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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I hope Chan Ho Park is up to the task. I don't think we'll see Happ in relief unless it's tight, we need him to start tomorrow.

I agree that Jeter and Damon have been the difference in the series, and that they've far outshone Rollins and Victorino.

A-Rod has started to outshine Howard, too. And yes, I fear Teixeira breaking out of his slump - at least as much as Yankees fans probably fear Howard breaking out of his.

Also, you are right that it is great that the Phillies are playing Game 6 in the WS, that it's their 2nd WS in as many years, and that they also have 3 Division titles in as many years. Wow. Not only that, but they are a group to be proud of for their character.

I plan to continually say "defending World Series Champions" from now until game time. Who knows how much longer we can say it? We have at least a few hours to be able to say that! They've accomplished quite a bit for us to feel good about!

I refuse to accept that this series isn't going to 7.

Old Man Pettitte on short rest seems like a disaster waiting to happen, and Pedro is rested and in the spotlight, where he belongs.

7-4 Phillies.

Get casual and just win tonight!

Biggest game for the Phils since Carter ripped our hearts out in '93. HUGE, I tell you, just HUGE. I'm probably more nervous than Pedro.

Teixera or Howard, either is easily capable of being the deciding factor. Just depends on who breaks out of their slump first. I'm uneasy about Pettite throwing that cutter down and away, getting strike calls, and establishing that early on. If so, it could be another long evening for Ryan. Utley also struggled with Pettite.

Jeter has been good, but he has had a seemingly endless series of bleeders and bloopers that have inflated his average. Hoping his luck is due to change, he's due to have a few rockets caught.

Damon has been a real revelation. I've seen him several times and knew he could hit and run when he was with the Sox, but had never quite realized what a savvy batter (and player) he was. Thought he was another overpaid, all but ready to retire Yankees acquisition; but that AB against Lidge was a monster, and with the subsequent steal, seemed like it broke Lidge. Then he did it again late in Game 5.

When Damon came up in Game 5 I started griping about the difficulty of getting him out, his ability to foul pitches off and prolong ABs, how letting him get on would bring Tex and A-Rod into play, etc. Even my wife, who watches very casually, and is more interested in stuff like whether the players have good haircuts or not, tuned in and noticed his ability.

"Tonight tonight tonight - oh hooooo.

Gonna make it right, tonight tonight tonight - oh hooo."

Phil(ly) Collins

Hugh - the biggest game for the Phils since Carter in '93 is not tonight. The biggest game was on October 27 & 29, 2008.

Bob: I feel the same way about Damon. He's one of those guys that seems as if he's up there toying with pitchers. Hate him (unless he was on my team).

It would only be fitting, that 2009 came down to Game 7, with Hamels starting and Lidge closing it out. It almost has to come to that, doesn't it?

2 guys who have been scrutinized more then anyone and had seasons both would like to forget, getting one last hurrah to salvage both their selves and their teams season.

Just get this thing to a Game 7. Somehow, someway, get it to a Game 7.

UD Hens - we're using a different measure. Game 5 last year wasn't win or go home.

Somewhere there's a glass of borboun with my name on it.

That's right, UD Hens!

And Bob, Damon has done a tremendous job this series. I think he's a better 2-strike hitter than Werth, and that's saying something. What a pest for the Phils.

Wish I could say Vic was an equal pest for the Yankees. Maybe tonight, in spite of his finger, he will be?

Denny, that would certainly be the way it would play out in a movie. High drama for sure.

Give me the ball boys.

I'm worried about Vic. He was swinging at bad pitches and popping up good ones before he got hurt. Maybe the finger will help him in a perverse way.

hugh - i'm sure i'm more nervous than pedro too, but that's because pedro doesn't seem the least bit nervous.

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play...centerfield.

I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be about tonight. We tend to focus here on the problems and weaknesses our team has and sometimes gloss over thier problems.

