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Sunday, November 01, 2009


I said this a couple threads ago, but I like the Phils' chances of taking three straight, if they can pull off a win tonight. Lee should deliver the goods in game 5 and I think it's reasonable to expect Pedro to pitch well enough in game 6 to beat a short-rested Pettite. As for tonight, I'm just sick enough in the head to be optimistic about the offense's chances of forcing a high pitch count on Sabathia and getting to the Yanks' bullpen early. Ideally, this goes like game 1, except I'm not counting on Blanton to duplicate Lee's performance.

As usual, nice job on the graphic.

I don't know about 3 straight but, I like our bats to show up tonight. Maybe not early but, before the night is over, I think they put up a couple of nice crooked numbers and win this thing 7-5. Very confident.

I agree with cjp. I like our chance of winning game 5 no matter what happens tonight. If we can win tonight and tomorrow and then send the series back to New York up 3-2, I think we have a pretty decent shot. But a loss tonight absolutely kills us.

Gargano just said he talked to Hamels last night and that the latter repeatedly shook off Chooch to throw those curveballs. So Chooch called a better game than a lot of us were willing to admit last night.

Great graphic again, JW, and, again, would be a great calendar. Don't know if you have rights over all the original images, but maybe a few 'not-for-profit' copies could leak out...

JW, make the calendar of these Game Thread Graphics and I'll buy it. You're sitting on a cash cow here, jefe.

Maybe Sabathia will forget we turned the clocks back, spend an extra hour warming up, and be tired before the game even starts.

USA Today computer simulation has picked the first 3 games correctly, including a complete game SO by Lee in game one. Game 3 had Moyer in relief ? First the bad news on tonite:
Blanton gets injured after 5-2/3 of 1-hit ball.
Phils go 0-12 w/RISP.
Lidge blows the save.

THEN Feliz homers in the 13th to win it 3-2 !!!

Rollins, Ibanez, The Bench, & Feliz are the wet blankets smothering our offense this post-season.

J-Roll has 4 BB and 9 SO and hasn't done much except for a hit off Broxton.

Ibanez looks impatient to me. Trying to force things to happen. (So is Howard for that matter) He's definitely the 2nd half Ibanez this post-season. Though, to his credit he did hit some line drives right at people.

The Bench has 0 hits. Not one. That Stairs hit was when he started DH. I mean, come on....the pitchers have 3 hits.

Pete Happy is not making me very happy lately, aside from the glove. 6 for 42 with 2 RBIs in 12 games.

If the Yankees learn to pitch around Werth & Ruiz, we may never score again for the rest of the series. They seemed to have solved everyone else. Howard is off balance and everything goes past him. They stopped throwing fastballs to Chase.

It is just so frustrating to see the boys struggle so much. I know they can beat these guys. They know it. It's just not "clicking". I hope Cholly can make them relax and get loose for tonight.

goody: My heartbeat just accelerated!

In the simulation, who are these non-Lidge relievers holding the Yankees to 1 run or less, goody?

Shane - Ibanez doesn't look like he is 'impatient' as much as trying to cheat against a good fastball especially some like Sabathia or Burnett.

Sam Donnellon had an email from Joe Blanton's college coach. It's pretty neat.

Go Joe! Go Phillies!

Ibanez looks like a 37 year old hitter at the end of a long season.

Nice graphic, but where's the rubber ducky?

8:20 pm start is crazy ridiculous. Hopefully we jump out to a 10-15 run lead and its all over by 11:30.

Tonight really is a "must win." Phils aren't winning 3 straight against this Yanks' team especially with the last 2 at Yankee Stadium and pitching matchups that likely unfavorable to the Phils.

8:20 start is a deal between NFL and MLB, I believe -- NFL ditches the Sunday night game, MLB bumps the start time back to give NFL space for any late-running games and the post-game shows.

I was just about to say what MG said. Tonight is critical. If you want to have any chance of winning this series you have to tie it at 2 tonight to build some momentum back your way. As much as I love this team I don't think they can take 3 in a row from the Yankees- which includes 2 in New York.

Also want to make a quick comment on the Hamels comment. I don't really see what the big deal is. The biggest thing you can say on it is maybe Hamels has lost his confidence but I'm not sold on that yet. You know what he meant by the comment. He's been snakebitten at times and he has lost his cool and let his stuff let him down at times. It's natural for him to think, "This nightmare has to end." Once 2010 rolls around it's a new season. He hopefully has a chance to give 2009 one more time though.

I think Blanton can come up big tonight--frankly he has to--and everyone knows that the Phils can handle CC, especially on short rest. I'm very confident about this game and, if they win tonight, the series.

Obviously if they don't win tonight its all over.

A day after A-Rod's drive to right field hit a TV camera overhanging the fence at Citizens Bank Park, Major League Baseball and the Fox network took a step to make sure it wouldn't happen again. The camera was placed a little further out of range for Game 4.

Rodriguez originally was given a double, but after a video review was awarded a two-run homer. It was the first video review by umpires in World Series history.

Umpires said after the game they had decided in advance that balls hitting the camera would be home runs.

