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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Aww, Myers was miffed? What a shame.

Brett, unlike some of the haters on this board, I have actually enjoyed sseing you pitch for the Phillies.

However, coming off the surgery, the results aren't spectacular.

If Chopper is healthy enough to pitch he should be chosen over you.


That'll teach him to throw champagne in the GM's face, eh?

Cairo in LF was scarier than Lidge on the mound. At least Lidge knows what to do as a pitcher. Cairo has made 28 starts in LF in his entire career...the last time he made more than 1-2 starts was 2003.

Gnome will come up big, I'm saying it now.

timr- yeah right! Could it be because he has not pitched well or that he acts like an ass at clubhouse parties?

There is something about Myers that still gave me more confidence in him than Durbin. This is the last roster spot, oh well. Be a good teammate and cheer the team on.

Durbin has a very good BAA against both LH and RH batters. IF he controls his walks (which he does from time to time), then he is a much better option than Myers (who is still half-injured)

Well, I agree with Park over Kendrick. I don't know about Myers over Bruntlett though. While we did run into that one awkward situation, I think we need pitching more than an extra guy on the bench (especially if that guy is Eric Bruntlett). Right now, we have 11 pitchers: The four starters for this series (Hamels, Lee, Blanton, Martinez), and seven relievers (Park, Lidge, Madson, Eyre, Bastardo, Happ, and Durbin). Of those seven relievers, Park and Happ have not been pitching out of the bullpen recently and have been hurt, Eyre has been battling injury, Bastardo can't be trusted in a tight game, and Lidge is Lidge. That leaves Madson and Durbin as the only completely healthy and reliable relievers we have. I honestly have no idea what to expect from any of those other five guys in this upcoming series. I would much rather have somebody like Tyler Walker in the bullpen to give us one more option there than Gnome off the bench.

Naturally, Brett is unhappy with the decision. He didn't work his butt off to come back from surgery only to sit out the postseason. I'd expect any player to be unhappy with being left off the roster, or else they don't have the competitive edge that's needed to play at this level.

I do think it's the right decision for the team. Or at least, I hope Park, coming off his injury, proves more effective than Brett appeared to be.

Sounds like it's confirmed that Pedro will pitch Game 2 - in spite of his own uncertainty about his readiness.

Also, do we really need a second LOOGY if that pitcher is Bastardo? The Dodgers only have two regular lefties and one of them (Loney) has a reverse platoon split. I don't think I'd even want Bastardo in the game against Ethier I guess I can see how he might be used if the Dodgers bring Thome off the bench but it just seems like someone else might be more useful.

The 12th reliever would be meaningless on this team unless the starter gets bombed and it goes extra innings. Even then, Cholly just isn't going to use that pitcher unless his hard is absolutely forced. Anybody who has watched this team the past 5 years knows that Cholly almost NEVER uses the 12th man on the pitching staff and weeks can go by during the regular season before he does. With the offdays, the 12th man just serves no purpose.

Really the Phils are rolling the dice with of their second-tier options. Myers looked terrible in his appearance in the NLDS and Durbin came through in a big spot. Did it mean that one is more likely to succeed in the NLCS in a key spot, it beats me and I bet it does with Cholly and Dubee too.

If anything is clear, Cholly/Dubee have trust in basically three guys out of the pen right now (Blanton, Eyre, Madson) and are rolling the dice with the rest and hoping for the largely good results in they got in the NLDS.

I doubt Myers will be missed out of the bullpen.

Pedro in game 2? That is one hell of a gamble. I love the story and the potential, but in all honesty, Blanton has been so solid this year, I'm surprised by the move. Though I'll say this: a pen of Madson, Eyre, Happ, Blanton, and Park isn't too shabby.

Let's hope for vintage Pedro.

Red - Normally maybe but you have no idea what Park will give the Phils and Eyre/Happ are still question marks too. Basically, its Madson (who is good but not great right now) and a roll of the dice.

