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Monday, November 02, 2009


For whatever reason, this picture makes me really sad.

Predictions: Lee goes eight and gives up three. I'll be happy with anything under four run and over six innings.

We need run support and Burnett is going to give it to us. Howard remembers what an RBI is.

Yankees plunk a batter.

We win.

Here's to a fiiylthy outing by Clifton.

One thing I don't really get is all the talk about how Cholly blew it by not pitching Lee on 3 days rest. We needed to win yesterday AND today. If you pitch Lee on 3 days rest, the best case scenario is that he pitches lights out, we win & then we're faced with a mismatch in tonight's game. Worst case scenario: Lee is ineffective & we lose with our best pitcher, then have to come back with that same pitching mismatch tonight. So how exactly would we wind up better off?

The ONLY possible upside to pitching Lee on 3 days rest was that he would then, theoretically, have been available to pitch Game 7 -- again on 3 days rest. So, if we somehow get to a 7th game and end up losing with Hamels or Happ on the mound, then there might at least be some logical basis for the criticisms. Until and unless that happens, there is simply no causal connection between our current predicament & Cholly's decision to not start Lee on 3 days rest.

There was an "exit" sign in the original background. I took it out. Could have been even sadder.

This series will go back to New York.

Ready for round 5 of the 21st century avatar of "the Rumble in the Jungle."

Let's Go Phillies!

Pressure if off guys and gals. Lets sit back, relax, and enjoy a beer.

Win or loss, we should feel very fortunate to be where we are. Remember the mid 90's when we would of traded a kidney for a WS appearance?

I want to win, but I'm going to soak it all in tonight.

Good luck tonite as I said in the other thread hope you win cause Jeter or Cano drops ball in the Ninth. I would love to get back at my Yankee friends who havent let me forget about it

Posada claims that "the [Yankees'] fans have waited long enough?" Wow. Reminds me of that Onion article where Philly fans wanted that Super Bowl trophy from McNabb by week four of the season.

A lot of people say Lidge last night was the turning point of the series. (if they go on to lose.) I say it was Game 3. Phils up 3-0, Hamels throwing a no-hitter with one out in the 4th. Next thing you know he doesn't make it out of the 5th.

If the Yankees celebrate, it won't be on our turf and in our clubhouse. One game at a time.

I'm more confident tonight with Lee on the mound, but this could very well be our last game of the season. It's not easy to come back from a loss like last night in the World Series. These guys are capable of it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees finished up the series tonight.

With that in mind, I'm going to take this game as an opportunity to enjoy watching this team at least one last time. I know it looks grim this year, but this team has had an amazing two years. It's going to be sad if we lose, but we have to step back and realize how great this team is.

@philliesnation (via Twitter):

"Harry Kalas wouldn't give up on this team. Neither should you."

Let's Go Phillies!!! :-D


I agree and think it is more specific. It was Pettite's bloop hit that just hit me in the gut as a turning point/momentum shifter.

Tray: As a fellow glass-half-empty fan, I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your rant from the last thread (or maybe 2 threads ago). It was classic. I find myself feeling much the same way.

Real quick before the game starts let me just say: Larry Bowa is a scumbag.

According to him the Phillies are notorious for using video to steal signals and relay them to hitters.

Maybe now people can stop deifying Bowa.

Anyone catch the fan with the "Phuck NY" tshirt that was right over Ricky Bo's shoulder on the CSN pre-game show?

Hey, what do you know, another bloop hit.

Why do I hear "Let's Go Yankees" chants?

Hey look, another bloop hit!

There have been so many of them this series they might as well call this team the Bronx Bloopers.

I hope Jimmy and Shane are taking notes from Jeter (thankfully, out tonight) and Damon (on already) about getting on base!


I thought I had resigned myself to losing the series, in all likelihood. BUt I feel sick with nerves again. Those '79 and '85 teams giving me hope. That and Lee on the mound. I agree, I don't want to get lose 4 straight and lose this thing at home, with our ace on the mound and our offense nonexistent.

1-0 already. I hope Lee and team aren't playing tight. Mr. Cool can't be nervous, can he?

Just as I feared: Lee has no command whatsoever. At least the Yankees will put us out of our misery quickly. Maybe within the next 2 minutes.

