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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I just put down my deposit for World Series tickets upon hearing this news.

Isn't there SOMEBODY better than this? Must be. Gotta be!

I thought April Fools Day fell during the season, not hte offseason.

I'll give the Phillies the benefit of the doubt and say it is a minor league deal. At least Bruntlett could score game winning runs.

This would certainly be a strange choice to replace Brunt. If it's a minor league deal, or hell, if Rube is thinking outside of the box and bringing in a bunch of guys to try out for Charlie, then I guess I can see it. Otherwise, I'd almost rather have the Gnome back.

Though, I suspect his status as a grizzled vet probably has something to do with this - we all know that Charlie just doesn't play unknown quantities.

this was not what I was waiting for. This guy makes Bruntlett look like Manny Sanguillen !!!! I want an offensive UPGRADE..someone who can spell either Utley or Rollins without a complete ZERO..please help me understand this move !!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a step back to the days of Tomas Perez, Danny Sandoval and Ramon Martinez if this is it.

Maybe he is "Pie-Face" King like Tomas Perez. Can't wait for that again (sigh!)

What if Castro signs for peanuts and the good utility infielder money goes towards Beltre/Figgins?

We can dream, right?

You hate Castro? Wait til you get a look at the new 3B. The money will get spent on pitching.

"It's a step back to the days of Tomas Perez, Danny Sandoval and Ramon Martinez if this is it."

Actually, with Nunez & Bruntlett as their last 2 utility infielders, I don't see any evidence that they ever stepped FORWARD from the Tomas Perez/Ramon Martinez era.

The Phils' needs include more pinch hit production and someone who can give days off to Ut and JRoll without creating a black hole in the lineup.

This move would accomplish neither.

What I want to know is how is he in triple play situations? (and how tall he is....)

I hope this report is actually from the Onion News Network.

This is an inexplicable move if it's a major league contract. I've seen teams scrape the bottom of the barrel, but this is what's left after you've scraped a couple of times.

This guy is essentially Bruntlett with an accent and a lot older.

I'd rather they pick up a rule 5 guy with some potential for the future. If they're going to get someone who can't hit, they'd might as well keep the gnome. In fact, even now, Tomas Perez may be a major upgrade over this guy.

If it's a minor league deal, I will completely understand it. If it's a major league deal, I think we can stop hoping for a major league threepeat right now. Not because of this move in itself, but what the move says about what they're willing to spend to improve.

I don't see this as a way to save money and upgrade third base and the pen. I think it's more "we're going to sign some garbage and keep the payroll to the number we want it at. Oh, and thanks for paying for that ticket price increase. Happy Turkey Day."

To all of us who have said 10,000 times "anybody is better than Eric Bruntlett", Rube says "be careful what you wish for".

Anyone you could find who is very good defensively and average with a bat won't be willing to sit on the bench. You'd be looking for a typical starting shortstop or 2B to backup Rollins/Utley. No one's going to do that.

Last year the average 2B statline was (AVG/OPB/SLG).268/.337/.406, total OPS .743. For shortstops, it was .268/.327/.396, total OPS .723. Anyone you pickup, by definition of riding the bench, will be someone who posts those numbers at best, more likely they'll perform worse.

Why? Because if they hit better than that, they'll get a chance to start. You're not going to find a utility middle infielder who can hit. End of story.

it's a Major League contract for 900K form what I'm told. Absolutely ridiculous.

good lord, what an unbelievably bad start to the offseason.

now I'm just mentally preparing myself for Mark DeRosa's 5 year, $45 million dollar contract.

Castro stinks, but this is what all you Pro-Figgins guys wanted right? Have $20 mil to spend on 7 spots. But you want to drop $10 mil on Figgins. So you have only $10 mil on the other 6 spots (3 bullpen and 3 bench).

Clout, NOW do you believe that the budget is around $140 million?

Murphy has a decent, measured post on this up right now. He points out that one major element here is that this guy can actually play short (and that there are few utility players that fit that Bill), and that the Phillies may not see him as a fill-in for Utley. Instead, he points out, that the two main choices they've been looking at for third, Polanco and DeRosa, can play second while Dobbs mans the hot corner. I'm not saying this is what I want to happen, but it provides a glimmer of understanding.

