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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Sounds good to me.

Yesterday's loss was so devastating, at least for me, because coming in to this series I would have been thrilled with just a split- then as Pedro dominated, I'm progressively thinking "THE PENNANT IS IN THE BAG." Then snapped back to reality.

To the players, especially this group, it was probably "Oh well, we did what we had to do." After 24 hours I am more towards that mentality, although slightly upset I'm going to go through another bottle and a half of Tums before this series is over.

"Tums"? Is that a codeword for Jameson? because then I'd think Iceman's post was my own.

I like Blanton---he has a bulldog mentality and isn't afraid to take the ball in big games.

How this??

Game 3- Lee
Gmae 4- Blanton
Game 5- Hamels
Game 6- Happ
Game 7- Lee

If they are down 3-2 instead of up 3-2 when they go back to LA, switch Happ and Lee. I am not too excited about giving Pedro a 2nd start

I've been waiting to see Kentucky Joe make a start this series. He's been consistent all year and deserves to make a postseason start.

No long ball, Joe! Keep it in the park! Let's get a win!

I'm kinda surprised it's taken this long for Blanton to get a start. Is he not one of Charlie's guys? Had a pretty good run last postseaason, not to mention his 2009 regular season.

Marc, if it goes to a game 7, I'd rather have Pedro than Happ. I believed Happ would pitch well under pressure this postseason as he did all (or most) of the year, but I now believe Pedro's experience counts for more than Happ's inexperience.

Speaking of experience, anyone else miss Moyer? Not as a pitcher necessarily, but as a presence to dispense pearls of wisdom to the others. Even to Cliff Lee - With the way Jamie studies batters, I'd love for him to chime in his 2-cents worth about how to pitch the Dodgers. But especially for guys like Happ and Hamels (who appears like he could stand some more mentoring). Maybe Pedro is filling that role somewhat, but Moyer seemed to have a knack for it. I used to love dugout shots of him deep in conversation with Hamels.

I should say "counts for more than Happ's youth" instead.

Marc H: No way Martinez doesn't start game 6. In fact, I'm pretty sure I read one of Charlie's comments hinting that he will. After his outing yesterday, he has to pitch. And wasn't part of pulling him after the 7th about keeping him fresh for his next turn?

Iceman: I'm with you. I've talked to my wife about yesterday's loss so much I think she's going to kill me. I just can't believe how it unfolded - we basically gave them three outs (Feliz, the bunt, and Utley). I think what gets me so much is Utley - he is just not the kind of player to make that mistake. He does just about everything right when it needs to be done. People on here wouldn't believe it, but when he hesitated and threw high to Howard earlier in the game, I almost posted that I was worried it might be an issue. There was just something about it. This is why I think all the reports about it not being mental are false. Everyone who has watched Utley all year and then saw these first two games have to notice something isn't right. Here's hoping he corrects it by tomorrow.

This series, mostly because of the Dodger bullpen, scared me from the beginning. Until the 8th yesterday I thought, "wow, we could really be up two games." But now I'm very scared again. Tomorrow night we will see just how tough this team is. Do they come back or do they melt?

EF, true, but I think Charlie has been counting on Blanton to be a contributor in the 'pen so much that he hasn't been able to start him.

why are you not excited about giving Pedro a 2nd start? the thing that made me feel ok about last night's game was the thought that we might now have TWO aces anchoring the starting rotation. somebody had to step up since hamels won't, and last night, somebody did.

Mitch Williams just said on MLB TV that he thought, from looking at the video, that Chase probably re-injured his hip -- and that's why he booted the two double-play throws.

I would be very happy to see Pedro start again in this series. He might be old, but he aint in the way.
Anyone see Lackey's reaction after the botched popup between Aybar and Figgins? Made Cole's reaction look like a barely rasied eyebrow.

EastFallowfield: I wonder if Charlie may have started Blanton for game 2 if game 2 was in Philadelphia. I think it just made sense to have Pedro start in the pitchers park during warm weather

Old Phan: Yes, I saw his reaction, but I think that play was more inexcusable than the play with Rollins and Utley. Aybar and Figgins needed to communicate much better there. You almost never see a play like that happening in the infield.