If I were a Yankees fan I would be thinking about:

-Pedro is a big game pitcher. This situation is made to order for him. He's rested more so than Pettite, and he's not that much older. The baseball gods are probably smiling on Pedro right now and would put their blessing on a storybook finish for him tonight.

-Jeter (and the whole team) has had some luck so far with the bloopers. When will they start to fall for the Phils?

-Ryan Howard is way overdue. So is Tex, but Howard is more battle tested and apt to break out in this type of pressure situation.

-The Phillies just never quit, they find ways to win against the odds. If they force Game 7, anything can happen.

-How do we get around Utley? The guy is red hot and if we pitch around him, we face a guy who is overdue to go crazy and then Werth, who hasn't exactly been a picnic for lefties.

-If this turns into a slugfest, Utley will be champing at the bit to bat against our middle relievers.

-For that matter Rollins is a big game player who torched the Dodgers when everyone thought he was down and out. Can't take him for granted either.

Yes, we have some scary issues, but so do they.

Vic should dive into the first pitch and take one off the left shoulder, steal some bases including home. Football mode.

Harbingers of good things to look for in the game (feeling optimistic)...

We bat first. That's a good thing, because we will know right away how Pettite will perform on short rest. Need JRoll and Vic to have good at bats, see some pitches. Make Pettite work.

Pedro may give up a run in the 1st, but he should settle in. The sooner he gets in a groove, the better (captain obvious).

A base hit for Ryan in his first at bat. Even better would be a HR to left field, taking a slider to the opposite field.

A big defensive play by the Phils. A rally killer, one that quiets the Yankee fans and takes away any momentum from the Yankees.

Get a lead and keep Mariano and Lidge out of the picture.

GETTING CASUAL...the final chapter?

I'm getting super nervous. Just trying to remind myself how great its been to watch this team over the past three years, and that tonight's game doesn't change that, win or lose...

But they've got a decent shot tonight against short-rest Pettite, thats for sure. If Howard can make them pay when they inevitably pitch around Utley, the Phils will win!

Tonight's game is weird. Monday night went exactly as I expected it too (we jump on Burnett and Lee does enough for victory), but I have absolutely no idea what to expect tonight. Nothing would surprise me.

I might be naive, but I also have a good feeling about tonight. Howard is sue to bust out and Pedro is used to these pressure games. 6-3 Phillies

I think this game has 7-5 written all over it. The problem is that Rivera can probably go 2 innings tonight. Which means the Phils need to get their 7 in the first 7 innings. Offense needs to get hot early tonight.


I never post on here, but I constantly read and hope to someday jump into the flow of all this. I just wanna say it's been a pleasure reading this site and these threads have helped me get down with the pressure of all these games being a huge Philly fan. I live in New England so a lot of my Red Sox fan buddies have been very supportive, but this site is great, just great.

Brian G - I feel the same way. I have no idea how this will play out. Has it made me numb or confident? Can't tell.

I do like the idea that Pettite will pitch around Utley, give him some bases. Utley's been historically great, no doubt, but he has 1 hit in 8 AB against Pettite.

Season = Over

Now let's get it on!!!

Is there a game tonight?

I wouldn't be surprised if Girardi brings Rivera in in the 7th if the Yankees have a lead and the pen scuffles a bit.

I just read that Girardi says AJ Burnett will be available out of the pen tonight (it's his side day) if necessary.

doubleh: Eiland said on MLB Network that everyone is available except Sabathia tonight. All hands on deck for both teams.

Wow, Burnett is avaiable tonight and folks are questioning whether Lee would be available tomorrow night (if necessary).

I would LOVE to see Burnett tonight. I also don't have a problem seeing Rivera for 3 innings tonight. Both sound like big time panic moves!

Well, based on what we saw from Burnett on 3 days rest, I'm not sure they'll lean on him on his side day.

Hopefully they do and we gut him like a fish.

The beauty of placing all of my rooting behind "please win one at home" is that I feel eerily calm about this game. I'm sure I'll get into it once we're underway, but between the '08 title and fending off elimination at home, it's begin to feel a bit like gravy now.