The agree that Blanton should be the Game 2 starter. Pedro hasn't pitched in a few weeks now and even a "best-case scenario" with Pedro still likely leaves the Phils trying to get at least 3 innings out of the bullpen and possibly more.

Here a question you haven't heard discussed much:

- What do the Phils do with Manny this year?

Last year, they fair really well against him during the regular season but they tried to stay away from him in the postseason. He still hurt the Phils though and was one of the few Dodgers who really hit in the NLCS last year.

Phils didn't face him this year because they were done playing the Dodgers before Manny got back from his suspension. Since he got back, he has been "ok" but certainly no where near what he was last Oct.

I really wonder how much the Phils are going to largely nibble with largely offspeed stuff away from him or if they are going to challenge him with more fastballs than they did last offseason.

One of those areas where I am hoping the Phils' advance scouts once again come up with largely the "right" answer as they have tended to do the last couple of postseason series in a some key ways.

MG - I think your assessment is fair, but I'm a bit more optimistic, I suppose. I was impressed with Eyre in the NLCS; it seams to me that if he says he's ok on a given day, he should be ok. Of course, if his elbow locks up, then that's a different issue. Happ, at most for an inning, and at least as a lefty specialist is fine with me, though certainly not perfect. On Park I'm with you 100%, toss up; that said, he's been so good from the pen, I think he'll be at least serviceable. Madson and Blanton should be ok. Not great, but better baseline and better upside than we've seen for a few weeks.

As for Pedro, like I said: let's hope for the good stuff. Based on what we've seen, he can still be pretty good.

NLDS, not NLCS. Sorry.

Random stat:

Dodgers were 51-23 when Furcal scored at least once this year. Any decent team gets their leadoff man to score at least once and they have a really good shot at winning. Dodgers are no exception.

He really isn't that good of a player any more though and numerous leg injuries have robbed him of some of the speed he used to have. Still, Furcal posted some really solid numbers this year against LHP:

142 ABs: .296/.365/.451 with 5 HRs and 16 BBs/12 Ks.

Furcal has always been a fastball hitter who puts the ball in play a lot especially on the ground. My bet is that he sees a ton of offspeed stuff since this series and I hope that he is largely hacking away as he can be prone to do.

I would much rather have Brett's bat then the Gnomes. Brett was on fire at the plate last year in the playoffs. If Cholly is going to put in Lee as a pinch runner, then I think he shoulda brought Brett along to be a pinch hitter

Pedro in game 2 makes a lot of sense, only because it pushes Blanton to game 4. Why is that important? So he's on regular rest in Game 7. I'd much rather have that than either

a) Pedro pitching game 7
b) Blaton pitching games 2 and 7 with 7 days rest in between

Its the right call by Charlie. Padilla opposing Pedro in Game 2 just reinforces that point. Phils bats are more likely to put up a crooked number in the early innings against Padilla than anyone else in the Dodgers rotation.

I don't think your right about about Blanton in game 7, Spitz. If Blanton pitches game 4, that means he pitches game 7 on 3 days rest.
Overall I like the roster that Cholly chose. I may have taken RFD instead of Gnome, but I guess they trust Bruntlett will not shrink if he ever has to come to bat.
Bastardo is a smart and bold move. He will probably come in for Jim Thome at-bats wwhen they don't want to burn Eyre and Happ for 1 guy.

BtW, Phillies in 6. Phillies win games 1, 3, 5 and 6. Could win game 2 and make it even shorter.
I think Torre is making a huge mistake if he starts Padilla in game 2 and Wolf in game 4. That means Padilla gets a 2nd start and Wolf may only get 1 in a 7 game series. I think Torre is going too far out of his way to protect Padilla from the CBP crowd, plus Wolf hates pitching there. If I'm Torre, I go Kershaw, Wolf, Kuroda then Padilla.

It's a goofy set up with an off day during the three games in Philly. If Manuel is going wiht Martinez in game 2, he could set up the rotation where all starters get regular rest, or he could go old school and throw Hamels in Game 4 on 3 days rest and back out in game 7. As it is, it looks like he's going:

Blanton or Martinez

Good morning!

