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Monday, November 16, 2009


He also scored the first run on Jimmy Rollins' game-winning hit in Game 4 of this year's NLCS. Goodbye, E-Brunt!

Could some argue that we actually lost the trade with Cleveland, because now we will have to overpay in free agency for something that would have been almost free if we hadn't traded it? Off course not, we can't argue that, it's silly, because we won't know the results of that trade for at least 5 years.

If there was ever a year to have taken a middle infielder in the Rule 5 draft it was last year.

I'm guessing any minor league kid could have contributed more with fielding, or as a pinch runner, or as a situational guy than Bruntlett did all year. All in all good ridance to a complete waste of a bench spot on a world series team.

Goodbye Gnome, for you, one last post of the hypno-gnome.

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Smoky Joe: "sorry clout, I just can't let that belt-high softball go. Your 5 little words completely moved your argument from weak to ridiculous. Just about every trade involves an established journeyman for prospects, or younger mlb players. Most times it also involves a "seller" and a "buyer". Things like service time, salary, short-term vs long-term are as important (if not more) than carrerr productivity of each asset. But based on your criteria, it's pretty easy to make an educated guess on who will win every trade. Once again, why even bring up a point of argument if it's so ludicrous as to not require a stance, or is not "arguable" until after-the-fact, when there is no room for argument?"

This is pretty incoherent, but if I understand you correctly, you're saying that judging a trade by who got the most talent and how they play for their new teams is not a good way to judge a trade because of financial factors.

I disagree. As someone posted here earlier, the financial factors are not nearly as relevant as the personnel decisions.

I also disagree with your assertion that any time a team trades prospects for established talent that it's easy to figure out who will get the better end.

I was actually mildly surprised they didn't tender a contract to Walker. I distinctly remember that, one of the reasons they signed him in the first place was because he had another year or two before he became a FA. Since he pitched reasonably well for them this year, I would have thought they'd resign him to fill a role similar to what he filled last year. But I guess his rising price tag makes him a lot less appealing for that kind of role.

Based on comments on the last thread, it seems people are expecting Condrey to be cut loose too. My question is why? He was the last man in the bullpen a few years ago but each year he's become more and more important, while posting very respectable numbers.

Before his injuries this year, he was one of the more reliable relievers. Considering other injuries and uncertainties in the pen, just why are people so quick to let Condrey go? Is it a money thing? Injury concerns?

BAP: Isn't Walker arb eligible? He made $750,000 lst season and had a pretty good year. Maybe if he goes to arb he gets $1.5M. In this market as a FA he doesn't get that much. I'm guessing the same motivation applies to Condrey.

I think there's gonna be a ton of guys removed from 40-man and non-tendered by the Dec. 1 arb deadline.

clout, if it's incoherent to you, it may say more about your reading comprehension than my communication skills. And your response was such a stalwart example of poor debating skills: someone eralier said...And "the person who posted earlier" was you. You're the one who disregards fiancial matters as grounds for a relevant argument concerning baseball matters. Financial factors not as relevant as personnel decisions? Do you live in space? Is that why you keep analyzing issues in a vacuum?

bap, I said the same thing about Walker on the previous thread.

They obviously know something we don't (yeah, awh, like what they're thinking). I wonder if Mathieson's recovery from multiple surgeries is progressing well enough that they're counting on him.

Clout, is there a distinction between a good trade, say, one in which your team gets better or fulfills team needs, versus "winning" a trade in which you simply get the better players? Certainly we can imagine myriad situations in which a team gets better - perhaps even good enough to win the world series - but still loses a trade. Is that really such a bad thing?

Rolo, you stole my temporary handle!

I shall pour out a beer tonight for my fallen homie.

But rest easy this night, Eric, we will be watching your highlights for decades, and you'll be remembered more fondly than Mookie Wilson.

SmokyJoe: No, it wasn't me who posted that. And, yes, making the right personnel decision is more important than making the right financial decision.

I will have nightmares tonight about a wild eyed gnome.

Don't feed the troll.

