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Monday, October 19, 2009


Never, ever, EVER give up on this team.

Team of winners.


i gave up about twelve times but I knew deep down we always have a chance! most exciting thing Ive ever seen!

I hate that whistler guy

Absolutely amazing!

I'm just 24, but I doubt there will ever be a more lovable team I will ever root for.

Phightin Phils, !!!!!! Holy S*&T!!!!!! Jroll !!!! Wow,wow,wow!!!!

Nice work, bottom of the lineup setting it up for Jimmy. I love this time of year. We are spoiled.

How many times does this team need to be trashed, doubted, etc. before people start believing in them?

They are just unbelievable. Kobe Bryant at the buzzer, Tiger Woods on 18, Tom Brady in the 4th quarter, and the Philadelphia Phillies in October. I feel privileged to be a fan of this team.

BTW, after going through the last thread's posts, NEPP, you are MY BOY. My friend and I were on the phone every half inning SAME THING. "They win close games, and if they keep them at 4 they will win this game." Not saying doubt never crept in, but I had a good feeling about this until the end, ESPECIALLY when Broxton got the yips after Stairs stepped to the plate.

I still don't believe that just happened.

But I love it!!!

MG, that was some really sh*tty timing, bro. You ought know Jimmy can hit a heater.

Phillies have now beaten both Sherrill and Broxton. So much for whatever edge the Dodgers were supposed to have in this series.

The wins in this postseason are just dwarfing last year's. These games will be replayed DECADES from now. This is Rose bowling over Bochy, McGraw striking out Wilson, Mathews turning around to Yeager after belting the homer. This is all-time stuff right here. Can't get any better, really.


Last year's Stairs homer played a major part in this...the memory of it clearly affected Broxton. You could see him thinking, "I'm not giving anything good to this guy." And in doing so he opened the door not just to the tie, but to the win. J-Roll...what can you say? It was his time to shine and he grabbed it. Just beautiful.

Iceman: I don't think fans even doubt their ability to come back any more; I sure don't. I was down in the 9th inning because I asked, how could this happen again? And again? And again?

It's incredible. Seems to defy logic. I keep thinking the law of averages will get them, and they continue to defy.

Stairs is to Broxton what Pujols is to Lidge. Broxton unraveled when Stairs taxied to the plate.

Like I typed this AM, they average around 4.5 runs in the games after they score 10 or more.

If the Dodgers had scored only 3, woulda been 4-3 on JRoll's hit, thus the .5

Game 4's in the NLCS with Joe Blanton have special comeback magic in them, don't they?

That was awesome. We are spoiled with this team.

I'm curious as to why people forget baseball games are 9 innings, and the Phils generally play in all of them?
Amazing victory tonight!

Lidge with 2Ks and the W.

Everyone is a hero.

Chooch with the winning run.

VIVA Senor Octobre!!!!!!!!!

If baseball games weren't 9 innings, the 2008 Mets may have won the World Series.

This was written this morning, but tonight's game makes it an even more resounding point. "Is it possible the Phillies might be the most resilient team playing any American professional sport at the moment?" Link

I live a few blocks away from Yankee stadium, and the matchup I've dreamed about all year (and my whole life as a baseball fan) is very close to coming true.

Of course, Yankee fans know very little about the Phillies, and will give us no respect, but that's the way we want it.

Still 1 more to get vs LA, but there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that the Phillies can and will beat the Yankees to defend the title.

Just throwing that out there. Now I"m taking a step back... BIG GAME WEDNESDAY BABY!!!! GO PHILS!!!!!

RSB - Normally in '09, JRoll hasn't been able to get the clear, level sweet stroke against fastballs. Tonight he did in the biggest spot of the year.

Huge credit to the bullpen. Thought the Phils would win this game if they were able to keep the Dodgers scoreless and it was 4-3 and they delievered tonight in spades.

Get the BeerLeager red treme ready, we're one game away from needing it.

Jimmy Rollins was just DUE. After this entire medicore season at the plate, he was just DUE for something amazing.

Earlier in the game, it felt kind of unfair to ask Howard or Ruiz to win it after all they'd already done, but it just worked out so perfectly that Jimmy could redeem his entire season with one swing of the bat!

The Phils won with five minutes to spare on my birthday. Meant to be.

A game they probably shouldn't have won, but they did. Woooo! I love this team!

Can someone explain how Chooch scored from first base so quickly? There wasn't even a play at the plate.

MG - well, I'll give you this much, that was easily the best swing he's taken from the left side in awhile. But to say he was one of the last guys you wanted up there in that spot...I don't know why you'd say that. Rollins was the right man for the job.

Still can't believe that Broxton & Martin essentially pitched around Stairs. Violated the #1 creedo of a closer - never intentionally pitch around a hitter regardless of who he is to put the tying run on base in a 1-run game.