Last year I felt frightened when I saw saw CHoP coming out of the 'pen. This year I feel happy when I see CHoP coming out the 'pen! I hope he has recovered.

Go Phils!

timr, don't you know you can only talk about Brett's pitching abilities. Any talk about his lack of maturity on here is unacceptable. Funny, nobody was able to quote Kendrick last night or Bruntlett or Walker before the NLDS saying how ticked they were. I'm sure they were, but they were smart enough to handle it with class.

Now that i'm done my Brett vamp, I think Blanton is perminent fixture in the pen this series and will not get a start. In a backwards kind of way, that's kind of a compliment to him. Charlie has a terrible pen and he really trusts Blanton to give him a couple innings. I like it.

That's a real shame Brett is miffed. Hope they give his wife protective custody. PINHEAD we won't miss ya. He may have been the dumbest player in Phillies pinstripes since Von Hayes. Adios

As for Pedro, he has not been sharp last 2 times I have seen him. My vote is for Blanton to take the start Game 2. Joe is consistant, he pounds the strike zone and has an assortment of pitches he throws for strikes.

Go Phils

Oh i almost forgot i do have one last assignment for Brett. Carry a shovel and trash can and follow the Budweiser beer wagon down Broad St.

No matter what happens I still cant get rid of Bruntlett, he is like an insidious disease that lurks in the weeks then attacks without notice. I would have been happier using Mayberry in a possible left/ right matchup and as a pinch runner. It is very unsightly to root for this team and still HATE SOMEONE as much as I hate bruntlett.

"nobody was able to quote Kendrick last night or Bruntlett or Walker before the NLDS saying how ticked they were."

I don't see a Myers quote either.

I see others saying that they would throw Blanton in game 2. Manny kills Blanton, so maybe Cholly is trying to avoid a scenario where Manny starts getting it going early in the series. Also, as others have pointed out, if you are going to use Pedro you might as well use him in LA. The weather is better, the mound is higher, and the park is big enough to hold those RF flyballs that Pedro gives up in the 1st inning every game.

We'll need Myers back to hit against CC in the Series. Let him take a series off to rehab.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have no chance as Bruntlett prepares for his third appearance in the HoF. They're not ready for the HYPNO-GNOME!>Look into my scary eyes, you will hit into a triple play!


Fun stat of the day:

The Phillies' bench went 0 for 8 against the Rockies, while the Phillies' pitchers went 1 for 7 with a walk and a stolen base.

What did Cairo do to be scary in left field?

Bruntlett is scarier at the plate than basically anyone is in left field.

Pedro in Game 2 also gives you the possiblity of using Blanton from the bullpen in Games 1-3 if needed, especially if there's a weather delay on Sunday. You're then scrambling for Game 4, but it does give you another BP option. As discussed ad nauseum, given his long warmup time and crappy first innings, Pedro just isn't a great BP option.

2 correct moves.

If Park is healthy, he is a clear upgrade over Myers. Park was a stud most of the year in the pen. It will be interesting to see if Cholly trusts him in any of these games. Considering he threw Myers and Bastardo out there, I would say he'll get a chance at some point.

And we need that extra bench guy over Kendrick, who would never see the field unless a game would go 15 innings.

Good job by Rube and the staff.

I think there is no comparison between the Dodger bench with Hudson, Pierre and Thome and what we got. In fact two acqusitisions Sherrill and Thome were specifically designed for us (I Know I am not original here). But it is these 4 players that keep me awake at night especially now that TBS has decided we are worthy to be broadcast at almost normal time.

"What did Cairo do to be scary in left field?"

He was out there. That is what was scary.

At least Gnome had some games in the OF this year. Cairo had ZERO games, with the Phils and the Pigs in the OF.

