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Thursday, October 22, 2009


i am starting a movement to call this team the "Broad Street Bombers". i think it is a good take on a classic philly nickname "Broad Street Bullies" and an all-time baseball nickname "Bronx Bombers".

it will become especially sweet after we beat those scoundrels from new york!

The Phillies shoul dbe the Big Red Wrecking Crew

all I need to say is

feels good man

errata to BL: The Big Red Machine was the last NL team to win consecutive worlds series. The Braves have won consecutive pennants twice in the 90s and the Dodgers beat our guys twice in a row 77-78.

Great post - it does feel good.

Oh, and the Braves repeated as NL Champs in '95 and '96. The Big Red Machine was the last NL team to be repeat World Champs.

Good article. Last team to repeat as NL Champs were the Atlanta Braves, though. Reds the last to repeat as NL WS Champs.

Well done JW. And I like Broad Street Bombers.

I think the Braves were the last NL team to repeat as pennant winners (95-96).

Nice writeup J. love the blog, love the Phillies. Do not love this hangover though.

I like BSB, but is there also a nickname that could evoke "Whiz Kids," given the likely upcoming battle to avenge 1950 and exorcise the ghost of Dimaggio on behalf of beloved Ritchie and Robin?

Some of you probably already caught it but it should read "they'll have a chance to become the first National League repeat World Series champions since ..."


Yes. I see several of you caught it. I guess hitting refresh all day is a manageable post-hangover activity! beats actual work.

I'm saving my hangover until we playin a potential clinching game in the Series, at which time I plan on watching the game with Kool Earl.

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen will join Fox Sports as an analyst for the World Series. He will have pregame and postgame duties.

Guillen, known for profanity-laced criticism of his own team at times, just completed his sixth season as manager of the White Sox. He led to the team to the World Series title in 2005.

Very well written, Jason. I believe you are right, with all due respect and total admiration for the 1980 crew and the 1993 guys. When I think of the Reds I think of the Big Red Machine teams. When I think of the Orioles I think of the Jim Palmer/Brooks Robinson/Boog Powell gang. On and on.

I too think that many years from now, when the Phillies are invoked, no matter what is happening to the team at that point, people will shake their heads and say, "Boy, they had these INCREDIBLE, really tough teams back in 2008-2009. Did you ever see those guys?. They could really play..." Not a bad legacy.

The Yankees are the only team that (to me at least) isn't pretty much defined by one particular group of players. There were the Ruth teams, the DiMaggio gang, the Mantle/Ford teams, the Bronx Zoo, the Jeter teams from circa 2000. Like them or not, and I am not a Yankee hater, they have a sustained record of excellence.

And now the Phils have the chance to enhance their own legend by knocking off this new group of Yankees (assuming the Yanks do prevail). Simply amazing.

NEPP, I brought my standard red Phillies cap to work today and it now sits prominently displayed on the bookcase, facing the open door for all my Houston coworkers to plainly see. This hat also doubles as my public allegiance display hat while cutting the grass.

Consider that this dynasty contains the all-time best Phillies at SS, 2B, 1B. Pretty special indeed.


i was trying to think of a "whiz/wheeze kids" variation, but couldn't come up with one, unless you want to call them the "wiz whit kids". i like the ring of "broad street bombers" because it really fits the character of the team.

BIG RED WRECKING CREW....I hate the Broad Street Bombers as it invokes hockey and hockey sucks.

Also, the Yanks were always the Bronx Bombers...I dont want a nickname that invokes them at all.

That Dude: I agree. Let's go with what Brett Myers and Joe Blanton created last year and keep the "Big Red Wrecking Crew".

To be named the Bombers is as much a fraud name, as throwing the ball back after the opposing team hits a homerun. You can not steal other teams/cities rituals or nicknames.

looking at some numbers... This pitching staff that the Yanks would roll out against us would be the same 3 pitchers we faced back in May. The only difference is that between then and now, The ERA of Burnett has dropped a full run. Petite and CC era were just about the same as they were when we played them.

