewhere, prospects go to Toronto, Halladay comes here, and we cram it up the Yankees' butts.

Looking at the FA list, the guys who jump right out at me as looking Blanton-esque are Doug Davis, Jon Garland, Kevin Millwood, Andy Pettitte, Jarrod Washburn, and Randy Wolf. Is there any reason in the world to think that any of these guys would cost less than what we're likely to pay Blanton in arbitration? I sure don't see it.

****I immediately thought 3-way deal where Blanton goes somewhere, prospects go to Toronto, Halladay comes here, and we cram it up the Yankees' butts.****

That'd be nice.

I still say...

Victorino/Happ/Mayberry/Qberry for Halladay

move M Taylor to RF, Werth to CF and Francisco to spell Raul/Taylor.

We can dream Jason. I read where George Sherrill may be available. He makes 4.25 mill Wouldn't he do the job Romero's job as well as J.C.? (at least till he comes back). I know he looked horrible vs. the Phils in NLCS but he seems just what the doctor ordered.

I've been expecting a Blanton trade for a couple months now...from what I read back then, Big Joe was planning on asking for Brett Myers money in arbitration (10-12 mil), and the Phils might not be able to risk such a high payout for a slightly better than average starter. I don't see where they can plan on replacing him with a cheaper alternative who can put up similar numbers and is durable like Blanton, though.

Dude, Blanton's going to get a raise in arb anyway, but are saying Blanton doesn't care about winning?

Please elaborate.

bap, point taken. don't get too upset about what I posted.

You do know what idle speculation is, no?

Makes sense to move blanton if he wants 8-10 mill and halladay is at 15. If they move him for prospects, then they can bundle up some stuff to send to Canada. i still think with halladay and lee, your pen is instantly better because you get lots of rest. Speaking of burrel, i'd probably sign myers for dh before trading for Pat.

O'Hare Hilton last time and now Indinanopolis Marriott - The GM's are setting an austerity tone with there meeting locations. No splashy resorts , business style sites.

I wonder if that message carries through to salary negotiations ?

awh: Who's upset? Was just pointing out why I didn't think the Phillies would trade Blanton & sign a high-risk guy like Sheets to replace him.

Also, the type of 3-way trade JW posits -- while fun to dream about -- is almost certainly not feasible. Think about it. Team 3 would have to trade prospects whom Toronto regarded as good enough to justify parting with Halladay. Yet, all the 3rd team would get out of the deal would be Joe Blanton for 1 year? As Ross Perot used to say, "That dog won't hunt."

If the Phillies were to trade Blanton to clear salary space for Halladay, it would very likely require 2 separate trades: one in which they trade Dom Brown and other stuff for Halladay; another in which they deal Blanton to a contending team for prospects.

FanHouse is getting busy... Ed Price's latest tweet:

Rumor that #Mets acquire Edwin Jackson

How about Blanton for a middle infield prospect, please?

Or Moyer and 1/2 his 2010 salary for a bag of balls?

If we sent Blanton AND prospects, that might make it feasible...maybe Blanton in lieu of top prospects in a 3 way deal for a guy like Halladay.

That said, I think we have about a 0.00001% chance of trading Blanton and a 0.00000000001% chance of trading for Halladay.

"Team 3 would have to trade prospects whom Toronto regarded as good enough to justify parting with Halladay"

Not necessarily. Team 3 (Phillies) could also include prospects that weren't brought in for Blanton? (ex. 2 Blanton trade prospects AND M. Taylor?)

Mets get Edwin Jackson from Tigers

And Ken Davidoff tweets:

#Mets official denies Edwin Jackson trade.

Darn...Jackson is due for a major'd be a shame if they vastly overpaid for him.

Slocs- I think that Mets rumor has already been debunked, which might be a new record for fastest hot-stove debunking

Denied. Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse is an idiot.

Once the Mets heard the Phillies were considering trading Joe Blanton, they were less concerned about the slugging righty facing Edwin Jackson's devastatingly straight fastball and had to jump on the deal.

Nice :)

circus: Actually, he was injured for much of the season.

Here's the most important fact to know about Joe Blanton: He's a free agent after the 2010 season.

That's the only reason the Phils would consider dealing him. I have to assume they've asked and have a rough idea what it would cost to extend him.

Hope they don't deal Blanton. This team is going to be really good next year with a full season of Lee and a renewed, rested Hamels. I know thats been said alot, but it still bears repeating. This roster just needs a few tweaks, they really don't need Halladay (provided the Yanks or Sox don't get him). However, they do need Blanton to have another solid season, so I hope they don't take him for granted.