I agree with Steve. Although I grew up in Philly, I haven't lived there since 1980. I missed the excitement of the 1980 World Series win, but was able to enjoy the 2008 win thanks to the Internet. You Tube made it happen. This year I've been watching the games and following the Beerleaguer live chats. It's great to know that I have company in experiencing the joys and the heartaches that come with being a lifelong Phillies fan.
Thanks, Jason!

Well, Burnett only threw 53 pitches. I'm sure they'd give him a shot, given how successful he was in Game 2.

(But I'd hope we'd gut him, too, NEPP.)

I'm going to try the same approach as last game. I realize this could be the last time I see the Phillies in the World Series for a long time, so I'm going to try to enjoy it no matter what happens. Now that I have a little bit of hope though, I'm incredibly nervous.

Lookin' for a blowout. Hopin' it's for the boys in red.

Partly because the conventional wisdom on Beerleaguer is almost always wrong and partly because it's quite cold in NY tonight, I foresee a low-scoring pitcher's duel.

I don't get any sense the Phils hitters are afraid of Rivera.

He's not beyond getting touched up.

If it's close, I'm curious to see if Madson can close it out. I think Lidge is done unless Madson implodes.

Spitz: I don't think anyone is questioning whether Lee will be available tomorrow. I just don't think it makes sense to start him.

Rivera is the best reliever in the history of the game and the best pitcher in the history of playoff baseball.

Lets try to avoid him if at all possible.

If Burnett gets into game, its a good bet that the Phils are winning at that point.

Just let your soul glo, baby
Feeling oh so silky smooth
Just let it shine though, yeah!

This series is due for a blowout.
Phils 10 Yanks 4

John from the Northeast - do you spend all of your time calling WIP, posting on this site and posting on phuturephils?

10-4 after the 5th.

The final will be 22-21 Phillies.

Wade, if Madson implodes it's season over. If any Phillies reliever implodes it's season over...

Censorship is just should know that you're a writer

I just hope Charlie has a quick hook tonight.

Might wanna let Utley close with the hot streak he's on.

Win tonight, play again tomorrow -- Let's Go Phillies!!! :-D :-D


Next page?

Yo, game thread

I never post but faithfully read and wanted to thank all for the input throughout the year. It really is a great site with so much thoughtful input!!

You are done losers! You are done! It took more than a full year to dethrone you! 7 months + Spring Training of all that work for what? A pennant? That is nice. But who remembers that? Maybe an organization with such a losing history! All people will remember you in 2009 for is losing to the Yankees. Isn't it funny how that big mouth former ace of yours may have destroyed what ever energy may have been left in that club house? You is it tasting right about now? How about those Eagles and Flyers choking again too?

Maybe Mariano Rivera won't hurt his knee and destroy his career by letting everyone dog pile on him the wrong way too! Don't you realize you'll never be as good as the Yankees? Don't you realize your team wasn't worth of stepping on your soil? Don't you realize your city is a third rate city! You take for granted your moment in the sun. No one is asking you to be the most polite thing on earth. But how do you boo Rays fans after being in a 28 year World Series drought and 25 year brought for Philly for major sports period? What was the purpose of booing Michael Irvin from what looked to be a life threatening injury? So don't tell me you don't deserve this! You fans are the most fair weathered, trashy, disoriented pieces of garbage I've ever met. You deserve everything everyone is going to give you! Here it comes!

At least Cole Hamels looks happy right now.

He threw his last pitch as a Phillie when he got lit up in game 4. If he pitches another game as a Phillie he'll get worse treatment than J.D. Drew got! You're best off cashing out chips with an AL team to save his life and let Brett the redneck Myers take his spot.

Forgot how much I hate Shane Victorino's weasel little face, LETS GO METS!!!!

A disapointing finish but we will be back next year!

Tom--- Try ENGLISH. It's a marvelous language.

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