Plus, Gnome could have been used to pinch-run instead of using your #1 starter to do so. Another unneccesarily risky move that had to be made because of a short bench. Losing Lee to injury because he was pinch-running, would be awful.

With Cairo already on the roster, I don't understand the rationale for Bruntlett. Clearly I knew the Phils would do that, but Mayberry has a much better chance of helping the Phils win a game than the Gnome.

Couple things:

- Eyre/Happ are not question marks. Eyre pitched well int eh NLDS and pitched one day after people thought he was done for the series, and maybe playoffs. Happ had some jitters and lost control in the NLDS but he should be fine with that out of the way. Also, he pitched well against the Dodgers last year.

- Not sure why people are so worried about Cairo in left field for a half inning. Playing the outfield is not that hard a thing to do. The only issue you'd have is a ball that gets down the line and double hits in the corner and you might get some funky bounce, but if you've played out there before you would know it's coming. Plus a lot of these guys take outfield practice during spring training and during warm-ups. Plus catching a fly ball is not that differnet than catching a pop up.

- The big thing to remember in a 2-3-2 format is split the first two. That's all you have to get done. You do that and home field is now in your control. Plus it puts a ton of pressure on the team coming into town.

TTI: did you watch any of the early season games against the Nats where they lost primarily b/c of crappy outfield play?

Pete Happy: Was Cairo in the outfield at that time?

I obviously wouldn't want Cairo out there for a whole game. For a half inning, I'm not aas concerned.

If Bruntlett comes up in a key spot and fails, it's on you denny b.

I concerned at any time there may be a ball hit to the outfield and a nice running catch is the difference between a extra base hit and an out.

Admittedly, we have no idea of what Cairo's OF skills are like, but the idea of sticking an infielder out there from desperation wasn't great.

Alex: I'm with you. Mayberry is a better runner, better fielder and better hitter than Bruntlett.

TTI: Cairo wasn't on the team then. Pete Happy doesn't have a clue about whether Cairo is a better or worse leftfielder than Bruntlett.

They probably wanted gnome because he can play average defense at 6 positions and not kill you. Mayberry and Cairo cannot do that. Cairo is there as a better hitter and has post-season experience.

Video of Stairs' homer last year at LA.

I have a very strong disliking for Joe Buck and his announcing... but in the clip, he starts the call very exciting ("Stairs rips one into the night"), but then realizes he calling a play for the Phils and then tails off into his boring 'i don't give a d@mn about the phils" voice...

I think the OF can be tough b/c of all the ground to cover. Good point about the Nats errors in OF, Pete Happy.

RK, about the bench: Dodgers bench does seem strong. Stairs can compare w/Thome, but he's had a bad year. Pierre and Francisco can compare. Hudson - no way we have anyone to compare to him. He's so good I'm surprised he's a bench player.

For amusement today, did you read how Davey Lopes cracked up the team yesterday by imitating Shane's rounding of 3B following Ryan's hit?

Don't know about others, but I am already getting butterflies about the game tonight. Really hope Cole is "on." Pedro, too, for tomorrow. Our pitching sure seems different this year just from the standpoint of not knowing whether guys can be counted on to be healthy and free of the rust that can come following an injury. And whether the inconsistency of the season or end of season is a predictor of future performance or not. And then there's Lidge, who seems to have turned himself around but is that only an illusion? I think one bad outing could throw him off his mental game since he's only recently regained some semblance of his fierce mound presence.

Go "Little Red Machine!"

I too like mayberry in every aspect. I give benefit of the doubt to UC though, he has now been to the dance too many times to argue with him. Cairo is just trade bait in the off-season. Doesn't Wade like utility infielders. We should be able to shake loose a couple good arms for Miggy from Fast Eddie.

clout: You're right, I didn't know, so I looked it up. He does have more outfield experience than I thought. I'd still rather have another option than him.>LINK

Any insight on whether he's actually good at it?

Clout: also note that I was responding to TTI's comment that "playing the outfield is not that hard a thing to do" not just on whether Cairo or Bruntlett is better at it.