Lee has no command.

Blanton looked worse in the first inning last night and then settled down. No reason to think the game is over before the Phillies have batted.

If Lee keeps pitching like that, this game will be over in very short order.

Yeah, let's give Lee a chance to settle in. It's not the best way to start after losing 3 straight, but he got out of that inning only giving up 1, which is huge.

our boy is either going to go into godmode after that first inning or get knocked around.

I'll be really irritated if the Phils don't hit Burnett, & hard. He's such a little b*tch, & overrated to boot.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. What in God's name are you swinging at?

Iceman: Tough to beat a better team when they're getting the breaks.

Come on, Jimmy!

Was anybody at the last season game of '07? Rollins hit a single in the 1st, promptly stole 2nd, and then immediately stole 3rd. It was great. And someone hit him home. Gave you a really good feeling about the game. Sigh. I miss that.

Great at bat by Rollins. First time I've said that in a while.

It really is a joke that we have to watch MLB crown A-Roid and Pettite like they never did anything wrong but superior dirty players Clemmens and Bonds have been blacklisted from the game. Not saying I condone their behavior and I understand the whole lying under oath angle (I'm a lawyer). Just saying that MLB hgas certainly not cleaned house yet.

Looks like we may get bad AJ Burnett tonight.

Christ, Girardi, how cold can you be.

Unless he can't bat at all, Vic might as well stay in. There's no tomorrow unless the Phils win.

That sounded bad. Wouldn't be surprised to see Shane run here, and then not come out in the field next inning. Werth to center, and Francisco in right?

Well, that's a nice little moment there.

The good news is that Burnett has no command either. I hope Vic's alright.

CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

I'm glad Chase was listening when I complained about all of the first pitch strikes they'd been taking.

I'm surely the reason, right?

I only wish Chase had stood there & admired it for awhile. I know that's not him, but still.

Wow, some boston fans were comparing this yankee team to the 2004 yanks.

Nothing better than winning game 7 in NY

I like Rollins' hit and SB.

I think Shane caused that himself and DID swing. Got the bat too far and the ball hit off too low, getting his hand, too. DId the ball hit the bat took or just his hand? and what's the rule on that?

Meanwhile, CHASE!!!!

Now that's how you do it boys!! Saint Utley came to play!! That's what happens when you get your 1 & 2 hitters on base. Kinda changes the pitcher's whole approach, huh?

Game isn't over just yet.



Whoa, that looked like strike three.

I can never really tell where Utley's hair ends and his scalp begins.

Burnett not getting that outside curve ball for a strike tonight. Good, because its not a strike unlike Game 2.

Matt: It did when the batter was Teixeira & the pitcher was Hamels, too.

There's the first trip to the mound of the night...

I'm setting the Yankee trips to the mound over under tonight at 13. Anyone?

That was weak, Jayson. Two fastballs down the middle you should have crushed.

Just, win!

I wonder if any Yankees fans watch the
Phils score 3 runs in the 1st inning and say "game over" or is that just a Phillies fan thing.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen a total on Yankees mound visits from last night?

Someone tell Uncle Buck there is only one out...idiot. The scoreboard is only the size of a zeppelin.

How did Joe Buck get the WS gig anyway?

G-Town - I didn't DVR it because of my superstitions. I would love to know though.

L.A. pointing out that Burnett is a jackass, & possibly mentally challenged. Gotta love it!

Hey Buck, as opposed to metaphorically taking a hit away?

Old Phan, when I went to bed the other night, after our Cole Hamels loss to put the Yankees up 2-1, I actually heard on the radio a caller - Yankees fan - call in and lament how the Yankees were going to lose the series.

So no, I don't think it's just Phillies fans.

He's cut, he's cut, Burnett is cut . . .

Call me greedy, but I wanted more there. Disappointed in Jayson's AB. Raul's and Feliz's were more expected. Did anyone else think Ryan should have run for 2nd on the pitch that got away from Molina? But then, he does have a good arm, and if he'd thrown Howard out, I wouldn't have been happy. I thought Jayson waved him down and that he had a chance.

Unikruk: Thanks!

