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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


From the last thread:

Myers is a joke. I'm not gonna get into the substance of what happened--it's a locker room, guys in high pressure situations, those things happen. And I'm not excusing what Hamels has done or said this postseason. He needs to step it up.

But the amount of people here who fetishize the "toughness" that Myers has, while dismissing Hamels as essentially a p*ssy, are idiots. Myers has been an underachiever his whole career, while Hamels has had a better career by age 25 than most pitchers in Phillies history. Where was Myers' "toughness" when he pouted about not being a closer and showed up fat and out of shape last year and had to be sent to the minors? Or when he showed up the his first rehab start this year with a black eye after having been in a bar fight? What a team player.

And that's not even touching on what kind of person Myers has shown himself to be--and the trouble his actions have caused the team over the years. I hope he's reformed, and I'm willing to give people a lot of the benefit of the doubt. But just consider what you would think about someone who did what he did if you knew them in real life.

Much as I dislike Myers, good for him to give Cole a verbal swipe. I don't want Cole pitching in Game 7 except as a LOOGY.

what's the word for Brett Myers?

This should be interesting.

Dick. He's a dick.

I like that he said something; I don't like how he said it in front of a reporter. Keep that stuff in the clubhouse.

Some reports claim Myers was joking, although I have no idea how you tell the difference with that guy.

Hamels is better against RHB than LHB.

Jack, Myers had two seasons as the Phillies' best starter as well as one solid year as a closer. The only years that he underachieved were this year and last, which is more attributable to injury. Also, I remember a year when Cole was out for a month or two in the minors due to hurting his hand in a bar fight.

Leslie Guidel just said on WIP that she was talking to Hamels when it happened, and that it was intended to be a joke.

from end of last thread:

I am not surprised by Myers' actions. Even though I don't think that was the best thing to do after a good win, I do think he did it to light a fire under Cole's backside in case there is a game 7.

Regarding the game, I am just amazed each time the Yankees are at bat with all the power they have. It is truely unbelievable. I think I watched the top halves of the 8th and 9th innings with my jaw on the ground due to the gauntlet of hitters.

Also, watched some of the post game coverage on the YES Network and some interesting tidbits from that. 1.) They showed the NY Media interviewing Coke and he was extremely mad and said that "the pitches he made to Utley and Ibanez were good pitches". Really? They both were right down the pike son. He then yelled (literally) that he wanted the ball again next game. 2.) They then flashed to the Tex interview and he also had interesting ideas. One reporter asked him "What happened in your last at bat?" to which Tex responded paraphrasing here, "Well you know he threw me a fastball for strike one then I swung at 2 changeups. But you did see I got a big hit in Game 4 right?". I mean wow, no accountability at all.

Hollywood and Jacksonville?

According to Leslie Gudel she was talking to Hamels when Brett came up and said that to him. She said it was done in a joking matter and she alter discussed the incident with Myers, who said he was joking around. As I said above, not really right by Myers but maybe now Cole wakes up.

JW: " I wonder if Pedro Martinez is even aware that Brett Myers in on the roster."


Nice post, Jack.

I'll add that it's bizarre the way some fans seem to bolster their own manhood by questioning Hamels'. Prior to his statement about being anxious for the season to be over, he said that he hoped Charlie would pitch him in game 7 so he could redeem himself.

Maybe all this projection into why Hamels has or hasn't done well says more about the projectors than the projectee? Maybe Hamels has sucked this year because he just hasn't been able to pitch well?

I'm always puzzled when people talk about Hamels not "living up to his talent." He has one grade A pitch, and one grade B pitch, and one Grade C pitch. Given his talents, I'd say he's done pretty well in his career. I don't think that Hamels has the talent to consistently be the shut-down ace people are expecting him to be.

Was Hamels a wuss when he was the series MVP last year? Does anyone think that you get to the major leagues if you aren't dedicated to your game?

And Myers has always been, and always will be a mediocre pitcher. And a dvck.

