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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lidge's return to form has been amazing. He looked like 2008 Brad Lidge last night. Amazing what having a great players manager like UC will do for a team.

This post better not jinx us!

JA happ is your 2009 rookie of the year, yeah!

Per Murphy's Tweet, Happ wins ROY!

I think things are still hedged with Eyre getting the first out of the ninth last night, and then being asked to take on Furcal (who is a much better hitter from the right side than the left side...if Eyre had gotten Furcal out, was he going to pitch to Kemp? And if Lidge was coming in anyway to face Kemp, why didn't they bring him in to turn Furcal around to the left side?).

But while Lidge may not have completely restored the level of confidence that permeated ninth-inning leads last year, things seem to be clicking a little more than they did just a few weeks ago.

Heaps of credit to Manuel.

Good for Happ!

He carried our rotation in the 1st half when we had no one else.

Congrats, but I believe the BBWAA will have the final say.

So, did he win or not then? Was Murphy making a prediction or reporting on a breaking story?

Congrats to J.A.! I am a little surprised, b/c he did falter somewhat in his last handful of starts, and Chris Coughlin (for whose name I haven't memorized the spelling) was such a great offensive force for the Fish, I thought he might steal it from J.A. I am very happy for J.A. And it's good for the Phils, too. Plus it makes Ruben look even smarter, having refused to trade away the ROY.

i thought they didn't normally announce the winners of post-season awards until after the world series was over.

Zolecki twittered it, too, saying the Sporting News reports that players voted Happ the ROY.

I don't keep up with who votes what, but it would make sense the players' vote is separate from the BBWAA vote. Thanks for the correction, JW

Sporting News ROY isn't the big one.

Stupid David Murphy.

ahh okay then, thanks for cleaning that up

As for Lidge, good post, JW. How very good it is to see Lidge's mound presence now, much improved from Sept. Happy for him to earn a W and 3 Saves this postseason. Happy for us Phillies' fans, too! May his success continue 5-10 more games and beyond....

nice post, jw.

for all of us, me included, who bitched about any particular aspsect of manuel's managing style this year, there is indeed a method to the madness.

barring injuries and such, j-roll will always bat 1st, ruiz will always bat 8th, howard will always bat clean-up, feliz will always start at third, and lidge will always be the closer. to waver from these consistent patterns is to show lack of faith in your players, a philosophy anathema to manuel, and one that could have deleterious effects on their psyches.

and it is paying off in what could well be a second straight world series appearance.

we're sorry we doubted you, charlie.

(although, um, what's up with that bruntlett guy...)

I think it is still an honor for Happ, a big deal to be recognized by fellow players.

Ryan Howard has been such a non-factor this series. I'm really hoping to see him emerge again in the World Series, as long as they have no LHPs.

All Bruntlett does is score postseason game-winning runs and complete triple plays.

CJ - was that a joke? Man, I am slow on the uptake today.

locastic: Before the Dodgers series, someone declared that the series will be tougher because Howard will be a non-factor (due to the Dodgers LHPs) and that the rest of the team will have to pick up the slack.

I liken "Ryan Howard is a non-factor" to "Shane Victorino is actively hurting this team."

Dose the BBWAA vote take the Sporting News votes into consideration? Or is it just a completely different award?

Oh OK. phew

Post-season awards don't come out until after the playoffs are finished. Coghlan deserves to be NL ROTY, and he will be.

CJ, you're forgetting that Howard is also a non-elite B Type player

Some thoughts:

1) Why OPS matters. The Dodgers have a higher batting average than the Phils in the postseason (.233 to .224) and the margin is even greater if you toss out the 11-0 game (.270 to .185). But the Phils have a .784 OPS to the Dodgers .604 OPS.

2) I don't believe the long wait affected Broxton. He got Raul out to start the 9th. Then he had flashbacks of a home run ball from Stairs that still hasn't landed. He was scared. It wasn't the wait... it was the ghosts of last year.

I think Coghlan and Happ both had really good years, but Tommy Hanson was the best rookie this year in the NL.

When this season's over, can we have Charlie call plays for the Eagles?

It's apt that in a playoffs where all the supposed shut-down closers are blowing saves, Lidge has been perfect and even picked up his first win of the season. Now if Cole rediscovers his form from September tomorrow night ...

The opportunities for religious imagery in Lidge's season are many: death and resurrection, redemption, new life, humility, "out of the depths I cry to you," "the last will be first," prodigal son, ...

In the week after John Vukovich's death, I preached a sermon describing him as a coach who wouldn't give up on his players, just as God doesn't give up on us ...

I'm not sure if Brad Lidge will appear in a future sermon - I'm in Nationals/Orioles territory, after all - but the opportunities are there ...

