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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Man, it's as if the Phillies sparked off a run on utility men, as the Jays have just resigned their utility fielder, McDonald (2009: .258/.271/.384) and the Red Sox just traded for Tug Hulett (in 75 pro ABs: 194/.270/.254). And with the Phillies picking up two more utility guys this early in the winter, we continue the free agent bizarro world that started last off season.

I just got hungry for those pulled pork nachos they serve at Coca-Cola Park! Wise adds some nice depth in case someone goes down.

let's make sure we have wise in when lee pitches his perfect game.

Jamie's sick again? That's not good. Not a fun way to spend Thanksgiving, but I hope he's ok.

Re: "No indications of going after Figgins" - To put an optimistic spin on it, there was no indication they were going after Lee, either, if I remember correctly. So maybe a surprise 3B signing is in store.

Re: putting/not putting extra money from ticket price increased into roster - Another optimistic spin - Could they be spending it on things like Latin recruiting, farm system, even charities? (Yeah, I doubt it, too.)

Re: Castro - Disappointed if this is the upgrade from Bruntlett. But I'll wait and see how the whole thing shakes out. I remember not knowing whether Raul would prove to be an upgrade or not, too, and I was happy with him this year. I'm sure the intent is to improve the team, albeit within the parameters of a budget around $140mil.

Speaking of Jamie Moyer, here's a neat article on him from a few weeks ago, found while looking for more info on his hospitalization:

I love depth signings. Good moves on both signings.

Yo, new thread

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