Jack said pretty much everything that needs to be said.

the Phillies will be a better team without Brett Myers.

Let's worry about game 6 before we think about the possibility of game 7. The Phillies will need to score 8 or 9 runs tomorrow night to force a game 7. We need Howard to start producing now!

> Hamels has had a better career by age 25 than most pitchers in Phillies history.

And it's this attitude which is why Hamels sucks. He's a primadonna. It's good to see someone knock him down a peg or two, whether it's Brett Myers or Scott Eyre. They might not have Hamels' talent, but that doesn't mean he's above criticism.

Know who's the last Phillies pitcher with a career like Hamels by age 25? Curt Schilling. What happened when things got rough around here, with HIS primadonna attitude? We barely got a bag of balls in return for him, and he went off to lead three pitching staffs to three World Series wins with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox.

Pretty much says it all when Brett Myers has to call you out for being unprofessional. Hamels has every bit of this coming, and more. I guarantee you Myers' sentiments are anything but isolated. I can't imagine Hamels being very popular with any teammate right now. His every action and word screams 'me first', and it *shouldn't* be quietly tolerated in that clubhouse.

MVP - He really said that?


I do think Myers is an ass (obvious). And I hate him. But not mad at him for saying that. Nothing can make cole worse.

Ouch. Also interesting. I could see Charlie putting Myers up to this. Sometimes people are motivated by coddling or encouragement, but there are also times when guys need to be called out and challenged. I think Charlie's genius is understanding when each is appropriate, so I could see him suggesting that Myers do this is shake some life into Cole.

That said, IF there is a game 7 I can't imagine Hamels starting it, but it doesn't hurt to have him sharp and ready to come out of the bullpen.

First things first... let's get some runs for Pedro on Wednesday night!

What's the word for Myers? Uh, Trailer Trash...tha said, his comment was right, but not sure if the moment was right

On the other hand:

- RSB makes a pretty valid point. While some of JRoll's teammates mean have been slightly annoyed by his "Phils in 5 prediction" I can't imagine that any of his teammates were that perturbed. Just largely JRoll talking and being playful. No harm, no foul.

Hamels' comments though are easily the type of things then even when taken in context could easily rub his teammates the wrong way.

Myers' is a certified, Grade A 100% dumba$$. He is the type of guy I knew when I worked in a bar that would either directly cause trouble or say/do something that would inflame someone to do something in response. It is just his personality & nature.

Still, Myers has a point even if he handed it in an entirely improper way. Phils still might need Hamels to pitch in a potential Game 7 and Hamels' comments after the game the other night would have pissed me off too if I was his teammates.

If Hamels' just says the standard, canned stuff (e.g, I struggled, let my teammates down, etc), this would be a complete non-story. Hamels' needs to learn how to better control his emotions and what he states on the record. It is an important skill for an occupation where you are in the public eye so much.

I'm surprised that more people didn't have words with him.

How much of a spoiled child do you have to be to wish that the World Series is over.

I truly look forward to Cole entering free agency when another team can discover his million dollar arm / ten cent brain.

Having Cole Hamels is like Burgess Meredith finding the library in that episode of Twilight Zone, and then breaking his glasses.

What a non-issue. I tend to credit the witness who says he was kidding. It sounds like a joke not a jab. Hamels might just be a little sensitive since the media and the fan base are killing him over his post-game comments. I'm just glad he didn't give Myers another poke in the eye. Is this even an issue for Game 6? Absolutely not.

I was going to say "Redneck" but That Dude's "trailer trash" works too. Obviously the antithesis of a laid-back surfer dude.

I hate Myers, but I'm glad this happened. What harm could it really do? If Cole is pitching Game 7, i'd rather have something happen to him beforehand and maybe alter his performance instead of seeing the same old 4-5IP mess that he has given us this postseason.

God, how awesome would it be to have Hamels not only shut down the Yanks in Game 7 to win a world series, but tell Myers to get the f off the team at the same time. Win-Win right there.