Ultimately, I'd rather have Brunt back and pick up Figgie ro Beltre.


This is what you all get for saying that *anyone* is an upgrade over Eric Bruntlett.

Amaro apparently set out to prove you all wrong.

MVP: For the same money, I guarantee you the Phillies could have done considerably better than Juan Castro. But if this Rube's way of saving money so they can make a run at Figgins, you will definitely hear me change my tune on the wisdom of this move. So, now that the Phillies have NOT spent $2.5M on a decent bench player (as you were advocating they do), will you change your tune about the wisdom of signing a Feliz/DeRosa caliber 3rd baseman instead of Figgins?

Your 2010 Phillies additions/re-signings

Bench: Castro, Bruntlett, ??(Mayberry/cheap guy)

Bullpen: Eyre, Park, ??(Mathieson/Bastardo/Cheap guy)

3rd base: Figgins

After all that is who you guys wanted at 3rd right? Well deal with the crappy upgrades elsewhere then.

MVP: I'm trying to figure out what you're gloating for. You're right. Many of us said that we were willing to settle for another crappy bench filled with low-salary players, if that would free up money to get Chone Figgins. The problem is, it looks like we're going to have to settle for another crappy bench filled with low-salary players, plus a crappy low-salary third baseman, to boot. So how exactly does that scenario warrant the type of "I told you so" posts that you are already posting?

The best part about this deal is they locked him up early. You want to get out ahead of the competition when you set your sites on career .230 hitters.

Upgrade or Downgrade?

Career OPS+
Tomas Perez 64
Eric Bruntlett 64
Abraham Nunez 62
Juan Castro 57

Castro's career line in games that his team wins is a respectable .264/.305/.384. His career line in games that his team loses is a hideous .195/.233/.278. Hence, I can only conclude that, if you put him on a good team like the Phillies, he'll do fine.

At least at 37, he'll bring down the average age for the team.

You're right, Tommy. Obviously signing Juan Castro to be the phils bench bat was the only option if the phils signed Figgins. Of course, the phils haven't signed Figgins or any other third basemen. They haven't even signed Castro at all let alone give himore than a minor league deal. We have no idea what relation this deal bears to others. We don't know how much Figgins will get, how much Beltre will get in relation to Figgins, or of the Phils really have any intention to sign Polanco. All we have is rumors and your hot air.

Ugh. Amaro actually found a way to spend more money ($900k) on an older player who just might be worse than Bruntlett?

I am officially resigning from the ABB Club.

What's Castro's nickname going to be?

Model Dictator has already been used for Fabio.

sophist: Great post! LOL

When all else fails, lower your standards.

On the ticket price front:

Season tickets will generally rise only about 3-5% if this right ($0 to $2 more/game)

Individual tickets will rise though by nearly double digits though ($2 to $4 more/game)

Figure they would be hard pressed to stick their season ticket holders with another double-digit increase again this offseason when they raised season tickets (10%-15% last year).

Not surprised thought they pushed it by double digit to individual ticket sales. A $3-$4 ticket price on Terrace & Terrace Deck seat (300 and 400), it will be a raise of 12%-20% per ticket.

It will be interesting to see what the average ticket price comes out to be but my bet is that the Phils will have the 4th most expensive average ticket in MLB next year after the two NY teams and the Boston teams.

Some on here suggested the Phils wouldn't really raise ticket prices and I thought that was largely ridiculous. Phils have a commodity at its highest general fan interest level. Of course they were going to raise tickets at least 5% and in many other cases by double digits. Happy Thanksgiving to the fans!

If they now go out and sign Figgins, I will understand the move. That way Figgins can play 110 games at third, 15-20 at second and 15-20 at short with Dobbs/Castro spending some time at third and the move makes sense.

That's if Figgins will sign for anything 4/36 or less.

But I simply don't see that happening. Much more likely, Rube is waiting for the Phils to be in the race at the trading deadline and he's going to leave money free to pick up a pinch hitter/DH type or more pitching help for the playoffs.

So, I'm predicting it's Feliz for 1.5-20 mil at third this season and we repeat the same maddening performance of last season.

Disagree with JW on Suarez being the games best agent. Eric Bruuntlet's agent is the greatest because the Phillies got a chance to see Bruntlet up close in 2008 and he still got a RAISE to come back in 2009.