Tray: Eyre & Lidge give up runs, Happ,Madson,Durbin,& Park(3 inn.) do not.

I don't understand why they didn't talk to MLB in advance (of yesterday's game) and get Fox to move the camera before the game started. I guess that's a case of hindsight being 20/20, but it does like a no-brainer.

Still, that's not the reason we lost the game, although it may have helped set a chain of events in motion.

Ibanez is deffinately hurt I don't think there's any question about that... I have a great deal of respect for him as he put together a VERY respectable season and IMO will need surgery at the end of the season...

We can only hope he is able to put it together for 3 more wins... We had some success against CC last time, I'm thinking more success on short rest tonight... GO PHILS!!!

The ground rules explanation is fine by me. I'm not even mad about the replay now. Cole needed to grow a pair and not collapse.

****Major League Baseball and FOX Sports, owners of the television camera that Rodriguez hit with his fourth-inning homer in Game 3 of the World Series, elected to push the right-field camera back several inches so that it no longer juts out into the field of play.

"After close inspection by FOX and MLB, as a precaution, we've moved the right-field foul pole camera back slightly so that the edge of the lens is completely line with the top of the wall," Dan Bell, vice president of communications for FOX Sports, said in a statement.****

Thanks Fox and MLB. The only way to make it complete will be for the Phillies to have ball hit the railing where the camera WAS and bounce back for a double.


Someone was going to be down 2-1 today. It just happened to be the Phillies. This thing is likely going seven. I really think the crowd and the Phillies are confident and will go after CC.

What is with the military always singing the National Anthem? Not that I'm not patriotic, but what ever happened to the top local singers singing the Anthem?

I guess the miliary is cheaper.

at least the anthem singer didn't feel obliged to make the r1diculous octave jump at the end.

My concern for tonight is that if the umps aren't giving Kentucky Joe the low strike, they have no chance at winning. We can only hope the umpiring crew might decide that the home run that wasn't last night is a good enough reason to give the Phillies a break...but I doubt it.

Another thought is that after not pitching much in the past 3 weeks, Blanton & Happ are not sharp because of the long layoffs between starts. It's tough to have great command of your pitches, as you lose your sharpness. That is my concern.

After the all-day Favre orgy on Fox, we can expect the pro-Yankee broadcasting tandem to continue true to form. We will be CC's all night. They have to get to him early just to silence these clowns.

Great graphic, great night to get this Series tied back up -- Let's Go Phillies!!! :-D

and let's not reflexively bitch if the Phillies are aggressive at the plate early in the count.

gobaystars - fair enough. only the team up a game has their ace on the mound. tenor round here would be altered if Lee were up against, I don't know, Gaudin (although Blanton is obviously better than Gaudin).

Well, this should be quick. Unfortunately, not quick and painless.

Attaboy, Joe!!! :-D

Now watch the umpires f*ck this up.


FU ARod. Blanton getting a 'warning' for just missing control on an inside baseball even though he completely stands on top of the plate? That is one thing I hate about baseball nowadays. Players stand on top of the plate and when a pitch hits them accidentally they stair down at the pitcher.

Even though, there was no intent on that pitch. But AROD preening towards his bench was basically calling for retaliation.

You have to warn them.

This game will get ugly.

Do the comments on here lag about ten minutes behind for everyone, or is it just me?

This was about the worst possible way this game could have started.

jb, aside from the usual

I miss being able to read and comment on the game as it happens.

I think I'm out of here. Good luck to the Phils. We'll need it.

well, so much for the USA Today's computer simulation.

So, uh ... I guess that's good if Sabathia hits Werth?

Exactly right on that mike. ARod got the warning by staring into his dugout as if to say, "Please hit someone."

It is a bit ridiculous though to warn them that early in the game. Blanton is clearly not trying to hit ARod there. They are trying to work inside on him and it got away.

A-Rod is ridiculous. When you get hit in the World Series, you take your base. They're not going to award free baserunners at will.

Heck, he hasn't even been hitting. Even his homerun was a fought-off fly that just cleared. Even if they wanted to hit someone intentionally to send a message, I doubt it'd be him.

if a rod drops his bat and runs down to first, there's no warning. i can see his frustration, but he basically just cost his pitcher the inside part of the plate (i hope).

That was about as dismal a start as I could have imagined.

Why, Mr McCarver, would it be an error if the throw hits the sliding runner in the helmet?

Well, it could have been worse.

Hey, not everyone can be as tough and cool as Chase Utley.

The ridiculous thing about the warning is if CC plunks someone here, I don't think the umps have the balls to eject him.

God only knows what everyone else is saying about this, since the delay is well over ten minutes on this site...but who is McCarver, or anyone else to say there's no intent behind the 3 HBPs of Rodriguez? Have any of Blanton's other pitches missed anywhere near that badly? I don't blame the umps for issuing the warning. You hit the opposing team's best player 3 times in a 10-inning span, you don't leave it open to interpretation.

i agree Unikruk. it will give CC some pause. even if it's an accident he could be ejected, based solely on ARod's preening.

what do you know, rollins popped it up. i wonder what victorino will do here.