I haven't been on much these past few days, but I am sure there are plenty of people destroying Cole for underperforming this postseason. They are right to be mad, but whoever wants him gone from the Phils in the future is nuts.

I think people need to dial back their over reactions on Cole. I'm "down" on him like many others, but I think he is just cooked this yea. Let's see how he comes back next year (and maybe even Game 7). Guys with his level of talent don't come through the Phils pharm very often. Now, we're looking forward to him leaving via Free Agency? The guy was WS MVP last year.

As Yahoo! reports it:

As Myers walked past Hamels near Hamels’ locker he said, mocking, “What are you doing here? I thought you quit.”

Hamels, the witness said, responded with an expletive.

Before the situation escalated, Myers was guided away by a team official.


But here's what Hamels told ESPN after the game:

"Sometimes I might not say the best things or the smartest things, but I've learned and am learning," Hamels said. "I wasn't able to sleep the past couple of nights because of it."


"I went to Charlie just to talk to him because that's who I am, and I think he understands that," Hamels said. "I just wanted to tell him my true thoughts -- that I'll never ever quit. I want to play this game until somebody takes it away from me.

"I think Charlie knows me. He has managed me for quite a few years. I think the only doubt it left in people's minds were the fans, and you know, it hurts. I love the city of Philadelphia, I play as hard as I possibly can. I might not necessarily have the results that they hope [for], but I know that if I go out there, and do everything I possibly can, and in the end they see [that], then I think they can respect that."

Bed Beard: Here, here.

Or is it "Hear, hear?"

Its absurd to argue that Cole doesn't have the right mentality when just a year ago we saw him dominate in the postseason. He's frustrated with the fact that his arm is cooked, as BedBeard said, and he expressed that frustration poorly. That should be the end of the story.

Myers, on the other hand, has proven himself to be by far the worst guy in the clubhouse. The whole "I was just playing around" excuse is the one that *ssholes always use when someone calls them out on their sh*t.

While we might want to believe that this will somehow motivate Cole, Game Seven of the World Series would be motivation enough. Myers dumb antics won't have anything to do with it.

I'm also shocked at how many people can't wait to dump Hamels. forget about the 2008 postseason: in the regular season, he pitched the 2nd most innings in the NL, led the league in WHIP (the only Phillies who have done THAT are Schilling, Roberts, and Alexander), and had the 4th best ERA+. and then in the postseason he was even better.

yes, he's had a thoroughly mediocre season this year, has completely disappeared in the postseason, and has stuck his foot in his mouth just about every time he's opened it. I would just hope that guys on the team who actually deserve to be listened to (like Moyer, obvs) are talking to Hamels about getting his ish together.


I'm glad for Myers speaking up. A dumb goofball is MUCH less devastating than a little b*tching primadonna...

Example: Chad Johnson VS Terrel Owens

I'm not comparing Myers and Hamels to these guys, but just the role they play on their respective teams

And on that note, I hope they give Hamels the ball for game 7 if we get there now that he has clarified him self on the statements with Charlie.

Yea, Myers is a great motivator, I'm sure. I'm not surprised at the people dumping on Cole, because memories are short and fuses are shorter. The over reactions here are mind boggling. Hamels doesnt have the toughness? Who can really say that for sure at this point in his career? No question he has had a tough season, but how many pitchers haven't? I can imagine the comments on BL in 1973 about Steve Carlton; "I hope that pansy leaves the Phillies!" And defending Brett Myers over Cole Hamels? Right.
Give the guy a few years before you toss him on the garbage heap.

Comparing Cole's role to Terrell Owens? Seriously?

The way Cole is acting, yes. Just as TO's actions are detrimental and immature. I believe it's a legitimate argument at this point of time.

Don't get me wrong, Cole is no cancer in the club house. He's just acting like a baby and needs to grow the hell up.