Have'nt commented on it before, but the amounts that people are speculating Chone Figgins will get are ridiculous. There is no team in baseball that will pay a 30 something, singles hitter 50m over 5 years. I doubt there is a position player outside of Holliday or Bay that gets more than 10m per this year. If Abreu did'nt get 10 mil per from the Angles, how is Figgins gonna get that when they have replacements?

My #1 choice for 3rd Base is Figgins, but he would get no more than 8m per, from me... and I would struggle with giving more than 3 years. Guys who don't hit HRs (not named Pierre) get screwed in Free Agency every year.

Everyone wanted Rube to spend more for an UT INF. He just did. Bruntlett was paid $800k last year. Castro will make $900k.

Yeah, people have consistently overstated the market on here for lots of guys. Apparently, Figgins is going to get 50+ million, and guys like Austin Kearns are gonna get two-year deals.

Have people not been paying attention? The market for players has gone down considerably, for a couple reasons. One, the economy sucks. Two, teams are getting smarter and realizing that expensive free agents RARELY are worth the money they cost. It's a much more efficient solution to plug in your own young, cheap, developed players. A related reason is that in the post-steroids era, teams have been very skeptical of the ability of veterans to maintain their production into their mid and late 30s.

In general, you're getting a much better deal, both money and porduction-wise, if you pay guys cheaply for their 24-29 seasons than their 30-35 seasons. Teams are realizing that overpaying the Gary Matthews, Jr.s and Juan Pierres of the world is simply a bad deal.

So much for the patented 'Value Village' approach. I can't believe that this washed- up stiff wouldn't still be available after the New Year and that the Phils couldn't sign him to a flex deal that was contingent upon Castro making the opening day roster.

Cairo wasn't signed last year until Feb. 15 and it is hard to believe that Castro would have gotten a guaranteed MLB contract at $900k from another team.

Because they are paying him $900k, this stiff is going to be on the roster all next year barring an injury. Amaro better buy some 'good-luck bracelets' for Chase and JRoll.

Maybe this is the guy Boston wants for Lowell?

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

All you need to know on Juan Castro:

A 38-year old player who can hit, can't field, and can't run.

"Re… really? Teams are tripping over themselves to hire a guy who’ll be 38 next year and has a career OPS of .601? A guy who had an OPS in the second half last year – and this is no typo – of .317? That’s the guy teams are competing for?"

That .317 OPS was even worse than the Gnome. Essentially it was better to have a starting pitcher hit in the 2nd half this year than Castro.

Jack: I agree with everything you wrote... except I can't explain how Castro gets close to a million with an option year.

CJ: Yeah, I mean, maybe I'm totally off if Juan Castro is making 1 million next year. You could see Brett Myers sign for 4 years, 70 million.

Jack: What you wrote would make perfect sense except that 37-year-old Raul Ibanez was signed to a 3-year $32M contract and Juan Castro apparently will sign a $900k contract.

I guess your theory just applies to other teams. Unless you're saying that Ibanez is worth more than $10M per year but Figgins is worth less.

I like that they also thought ahead that they MIGHT want him for the 2011 season, as well.

Clout: Yeah, well, it's not uniform. But if you recall, many of us thought at the time the Ibanez deal was a bad one. Also, while he and Bradley got 3/30 deals, Dunn got 2/20, Burrell got 2/16, and Abreu got 1/5.

Also, I think Figgins is worth 10 million a year. But for 5 years? Maybe not.

Frankly, with most FAs over 30, I'd probably rather pay them more per year for less years. I'd rather do 4/45 for Figgins than 5/50.

Bed's Beard: Yeah, I mean, getting Juan Castro for one year is a great deal. But for possibly two? I mean, wow. You just count your lucky stars and say "Where do I sign?"

As Castro's agent put it today: "Who doesn't like Juan Castro?"

Why are we jumping on filling up a bench spot? Isn't this the kind of thing you typically sit on to see how the market shakes out?

Maybe Rube just has a thing about overpaying old guys.

surely some minor leaguers in the system are a better option than Juan Frickin Castro

Can he bunt?

I'm looking at hotels near the parade route for next October...does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to be able to walk to the route.

Seriously, how many times will we see Castro put in as a pinch-hitter against a LHP solely due to his status as a "right-handed bat" on the bench?