Anne - seriously? i'm glad you posted that, but i'm wondering if Mitch Williams' hip report on Utley is kind of like cable news chatter - speculate, speculate, speculate and all of a sudden everyone believes it. I mean, how could he really tell htat? At the same time, as I posted above, something isn't right and I think there is at least a possibility he could be right.

what is everyone's thoughts on the possible postponement of the game tomorrow? the forecast is just dreadful, 40 degrees 34 windchill, rain all day long into tmrw night

has lee pitched against the lasorda's? this yr?

phils and nova

how 'bout a day nite d/hder on monday?

that would be a LCS 1st

Dukes, I posted about that, too. Mitch said that Chase isn't planting his right foot, if you look at those two errant throws plus the two near-misthrows (excuse me if I just made up a word) to Ryan. He's using too much of his arm as a consequence of not planting his right foot. Mitch said that combined with the batting slump he went into at the end of the season, same as last year, he's concerned Chase's hip may be bothering him again, or else a foot or something on his right side.

Mitch doesn't know, of course, but like everyone else, he's speculating.

Thanks GBrett. I guess we'll know for sure after the season. Or, if this continues, they might have to pull him? Let's not go there just yet.

Maybe Utley's best chances will be to get HBP and start a 4-6-3 DP.

I'm not too excited about giving Pedro a 2nd start because he has lost the element of surprise. A big part of his success yesterday is that the LA hitters were getting their first looks @ him.

That having been said, their reluctance to start a rookie in the late stags of a 7 game series is understandable.

Pedro has handled plenty of teams that have had more than one look at him. That's why he's one of the greatest pitchers of his generation, and a lock for the Hall of Fame. When you have the talent that he has, you often win with more than just the "element of surprise."

Fox jams so much useless crap onto the screen for their MLB broadcasts you'd think you were watching a financial news network. It's completely unwatchable.

I realize I'm stating the obvious here, but if the Phils really are as good as most of us think they are and if they're really deserving of going to the WS, they'll capitalize on the advantage they earned for themselves by getting a split in LA. I'd bet most of us would have said before the series started that if the Phils came back to CBP with the series at 1-1, they'd be in the driver's seat. I see no reason to change that evaluation now. The facts of how the split shook out - namely, a 2-0 lead was tantalizingly close - simply should not enter into the equation. If they're weak enough to go in the tank because of a disastrous bottom of the 8th in game 2, they probably weren't going to win the series, anyway. I don't think they're that weak and I see plenty of reason, just based on how they've played so far in the postseason, to believe that they're good enough to get the job done.

re: Mitch's diagnosis of Utley's "injury". How he came up with that medical diagnosis seems to have a lot in common with how Trent Lott came up with an optimistic prognosis for that brain-dead woman by watching videos of her. Maybe Mitch could have diagnosed Krukker's cancer of the cubes by seeing video of how he scratched himself at the plate. Until I hear something from either Utley or someone else in a direct position to know about his health, I'm just chalking up his bad throws in the first two games as a fluke thing.

MLB Postseason On Fox:

"You can bet (he'll) be getting ready in the cage for a possible PH appearance."

(pauses a nanosecond)

"The cage is the batting cage."

Thanks, Tim. I wouldn't have known what in the living pissf*ck you meant w/out further explanation. This is beyond blindingly obvious. This is beyond annoying ...

cjp - i like your confidence. i always tend to see things more negatively but this team keeps proving me wrong. may it continue.

cjp - You mean like the up-front word we got about Chase's injury last year?

G-Town - That kind of explanation of baseball terms is to satisfy the people who only tune in for postseason. Don't get yourself worked up about it. YOu could always mute the TV and watch that way.

GBrettfan: Yeah, that's what my wife said. Srill, I can't help but feel that McCarver would over-explain everything even if it were an afternoon game in mid-June between the Nats & the Pirates.

I don't mind Tim McCarver as much as some other people do, but here it is 1st and 3rd, 2 outs, bottom of the ninth, and he just said he thinks the Angels should intentionally walk the bases loaded. Are you kidding me? You want them to eliminate their margin for error altogether? What a seriously idiotic idea. Glad they didn't listen.

McCarver is actually making me think back to listening to T-Mac 'n' Sarge rather wistfully, which is borderline obscene.

GBrettfan: Oh, I don't doubt that Utley *might* be injured. I certainly would believe it if it came out that he was in a helluva lot of pain due to pushing it too hard coming back from his hip injury. I just don't see any point in speculating about it right now, at least not to explain a couple of godawful throws. He sure seemed to get around pretty well against COL. Unless he pulled something while adopting a kitten between series, I don't see a good reason to attribute his errant throws to an injury.

If he airmails a throw in game 3, of course, I'll be hoping it's an injury and not the sudden onset of Chuck Knoblauch II.

I guess A-Rod's gotten over his postseason slumps of the past. Darn.