Now I know that means NOTHING, but since the ERAs have remained the same, and we won 2 of 3 (should have been 3 of 3) during the reg season, I have a good feeling about facing the yanks. As long as our pitching shows up, I believe our hitting will take us to GLORY!

I can't wait till mindless "Yankee Fans" start showing up here.

Jeter is the man!

Hasn't this team already had a nickname since last October?

"World F---ing Champions."

Even when they won't be the defending champs, we'll still remember this team by that name.

I know there are those who consider the Dodgers starting pitching to be a strength, but the numbers are startling!

Dodgers starters ERA: 8.72
Phillies starters ERA: 2.93

Of course, it's not like that lights-out Dodgers bullpen did much better!

Dodgers relievers ERA: 6.00
Phillies relievers ERA: 3.38

but "big red wrecking crew" invokes the "big red machine"...the same thing as invoking the yankees with "bombers".

This is somewhat unrelated. No one will ever replace Harry, but Franzke's really f'n awesome.

Clipper: I hope your right brother. Also to keep in mind during that Yanks series Lidge blew 2 games. Thankfully, we came back in game 3 off that chooch hit and won. But with Lidge seemingly back on the right track and everything going well I am also confident if we play them.

By the way my vote for one of the teams MVP candidates is Matt Stairs. Why you ask? Because he pointed out a flaw in Lidge's mechanics according to reports.

Per Heyman on October 21,2009:

"Phillies closer Brad Lidge revealed that there are two differences that have enabled him to regain his form: 1) with his knee feeling better, he was able to get back to his old mechanics (for a while, he altered his windup to lessen the knee pain, he said); and 2) Stairs detected a flaw in his mechanics that enabled hitters to see the ball too well and soon"

JW...Extremely well said.

I respectfully disagree with "That Dude." I think "Broad Street Bombers" is perfect for several reasons: 1) Hockey doesn't suck 2) who cares if hockey sucks anyway? The term, "Broad Street" effectively, and uniquely, communicates "Philadelphia."

"Big Red" is for cities who have no real identity. Like Cincinnati. Pork capital of the US.

Big F'cking Red Machine!

Next year, I will celebrate my 60th season as a die-hard Phillies fan.Despite the fact that I left Philadelphia 47 years ago at age 23 and now reside in Washington State, my enthusiam for this team has always been strong. Remarkably, my two sons who have never lived in Philly are fanatical fans, even though one lives in Wisconsin and the other, the renowned b-a-p,lives in Califonia.

In my years of following the Phils, the 2009 version is, hands down, the best Philly team ever assembled. They have the most explosive offense and have that very exceptional come-from-behind, never-quit mentality. Make no mistake, the Yankees are an excellent, well-balanced team and will be formidable. But, if the Philly team that beat the Dodgers are still playing at that level next week, then goodbye Yankees.

Maybe they could have a nickname that doesn't echo someone else's nickname? Most of the ones bandied about are too derivative. These Phillies are their own thing.

Gregg G,

Got to meet Mr. Franzke in Feb 2008 after a spring training game. He was incredibly gracious and kind during our conversation. I agree with your assessment totally.

how about.. Broad Street Oppo Boppos... jk.

haven't been posting much because i'm still recovering from being at both game 4 and 5...


I love this team.

The lead story on Yahoo! Sports MLB page right now is 'Dare to Dream' with a pic of the Phils' victory celebration.

Dare to dream? Dream what, winning the World Series?

The Phils are the reigning champs, having lost just 2 games in the two postseason series on their way back to the WS, and yet are still given the underdog/Cindarella treatment... against a Yankees team that hasn't even made it to the World Series yet!

To be sure, I'm not doubting the Yanks' WS bid, but hey, for all Yahoo! Sports knows, the ALCS easily could go another few games, and with a 3-man rotation, it's not a foregone conclusion that the Yankees starting pitching will be as rested as ours.