Joe Kerrigan's take on Hamels.:

He's cooked. He has needed to try to use his third pitch this year because after one or two times through the order, he can't get people out with only the two pitches; due to his lack of arm strength, his fastball and change are not getting fouled back or swung through (fastball lacks late movement), but turned around as solid base hits.

Seems to me like the man knows what he's talking about. Hamels had reason to try to use his curveball, because he needed to "change the plane." And all that much more reason to do it with Pettitte - because if you show the curveball to a weak hitter you're more likely not to get hurt, but you can still put it in the head as a possibility for the other hitters.

Seems that Kerrigan go with the "Hamels is a head case/wussy/prima donna" theory.

Cole should start Game 7 (if necessary) and be lifted at the first sign of leaving hittable pitches over the plate, even if means a 2-to-4 inning outing.
Cole should be counted as a top-of-rotation staple for the foreseeable future.

Two individual offseason priorities:

1. Cole masters a third pitch. E.g., a cutter; mastery of his curve.

2. Ryno works again with Perlazzo and throws 10,000 balls to each base. This cost us ANOTHER run last night. One way or another, a player like Chase would've turned that ground ball into either a DP or an out at the plate.

Oh, and btw - Kerrigan says he'd go with Hamels for 40-50 pitches to start the game.

He also predicts that Pedro won't have too much tomorrow night - due to the fact that he hasn't pitched two games in five days for a while now. He also predicts that Pettitte won't have much either, and that both bullpens will be in the game relatively early, resulting in a "softball" type of final score.

"Comparing Cole's role to Terrell Owens? Seriously?"

You're right, that's preposterous. A more adequate comparison is to Hitler.

Agreed. timr nailed it - as did ae.

Klaus: i lol'd

Germany :: Myers as France :: Hamels.

Phillper, what timr, ae, and I were saying seems quite different from what Kerrigan was saying, but you seem to agree with him, too.
Klaus, lol as well!

Guess I'm just in a good mood after the game last night, Old Phan.

But how are what ae, timr, and Kerrigan saying different?

I would suggest RSB and the others going off on Hamels simply read the transcript of the interview, starting with the question. If you do that then you see that he isn't remotely quitting, he wants the ball for Game 7, but has been frustrated by his lack of success.

And, note to Charlie: When you have the lead in the 8th inning, you put your best defense on the field regardless of score. You do not under any circumstances make your defense worse, especially against the best offense in baseball.

"Seems that Kerrigan go with the "Hamels is a head case/wussy/prima donna" theory." -Kerrigan
"Its absurd to argue that Cole doesn't have the right mentality when just a year ago we saw him dominate in the postseason." -timr
"Hamels doesnt have the toughness? Who can really say that for sure at this point in his career?"

Yea, he has said some stupid things, but so what? He's young, give him some time.

"due to the fact that he hasn't pitched two games in five days for a while now. "

It's actually 2 games in 6 days -- 5 days off.

clout - it seems maybe that Charlie felt that having someone in center field that couldn't grip the ball weakened his defense. Without knowing what the details were on how badly Vic was hurting, it's a little hard to judge Charlie's decision. Of course Vic protested about coming out - you'd expect that from him whether he could grip the ball or not.

If Vic really could throw reasonably well, it was a bad decision. But can you imagine the level of criticism had Vic been left in the game and the Phils lost on a throwing error by Vic?

Sorry, Old Phan - that should have read:

""Seems that Kerrigan DOESN'T go with the "Hamels is a head case/wussy/prima donna" theory."

Phlipper, cool. Now you see why I was confused.

Two certainties for teh rest of this series (at least in my opinion):

1. Chase Utley is not going to see another good pitch to hit the rest of the series. Ryan Howard better figure out how to get his swing back today, otherwise there won't be a Game 7.

2. Cole Hamels will start game 7 if there is one. JA Happ is nowhere near stretched out. Plus, you don't keep last year's NLCS and WS MVP on the bench in game 7 of the WS unless there is something physically wrong with him.

Myers is a real black eye for the Phillies organization (pun intended).