Mr. Mack: If you count only the 1st & 5th innings of Game 4, the Yankees had 14 meetings. I'm gonna take the "Over" ...

Did anyone else feel Werth was standing way off of the plate in his AB? You don't have to crowd the plate, but at least move a bit farther away from the on-deck circle.

He hasn't even played much, but Brent Gardner is one annoying bastard. I watched him vs Angels in the ALCS and whenever he Pinch Ran he acted as if he got on base by his own doing. Typical of anyone who pulls on the Yankee pinstripes. Instantly obnoxious.

I think the Phillies should just feel free to use the same tactic of frequent mound meetings. Except I would think it would disrupt the pitcher's rhythm. (Including the Yankees' pitchers)

Bottom of the Yanks lineup tonight is actually weaker than the Phils. Three largely punchless guys.

L.A. - "I gotta tell ya, that's one slow family!"

Franzke: "The only race they ever had was to the dinner table."

I love it! They're like Statler & Waldorf. :-)

Burnett looks like a guy who is tired and clearly is 'throwing' tonight rather than having his proper delivery on a bunch of pitches here in the early going.

That was a funny line, G-Town.

Not Chooch's best AB ever.

Who is this guy at the top of the order?

Who is this guy at the top of the order?

i don't think Chase needs a helmet, his hair is hard as a rock

Vic...take a seat. Francisco can play CF, tough guy.

Nucappy- the “Let’s Go Yankees” chants are due to the Yankee fans who were given great seats by David Montgomery. The story goes that: Monty was disappointed in the crappy nose bleed seats that the Yankees gave to the Phillies & the Front Office types and other Phillies employees. In an attempt to be classy, he provided the Yankees with upgraded first class box seats.

They then repaid him by requesting game-long police protection because they were scared of the big, bad Philly fans, and now that they have diplomatic immunity have acted like the typical, obnoxious, NY a$$ wipes that we have all come to know and love. A touch of class is treated with total disrespect by the Yankee fans. A move that backfired, but something you won’t hear about on FOX or ESPN of course since they can’t stop slobbering all over themselves about the 27’th Yankees title. Excuse me now while I vomit…

Yikes. I have a bad feeling that Vic has a broken finger. Give that man a cortisone shot, stat!

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Vic suffered a broken bone on that HBP. If it's a serious injury, it's an absolutely crushing blow -- even more so, with the last 2 games being in Yankee Stadium. I can see it now. Sabathia on the mound for Game 7, & Eric Bruntlett at DH. It's a real possibility now. Shocking, since so many on this board have opined that the last man on the bench doesn't matter.

Some Utley trivia: now has tied for the most HR in the Series by a Phil (with Nailz in 93) and is only one off the record held by Reggie Jackson.

Mack - is that actually legit? It's not so far out of the realm of possibility to immediately be able to call BS on it.

b_a_p: Several factors many people on this board insisted didn't/wouldn't matter have come into play in this World Series.

Mack - The crowd has generally been lousy tonight though and they weren't that great in Game 4 either. Not sure if it was the shear price of the tickets or just alot of "Johnny-Come Latelies" but the crowd noise level at key spots the last 2 games including tonight has really been lacking.

Cliff's not going the distance today, is he.

can vic be replaced on the roster? who would be available?

These announcers are such hypocrites. They've never said a word about some of the bizarre strike zones we've seen throughout the series, but they'll nitpick every possible other judgment call out there.

Shane ain't gettin' replaced. He'll want to stay in, broken finger or no. We could plug in Francisco, however, and bring Mayberry onto the roster, to answer your question.

Some more Utley trivia: It's now been six days since anyone's postulated that he's playing hurt.

If Shane has something broken on his hand, I'd go with Francisco and Mayberry. I appreciate a guy toughing it out, but between gripping the bat and throwing the ball, I think he'd be too hampered to really help us.

Victorino has to come out of the game. Leaving in a hurt, ineffective player because he wants to play is clearly an example of being a player's manager to a fault.

I heard that story reported on both Philly sports radio stations today, so I am assuming it is legit. As much as I busted Monty's balls in the past, the one thing the guy appears to do is genuinely act kindly to others. He does try to bring a touch of class to all things Phillies and does it well.

Howard shot would be nice

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