I've always been raised in a Phillies household, but never got in to baseball until around my senior year of high school (5 years ago). In fact, I've been to more Baltimore Orioles games than I have Phillies games. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm glad that this team and these players are the ones who introduced me to Phillies baseball. I'm sure I'll experience a down cycle eventually, but at least I get to start off on the right foot.

Imagine that - I'll be telling my kids about how great the Phillies used to be instead of some of the horror stores I hear from my dad.

Can we all just write in to the Phillies and let them know that Franzke should be on TV TMac should hit the road?

I'm terrified Franzke will walk if he (deservedly) gets a generous offer from another organization. And I wouldn't blame Franzke if he did. He's a big talent and deserves to be paid/treated as such.

Obviously, Broad Street Bombers is devoid of originality or cleverness. Not only has the name been associated with the Yankees for about 90 years, but the Rockies ripped it off in 1995 for the Blake Street Bombers. So it would be a copy of a rip off of a rip off.

My only regret is that Nan (my mom's mom), the one who introduced me to baseball and taught me to love the Phillies, isn't around to see this team. She deserved, after all those years, to root for this team.

Four more, guys. For her.

Amazing to me is to remember that Charlie Manuel is a guy people wanted to run out of town back in 06 and 07.

He followed Larry Bowa which already put him behind the 8 ball with fans (despite Bowa quitting on the team in 04 before the final series. Then he made the unfortunate comment about being confused by the double switch (a rare moment of honesty from a manager)

Jim Leyland was listed as a favorite for the job and everyone wanted him. For various reasons he wasn't selected and they went with Charlie. The move was met with scorn.

Then because he has a country accent and stumbles over words he was mocked and ridiculed.

Here we sit now though in 2009 and he has guided the team to 3 straight division crowns- something only Danny Ozark had accomplished in team history. Two straight World Series appearances- something no manager in Phillies history has done. And he won a World Series- something only Dallas Green had done prior.

In the regular season he has an overall record of 447-363. The players love the guy and every soundbite by them makes it sound like they want to win for Charlie becasue he believes in them. He is the perfect manager for this group of guys.

Amaro, Gillick, Wade, the scouts, the assistants the players all deserve credit for what this team has accomplished in the past few years but don't overlook the guy pulling the strings on the field.

You could very well make an argument he is the best manager in Phillies history (I'd say no worse than top 3) and is loved in the city as evidenced by the 46,000 plus who sat there chanting his name again. Who ever thought you'd be saying stuff like that a few years ago?

Ozark wrote - **Consider that this dynasty contains the all-time best Phillies at SS, 2B, 1B. Pretty special indeed.**

Completely agree, but I've been thinking that it's time we add our right fielder to that list as well. Remember when they brought out the "all phillies team" to close the vet? I believe Mr. Bobby Abreu stood in right field. Mr. Werth easily takes his spot.

i have never, ever heard of the blake street bombers. i agree with chazbot that they are known around these parts as the "WFC", but not many outside philly know if it and i think we might be better served with a more...G rated nickname.

there should be something uniquely philadelphia about it..."south philly slammers"? sounds too much like jail.

dlhunter: yes, please do. while franzkie is not HK (he just doesn't have the voice), he is very good. TMac is so cheezy I can't even take it. Everything with that guy is, well, by golly gee wonderful! (did you notice, I tried to say that just like he would). Annoying.

No to "Broad Street Bombers". As Clout said, it's a rip off and ripping off a big city team's nickname reeks of small marketedness.

CJ just learned today that anything can happen in a short series.

His post is the idiotic equivalent of proclaiming Hamels the worst SP in baseball.

Might be a little over the top, but how about the 'Broad and Pattison Assassins'?

Thanks to JWeitz for the forum. Beerleaguer is the five-tool player of Phillies blogs--informative, consistent, funny, smart, and hits well.