Castro's career splits:

vs RHP: .234 AVG, .266 OBP, .608 OPS
vs LHP: .221 AVG, .279 OBP, .585 OPS

I could easily draft all of BAP's posts for the next 10 months in about 20 minutes at this point.

You know what I'm going to take a different approach and wait to see how everything else shakes out before I start castigating the front office.

I'm not a huge fan of the signing for Castro but they went from looking at Vizquel (who got 1.3 million) to Castro (who is getting 900K) and both had roughly the same numbers the past few years.

So I'm gonna see how the rest of the money gets doled out before I get aggressive about this.

And mvptommy is still a bubblehead

Vizquel is still a great fielder (gold-glove level even a year or so ago)...Castro is terrible and has never been good.

That's a poor comparison.

Yeah, hindsight being 20/20, I would have gone for Vizquel at $1.4MM and thrown in a year's supply of Metamucil.

NEPP: Why are we assuming Castro is going to be the only right-hander added to the bench this off-season. If they keep Mayberry or add another guy then Castro will bat about as often as Bruntlett did in a season.

The only complaint I see about Castro that has a ton of merit (and the one no one really has hit yet)- he lacks any kind of speed. Bruntlett was at least a good baserunner where you could sub him as a pinch runner in a spot. You can't do that with Castro.

Also NEPP- read Murphy's piece on Castro, far more level-headed and fair than most anything on here today.

****NEPP: Why are we assuming Castro is going to be the only right-hander added to the bench this off-season. If they keep Mayberry or add another guy then Castro will bat about as often as Bruntlett did in a season. ****

I agree on that...but it will happen despite Castro's reverse splits.

Castro is not worth $900 K. We're overpaying for a fluke 121 PA in 2009. He's terrible, absolutely terrible.

I trust Rube has something bigger in mind so I'm not too worried but this was a waste of $900 K.

Well, BLers, I have some good news and some bad news. First the good news. Juan Castro will not replace Bruntlett on the bench. Now the bad news. Meet your new thirdbaseman. Ha, ha. The Phils attendance tops 3.6 million in 2009, and this is what we get, Juan Castro and Mark DeRosa. There better be a few more real upgrades.

I guess John McDonald wasn't available? At least McDonald is a great defender.

I'm not high on this at all, but $1.4 for Vizquel would have been asinine.

Well then. This ought to get the Yankees attention.

I'm sure Castro's solid season in 2009 had nothing to do with a ridiculously fluky .349 BABIP. I'm sure he suddenly learned how to hit at Age 37.

So if the Phillies raised all tickets an average of $2-4 for 2010. Multiply that by 3.7 million in sales (assuming another year similar to 2009) and you get a range of $7.4 - $14.8 million in additional revenue just from the tickets.

Rube should have money to play with...enough for a major upgrade somewhere.

As some requested, Phils are doing their best Yankee impersonation by paying a ridiculous amount of money to a free agent mistake. After all, we can afford it.

I certainly wasn't one of the people advocating that we sign 43-year old Omar Viquel. But, even at 43, Omar Vizquel is still worlds better than Juan Castro.

This certainlt was a waste of 900k. I can't imagine was was or is thinking. I posted in the last thread about the possiblity of Figgins or Beltre, then De Rosa or Polanco. Before this, that made sense if they could have pulled it off. Now, something like that will not happen. I would rather have Quinlan, even Bruntlett over Castro. Everybody except Castro and his agent and maybe Monty should smack Rube in the head. Maybe it'll wake him up. Or maybe castro will fail his physical. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

It is kind of funny that the entire year, a running joke on BL was that ANY utility guy would be a better option than Bruntlett.

Joke's on us, I guess.

Jack: And, before we had Eric Bruntlett to kick around, many of us were arguing that any utility infielder would be an upgrade over Abraham Nuñez. If MLB awarded an annual trophy to the team which boasts the single worst position player in baseball, the Phillies would be one of the all-time great dynasties.

Big picture, this guy ain't getting alot of at bats. I'll admit, I don't know this guy from adam. never heard of a decent SS who was a liability on the bases. Might pinch hit Cliff Lee against righties before Castro, even though Castro hits them better than lefties. Still a few spots to fill. I'm sure Ruben has a master plan if this is step 1.