This has a disturbingly decent chance to be a long, ugly night.

If you click the time/date stamp of the last post, the updates are pretty much real time.

On the Jeter infield hit. Stunningly, Joe Buck analyzed Utley's slip perfectly. I was at the game last night and there were 3 grounds crew members with squeegies for 30 minutes working that exact area... there had to be 2 or 3 inches of water in that area.


Great Hustle!

Nice table-setting, Jimmy. Nice making CC work, too.

Our guys are suddenly playing like they all want to go home.

But this is not the team we're used to seeing in big games. Surely they'll show us some fight yet.

Yay, Shane.

So last night Jimmy Rollins puts the ball on the grass and leads off the game with a single, which should have/could have been a double. Since then everything has been in the air.

SAINT UTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHASE!!!!!! :-D

Back in it

And just to be clear, the next pitcher to hit a batter is out of the game right

Answering those runs is huge. Way to go, Chase. He's on CC this week.

I thought Utley couldn't hit lefties in the playoffs...

Chase 'freakin' Utley!

Could have used a camera in that spot ...


Man, I thought that was gone by the sound of it.

I miss the Ryan of the NLDS & NLCS.

GOod crowd tonight.

Can't keep passing their limited opportunities by here. Yanks' haven't been.

Sheesh, can the umps get a handle on how many mound visits there are? This is ridiculous.

I'd like a camera meme to run through all of next year's game chats.

Bat at bat by Howard for swinging at that 3-1 pitch, but can't fault him on the strikeout pitch.

What were the fans chanting? ee-ee-ah?

You know, I was a Royals fan in 1980 when Willie Wilson set that record for SOs. Even the more easygoing midwest press criticized him heavily for that. Of course, he was a leadoff hitter, not a slugger. But still, is that a record Ryan wants to break?

Unikruk - CC sucks.

This is ridiculous. Makes me want to have Werth and Ruiz bat 4 and 5 against lefties.

(Kidding. Sorta.)

We gotta get these runs across. Need a big inning, and CC looks ready to give it up, except to lefties

Any thoughts about moving Werth up to cleanup tomorrow? The Yanks certainly respect him more than Howard.

Can't do this without firing on all cylinders, can we? Jimmy, Ryan, Raul....

Joe needs to settle down this inning, make his pitches.

Is there any limit on the number of times players can visit the mound during an inning? The Yankees' visits to the mound smack of gaming of some sort --- I can't ever remember seeing so many catcher + infielder + manager visits. I'd like to hear the crowd really get on their case.

sounded like they were chanting CC something. i couldn't decipher the second word.

RSB: I thought the A-Rod thing could very well have been intentional also. With first base open & one out & one of the best hitters in baseball coming to the plate, it's not like it was totally irrational to put the guy on first base.

1. Looks like Sabathia is going to get to all of our non-canonized lefties.

2. Did you know that infielders are allowed to say things to their pitcher? How long has this been going on?

Big run to come back with, but Blanton has to put a lid on this. Easier said than done, I guess.

Sabathia ought to try some of those lethal breaking balls to Utley for a change. He's obviously not getting the fastball by him.

I'm waiting for the at-bat where between every single pitch one of either posada, jeter, or a yanks coach makes a visit to the mound.

Hey, we got a compliment from Joe Buck! The best sports complex...

Raul Ibanez's bat looks sloooooowwww. I know it was only the bottom of the 1st but that was a huge blown opportunity. Phils likely aren't going to have many against Sabathia tonight.

Good to see Vic and Utley have shown up. Just need to invite Howard and Ibanez.

Joe Buck and his goddamn football.

Every Yankee argues, or at least discusses, the calls when they are called out. I think it has an impact -- they are the Yankees.

the turn around look to 2B last night by pettitte on a 1-2 pitch with 2 outs was a integral part of the yanks strategy of intensifying everyone's hatred of them

The area around the sports complex sucks though. There are at least a dozen cities and stadiums I can think of that have better surrounding atmospheres for before-and-after the game.

Bottom of the lineup, of course, but I'll take a good inning wherever I can get it.

posada is the worst yankee complainer - he frames pitches way too long and aruges every borderline strike while he's at-bat. I'd hate him if I were an ump

if Blanton gets that low strike he might settle in now.

Well, at least Blanton came back and squashed the bottom of the order after a bad inning, unlike some other SPs I can think of.

I don't know how Blanton's outing will turn out, but he often seems to pitch better when he gets knocked around in the first inning. It's when he comes out & retires the first 3 batters in order that he seems to later run into major problems.

I also like McCarver's logic that a (likely 250 lb.) high school Sabathia's 22 HRs translate into major league hitting ability.

That's true, MG. Denver is great that way. In fact, the area around the stadium improved after it was built. Now "LoDo" is a great area for restaurants and such.

And Busch Stadium pretty well situated, too.

Back to the game, nice job by Blanton in the 2nd!

BamBam's hitting his second World Series homer tonight, just wait and see

The road grays make Sabathia look like an elephant.

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