Some nickname ideas--
-Charlie's Artillery (for the lineup)
-Big Piece and the Bat-around Kids
-Manuel’s Annuals (come back every year)
-Harry’s Boys (nuff said)
-The Juggernaut of the Aughts (2000s being the aughts)
-Glorious Joe Blanton and the South Philly Pound Machine
-The Baddest Sons of Broad and Pattison

Really reaching, here…

Please don't try to force a name onto this team. They've been many things this year and forcing a name, which will be defining, will only limit them. Let them play free and please let them be whoever they want to be.

We already have a nickname, the Fightin' Phils.

Just havin some fun, guys.

+1 to earthsea and John

Still love the WFCs

clout: "His post is the idiotic equivalent of proclaiming Hamels the worst SP in baseball."

I'm sorry, but were the stats I posted incorrect? I'm trying to figure out how facts make a post idiotic.

I'll have to go back into the game thread to see how you defended Padilla's piss-poor performance. His ERA this series was 6.10, which is even worse than league average. Most people knew this would happen because his career told us so. Others thought there was magic in that arm because of a tiny sample size. Beware of tiny sample sizes!

Hitman said "Next year, I will celebrate my 60th season as a die-hard Phillies fan."

So will I. And I've been waiting 59 of those years for payback. Bring on the Yankees.

I like Pet Happy's name: Big F****** Red Machine!

High CJ, you might not be able to see me down here, I am incredibly small.

You see, you keep claiming that you understand me, (even referencing me in your most recent post) I'm not so sure you do.

You're claiming that clout was being ridiculous about the pitching match-ups.

His suggestion was that Padilla and Wolf's mostly successful NL pitching experiences (7 GS for the former and NL league leading 34 for the latter for a total of 41) led to pitching being a strength for the Dodgers.

Your response was mainly "Nuh uh, I totally remember those guys as Phillies, they stunk!" And now you have a 5 game series where they didn't pitch very well (they combined to throw 3 games which is 38 fewer than 41!) While your me has great relevance to the Phillies postseason success, it really measures nothing statistically.

As you can see, your me is substantially smaller and mostly insignificant statistically. Gimme a ring if you need any more help!

Hitman and Grandad-60 next year also. I can't say I remember the Whiz Kids that well—I was only 4 months old when Dick Sisler hit the home run to put away the Dodgers, but I'll happily celebrate the payback too.

Any ideas on who the Yankees' fourth starter is? Also, anyone opposed to having Pedro as the #2 starter for the Series?

1. Hickey Does Suck
2. Anything with bombers in it copies the Yankees.
3. Instead of big Red...

Dead RED Wrecking Crew.....when they get a fastball they go dead red...and wreck you

I sometimes think that some BLers would rather be right than see the Phillies win.

Here's my CJ imitation:

I can't believe anybody would think Hamels is a good major league pitcher or that anyone would suggest that Lidge isn't the best reliever in baseball this season. Here's the stats:

Hamels ERA: 6.78
Lidge ERA: 0.00

Most people knew this would happen.

CJ - you keep forgetting, when clout was talking about Padilla, he was talking about 2009 NL Padilla.

The pitcher last night wasn't 2009 NL Padilla - it was Career Padilla dressed up in 2009 NL Padilla's uniform.

Please get that straight.

I mean, I'm sure if we asked clout if he would prefer having Hamels pitch or having Padilla pitch last night, he would have answered. I mean only a weasel would have ducked that question - right?

Slugga: It has nothing to do with being right. It has to do with ridiculing stupidity. There are lots and lots of blogs for idiots out there. What sets this one apart is we call out faulty logic anhd factual error.

Perhaps this blog isn't for you.

Pattison Punishers
Broad St Ballers
Howard's Howitzers
Chuck n Champs
Money in the Bank
just to name a few

I think this team deserves an original nickname.

Maybe something with Blood Stripes in it.

Broad St. Blood Stripes.
Blood Stripe Big Flys
Blood Stripe Bashers

flipper: You're going to get tired arguing with yourself. Here's what I wrote on the subject (repeating for the 5th time):

This discussion began when CJ declared the Dodgers pitching a team weakness and cited Wolf and Padilla as prime evidence.