Let's go Phillies!

I got to hear Manuel on MLB on XM radio talk about Brad Lidge and it's amazing to hear him talk about how he handles players.

He talks constantly about trusting his players and making sure they can trust him. He says his players and even players on other teams like Charlie because he's honest.

He doesn't play games. He doesn't call anyone out in front of the media. He bends over backwards to protect them as much as he can. And then he finds places where struggling players can succeed and regain their confidence.

I have to bite my tongue every time people jump on Charlie on here. The truth is, every manager makes mistakes. Even the best of them. There's no such thing as a perfect manager. But there's not a guy I can think of that I'd want over Charlie.

"Lidge betrayed the trust of all but one individual."

Make that TWO individuals, you forgot Tommy!

UC is a hell of a manager.

I've seen several posts wishing that Harry had made that call last night. Well, here is a transcript of the broadcast from WHVN radio - Harry Kalas and Whitey Ashburn...

"… Rollins stands in… Bruntlett on second, Ruiz at first…Fans on their feet…Broxton gets the sign, he sets… the 1-1 pitch… Swing and a line drive! Falling quickly! No one’s going to get it! It’s in the gap rolling all the way back to the wall. (Whitey yelling “Oooh!” in the background)…Bruntlet scores! Ruiz…with a great jump… he’s rounding third heading for the plate! … Ethier’s throw is not going to make it! Chooch slides! Phillies Win! The Phillies Win! The Phillies have come back to win here in the bottom of the 9th on a two-out-two-run-game-winning double by J-Rolllll….. Rollins is being mobbed by his teammates in front of the Dodgers dugout. The fans are going wild! This incredible never-say-die team has done it again! The defending world champion Phillies are just one win away from going back to the World Series. Whitey, can you be-lieve it!

Whitey: I just saw it happen, but it’s still hard to believe Harry!

Harry: Somehow I knew you were going to say that!"

Anyone see the video where it appears Rivera is spitting on the ball? You can get the link from


If things play out that the Phils win the WS, Charlie will be forever revered for his handling of Lidge this year. Lidge himself will name his firstborn son after the man.

That's right, he will rename his son, currently "Rowan Thomas" "Charlie Manual" Lidge. Get used to it, Rowan. Charlie is a better name than Rowan, anyway.

>Anyone see the video where it appears Rivera
>is spitting on the ball? You can get the link


The first thought that comes to mind:
They're in the playoffs, if they ain't cheating, they ain't trying hard enough.

Look at Blantons hat. And then Mr. Cliff Lee's hat in his CO start seemed to borrow some of JoeB's magic hat juice. And Lidge's obsession with his belt (i was close enough to watch, he sure liked adjusting it, right before every pitch :-))

Of course they're cheating. Hell, I wouldnt be surprised to see an emory board out there as well.

Meaningful (playoffs, championships) are always pushed to the limits of legality and beyond. Who knows how many batters are boning their bats? or if they went back to corking?

Cheating in baseball is a fine art. And yes, you even teach it to the kids.

I'm glad for Lidge's playoff success, but this season has forced me into a new modus operandi as far as he is concerned. When he's called into a game, I need to remain calm and seated until he's finished. I go through a mental checklist regarding the signs of a heart attack. I try to resist the urge to drink heavily while he pitches. I try to resist cursing and screaming out loud as to not to disturb anyone. The Pepto-Bismol bottle is always nearby. The primary symptoms of a Brad Lidge appearance are increased pulse and respiration, a racing heart, sweats, shakes, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea, and other temporary discomforts of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

Joe: Are you honestly suggesting that Cliff Lee, Joe Blanton, and Brad Lidge are doctoring the ball before they pitch?

yo, new thread.

Pastor Chris: Charlie walked to the bullpen and proclaimed, "Lidge, come out." The dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with linen bandages, his face wrapped in a cloth. Charlie said, "Loose him; let him go. He shall close."

Bay Slugga,

Yes. Blanton and Lee were obvious on TV, hell TBS practically zoomed in on Lee's hat for most of the time he was pitching (in CO, i didnt see the PHL/LAD game).

And I watched Blanton last night, close enough to see details. And he went to the hat before nearly every single pitch, without wiping his hands.

Lidge had an eerie obsession with his belt.

If you aren't cheating this time of year, you arent trying hard enough.

Slugga--- I think Joe NEEDS a doctor for thinking so many cheat. Some guys wear the same hat all season. I know Arroyo defended himself against that nonsense. Hell, where was "the hat juice" durung Bronson's first haf cuz he sucked then. Same hat -- different result. The Phils hurlers won fair and square.

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