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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Love it. Nice job, JW.

Great grab JW - Stark is a clear Philly fav.

also..I cant wait til Michael Taylor becomes a star.

Beerleaguer: Would the Phillies consider trading Cole Hamels?

Stark: Now? No chance. None. Nada. Why would they? This guy doesn't even turn 26 for another few weeks.

When the Phillies go for Ryan Zimmerman, Hamels will be history.

Jimmie J.: Your obsession with Zimmerman hasn't gone unnoticed.

Good interview JW, cool to see stuff like this on the site.

A few subjects after catching on the last few posts:

Schneider- Love the signing. Big upgrade at backup catcher. We wouldn't do better than this as a backup.

Werth- If I'm him after losing the early part of my career to injury, I'm taking the biggest contract I can get after this season. This is my last shot at a really big deal, especially if I crank out 35 HRs again. With Brown and Taylor knocking on the door the Phils will spend the money elsewhere.

Lowell- He is very intriquing at 3B, especially with the Red Sox willing to eat half his salary. He is still a .290 hitter with power and while he has limited range, he still played good defense last year and made some really nice plays. Injuries are a big concern and he is plodding on the basepaths. However, if you can get him at $5-$6 million for a year and take the $4 million you are saving on Beltre and spend it on bullpen help it could be a good deal. I think Lowell would demand the signing of someone like Jerry Hairston Jr, who can pinch run late in games and be a defensive replacement. In addition, Hairston can start once a week and rest Lowell. You could sell Hairston on getting a lot of ABs between resting Lowell, Rollins, Utley and occassionaly Ibanez (although those ABs would go to Francisco) and pinch hitting. Lowell would look great batting 7th in this lineup and is a winning ballplayer that would fit right into the clubhouse.

Bullpen help- At the end of the day this is where we need to spend the most money. There are a lot of good relievers out there. I'm looking forward to seeing what Armaro comes up with. If Mike Gonzalez was even a remote possibility I'd go cheap at 3B to spend the money on him. This is where Lowell could end up as a bargain next to what Beltre or Figgins would cost.

Goood stuff, thanks for posting. The Phillies NEED two impace signings - 3rd base and bullpen.

It sucks that we even have to make this decision, as I love both players. But am I the only one who would look to keep Werth (even with the pricetag) and trade Vic? Anyone? Bueller?

Good stuff - Jason on Jason. ;-)

Mariners offered Adrain Beltre arbitration. If I'm Beltre I run to the phone to accept. He will make in one year, what he would for two in free agency.

Cardinals offered Derosa arbitration. Hard to call that situation. His skill suggests that he should'nt get an offer for more than he maded last year, but some dumb team will probably offer him multiple years for the same money. Something is wrong in the world when 35 year old utility players like Derosa and Marco Scuturo can command multi-year deals at 6m per.

Currently No. 6 on the most popular searches on Yahoo! is Brian Schneider.

A slow news day, but maybe a sign of how the Phillies fan base continues to grow.

Beltre will be looking for a 3-4 year deal. I doubt he accepts regardless of that 1 year. Figgins will officially cost us a 1st round pick now as well as a big contract...I just dont see it happening.

Its not surprising pharmer dan, Brian Schneider is just that good.

Didn't Beltre make $12 MM in 2009?

If so, he stands to get a raise if he accepts arbitration.

OTOH, he might get a 3-4 year deal else where, the question is at what price per year?

What is the date players either must accept or decline arbitration?

Austin Kearns was not offered arb by the Nats.

A MiLeague contract with an invite to ST?

JJ: u r out of your mind. I dont think the Nats would (or should) trade Zim even if the Phillies offered Utley straight up for him.....why r the Phils so "down" on Michael Taylor? All he does is HIT

awh: Kearns will prob get a 1-year deal from someone for the vet minumum or close. He's not gonna get the lavish multi-year deal that Clout predicted, but presumably he'd latch on somehwere for more than a ST Invite.

But if he doesn't, yeah, I'd be happy to have him.

Beltre made $12M because his free agent year followed the one great season of his career, & he was able to find a sucker to make him one of the most overpaid players in baseball. In a bad economy, and following the worst season of his career, there is literally 0% chance that he would get anything other than a significant pay cut after an arbitration hearing.

But we'll never know because he won't accept arbitration. He will go to the FA market, where he knows he can find some team to give him a multi-year deal.

Jack: A 1-year deal with an option for a 2nd is "a lavish multi-year deal"?


BAP: "In a bad economy, and following the worst season of his career, there is literally 0% chance that he would get anything other than a significant pay cut after an arbitration hearing."

When is the last time a player received "a significant pay cut" in arbitration? I can't remember that ever happening.

mikes77: "Something is wrong in the world when 35 year old utility players like Derosa and Marco Scuturo can command multi-year deals at 6m per."

Well, if DeRosa and Scutaro were, in fact, utility players you'd have a good point.

DeRosa has been an everyday player for 4 years, Scutaro for 2.

If Beltre was offered arbitration, say hello to our new third baseman Placido Polanco, who wasn't. He's versatile, has a solid bat, is a smart situational hitter who doesn't strike out, will be fairly cheap allowing us to put more money toward the bullpen and won't cost a draft pick. It makes too much sense not to happen.

Love the suggestion about Hairston somebody mentioned as well.

yo, new thread!

(...where I will respond to Jack and clout.)

“The Phillies have started off with an economic upgrade in Juan Castro.”
Just how is a guy with a .230 career batting avg and a .270 career on base an “economic upgrade”???
To put it in perspective, Eric Bruntlett has a .231 career batting avg and a .303 career OBP.
How is that an “economic upgrade”??? I’m all ears.

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