Bleeaarrggh. Not happy about this, but I'm with TTI.

FWIW, UZR/150 seems to like Castro at 2B and SS:

And McDonald re-signed with the Jays.

Well, I'm going to bed and am going to have sweet dreams about the player on which Ruben just spent my 2010 season ticket money.

nite all. See you in the AM.

The sun will come out tomorrow, awh

Maybe we can chip together and get Tonya Harding to show up at the physical. She would probably cost a case of Old Milwaukee.

This deal is even more puzzling for the simple fact that Amaro himself acknowledged that he needed to upgrade this position because he want to give his middle INF regulars a bit more rest. Signing Castro means that Cholly is penciling in JRoll for 158-160 starts at SS next year and around 155 starts for Utley next year.

Basically the same exact mistake the Phils made last year with this position. They resigned a guy too early (Bruntlett last year, Castro this year) and wound up seeing the market for backup utility INF drop in price. The same with happen this season especially for older veterans like Castro who are on their last go around at the MLB level.

Castro is exactly the type of guy that gets signed for veteran league minimum or more likely a minor league deal much later in free agency.

That said, this was about 5th on the list of offseason needs. Bullpen, 3rd baseman, and backup C are all arguably more important than a backup INF that will get 125 ABs or so.

All indications are though that this bench will be full of veteran stiffs again for the most part. If the Phils aren't going to spend money to upgrade their middle utility INF, it isn't likely will spend anything for a 5th OF either.

Murphy's piece on Castro:

It is what you call "misleading stats." By any measure, Castro has been one of the weaker offensive players in the MLB the last few seasons. Guy is a hacker who swings early and often with no pop.

Simply put, Castro is a player at the end of the line who is a no-hit, no-field, and no-speed option.

About the only way you can defend this signing is that the FA pool for veteran SS is limited this year. Still, you do have a few veteran players available including Cora, Everitt, Greene, and Martinez.

This would have been the area perfect to make a secondary deal for a minor player.

The idea of this signing makes me sick. Like what advantage do we gain by plucking this guy off the market right away. Bad players are usually the last ones to sign after the good players set the market.

If Cora, Everett, Greene, and Martinez constitute the field for veteran, able-to-play short, utility infielders, then Castro looks pretty good to me. Those guys are in no way better options. I agree that a younger middle infielder, acquired through rule 5 or a trade, would likely deliver the best results, but when have we seen Charlie swap out his trusted gloves for unproven, untested youthful players?

That said, there is still a chance that we acquire another option for utility infielder. Ultimately, though, acting like this signing is a totally idiotic move, or that it is somehow indicative of what the Phils' off season moves will be, seems very premature.

Somwhere the Gnome is laughing thinking he's going to get PAID next year! The market for garbage utility players is set at 900k now!

Is this official?! Do we still have time to convince the team doctors that they should fail Castro's physical exam?

I guess this is the price of trading away Donald. But Castro? Are they just getting some insurance, and planning on pulling a Jenkins on him the last day of ST? This is a sad state of affairs. I guess the economic downturn affects all of the free agents except the top-tier talents like Lackey and Holliday...and Juan Castro.

WTF. really.

MG: I had the same thought. Amaro went out of his way to note that we needed a halfway decent utility infielder, who could spell Rollins & Utley. Then he went out & signed the single biggest stiff on the market, & vastly overpaid to do so. Not only is Castro awful, but he'll probably get 200 PAs next year, since Cholly loves these kind of players & he'll want to find frequent off days for Rollins, Utley & whichever crappy third baseman we eventually sign.

It's pretty rare to see Beerleaguers so virtually unanimous in panning a move. I find myself kind of wishing that Sir Alden would show up to tell us all what a brilliant move this is. At least it would lift our collective spirits by giving us all someone to ridicule.

Of course, what does clout alway say about prevailing Beerleaguer sentiment being an almost perfect reverse-predictor of what will actually happen? If clout's theory holds true, Castro should hit .300 this year.

In the header picture, he sort of looks like Ibanez. Maybe that's what they were thinking.

Oy can we possibly trade the Bruntlett for Castro. If this is the direction the Phils are taking than guess what we have another season or two with these guys (although not inthe WS) and tehn we can go to sleep for 10 years or so. What a waste what management.