Phillies Red: Absolutely. And the Alexander for Smoltz trade is a classic example. Alexander had an immediate positive impact on the Tigers. But over the long term, the trade was obviously lopsided in favor of the Braves. Whether that's the case with Lidge for Bourn is too early to say. That was my original point and one might be surprised that it set off a firestorm of controversy. But those "the world is round" type of statements (which awh says makes me MOTO) frequently set off controversies here because so many posters think the world is flat.

P Red, excellent post!

clout must be an academian, because he definitely is not any kind of businessman

sorry CJ, that was the last one.

I often joke about a player being an automatic out, but this season Bruntlett was an automatic out! That being said, he made the awesome triple play this year, blasted a meaningless 9th inning home run in Game 2 of the '08 World Series, scored the go ahead run in Game 5 of the '08 World Series. And filled in alright for Rollins last year when he was hurt. Years from now, I look forward to being able to answer the 7th inning trivia question when they ask about the triple play. Until then, Au Revoir Mr. Bruntlett and hello Nomar! Or whoever the hell they decide to get.

Chris Coghlan in the NL Rookie of the Year. J.A. Happ finished a close second.

SmokyJoe: Winning games is good business for a baseball team.


Stole: Nope, at least not consciously; perhaps your posts were so well written and thought provoking that I subconsciously projected myself...err nevermind

Did I know it was taken: NO, new to the site

I'll pick a new handle

I wouldn't mind seeing Walker back. I'd give Hoover a minor league deal and say good bye to Bruntlett, Tracy and Ennis. I didn't even know Ennis was still on the 40 man roster, I thought he was gone after 2007...

I wonder if Cairo will replace Bruntlett or if the Phillies will fill that spot with someone else.

BAP...I thought the same thing about Andy Tracy. He offered a little insurance if Ryan got hurt. He was a competent bat.

clout for GM! Now ther's a guaranteed winner.

I can only speculate about what would go on, but it would probably sound something like this:

"If owner don't give me a five-year extension right now you'll be the stupidest owners af any franchise on the planet. After all, you can't possibly evaluate the job I'm doing for at least 5 years. You can't possibly have enough information before then."

Even if the Phils had a good replacement for Gnome in the minors, Charlie wouldn't use him much unless he had to. He doesn't like to use younger players. He prefers veterans...even if they can't play any more.

I will offer Gnome a minor league Lawn Jockey contract if he can prove he can keep the birds off my lawn.

A-Train: You are 100% correct.

Manual doesn't want to use rookies or young kids EVER. That's why he moved Happ to the Pen and let that old Vet Moyer keep on pitching in the starting rotation, man I hated that move. Oh wait, you mean he kept the rookie in the starting rotation? Really? A rookie? Maybe you are only somewhat correct...and Charlie didn't play any kids because his regulars were really really good.

Will Gnome open his own Fish joint in Ashburn Alley?

Maybe Gnome can put his Stanford degree to use as a white collar working stiff.

Local boy Andrew Bailey (Paul VI-Haddon Twp) wins AL ROY.

Maybe Gnome can apply to be the Mets new hitting coach.

I wonder if Bruntlett made his eyes do that when Amaro said hit the road.
"Ruben ... you are getting very sleepeey..veryy repeat after me.. I will sign Eric B to a 3 year deal worth 15million...."

Nice try but Gnome tricks dont work on me !!

It just doesn't seem right that our rainy-day poster boy was let go on such a bright, sunny day. It should have happened on friday the 13th.

Steve Carlton will be here in Reading on Dec. 5th for 2 hrs. of autograph signing. I didn't know he did this type of thing, I always thought he was a very private person.

Grat job Rube, only (4) months tooooooo late !!!!! I still cant believe this @#$@$!$#%, was still on this team come playoff time..I still cant beleive this team went six deep in the World Series with this bench and blowing 20 games out of the bullpen..Cant wait till March..

dick-allen15: Agreed. The more I look back, the more remarkable it all seems.

Didnt Bruntlett set up the triple play with an error too?

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