I simply noted that Wolf and Padilla had pitched quite well this season and that the Dodger team had allowed fewer runs per game than any other team in the playoffs.

That is the only point I made. You can certainly join CJ in disagreeing and saying I'm wrong, but I think the stats back me up.

But since you're enjoying a debate with yourself, knock yourself out.

To be honest, I agree with John. This team already has a long-established nickname.

Did the 1980 team have a special nickname?

Nicknames aren't created, they are born. We can't assign one to them arbitrarily.

It's like Kobe Bryant wearing a t-shirt with his own likeness on it. BTW, he knows where he can stick it.

With regards to Kobe, now he also knows where he cannot stick it.

Clout, you argued that Padilla's "2009 NL" stats were a better predictor of his likely performance last night than his entire 2009 performance or his career stats.

Which only goes to show that your understanding of the importance of sample size is purely conditional on which lame argument you're tying to make.

(Pretty ironic, also, given that you laughably make an argument that even if a pitcher has gone 9/10 of the season with a way above average performance, the chances are greater that he'll finish the season at career average norms than at above his career average, but that's another issue).

JW- great write-up, as per usual. This team is really special. I think they also begin to see how special this fanbase is as well. I was at the game last night, and long after the last pitch, NOBODY left from their seats. 46,000 strong stayed to cheer on this team that means to much to the fans and the city as a whole. It was a really special thing to see - I truly don't believe you could see anything like it anywhere else.

On another note, I'm so happy to see Padilla come back to earth for game 5. After having mind-numbing, painful debates about how Padilla would fare in his start(s) against the Phils, it's only fitting that he would define inconsistency, just as his career has provided. He had one gem and one flame-out after 3 innings, with his ERA settling just a shade under 6 for the series.

Lastly, at a time like this, you have to think how this potential World Series shaping up feels for our friends up in Queens. I apologize if this article has previously been posted on a prior thread or whatnot, but check out this link - it's pretty f'n funny!

re: "When they get a fastball they go dead red..."

I don't really care for the nickname "Dead Red Wrecking Crew" because it:
1) is unwieldy in print and verbally
2) excludes the pitchers on this great Phillies team
3) not true. The Phillies are NOT a good fastball hitting team; or at least noticeably better than league average. According to Inside Edge, the top fastball hitters on the Phillies are Victorino, Utley and Feliz. And Victorino and Utley are barely in the top 30 fastball hitters in the league.

Not that big a fan of Broad Street Bombers either.

I think WFC is sufficient. Simple and encapsulates the most important quality of this team - they're winners.

the 80's team didn't have a name and now they are referred to as the 80's team. Pretty lame.

HH - Its not like the team is making up a NN and pushing it on people. DOn't nicknames usually start from a sportswriter or phans anyway? What better place to get one going than Beerleaguer? If we don't do it then they will get one from somewhere else. Didn't Howard get named by Mathews? The Big Piece is terrible. Hate for the phils to get stuck with something like that.

GreysFan and Old Grandad- I was 10 years old at the time, living in Oxford Circle. Our neighbor's car sat in the driveway, with the radio on, as we listened to Dick Sisler's homerun. That moment forever converted me from a fan of the Philadelphia Athletics to a Phillies fan.

Over the years during those periods when the Phils royally sucked, I'll admit to hiding my Phillies cap in the darkest reaches of my closet. It has been a long journey to this moment. We stand on the brink of becoming a dynasty. Ownership finally made the financial commitment required, brought in Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro, good personnel decisions were made,the fans responded in an incredible way, and suddenly we were no longer "a small market team."

Did anybody see the guy in the stands last night behind the Phils dugout area, who had a white t-shirt on that appeared to have Bruntlett's picture in black ink? There were words underneath, but I couldn't quite make it out. Did my eyes deceive me?

Love this cream red, gets me in the mood for ice cream.