This game is still on? Shocking.

I wish I was home right now

After watching all the infield errors in the LA-NY game tonight, the Phillies look pretty good defensively.

cjp: what's that story about Trent Lott and the brain-dead woman? I didn't find anything about it

Mo Rivera showed yet again tonight why he should be the rare reliever who makes it to the HOF. 2 1/3 IP tonight in some really tough pitching conditions.

Mo Rivera is the best of all time at what he does.

Lots of late inning bullpen failings and shoddy defense this year in the playoffs it appears. The Angels have played terrible defense in the first 2 games, and it has hurt them badly. The Phils defense let them down in Game 2. The Yanks have played through a bunch of errors.

That 0-2 pitch from Fuentes to A-Clod, with 2 nobody's on deck, and up a run, was a grade A AWFUL pitch. Reminded me of Lidge's mistake to him earlier in the year, in a similar situation.

And for those predicting the rest of the Phils pitching schedule...

Lee will pitch Game 6 for the Phils (if neccesary). That will be on regular rest for him. Hamels gets Game 5. Pedro will likely be the guy for any Game 7.

I don't think anyone's beating the Yankees this year. Hate to say it. I've had a feeling it was their year since the end of the season. Their offense has been relentless, actually so has the Angels, and while both teams have left a lot of runners on, I just don't see the Phils' BP being able to hold them. Now, if the PHils' bats catch fire, and their relievers too, we'd stand a chance. I think the players would get up some steam to play the Yankees. I will hope for the best, anyway.

At this point, I'll feel pretty happy to be NL Champs again. If they pull it off, which they certainly can (but I don't want to count any unhatched chickens).

I'm hoping JRoll backs up his "Little Red Machine, this isn't our last party" comments with some tablesetting starting tomorrow.

Teams have been handing the Yankees games. They hardly look unbeatable.

The Yankees don't look unbeatable. I'd rather play them then the Angels to be honest. I don't think the Angels are anywhere near out of that series either, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's 3-2 Angels going back to New York.
But now it's all about taking it to the Dodgers at Citizen's Bank, so let's go Phils. Good sports day tomorrow for Philadelphia.
Cheers in advance. I'll be drinking early, often, and boisterously.

But that isn't just any ordinary good fortune, Mike A. That is fate intervening. The 2009 Yankees must not be beaten, in the same way that the universe must not be uninhabitable or that a supporting character in a Final Destination movie must die.

For example, in Game 3 on Monday evening, the Angels will be trailing by one in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, Figgins at second, and Vlad at the plate. On an 0-2 count, Vlad will pull a Rivera cutter as hard as is earthly possible at a perfect initial angle of 35 degrees. The batted ball will strike a dove in mid-air about halfway between second and third, showering Figgins in blood and offal before settling into Jeter's glove to end the game.

To be perfectly honest, we're better off losing this series. You don't want to know what happens to Chase in Game 2 in the Bronx.

Pitching has been pretty good (Lee, Lidge, Pedro), hitting was fine until it ran into the Flotilla, Howard and Ruiz are in the zone, Clifton's on the mound, and I'm going to assume for the moment that Utley will be back to his normal steady self. The weather is our biggest problem (besides Hiroki Kuroda). Regardless, if Game 3 proves that Utley isn't right, then may God have mercy on our souls.

To get back to the earlier point about potential games 6 and 7 starters.

Why wouldn't Lee pitch game 6 or normal rest and the combo platter of Pedro, Blanton and perhaps Happ (depending on bullpen use in Game 6) all available.

Seems pretty simple to me

OT with the playoffs, but our buddy Keith Law says that Dom Brown and Scott Mathieson have been the 2 most impressive players in the entire Arizona Fall League so far.

I'm all for being patient at the plate, but the esteemed Bobby Abreu saw 29 pitches last night en route to going 0-5 (he's 0-9 in the ALCS thus far). Looked like he couldn't catch up w/ a fastball to save his life. Not good news for the Halos.

Anyone in the area have a forcast update? Will the game be delayed? We don't want to see Lee get bumped after an hour delay in the 3rd.

vegas: It's not raining right this second, but the forecast>doesn't look good. Then again, both of the games in NY were supposed to rain out, so who really knows?

GTD: The game will be played regardless of conditions. In post-season, TV Networks control baseball. If there's a steady rain tonight with temps in the 30s, the game will be played.

Jay-it wasn't Trent Lott, it was Bill Frist.

G- Thanks for the update.
Can they play in Denver? 81 and sunny.