On further research, Cairo listed at 6'1" is an inch taller than the Gnome (who is a very ungnomelike 6'), so he's obviously a better OF. I take back my comment entirely.

Are they sending Myers to Clearwater to keep loose, for a possible World Series roster spot? Or are they just cutting him loose?

mikes77..Why not Kershaw, Kuroda, Wolf, BILLINGSLEY?.. I think Torre's doing us a favor by demoting him. He's going with the "hot hand" instead of the more talented pitcher. Amazing how a bad month has landed him in the dog house. Plus Billingsley is 249 vs lefties .. Padilla is 303 vs lefties

Only rational reason I can think of for adding Bruntlett over Mayberry is that I believe there is ostensibly a rule which prohibits teams from giving post-season roster spots to guys who weren't on the roster or the DL as of 9-1. But this is one of those rules to which there are so many exceptions as to swallow the rule. Plus the Phillies have a rich history of using made-up injuries to open up roster spots.

I might also add to that last post that, if that 9-1 deadline rule really applied, then Bastardo, Kendrick and, I believe, Cairo would all be ineligible for the post-season.

It can't be about the outfield since we have Francisco. Let's face it our manager is in love with the Gruntlett.
As for Mayberry it's probably too late now but he is certainly a better hitter (especially in comparison to the Grunt who can't hit at all) more importantly he is a significantly better hitter against lefties who the Dodgers will want to throw at us.
SO of course he makes an excellent choice BUT that is precisely why he is not there--it's too smart a move. I also believe Kendrick should remain on the squad he has been cionsistently good since coming back although his history with the Dodgers is pretty grim

Pete: It's much easier to go from infield to outfield than the other way around. That was my only point. Again though, it doesn't mean I want Cairo out there for a game. For an inning, it's not that big a deal.

I don't know that Kendrick has been "consistently good." If you look at his game log, he has actually been rather inconsistent, but with a few excellent games.

Kendrick isn't needed. If the Phillies need a long reliever, they can use one of their starters. And, if they need a couple of outs, I'd rather use Condrey or Walker. The head scratcher on this roster is not that Kendrick is out, but that Walker & Condrey both remain out, while Bastardo is still in.

Found this on youtube:

Best moment comes at around 2:35 when Harry Kalas refers to Ed Wade as "the first Lady". Seriously.

Real argument is Bruntlett over a 12th pitcher. That is a pretty easy call. Bruntlett sucks offensively. No one will argue that. You can make an argument for Mayberry though over Bruntlett. Again though, "veteran presence" and "savvyiness" get the nod for Cholly.

Bruntlett adds speed? I am yet to be convinced that he is faster than Dobbs, Francisco, or any of our pitchers not named Eyre and Blanton.

agreed with BAP - everything is pretty much understandable except Bastardo's inclusion. Although the Dodgers aren't lefty-heavy, I guess it would be nice to have another guy aside from eyre to try their chances vs Ethier.

The best part of that video of the Stairs home run (apart from the game-winning home run) is the shot of the dugout celebrating at about fifteen seconds in.
Manuel's on the rail watching Stairs circle the bags and then an over-exuberant Geoff Jenkins comes up and basically gooses him. I think you can see Charlie saying "Woah!".

As a pinch runner, Mayberry could dramatically alter the tone of an inning because he's a threat to steal a bag. In the outfield, Mayberry is a better defender than Ibanez, let along a converted infielder like Bruntlett.

At the plate, Mayberry is the second-to-last position player I want to see holding a bat for my squad. But the only hitter worse than Mayberry just happens to be Eric Bruntlett.

phaithful: I don't know how fast our various pitchers are, but Bruntlett's definitely faster than Dobbs and definitely NOT faster than Francisco. But Francisco is also the best bat off the bench, so you don't want to relegate him to pinch-running duty.