This whole winning the pennant thing is fun. It got me thinking...who has won more pennants than the Phillies since 1980?

The answer is the Yankees. That's it. Only the Yankees have won more pennants than the Phillies. In fact, the Phillies are tied for second with Cinncy, Oakland, and Atlanta in pennants with 5 since 1968!!! Is that crazy or what, our Phillies have the second most pennants in baseball since 1968!!! WHAT!

Tiny Sample Size: Be careful, changing handles upsets Jason and can get you banned!

You seem to pretty clearly misunderstand my position from the start. I'll restate it:

"Any team leaning heavily on Wolf and Padilla in the playoffs has starting pitcher problems."

Their fans knew it. Their team knew it. Everyone knew it except for, seemingly, clout and whoever you are.

Vicente Padilla is a league-average pitcher. Period. His small experience in the NL this season doesn't change that and the Phillies exposed him for what he is.

Randy Wolf had a great season. But he'll never be confused as a #1 starter... and that the Dodgers changed their mind and moved him to Game 4 pretty much confirms my beliefs.

The Dodgers starting staff was in NO WAY a strength going into the NLCS. Anyone who suggested otherwise couldn't see the facts staring them in the face.

Bedrosian's Beard: That is a tshirt from

I is actually a picture of Charlie. They have a post about it today.

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle of CJ/Clout's "discussion".

CJ's right-a team going into the playoffs with Wolf/Padilla leading the staff isn't exactly formidable. I totally agree with that and it is/should be pretty apparent.

Clout says, "Hold on, these guys have done ok and are capable of throwing gems, on occasion". Fair enough, as well.

WFCs is still the best knickname, and who cares if the rest of the Country doesn't get it.

flipper: You're a liar. The only prediction I made is that anything can happen in a short series.

In a separate post, someone asked me if I'd rather have Hamels or Padilla on the mound. My answer was that if we were talking about the 2009 NL Padilla vs. 2009 Hamels, I'd rather have Padilla, but if we were talking about career Hamels or career Padilla then Hamels was the obvious choice.

The more work you put into thinking up a cool nickname, the lamer it will end up being. names like "Big Piece" is cool, cos it just sort of happened.

Don't need no groupthink "gotta come up with a nickname" brainstorming. That's where things like "Rocktober" come from.

I'm happy just calling them the Phillies. Let that be synonymous with champions.

Why can't us?


If you ranked the two pitching rotations according to this year's ERA+ it would look like this:

1. Kershaw (LAD): 149
2. Happ (PHI): 146
3. Wolf (LAD): 129
4. Lee (PHI): 126
5. Kuroda (LAD): 111
6. Blanton (PHI): 106
7(t). Hamels/Padilla (PHI/LAD): 99

Based on an analysis of their respective seasons, the Dodgers' staff would be a strength when compared to the Phils'. You could make arguments regarding the intelligence of Padilla pitching twice or Kuroda coming back from injury. But you could also argue that not pitching Happ left the Phils at a major disadvantage.

Regardless, it's pretty clear that the starting rotations in this series, with regards to full season statistics, rather than guesswork based on memories of years ago, favored the Dodgers, though obviously the results did not.

I don't know about the team nickname, but the theme of this postseason so far is PAYBACK, and I hope it keeps going.

Rockies - payback for the 2007 NLDS
Dodgers - payback for 1977-78 and "Black Friday"
Yankees? - payback for the Whiz Kids?

It has certainly been the proverbial b!tch for our old tormenters so far...brink on the Yanks!

Or bring on the Yanks, whichever bad

Hamels v. Padilla .... again? really? I mean seriously? As far as I can tell neither of you really "get" the others argument anyway. For all the self back patting. Who cares?

Noah: Exactly right. And your analysis was also that of the sportwriters in the Inquirer and Daily News before this series in their position by position matchups. About the only place I saw any disagreement was from CJ, flipper and a couple of other posters on here.