I have never been so happy to be so very wrong in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night, & unfreakingbelievable baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

that was for number one hater g-town dave

RSB - Among the regulars, yeah especially from the left-side.

Broxton just challenged JRoll with pure velocity and lost big time.

They said the Phils were 3rd in comback wins this year in MLB and I am willing to bet they are either #1 or #2 in MLB in comeback wins since the start of '07 season.

that ball was deep in the alley and senor octubre is running his little panamanian heart out with two outs

j roll has been maddening this year, but the guy sure does like the spotlight...and more often than not, he delivers

and man is broxtons fastball straight as an arrow

Could this Series be the revenge of the Whiz Kids? That would be a lifetime closer.

MG - I dunno about that "credo." Would have been good advice for Brian Fuentes to follow when he was facing A-Rod earlier today.

Stairs woulda beaten him like he was talkin back

I think that hitting Ruiz was even worse than walking Stairs. I didn't see Ruiz doing much in that situation, even as well as he's been going. But amazing, Game 4 in two consecutive years, the Phils take Broxton down. All the way down. And both times go up 3-1 after the series looks tied.

thank you phils.. this win took place on the day me and my wife found out we could never have a child... i needed something good to happen.. thank you phils

I bet Broxton is going to drown his sorrow tonight with some longneck Buds and a BUNCH of fried food.

broxton is on TBS post-game looking like hes about to cry....sorry hoss

anyone notice the fastballs to stairs in 08 and j roll tonight were in the exact same spot?

I think its about the gnome.

Enough with the grousing about posters who were pessimistic about the Phils' chances of coming back. I doubt any of them believed that the Phils had no chance at all, but things looked very bleak. Posting about how how frustrating the games events were is a natural way of blowing off steam and sharing those sentiments with other fans - and seeing that they're feeling the same way - helps to soothe the agony and take the edge off the tension. "I told you so" and "You Marys need to grow a set" are just crap noise in this kind of setting.

I have to believe that the Phils are deep inside the Dodgers' heads at this point. I hope Cole comes out and just wrecks the joint on them Wednesday. If he does, the Phils will probably own them in the postseason before any games are even played for the next five years.

MG: Well, he's in the right city for it. He looks like he already consumes wayyyy too much of the stuff.

RSB is exactly right. I mean I thought last year's wins were the stuff of legends but those are PEDESTRIAN compared to both of these Game 4s. They were DEAD, down to their last batter and just stepped on the necks of the opposition. They are cold-blooded assassins.

And how about Brad Freaking Lidge? Most people didn't even want him on the playoff roster and here he is in the 9th inning holding a one-run lead striking out Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, and looking pretty sharp doing it.

And J-Roll, trashed regularly on BL (and by me, privately) redeeming himself with big hit after big hit this postseason. Just today I told my boss "Yeah, just imagine if this lineup had a lead-off hitter." I will eat my words and enjoy doing it. This game was all about redemption.

while i recognize we need one more win, it's hard to imagine the dodgers taking 3 in a row off us. so at the risk of prematurely kicking off the yankee hatred, check out this awesome pic:

"I will eat my words and enjoy doing it." Seems like a good line for this team. What I love about them, beyond their talent and their 27-out mentality, is that they're the perfect team for this town. They push back against every instinct we've come to have following Philly sports teams.

a million people must have said this already i haven't read - but isn't this Lidge's first win of the season? comes in the postseason?

cjp, there is a large difference between venting frustration and declaring the game over (along with trashing various players) in the 6th and 7th inning. If I want that crap I'll go to Metsblog, thanks.

Good point to bring up Lidge. This was the first of all his post-bullpen by committee appearances where it really looked like Lidge was back. Not back as in back with a tenuous grip on the closer spot, but back as in able to command his pitches and throw sliders that actually fool hitters. Thats REALLY encouraging!

This game was huge too given that the Dodgers have Padilla going tomorrow against a shaky Hamels.

Dodgers aren't winning 3 straight against Hamels, Lee, and Pedro and you could see from the look in Torre's face after the game that he knows it too.

Good things happen when Gnome is on the base paths during the postseason. I don't quite know what to make of that.

same spot on the couch. curled in the same gut-twisted fetal position. contemplating again what a 2-2 series would mean. when suddenly a light appeared again, instead of a homerun from Vic it was Ruiz getting grazed in the elbow, and then, just like last year, Broxton ran a hitters count. suddenly my gut untwisted, i sat up straight on the couch and i waited for that same magic.

this is truly the most exciting baseball i've seen in my life. i feel blessed just to be a witness. if only they were going to be tested on my midterm tomorrow...

wow, shawn, where did you find that?