Bed Beard: Oh yeah, that's right. Thanks for the correction.

I'm pretty optimistic about tonight. If the weather is a bit rough, that's gotta help the Phils, right? I can't imagine playing out west most of the season prepares one well for east coast Octobers.

The weather will f*** us if we get a delay and Lee's out.

Marc H - In Game 2, Pedro had the most impressive start of the postseason so far - darn straight he should be used if this series goes back to LA for Game 6. If it wasn't for Chase "Knoblauch" Utley, we'd be looking to sweep. Plus Happ is too valuable in the pen as a lefty. Other than that the rest of your rotation looks right on.

it'll be cold, but little to no rain.

Tonight is the season. The 168 prior games mean nothing if we don't win tonight. There is no one I'd rather have on the mound than Cliff Lee.

And BTW, Pedro is the motherfvcking man. Honestly, we might want to consider trying to resign him to another 1 year deal.

Pedro said that he might consider coming back for another year if he doesn't win a World Series ring this year.

As far as the Yankees, they are beatable, but their opponents keep beating themselves. While the Dodgers are a very good team, I feel the odds of them "beating" us are about as good as the odds of us beating ourselves (see Game 2). Bud Selig and the media, much like they were hoping to see Manny face the Red Sox last year, are undoubtedly popping their collective nuts about the possibility of Torre going up against the Yankees this year. Remember that if a few calls go against us...

Oh, Pedro's quote wasn't specific about playing for us again, but I'm sure he'd only want to play for a team that gave him a chance for the ring.

Final thing about Pedro. I love this quote from him:

"Everything I [have done], I know I can do once again," he said. "Who knows how many times? This is the kind of game, the kind of situation I wanted. I'm not trying to prove anything. Anyone who needs me to prove anything better go home and check that out."

Remember Will Ohman?:

Dodged a bullet there, I guess. Although I think this could present a good 'buy low' opportunity for Ruben come winter.

The Iggles are doing their best to make the city forget about game 2.

We need a Game 3 thread. Waiting for Eastfallow to announce a new thread, yo.

I drove up to LA for lunch today and had my Phillies hat on. I was enjoying all the dirty looks and cat-calls I got. Of course, I'm also hoping the staff at the restaurant I ate at aren't Dodgers' fans, at least not nasty ones, or else I probably ended up with some unwelcome ingredients in my meal.

A pretty big day to go without a yo, new thread. Hope everything's OK in Weitzelland.

I hope the Phillies fare better than certain other Philadelphia sports teams today -- namely, the one that's about to suffer a humiliating loss to the astonishingly awful Raiders.

im guessing jw is working on a mind-blowing world-perception-changing graphic.

Eagles lose to the Raiders? Nice!

Holy smokes, given that the Eagles turned in their annual clunker game, all eyes will be turning to the Phillies for a win. Could get ugly tonight if the Phils fall behind.

Well, it's up to Cliff Lee and the Phillies to lift my spirits heading in to what's going to be a loooong work week. Every single one of my teams lost this week.

Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Hokies, and now the Eagles

At least my 4-year-old daughter scored a goal in her soccer game Saturday morning. Geesh.

First post here. I have to admit I'm kinda scared tonight, fellas. Game 2's ending was such a disaster that I've been on edge ever since the final out waiting for tonight. I know it's Mr. Lee, but I'd feel a hell of a lot better if it was against Kuroda. Do I just need to calm down or should I start making those gin and tonics now?

Er, if it _wasn't_ against Kuroda, that is.

John, if you are a typical Phils fan, you won't calm down, but that's cool. The Phils will in tonight, but it won't be easy. That last game, and everything that happened in it, is history

Scott Lauber's blog talks about how Jamie Moyer is doing, with more to follow in a story tomorrow. I'd been wondering whether he'd be well enough to come cheer on the team in Philly, but he's still got an IV he carries around. Glad he's getting better!

GBrettfan: According to Zolecki, Jamie is at the ballpark w/ his teammates. Good news! :-)

Jesus, Moyer's on an IV?

Yep, he's on a portable IV still. Check out the blog (link on this page), dl.

Thanks, G-Town, I hadn't seen that. That's wonderful! He's really something, isn't he? Pitching last year in the WS when he'd been throwing up all night/day, walking on the treadmill a day or two after surgery, now showing up to cheer on his teammates with an IV in tow. I'm impressed. mixed up the radio feeds. I started freaking out when I heard Manny Ramirez doing doing ads for "your favorite boys in blue" on 1210.

New thread now....

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