I used to not really care for Franzke, but he's grown on me so much in the past two seasons. (Sometimes I wonder how much of that is just a function of the team's success during that time period rather than anything he personally has done.) Anyway, I almost exclusively listen to games on the radio and I think Franzke's perfect there -- he's usually pretty darn good at finding that elusive balance between saying too much and not saying enough.

Why move him to TV? Why screw that up? TV is for broadcasters who talk too much, who feed off of graphics and an accelerated pace. Radio is a much more subtle medium and Franzke's really good at it. Leave him there and pay him appropriately. It's painful during these playoffs to have to listen to T-Mac and (ugh) Sarge during innings 4-6. I can't imagine a whole season of clowns like that on the radio. I figure if Franzke does move to TV, then Radar Love takes his place on the radio, and frankly I find him worse than T-Mac. Let's stick with success, please.

Anybody see the youtube video of the "riot" at West Chester University? As my alma mater, i'm not sure if i'm embarassed are proud of their phandom. Only one arrest caught on the 5 minute video, guess that has to go for something. Also better than last year, when they flipped over a car and (i believe) set it on fire. That was for the world series win though. My thoughts this year is that the giant statue of the golden ram mascot is coming down...hopefully not though. I think there is a youtube clip of that as well.

Last year, I was in disbelief everytime we won. I just couldn't believe it was happening. I couldn't believe we were doing it. Last night, I sat and watched the game on my couch. No bars, no one else, and my felling was expectant. You knew after game 4 we were winning game 5 (or 6 or 7 if it went that far). It was a better feeling. No nervousness, nothing. The series this year is going to take on a different feel this year. The media is going to have everyone believe we're the underdogs, which is fine by me. If you stack us up on paper, with either the yankees or angels, it's pretty darn close. It's going to be a heck of a series no matter who it's against.

Can't wait...Wednesday is too far away.

I just wonder how a manager is supposed to know if he's writing down 2009 NL Padilla onto a lineup card or if he's writing down league-average Padilla. That certainly made Joe Torre's job difficult.

South Philly Slammers

However, this team may just be the first to transcend any catchy nickname other that World F'ing Champions.

CJ, probably what made his job easier was Padilla's game two start, where he showed why he's been so effective for the Dodgers this season.


ftljohn: The only clip I saw is the idiot who climbed up on a taxi cab only to, predictably, fall off when it moved.

Bay Slugga: thanks.

CJ: Padilla pitched in 3 post-season games, not 2.

clout: Where did I suggest otherwise?

CJ, Last night, Cholly wrote in the 2009 NL Cole Hamels on the lineup card by mistake. He meant to write the 2008 NL Cole Hamels.

We BLrs started out in Spring Training rooting for a team that had won the WFC the season before, and that we knew was, on paper, the best team in the NL (even better than the Mets! :) ).

I think we all knew they had a great shot to get back to and repeat as WFCs, but let's face it - the playoffs are a crapshoot and we couldn't be quite sure that they would make it back.

This is Philadelphia, after all, where years of losing have tainted our optimism and restained and tempered our enthusiam.

We've seen victory snatched away before - not just in baseball but in other sports - and it really IS hard for a Philly fan to believe.

But these are not just our Phillies -

they're Charlie's and Chase's and JRoll's and Ryan's and Chooch's and Jason's and every other player's .....players who grew up winning...who are used to success.

So.....while it's really hard for us Philly fans......I think it's time for us to recognize that we better get used to it too.

They may not win the WFC again this year, but they have a great shot, and this group WILL NOT leave anything on the field or head for the showers early.

Defending WFCs'!!!


Get used to it Philly.

I have a feeling we're going to be seeing this for quite some time.

I felt bad when Bill Campbell was replaced in 1971. I liked it when he said "It's a brand new ball game!", or "Cookie Rojas has done everything tonight but sell the tickets!". When Allen hit a home run, he always said "There she goes!". ..Harry did grow on me real fast in the summer of '72 while I was at Fort Dix. ("Super Steve").

Our nickname for Ryan Howard is "Ding Dong Daddy".

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