Again, though, Mayberry is faster than any of the above, and way better than Bruntlett both offensively & defensively. It's very difficult for me to see what the Phillies think Bruntlett adds to the team. He isn't even capable of coming off the bench & laying down a sacrifice bunt because, as we've seen several times this year, he's a terrible bunter.

But Bruntlett knows how to score a World Series winning run. Thats a skill set that few players have.

My favorite part of the Stairs homerun video is when he gets back to the dugout and Burrell is slapping him on the back. You can clearly read his lips as he screams "F*%!#*g Matt". Classic.

On the roster rules:
- Cairo was added to the roster in August and was never removed.
- Bastardo was never removed from the active roster. He was on the disabled list.
- Kendrick was optioned to Lehigh Valley before the 9/1 deadline and was not recalled until Sept. 6. He must be the replacement for the injured John Ennis, who was added to the roster just before the deadline (and then immediately placed on the 60-day DL.

If the Phils want to add John Mayberry to the playoff roster, he has to be the replacement for an injured position player (someone would have to throw Bruntlett down a flight of stairs).

@High Hopes: Great find, those boys might have been a one-year wonder, but it kept me a Phan for the lean years afterward.

The one thing about Mayberry is he's never played infield. As for sac bunting, what's the point of using the bench for that? Can't the pitcher stay in and do the same?

Since Cairo plays infield, I'd have taken Mayberry over Bruntlett, too.

"But Bruntlett knows how to score a World Series winning run. Thats a skill set that few players have."

timr nails it. Hall of Famer Eric Bruntlett belongs on this roster!!!!!!

So Taguchi isn't around, so Cholly HAD to put Bruntlett on the roster. Duh.

JR: Ah, right. I forgot that Bastardo was on the DL. And I wasn't sure exactly when Cairo had been recalled. But thanks for the info. I think you just hit the nail on the head as to why Mayberry isn't on the roster. During September, when various people were calling for guys like Tracy & Mathieson to be on the post-season roster, I remember thinking, "Why does everyone keep suggesting this? These guys are not eligible for the post-season."

By the way, L.A. is only a 5-hour drive from here. If I can find 20 Beerleaguers to split the cost of gas, I volunteer to drive down there & push Bruntlett down the hotel staircase.

Myers, I believe, is on the decline and has been for a while. I've always liked him when he's on but I'm not sure he'll ever regain the heater to be an effective starter. Can't throw breaking pitches every pitch. And he hasn't been effective as a reliever since coming back from surgery, so the book is out on that.

Good luck, Brett.

I don't know about that, Shake. I think he'll come back from surgery. Just watch, a team like the Cardinals will take him and he'll come back like the 6 Million Dollar Man - better, stronger, faster- and kill the Phillies next year.

Pedro in Game 2 is the right decision. The Phils will need 4 starters and I'd rather have a RHP on the mound vs. the Dodgers. Pedro is better suited for Dodgers Stadium than Citizens Bank Ballpark. Blanton will still start Game 4 and be ready for Game 7 if necessary on regular rest (Tue-Fri off).

Myers off the roster is the right decision. I don't think he ever really got healthy. We can hope Park is healthy because he'll be a huge part of our bullpen.

Kendrick off with Bruntlett and Bastardo on? I think it's the right call. The chances of Kendrick getting into a game were always slim (only a long extra inning game, I'd guess). Bruntlett could get a pinch running spot or an emergency defensive replacement. And Bastardo might be called upon to get a lefty early in the game so we can save Eyre for late.

"And Bastardo might be called upon to get a lefty early in the game so we can save Eyre for late."

That's definitely the most compelling argument for keeping Bastardo. Still, if Pedro's starting Game 2, Lee Game 3, and Blanton Game 4, that means Happ is in the bullpen (with which I agree). That gives us 2 lefties in the pen, which is more than enough against a right-handed heavy team like the Dodgers. I would have kept Condrey because sometimes you need a double-play and Condrey is the best reliever we have at inducing ground balls. Plus, he invariably pitches well in high-leverage situations. He has a very high DITHL+.