Didn't the Oakland A's have a couple of teams back in the 70's that fought amongst themselves but yet won a couple of titles?

In the end, I don't think any of this matters.

Both teams will use everything but the kitchen sink to win game 7 if there is one. Hamels gets the start but will get a quick hook at the first sign of trouble.

Ryan screwed that up. He's also screwed up a few throws to second this year. But overall, remember it's a work in progress - he made big strides defensively this year and he'll be even better there next year.
Now, if we could only do something about LHP and his inability to go the other way with that breaking ball down and away.

I don't think it's any mystery with Cole. Success got in his head and now he seems to feel like everything should go his way. Teams have the full scouting report on him now; combine that with his inability to respond well to adversity (being squeezed, bloop hit, defensive mistake) and you have a recipe for a lot of short ugly outings.
A reliable third pitch would help, but more importantly he needs to take some advice from Moyer, Lee, Martinez and not let the inevitable bad breaks get to him. I'm sure they're telling him this, he just doesn't seem like he's focused or wants to listen. One thing that is clear, and sure as hell doesn't rally the troops, is that he's more focused on himself than he is on the team. If this were mid-season and not the World Series I'd start bringing him in in relief with runners on. That's a good way to learn the above lessons.
Given that that isn't the case, the most important thing going forward is to keep the relationship strong and hope he comes up with the motivation and work during the off-season. Charlie's great for that.
As for Game 7, I just don't know. You simply can't throw him out there and pull him the first time he gets into trouble. It gives the other team a real boost to chase the starting pitcher early, and it throws off the whole teams rhythm. You have to pick a starter pitcher and go with him.

This is why i like Myers.
Joke or not he knew it was a cheap shot & after what Cole said, he deserved some ribbing on it.

(From the last thread) "If Hamels actually has a good game for what will feel like the first time in a century, how would we ever know that Myers was the cause?"

Tray, for a Beerleaguer veteran, I'm shocked that you could ask such a dumb question. When something good or bad happens, the cause is self-evident. When Madson screws up in the 9th, it is because he only knows how to pitch in the 8th. When Brad Lidge got plastered the other night, it's because it was a tied game and he only knows how to pitch with a lead of exactly 3 runs or less. When the Phillies' bats go silent for a week, it's because Milt Thompson is a lousy hitting coach. When Cliff Lee lost it in the 8th inning last night, it was because Cholly left him in to pitch that extra inning in the game against the Nationals. When Chase Utley slumped in September, it was because he was tired from starting too many games; when he started raking in the World Series, it's because he got a week off after the NLCS. But, when Ryan Howard raked in September, it's because he needs to gradually round himself into hitting shape by playing every day over a sustained period of time; when he started slumping in the WS, it's because he was forced to take a week off.

If Cole Hamels pitches Game 7, and pitches well, OF COURSE it will be because Brett Myers called him out. Haven't you learned anything on Beerleaguer?

All the talk about whether Hamels pitches in Game 7 makes me nervous. How Pedro does in Game 6 is a question that should eclipse the Game 7 talk. If they win tomorrow night, let's have the discussion of whether you throw Hamels. Hell, a Thursday game could be snowed out and we'd be looking at Lee to start against a fully rested Sabathia.

Myers or no Myers, there's a better chance of Charlie Manuel quitting baseball to play the lead in 'Hamlet' on the London stage than there is of Cole Hamels pitching well again this season.

I don't see them giving Utley anything to hit with the way Howard is hitting behind him..he's like an automatic out.

G-Town, I'd have to give the edge to Hamels on that one, although I would pay good money to see Cholly in "Hamlet".

Howard is too explosive a player to ignore. The Yankees will give him nothing to hit, especially with the short porch in Yankee Stadium.

It's a little different for pitchers, of course Hamels is worried about himself. If he goes out and lays an egg, it's on him.

Post by Andy Martino saying there was no confrontation between Myers and Hamels.