Bap - If we dealt Blaton for prospects and then dealt prospects for Halladay, then why couldn't the 2 processes be merged into a 3 way deal?

We send brown + prospects we get from blanton trade to TOR for Roy = team 3 gets blanton.

We would essentially be giving up Brown, Blanton + Salary relief for Halladay.

Seems possible, but unlikely.

NEPP - So you're saying there's a chance

If the Phils can somehow get Halladay by letting go of Blanton, then it sounds like a good plan. But I also agree that Lee, Hamels, Happ, Moyer and KK is not good enough to win a WS. Maybe that rotation could get us to the trading deadline? Our pitchers floundered along until Park and Happ flipped places and we got Lee, so maybe we could get through a half-season with those four. But I think we'd all feel better with a stronger rotation than that. Blanton may not be Cy Young, but he is pretty consistent.

BTW, I saw that Pedro Martinez has said he'd enjoy pitching for the Phils again. What do you think about that? I'm not sure, myself. I did find him highly entertaining in interviews, but enjoyment of a player only goes so far.

Geoff Jenkins wants to make a comeback in 2010 and has been working out at first base and outfield in hopes of landing a bench role.

Not a bad 5th outfielder and left handed, What are the thoughts on this?

awh just made my day. I thought me and my siblings were the only people that called it the Zen.

Minor league deal for Jenkins? I'd do it.

Nobody was a bigger cheerleader in the '08 run than Geoff Jenkins. But he was let go b/c it was felt he wasn't used to coming off the bench and therefore was not suited to such a role - Hence the reason Matt Stairs was retained instead. (That's my understanding of it, anyway.)

I just don't think Jenkins would be worth getting back. Unless we're still paying him anyway, in which case, maybe we should think about it a few minutes.)

Interesting stuff on Twitter:

Scott Lauber:
Amaro on whether #Phillies have flexibility to get a bullpen piece and rotation piece: "If I'm smart enough."

Amaro says price for late-inning relievers is high. #Phillies are hoping Bastardo and Escalona will "grow up" and be dependable in '10

Amaro: Report from #Phillies docs is Brad Lidge (knee) and JC Romero (elbow) should be ready or close to ready by opening day

Andy Martino:
Phils trying to find creative ways to free up payroll space to sign reliever, Amaro said, while declining to comment on Blanton trade rumors

No decisions yet on tendering Durbin and Condrey, but Amaro said "those are guys we will probably count on."

More from Lauber:
#Phils may trade to address needs. Blanton? Amaro: "I don't want to mess w/our rotation.That doesn't mean I'll make it a hard, fast rule."

Also, Rosenthal says Brewers are going hard after Randy Wolf.

And Buster Olney says Mets are meeting with Lackey's agent tonight... but so are lots of teams and there's a question if the Mets can afford him.

How about Jack Cust to fill the Matt Stairs role? He's a non-tender candidate, and a lefty TTO guy like Stairs. His OPS+ last 3 years were 146, 129, 105. Only problem is he's a butcher in the field. Any idea what it would take to sign him and whether he'd accept a bench role?

Jack Cust will get a starting job somewhere, and he is too rich for our blood.

I doubt the Phils trade Heavy Joe. If they want to dump salary to make room for another top pitcher, they wouldn't lose their best right handed pitcher to do so. It would be better to dump Raul's salary b/c we have guys already in the system who can compete for the spot and probably step in and be productive....IMO.

MLBTR has a lonk to NY daily News saying they don't expect Yankees to tender to C- Wang.

That is someone who, if the meds check out, I'd be in on if I were Ruben. IMHO, of all the medical reclamation projects, Wang and sheets intruigue me the most.

I don't know why a contender would trade a solid starter like Blanton unless they could depace him with a superior product. Sign Lackey, trade Blanton?

I am late to the BLer "VIP Room". But with all these rumors I am reading about now trying to catch up, my head is spinning.

I don't really alot of action by way of the Phillies out of these meetings. But it would be nice to walk away with a good bench player and 5th starter.

They would never do it, but if the Phillies needed to cut salary the best option would be to trade Raul. Ben Fran could play the position and it would free up a big chunk of change for a pitcher.

I don't think this is the a good idea, it just seems like the best way to dump salary to me.