I thought Game 4 in Colorado was about as dramatic as a game could be. But this one eclipsed even that. Absolutely unbelievable. And what's more unbelievable than even tonight's win is that, while every other closer is blowing saves left & right, Brad Lidge suddenly seems to be pitching like the guy that was 42 for 42 in save chances last year.

baseball is funny...lidge was supposed to implode and Broxton et al would shut us down ....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Shawn: That's gold.

cjp: right -- everyone is aware of how frustrating failure is. We know things look bleak -- its the people who constantly go to pieces like Pvt. Hudson in Aliens that just make it worse. We're all afraid of getting disappointed -- people who whine about it in the hopes it will cushion the disappointment if it comes are just weak. It's treachery! They want the joy of winning without the danger of belief.

"Game over man!!" - Pvt Hudson. (You know, there's a reason why people cheered when he got killed.)

I'm with cjp. I know everybody here loves the Phils, so I think its okay to vent one's frustrations during the game. Let's face it, we've dealt with alot of heartache and disappointment over the years, and although this current team should have taught us all to have more faith by now, this would be a much more boring blog if we all did.

courtesy of the700level

remember this night fellas (and gals) when we're on the other side at some point.

franzke's call on Rollin's walkoff was a classic.

That ought to go down in history with "Dewey Defeats Truman."

Lisa- i am actively waiting for it on the postgame show right now since i was watching on tbs at the time...

i can't wait!!

I think it's time to start considering the fact that this core of players may be the greatest Phillies team of all time.

This was amazing - I don't know what to say. It's like we're in bizarro world; suddenly it's the Phillies who know how to win and intimidate other teams.

You're right - Franske's call was an absolute classic. Total pandemonium.

jroll is the muchacho peligro tonight...

Any links to Franske's call up yet?

JRoll is the man! That was incredible - I had a house full of Phillies fans over here in a flyover state and they all held on until the end and the place erupted with our 2007 MVP's big hit! Broxton was scared just facing Stairs and never recovered....

Courtesy of Phylan on

Franzke's call-

Ryan...I think if they win the world series again this year there will be no arguments against your point. eskin last week was still saying the late 70's to early 80's teams were better - i think he'll be proven wrong.

These past 2 years have made up for the years when our biggest hitter was Rico Brogna, and Robert Person was trotting out as part of the rotation. I can not wait to see what they do next. Perhaps King Cole will find his crown, and take his old seat on the throne.

Yes, I NEED to hear Franske's call! I was just out driving around Queens trying to catch 1210 on my car radio listening to the game recap.

It's pretty cool that Stairs' historic bomb could still have such a resounding residual effect at precisely the same point in the season a year later.

That clip is a little deceiving because you can't hear Franzke's dejected, almost resigned tone directly before the hit.

His reaction during the hit itself seems subdued, but thats only because he's convincing himself what he's seeing is really happening. And by that point he's just f_cking yelling like a wild man.

Very well said about the residual effect, RSB. You're dead on.

Thank you, JW.

Great quote from Big League Stew's 'Duk that I just saw over at The Fightins: "I think most baseball fans follow their teams in hopes they’ll one day get to follow a team like the Phillies."

Lidge did 3 things tonight I haven't seen him do in 170 games in 2009:

1. He actually got a win.
2. He LOCATED a backdoor slider for a called third strike.

3. He jogged off the mound like Cliff Lee.

As critical as me and many here have been of Lidge this year (and rightfully so), he has looked like a completely different pitcher in the post-season. His two outings against LA, are the best I have seen him look all year. The Dodger hitters have had good gameplans against him (being patient and not swinging early in the count) and Lidge has won the battles.

Getting Chopper back for this series has been huge too. We needed a quick and easy 7th inning tonight against the top of their order, and Chopper delivered. Plus I think one of the biggest moments of this series (besides tonight's obvious one) was Chopper's clutch performance in Game 1 (after missing a couple of weeks of action). If that's Brett Myers (the man he replaced) in that spot, the Dodgers might have won that game and gotten the momentum of the series.

I also think Torre has helped the Phils out as well. Continuing to play Blake (even though he dunked one in tonight) and Belliard, gives them a real black hole at the bottom of their order. I'd much rather see either one of them in the lineup, then Orlando Hudson. But Joe must be from the Cholly Manual school of managing, which says my 8 guys are going to start every game no matter what. Plus their leadoff guy (Furcal) has been awful and never gets on base. Thank goodness Juan Pierre (who was always a pest for the Phils when he was in Florida) is not playing and leading off for them.

As for Broxton, he goes right after 2 all-star players in Werth and Ibanez and then pitches around a guy who has had a terrible year. That gets the crowd into it and he loses his control with the strikezone and plunks Ruiz, putting the tieing run into scoring position. His lack of aggressiveness, burned him once the lineup turned over.