"Charlie Manuel quitting baseball to play the lead in 'Hamlet' on the London stage"

Hilarious image.

I'd like to know by what technique do fans get into the head of professional players and know that poor performance is attributable to attitude (being upset over a bad call, thinking of themselves more than the team, etc.), than physical ability (a tired arm causing top pitches to be less effective, the inability to rely on a third pitch to compensate, etc.).

How does Hamels make to the big leagues and get the WS World Series if he isn't dedicated to winning and perfecting his craft?

"To been growed up or to not been growed up, that is the question." - Cholly as Hamlet.

Hamels has been getting killed by the Verducci effect throughout the season, compounded by an apparently mediocre-to-nonexistent offseason training regime. It's not some bad Juju killing him: he's just physically not there, and his getting emotional on the mound is caused by that, not the other way around. What evidence is there that he's "all about himself?" That he was royally pissed off when he let the Yankees crack him open for a crooked number? If the only thing that matters is mental makeup, I'd be more worried by Martinez's sort of defeatist comments after Game 2.

I don't see this ending well regardless (though BP's odds *doubled* from 7% to 16.9%!)--I'm not sure you can win two nights in a row by asking the Phils' bullpen to eat up 5+ IP each game--but if Hamels pitches and gets rocked, its because he threw 30% more innings last year than his career norms to that point.

Any chance of moving Howard in the lineup against Pettite? With Howard hitting behind him, I can see the Yankees just pitching around Utley all night.

/still waiting on a Howard moonshot to left field

Ryan and Raul just need to lay off that low and away slider that Petit kept throwing to them. Its fine for Howard to take a talk and get to Werth tomorrow night. In the same light, it would be nice to have either Chooch or Francisco hitting behind Raul instead of Pedro Feliz.

Phillper, I believe the technique is called "making sh*t up".

Won't happen, but why not flip/flop Werth and Howard? Break up the lefties and don't give them the option of pitching around Utley for an automatic K?

Howard will break out tomorrow...he's due.

Are you positive that Howard will not get another hit in the postseason? I wouldn't bet a dime on that possibility.

Howard Tomorrow: 4 for 5, 3 HR, 1 2B (off the wall) 12 RBI

If you flip Howard, you possibly take the bat out of Werth's hands against a lefty. I'd probably stick with the standard set.

During the last several game chat threads I have experienced impossibly slow page loading and pages not updating in a timely fashion with the current comments.

I have tried every trick I know of to help with the page loading & refreshing, but I don't think the problem is on my end.

Any chance typepad (or is this problem unique to BeerLeaguer) will be working properly in time for game six?

go ahead and pitch around Utley.

the big man will make him pay.

Willie Wilson be damned.

NEPP, I probably wouldn't bet on your scenario, either, but it's more likely than him going 0 for 5

The whole Myers thing is largely a non-story. Hamels just needs to better control his emotions and realize that his comments could easy be taken the wrong way/out of context somewhat.

If the Phillies manage to come back and win the world series this piece of news will be as forgotten as Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard calling Philadelphia fans "front runners."

No one knows exactly what the problem is, but what we have to go on is that: Hamels has his stuff (for a case of a struggling pitcher not having his stuff, see Moyer). Cole looks great and then unravels when something goes against him. That's a sign that it's mental rather than physical. By being focused on himself rather than the team, I mean the frustration he shows and the comments that he makes. He's not throwing his arms up because the team made an error, he's throwing his arms up because the guys behind him did. If he were thinking more about the team than about himself, he'd say No worries guys, we're still going to get this one.
For an example of a guy whose getting killed but doesn't pass the buck, see Lidge. He's been professional about it all season long and when he gets shellacked he talks about what the team needs to get done, not how hard it is for him to go from perfect to abominable. It's not the performance that pisses me off, it's the attitude.

Phan - Against a LHP pitcher? No. Howard is just in one of his funks right now at the plate and I don't see him coming out of it this series either.