Rumors I've been hearing are that the brass at the Phillies like Big Joe, and are quite likely to extend him.

Grain of salt and all that, but I'd put my money on a 2 year with a 3rd option for Joe.

Omar Minaya having dinner with John Lackey right now.......

Slugga: Well, Francisco certainly can play the position.

Of course, there is this:

Ibanez OPS+ 131
Francisco OPS+ 107

jcrasnick: Phils special asst. Charlie Kerfeld just came up to me in the lobby. "I have a question for you,'' he said. "What the heck is a Twitter?''
This is proof he doesn't read BL.

Amaro serves Theo Epstein a few too many Irish Car Bombs and swaps Kyle Kendrick for Josh Beckett. You heard it here first!

Speaking of contract extensions, now is the time to lock up Shane Victorino long term.

The Phils have depth on the corners, but no viable centerfield prospect. (At this point, I don't see Quintin Berry or converted-infielder Anthony Hewitt turning into everyday players. Anthony Gose's future is still a question which won't be answered for a long time.) Victorino is one of the few players on the roster to flirt with a .300 batting average and he sells tickets and jerseys to a lot of female fans.

Victorino will be much cheaper to lock up long term than Jayson Werth. Werth's power numbers will get him a big contract and he's probably not going to give any hometown discount after not having a paycheck for an entire season and seeing his stock fall so hard.

So we're gonna trade our no. 3 or 4 starter (whatever you consider Joey B) for payroll flexibility/the chance to sign Brandon Lyon?

That's a joke, right? That's what a backup option to Lidge/Madson means to the Phillies?

Last time I checked, a solid no. 4 starter was more important than a third late-inning option. Plus, we just made the World Series two years in a row. I hope this is a bunch of crap/only part of the story (and I imagine it is, just saying).

Clout: If the Phillies needed to shed payroll I'm just saying Raul Ibanez would be expendable one. With the presence of Francisco, and possibly a few minor league options, would you not say our greatest depth is corner outfield? Shedding 10 million a year could go leaps and bounds towards an impact player. The dropoff from Ibanez to Francisco wouldn't be as drastic as say Rollins to Castro or Utley to Castro.

Again, I'm not advocating trading Ibanez for payroll flexibility, I'm just making a point.

No one would prob take Raul at this point unless we ate some of the contract. He's 38 and still good, but he makes a lot of change for a frail .275 hitter. Even the Yanks are lowering payroll this year.

Slugga: No one is suggesting that Castro start. Thr dropoff from Ibanez to Francisco would be quite substantial.

The dropoff from Ibanez to Francisco WOULD be substantial, but there is good reason to believe that the dropoff from Ibanez to Michael Taylor might be considerably less. Not to mention that I have considerable doubts about the repeatability of that 131 OPS+ for Ibanez.

I'm not really itching to trade Ibanez either but I do agree with Slugga that, if the Phillies were trying to trim salary so they can make a big-time acquisition, Ibanez would be the best candidate to trim, given the near-readiness of a cheap and seemingly viable replacement. Of course, I agree with King Myno that it makes no sense whatsoever to trade away a starting player -- whether a pitcher or an everyday player -- if your only plan for the salary savings is to use it to bolster the bullpen.

JR - Dom Brown can play center.

OF production is not that hard to find on the cheap

a platoon of Franscio and a cheap LH free agent OF could easly combine to hit 20-25hr and 75-85rbi's

I'm with the slug, if payroll is the excuse for not aquiring top notch pitching and some one is willing to take ibanez's salary (regardless of what we get in return) it's a bad move or non-move i should say

but it's all good we are trading blanton for relief help or prospects and trading some of our prospects for The Doc!!

pb: I think you're overstating the ease of finding a platoon that could "easily" combine for 20-25 HR and 75-85 RBI.

Just last season, I found this...

Marlins 13 HR, 65 RBI
Mets 12, 76
Giants 11, 59
Pirates 15, 69
Braves 17, 78
D-backs 13, 82
Padres 12, 75

Cubs 18, 63
Brewers 19, 71
Mets 13, 71
Braves 15, 80
Giants 8, 57

And I only checked the National League. Twelve different NL teams failed to get at least 20 HR out of a corner OF position last season.

Raul Ibanez had 34 by himself.

RodeoJones - Dom Brown CAN play center. But he isn't even a good corner outfielder yet. He gets bad jumps and takes bad routes on balls frequently. Not the guy you want in centerfield. Although, I do agree that there have been no laws or regulations passed to keep him from standing in center.