That Franzke call brings tears to my eyes. Watching the awful TBS call over and over on DVR was good, but this is even better.

Not sure if this is fake or not, but found over on twitter:

I think the reason that I enjoyed watching this game so much (and said so through the middle innings) was that there were no gimmicks in this game that made any excuses possible- offenses eventually got to both SP and it because "Is your team capable of beating my bullpen?" Even when the Phils failed to do anything against Kuo or Sherrill there were some good matchups to watch and you could tell that these were just two good teams not giving each other an inch.

And that 9th inning just had a lot of good karma, starting with the Stairs AB and Broxton just throwing nothing near a strike to him. He might as well have waved a sign that said "I AM AFRAID TO THROW YOU A STRIKE." When you show weakness as a closer, when that persona is cracked, you are there for the taking.

Problem is, a rattled Broxton is still a guy who can crank a fastball upwards of 100 MPH with movement, no matter where it ends up. I'm here begging J-Roll to take a walk so Victober can commence again, and yet he zeroed in on a pitch and did NOT miss.

I've been a Phils fan for a long time and will be for as long as I live, but I'll be damned if that game isn't the best I've ever seen or will see.

Just watching the TBS, top of the ninth feed off after listening to the walk-off on the radio. Lidge is warming after Eyre, and Jimmy stands with a dead-serious face, slightly to the right of Brad, hand in his jersey. A Napoleonic conquering in the waiting. Brilliant.

Going to have a hard time sleeping tonight. It is time to savior, appreciate and respect this team. We might not ever see another one like it.

Just get me to the plate, boys.


Great to hear that Franzke clip. Thanks, JW

I've been watching this team and rooting for them since 1964. And anyone who thinks this isn't the best Phillies team ever is high.

No matter what they do from this point on, they have accomplished more than the mid-70s to 1980 team ever did. That team could never get to the series until '80. And they never got back until they completely retooled with a bunch of former Reds, the team that owned them to a large degree during the '70s.

This team has won three straight divisions. Won one World Series. And is on the verge of going to another one. I don't care that the 70's team won 100 games twice. That's the regular season and it did them no good in the playoffs. Are the 116 win Mariners the best team of all time? No. They didn't win it all. But this Phillies team has had the best three year run in the history of the franchise's 120 years and Eskin is simply the worst sports talk guy around.

When I used to hear him slurping the Eagles and hating the Phillies it was annoying. Now, it's pathetic.

Tonight proved, once again, that baseball is the greatest effing game in the world.
It has now been 59 years since my dad took me to the 2nd game of the 1950 series only to have my heart broken by Joe D's 10th inning homer off Robbie. It's time for revenge against the team I've hated for more than half a century. Gentlemen, we are truly living in the Golden Age of Phillies baseball.

aksmith, couldn't agree more, and I've also been following the Phils since '64. 80 was an amazing year, but overall this is a better team.

old grandad:

that was some great perspective. thanks!

Who is signing contracts with the devil the last couple of seasons...and where can I sign on the dotted line for next year.

LOVE the first line of Plashke's article for the LA Times:

"History will show that the Dodgers lost when Jonathan Broxton's fastball was hit.

Honesty will show that they lost when his fastball was haunted.",0,5545170.column

Jimmy's double was one of those moments that you dream about as a fan of a team... "please just give me one moment like that."
That was as great a single moment as I've had watching 40 years of Phillies baseball. A crucial game in post-season series, and a 2-run double with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. By the beating heart of our team. If (when) we win this series, that will go down as one of the all-time great moments in Phillies history.
The tragic depressions of '77 and '78 are about to be mended - payback, even 30 years later, is a bitch.

Just foolin' around: I took the Franzke call and remixed it a little some musical intro and outro with some tracks J-Roll would appreciate.

Just for a little something different.

my son's the same age i was back in '78. his memories of phils-dodgers will be so much happier than mine are.

i expected broxton to send stairs some chin music on the first pitch. i would have, and i'm generally a wuss. nope, low and away. it's like the mere sight of stairs walking to the plate defeated him. his quotes in the la times article (thanks mw_217) sound pretty meek. his whole career might be defined by these failures.

This ENTIRE team has made an impact in the playoffs one way or another. Every game there seems to be a different hero. I would trust any Phillie at the plate in that position...well maybe except Feliz.

Feliz has come through before and he will again, but yes, anyone could have come through there, but I felt very comfortable with J-Roll up at that moment

I just wanted to say, good luck, Phils. We're all counting on you.

JW, love that you reused the bobbing head motif from last year's Game 4 NLCS recap. The symmetry of these two games is amazing, isn't it?

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