I think that Brett still likes this town, and wants to be part of it next year. I see him signing a 1 year deal and telling chollie to use him wherever.

8 hrs to go.

Go Phils!

bap: I could buy Condrey over Bastardo. I think they view Happ as someone who could pitch in any situation and face multiple batters. Bastardo would have a limited exposure. But I could certainly understand Condrey. Are they not sure if he's healthy?

I know Brett would like to remain a Philly, but is there a spot for him? Lidge and Madson for 8th-9th innings, Lee/Hamels/Happ/Blanton/Moyer as starters. The exception would be if Moyer or Happ is kept in the BP (neither wants that), then Brett could be the 5th starter. Otherwise, I don't see the Phils resigning him or Pedro. Plus, Brett will command a significant amount of money. - There's also KK to continue to cultivate as a starter.

That rotation is very LH, n'est-ce pas?

On Condrey: I agree with BAP. I'm surprised they didn't find a place for him on the roster. He's a solid middle reliever who can get you a ground ball in a tight spot. I'm glad Durbin looked sharp in his inning of work.

On Walker: I have no use for him. I think he was more lucky than good this year.

On Myers: Did he see video of himself pitching in the last series? He struggled to find the plate and all of his pitches were breaking balls up in the zone. Not good.

On Bruntlett: I don't want to see another human being fall down stairs. I hope he retires (hopefully this afternoon) in good health.

Myers will sign an incentive-laden deal to try to be someone's closer (small market team willing to take the risk for a cheap contract). I don't think he wants to be a starting pitcher again. I don't see him being back as a Phillie.

>Brett will command a significant amount of

I'm not convinced that he will. He's been effectively out this year, and will need to prove his health next year.

1 Year 6-8Million. And yes, I would resign him to the Phils, and let him compete with everyone else. You need every single good arm that you can get.

I'm not so sure the Phillies want to continue having to deal with Myers.

Of course Condrey has a high DITHL, BAP - He shoots DITHL! I find it ironic to even use DITHL with Condrey, a hunter. Did you read the profile piece on him earlier in the year? Very interesting. I think it was probably a Martino piece if you want to search for it on I like Condrey, too, and was hoping to see him back on the roster. Agree with you about him being preferable to Bastardo.

Moyer/Kendrick/Carpenter will suffice in the 5th spot until Drabek is ready. I see Mike Stutes as a darkhorse candidate...but really, why bother with next year when the NLCS starts in less than 8 hours?

GBrett: Didn't see the Condrey piece. But I'm not surprised he's a hunter. When asked about their hobbies, it seems like 90% of MLB baseball players respond that they enjoy "huntin' and fishin'." Maybe that's the source of Brad Lidge's problems. If he spent less time reading about archaeology and more time huntin' he might not have such a strong tendency to get that deer-in-headlights look in save situations.

Have the umpires for game 1 been announced? Specifically behind the plate?

Why is everyone assuming Condrey's oblique is 100% healthy?

Myers time in philly is over. The writing is all over the wall. Good ridance.

awh: That was my question. I wonder if Condrey isn't fully back yet.

I wouldn't bet on Myers getting $6-8 million. I would put money on something along the lines of $1-5 million with incentives. He hasn't exactly shown alot over the past 3 years:

2007: Gets injured, comes back as an average/above average closer
2008: Sucks terribly, gets demoted and comes back with a good 2nd half/postseason.
2009: Average start followed by major injury and there are still health questions.

What is that worth on the open market?

Tony D - I'm hoping for CB Bucknor behind the plate and Dan Iassogna at first.

BL-effect now leads to us seeing a late-inning squeeze with Eric "Buntlett" at the dish.

NEPP, your analysis of Myers last three years is good, but remember, this is baseball, where pitching is at a huge premium.

I don't know what $$$ Myers will get next season or where he'll be, but there will be more than one team willing to take a chance on the guy.

They'll take the chance he can fully recover his previous form.

If so, he's a #2 starter on some MLB teams - #3 on a lot of them.

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