Bah... correction to my post:

Nine different NL teams failed to get at least 20 HR out of a corner OF spot and three teams failed to get at least 20 out of two OF spots. In fact, the Giants corner OFs combined for just 19 HR last year and the Mets just 25 HR.

CJ: Thank you. 25 Hr and 75 rbi don't grow on trees. Amazing how quickly we get spoiled. Many are just jonesing for another blockbuster deal or signing. That stuff doesn't just happen every day. Or every year for that matter.

Ah, back to trading Ibanez.

I'm going to keep a running list of players BL'ers are ready/willing to trade (or at least arguing the pro of doing so).

My count (and numbers are not my strong suit) has us at two (2) today alone.

Blanton and/or Ibanez for salary relief? Let's hope for a wildcard then?

Don't worry. The Phils aren't trading Blanton. Why? Because they'd have to replace him with a better starter who would be more expensive. Rube is not gonna add payroll. He's telling us that.

As far as relievers, he could re-sign Park and tender Durbin or Condrey. Any replacement reliever or additional bench player will either be young, cheap or the value village variety.

I thought Andy Martino's piece in the Inky on Hallady the other day was a total waste of time and paper space. Ain't gonna happen.

Rube got his 3b-man (Grade: B-), Back-up catcher (Grade: A +), and utility infielder (Grade: F). Not much more he gonna do. At least nothing exciting.

The Cards got better with the addition of Penny and the Braves scare me. I think Rube is trying but he is holding fast @ 140 million. I'm sure that's what he's been told. So don't expect any blockbuster moves.
(I don't call the Polanco signing a blockbuster as Feliz HAD to be replaced). I would have preferred Beltre. The current infield will be very old in 3 years when Polanco's deal is up. Not good.

Anybody else annoyed the Phils are holding the line at this $140 million number? Or is this another ploy by Ruben?

No one else is worried that Amaro is going to trade a solid #3 NL starter just to be able to sign an overpriced reliever?

Obviously it depends on what they get back for Blanton, but there aren't many relievers out there for whom it's worth trading a guy like Blanton just to sign. Rafael Soriano is probably the best guy out there; is 70 innings (and that's assuming he stays healthy, which he hasn't recently)of above-average relief from Soriano more valuable than 200 innings of average or above-average starting from Blanton? I don't know, but I doubt it.

I know relief pitching was a problem last year. But a)who do we have to replace Blanton in the rotation? and b) what reliever can they sign that will make THAT much of an impact in the bullpen?

Jack: Considering Blanton's rising price tag, and the fact that he's FA eligible after 2010, it isn't surprising that they'd explore his trade value. But, unless someone just blows them away with an offer, I'd be shocked if they traded him. Where on earth would they find someone equal or better for less money? It's just not going to happen.

pblunts - if not $140M, where would you hold the line? and more importantly, why?

Jack - Agree 100%, and I said so earlier tonight. Have to imagine it would be part of a greater plan (note: not Roy Halladay), as something that would work out as Blanton for Lyon defies logic.

My question is - where did this rumor that Blanton would be traded or on the trading block come about. Usually rumors start somewhere and its usually has some merit and its spreading all over. Maybe some truth to it then, and Amaro did not deny it.

Sometimes rumors simply start from the press having an idea/wondering about something. Like the talk about "Should we trade Cole Hamels" translating eventually to Cole being asked about being traded, a few weeks ago.

Sounds like the possibility of Blanton being traded for a reliever is not likely to occur - if Ruben is to be taken at face value. The following is from Zolecki:

Amaro also said he doesn't "want to mess with our rotation as it stands. But it doesn't mean we have to make that a hard and fast rule," he said. "I think it's more about keeping the options as open as possible. ... I'll put our rotation as it stands up there with pretty much anybody in the National League. The better your rotation is the more heat you can take off the bullpen. I think that's probably the best way to get a more predictable bullpen."

Ok, reading back over the quote I just submitted, maybe there's a lot of wiggle room in it, but it seems Ruben recognizes he'd weaken the rotation w/o Blanton. Doesn't it appear he thinks so?

Reverend: I mentioned Jenkins the other day and no one said anything so glad someone else finally mentioned it again.

I think we already owe him money so it would just be a matter really of bringing him back onto the team. I'm not 100% sure on that, and we very well may have to issue a new contract if he comes back.

I think he'd be fine to fill the Stairs role.

