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Sunday, November 01, 2009


i have to say i'm not that concerned about hamels in game 7, if it comes to that, since it will become an utterly different kind of game then. all hands on deck, except the game 6 starter, pedro. so maybe hamels starts, but then lee throws a few innings, so does blanton, so does happ. the yankees don't look that great the first time they see a pitcher (verducci wrote about this in SI) - but they really pick it up the second and third times through the lineup. so maybe we wouldn't need hamels to go 7 or even 6, we just need him for a solid 3. and he can still do that right?

of course we have to get there first. go heavy b.

I am as deflated today as I felt last night. The only thing that will make me feel better is a W tonight.

I understand Hamels' comments better in the light of day. I still agree with NEPP, that he'll bounce back next year. I wish he were more doggedly optimistic like Lidge, but I accept his personality for what it is, give him credit for honesty and for trying to learn from the year. Still, in spite of expecting what happened last night, I find it very disappointing.

Very disappointed in the BP and Durbin. We can't win if our BP gives up 3 runs in 3 2/3 innings of work. Credit to Happ for getting out of Hamels' jam in the 5th, however.

And I'm disappointed in our offense, although they scored 5. They needed to pick up the pitching, and there were plenty of ABs that accomplished nothing, not even putting a runner on to strand. Horrible batting averages and clutch hitting, horrible Ks for Howard, Vic not helping, Chase either. There's enough blame to go around for last night. We were outpitched and outhit and deserved to lose.

So, Joe, I hope you're feeling very bulldog-ish tonight. Remember to keep the ball down. No elevated FBs, please, and if you feel you just can't help but give up the long ball, remember your own self-advice earlier this year and do it without runners on base. No BBs.

And memo to all starters but Werth and Ruiz: "If we're going to get it going, we'd better start now." (from Charlie)

And Ruben, I'm going to assume you were already reinforcing a mental note to yourself while watching Bruntlett PH last night: Strengthen the bench this offseason. Last season, our bench was a strength. It is important.

comments like that will certainly help hamels build that goodwill right back up.

Some of you guys sure do give up easy (and you complain that Hamels is soft ?). The Yanks have to win four and they have to win them on the field, not in statistical debates or on Internet blogs. For statistical reference to what I mean see WS 1960, 1969, 1986, 2001 and ALCS 2004 plus too many others to list here.

Sam Donnellon has a letter from Joe B's college coach. Pretty cool. Here's the link:

Joe- at least 90% of these commenters gave up on the Phils before they even clinched the division. So it's no surprise they're giving up on them again now.

Tonight's game is the official panic button. They lose tonight, it's probably time to cry in your beer. But wait for the game to be played before writing an obit.

Anyone else hear the very loud "Let's Go Phillies" chants at the Eagles game?

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