And to the Yanks' advance scouts - maybe it isn't a good idea to through Utley so much stuff on the inner part of the plate especially fastballs?


This has been going on since about the beginning of the World Series (I think). It seems that it won't get fixed, but there is a work-around.

If you click on the day/date/time stamp of the most recent post, the thread will refresh. When the thread reaches the end of a page, and clicking on "next" won't bring up the next page, just post a comment and then click on the day/date/time stamp of your post when it appears. Works like a charm.

Howard's biggest problem vs. Pettite? The strike zone. Pettite was consistently getting the pitch a few inches outside off the plate. Frankly, Howard won't have success against a lefty if that's the strike zone. In fact, none of the lefties had success off of Pettite with that strike zone.

"Are you positive that Howard will not get another hit in the postseason? I wouldn't bet a dime on that possibility."

There's a very decent chance that he goes 0-4 or 0-3 with a walk and we lose tomorrow.

If Howard gets a ball over the plate, he'll crush it.

The short porch doesn't really help him as he's not a pull hitter anyway.

Not that it really matters since he could easily hit it out of Old Yankee Stadium with its original 450 ft CF fence.


FWIW, Kerrigan said that his Hamels' deterioration after the first one or two times through the lineup is caused by a tired arm that makes his fastball and change lesse effective, and a lack of additional pitches to compensate.

Personally, that seems more plausible to me than speculation about Hamels' mental makeup - especially since Hamels was so good during the post season last year.

What people conveniently overlook with Hamels is that his 2nd half numbers were pretty good and he had a couple of very strong outings in late August/early September.

Honestly it is hard to pin it on one reason why Hamels has struggled this offseason but the mental aspect of it a big part. At the 1st sign of adversity, he has generally folded including after the Torrelalba HR in Game 2 of the NLDS and Game 3 of the World Series after the ARod HR.

I agree completely, CJ. Howard is almost always ineffective against LHP - but when the pitcher is getting those strike calls on pitches that Howard can't even reach, he's got no shot. He can't not sing at them and he can't make contact when he does. His only shot is to try to go the other way, but when you've been as successful as he has based on a different approach, it's not realistic to expect him to change approach in the middle of the World Series.

IF the Phils win Game 6... and that's a HUGE if, I think Game 7 pitching should be: Hamels for 3 innings, Happ for 2 innings, Park for 1 inning, Lee closes it out with Madson as backup. :-)

I know, I know... getting waaaaay ahead of myself.

As it would be his normal side day, Lee would be likely able to throw 50-60 pitches for Game 7 or about 3-4 innings max.

If we get there. We need one last bit of magic from the old goat to get there. If Utley gets another 2 HRs, that'd be nice too.

'Daily Show' Asks Which City Has Douchier Fans: New York Or Philly?

Great, so the entire 'story' is a sham. Time for a new thread.

Fun quote from the NYT.
"The beauty of sports is, we don’t know the answer. It’s the ultimate reality TV. The less beautiful part is Major League Baseball’s absurd “travel day,” so the players can get over that dreaded train lag, and the reality of today’s nonstop media analysis. Thankfully, Tim McCarver does not have a live microphone at all times, so we may survive the ordeal."

"At the 1st sign of adversity, he has generally folded including after the Torrelalba HR in Game 2 of the NLDS and Game 3 of the World Series after the ARod HR. "

Do you really know if you have the cause and effect right? Maybe Hamels is physically worn-down (for whatever reason) and once he starts to go downhill, he goes downhill in a hurry? We really don't know.

Howard simply cannot hit lefties. He's one of if not the best hitter in the league off right-handed hitters, but even if a ball is right down the middle from a lefty, he can't properly identify it in time. With Sabbathia and Pettitte coming up, I don't see him coming out of this slump.

If we get to game 7. Start Lidge.

So we gurantee he's not around for the 9th.

Big time rain on Thursday. Could have an interesting impact on a 7th game, should we get there.

Game 7: Hamels for 3, Lee for 3, Blanton for 3

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