So... the Phils are apparently asking around about Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman. He's a 22 year old flame thrower with questionable control. Word is he's looking for at least $20M in a deal.

I can't take this rumor seriously.

I am just a liitle annoyed at the 140 million threshold. A guy like Mike Gonzalez would be a great fit here. LH, throws hard, can close. He'd be just the kind of guy that would provide insurance in case something happens to Lidge, Romero or Madson. But because he's expensive, the Phils aren't even talking to him. And I don't buy that.

And supposedly they're looking for a starter. Well they let Myers go didn't they? Now it's quite possible that they've had enough of his off-the-field antics, but he could certainly fit the bill for what they're looking for - without making a trade which they won't do anyway.

All they're doing at the meetings is wasting time.

amsmith - sounds like our current CFer. JR said we have to extend Vic because of the lack of CF prospects, while Brownie is an elite prospect based partially on his position.

Zolecki is a team mouthpiece. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt. However trading Blanton is still a terrible idea.

Vic is actually a very good centerfielder. He's not pretty out there like he is in right, but he gets to the balls he's supposed to, and a lot that he isn't. And that play during the playoffs was very atypical.

If you watched Brown in the outfield, you'd see the difference. I saw Vic play in the minors and he was already much better than Domonic at that time. Luckily, Domonic should be a real power hitter by the time he gets to his spot in left or right field.

Soriano accepted arbitration. As did Betancourt. Gonzalez' price just got higher, no?

5AB's a game x 162 games = 810 AB's a season

Francisco hit 15hrs w/ 46rbi's in exactly 405 ABs last season. Most of which weren't in our hitter friendly park. So your telling me we can't find a guy that can hit 10hr's and and 40rbi's in 410 ABs? I think a healthy Greg Dobbs could do that never mind a cheap free agent OF like a garrett anderson or laynce nix

Crazy talk time.

I'm not actually sure the Phils should break the bank or bend over backwards to vastly improve the pen. Granted, I'd like a nice upgrade (for the record, Gonzalez is the guy I think would compliment and upgrade the pen the most), but check this out. If the Phils simply decide to resign Eyre, that means that by around March, the 2010 pen will likely look like this:


Now, that doesn't look too pretty if you think these guys are destined to repeat 2009, but you might also notice that this pen is basically the 2008 pen minus one Rudy Seanez (who, btw, was pretty helpful that year). Actually, this blows my mind.

Part of the point is that bullpens are really volatile and unpredictable. Doing something like trading Blanton, or locking up another high-priced long-term piece could very easily backfire on the Phils. Instead, before investing scarce resources, and perhaps only to start the season, maybe it's worth seeing what Lidge, Madson, Romero, Durbin, Condrey, Bastardo, Matheison, Escolona, Kendrick/Moyer, and Carpenter can do for this team. Diversifying might be the smartest course of action here.

End crazy talk.

pb -- where are you getting this 5 AB's a game figure? The average is around 615 ABs a year for any particular fielding position. So you're saying that it's not that hard to find someone who can hit 10 Hrs in 200 ABs, or a ration of 20AB/HR. Well, let's see. Guys straddling the 20AB/HR mark are Ryan Braun and Juston Upton. Even assuming that we needed a guy that hits a HR every 40 ABs, which is what you were saying Dobbs could easily do...that wouldn't be all that easy -- Carl Crawford, Francoeur, Prado, Loney and LaRoche are all 1HR every 40AB guys.

TTI - Agree that Jenkins would be a decent pickup, but I'd imagine they need to give him another contract. I doubt he'd be willing to play for no additional money above what he's already entitled to.

pb, if you think those types of players is so easy, name the players you would acquire - whether FA or through trade - and detail the cost that you think it would take to acquire said players.

Lauber just tweeted that Park's agent told Amaro Jr. that Park has offers to be a starter and that he is considering those over being exclusively a reliever with the Phillies. Well, I say without ill will, good for him and good luck. That said, I hope Amaro Jr. stops wasting any more time negotiating with Park's agent unless Park comes running back wanting to be a reliever for a championship ballclub.

As for his bloated starter ERA, it could be viewed through rose-colored glasses to be misleading as he wasn't consistently horrible. He was good in some games and really terrible in others. But for the first couple months, he pitched some of the best games of any Phillies starter along with some of the worst; as opposed to Moyer and Hamels who were both consistently terrible.

btw, Dobbs' career AB/HR ratio is right around 1/40 (it's 1/39).

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