Raising ticket prices, sold out a ton of games last season, and have made the playoffs 3 straight years and this is the sh*t they sign for utility infielder. He's the older Mexican version of Eric Bruntlett...disgusting!

Jerry Hairston Jr. would have been the perfect option here. Probably could have had him for 2 yr $4M. He can play all infield and outfield, plus has some pop in his bat and some wheels.

Maybe the Phillies feel they can pluck just another diamond in the rough from the Dodgers. Plus, he is a lovable guy and can probably bunt.

"Sir, Bruntlett's not available."

"Fine, get me his non-union Mexican equivalent then!"

Dodgers fans are likely rejoicing that we outbid Ned Colletti for Castro's services.

David Murphy:

But Castro's ability to play shortstop is his biggest attribute. For an idea of how slim the free-agent pickings were in that department, consider Omar Vizquel, another veteran shortstop who was a free agent. Over his last two seasons, Vizquel's numbers aren't a whole lot different from Castro's. Castro hit .227 with a .569 OPS in 298 plate appearances for the Reds, Orioles and Dodgers. Vizquel hit .239 with a .594 OPS in 595 plate appearances for the Giants and Rangers. Vizquel recently signed a 1-year deal with the White Sox for a reported $1.375 million, or nearly double Castro's 2009 salary.

Murphy's article is perhaps the most misleading piece of crap I have ever read. When did he become a mouthpiece for the FO?

Look at Castro's UZR for the last 2 years (over 600 Innings there). Its terrible.

His "Career" numbers are good, his recent numbers are not. Combined that with a ridiculous .349 BABIP last year for him to bat .277 and you get a guy that will play terrible defense and be lucky to see the Mendoza line with his bat.

Somebody wanted a nickname -- how about Juan Castro Too Many?

This is the Phils own fault. They play Utley and Rollins every single day without a day off. FA infielders know this and they don't want to go to a team where they will not play, even if it means a chance at the WS. It is hard to stay fresh if your only action is pinch hitting once or twice a week.

Perhaps Rube has put aside a significant chunk of potential cash (say $18 million or so per) to extend Cliff Lee?

That would explain his seeming reluctance to go after a Figgins or even a better utility guy. If he does extend him, we likely won't hear anything until its done. The Werth, Howard and Hamels deals came out of no where. Maybe we wake up one day in January and read that Lee has signed a 4 year, $72 million deal with a club option/vesting option for a 5th year.

That would be pretty cool.

Yesterday after the signing I was just busting stones. I see Sophist and a few others are already getting on me about me saying "I told you so", but that is not my point.

My point is SOLELY this. If you guys want Figgins for 10 million per year, some cut backs need to be made. Exibit A: Juan Castro.

Now if we sign DeRosa after all of this and not Beltre/Figgins, you can bet that I am going to go ballistic. But for now fellow BLers just take a deep breath and hope Rube gets us a quality guy at 3rd.

We can't really jusdge the whole offseason based on the signing of 1 bench guy...Castro in no way excites me, but there's still plenty of offseason left.

There is only so much you can do with the 25th man spot on the roster. Castro does give them a guy who can play the middle infield positions and maybe spell J-Roll and Utley from time to time. He doesn't necessarily have to give the same production either. It's not like they were going to sign the same type of player who was going to bat in the 3 hole or leadoff when he starts in place of the middle infielders.

And again- I'm not defending the move- I'm just saying I'm a little more ambivalent towards it until I see how the other pieces get moved into place regarding it. By all accounts it seems the Phillies got the type of player they covet- a high-character guy.

Also, Grand Slam provided a link to the Hardball Times piece about the move and they actually sort of endorse the signing. They also say Castro is an upgrade from Bruntlett when you factor the entire defensive picture into the mix. They also include this line which I'm sure will blow some minds: "but doesn't it look like as if Philly essentially did sign Omar, only for about $600,000 less?"

The Castro signing is a piece of a puzzle and until I see how the puzzle is put together I'm not going to complain too much. But if the puzzle looks like crap afterwards then I'm gonna be upset.

MVP - For once, you and I are in total agreement.

But I want to see you stick to it and actually go ballistic if they skimp at third.

Using career splits for UZR for a 37 year old isn't the greatest'd think Murphy and Hardball Times would both know that.

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