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Friday, October 16, 2009


Let's keep Padilla's NLDS performance in perspective. He faced an overwhelmingly right-handed Cards lineup. Let's see if the lefties can drop the hammer today.

Sink the Flotilla !

Down with Padilla !!!!!!!!!

Rant from other thread:

Unless Cole Hamels personally appears at each Beerleaguer poster's house along with Chase Utley, and allows Utley to beat him with a bamboo cane while apologizing for giving Chase a dirty look, I think he should be DFA'd and then released. In the interim, he should not start game 5...there simply isn't enough time to properly atone for what he has done. Let Bruntlett pitch game 5; his beard cuts down on glare and thus prevents DITHLs during both day and night games.

You people have got to be kidding me. Jimmy and Chase botched a routine double play and (gasp!) Cole gave them a WTF WAS THAT CRAP? look. Who cares? WE WON THE GAME. Raul Ibanez hit a 3-run homer off of the supposedly world-beating lefty killer Sherrill (ZERO HRs to leftys this year before Raul torched him), who many on this board were certain would ice our mid-order lefties and, thus, it was a huge mistake that Ruben didn't try to pick him up. Madson made 4 great pitches to Manny in a huge spot. Potential rookie of the year JA Happ got out of a bases-loaded jam while the Phils were nursing a 1-run lead. Ryan Howard continued his torrid September/October, lefty pitching be damned. Brad Lidge continued his playoff comeback with another save, letting in zero runs.

Yet, the focus of this thread is not on any of these things, but instead whether a 25-year-old pitcher (who is the defending NLCS and WS MVP) should be cast aside because of an immature reaction to what everyone agrees was an awful play by two usually sure defenders. How many days until pitchers and catchers report? Oh wait...we are up 1-0 in the NLCS...from the thread it seemed like we'd been knocked out of the playoffs because Cole Hamels spent too much time playing with a Barbie doll or something.

Pedro's going to toss Manny aside like he's Don Zimmer. Should be fun!

Cole's a douche with a good fastball and an exceptional changeup. Get over it!

Todays game over/under is 9. Therefore I sense a 6-2 Phillies win. Hopefully I am right.

Phils vs. Dodgers II: The Revenge

Former Dodgers on Phillies:
Pedro Martinez, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, Chan Ho Park, Miguel Cairo, Davey Lopes

Former Phillies on Dodgers:
Jim Thome, Vicente Padilla, Randy Wolf, Larry Bowa

Pablo: I stopped reading at DFA.

Awesome paper.

Conclusions may seem like a big fat 'duh' but the research shows that the pitchers throw too many fastballs overall and in succession given the higher degree of success that hitter generally have against it.

And Mariano Duncan.

@loctastic - the key is that he's OUR douche with a good fastball.

Paul Bako is also a former dodger and Cairo never actually played for the Dodgers in the big leagues

Pedro has a career 2.60 ERA in day games...


Torre always thought Gm 2 was the most important game in a series when he managed the Yankees. The fact he's trotting Padilla out actually makes me nervous, like he knows something we don't...

Hamels didn't just suddenly lose his cool when the DP didn't happen. He was struggling with his emotions the whole game. It is what it is. As for blaming Utley for not turning the DP, that's ridiculous. Rollins had a hard time getting it out of hte glove and the delay nixed the play. Utley probably should have held the ball but, he threw a hail mary hoping to avoid a run. big whoop. Utley's error had no effect on the scoring.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of these guys face Padilla. His numbers since getting waived by Texas look good. I think he may be due for a return to earth against this lineup. I expect some good swings from Rollins, Howard and Ibanez against him. HOpefully, Utley gets a hit or two, also.

Eric Milton's on the DL for dodgers and pitched for them earlier this year

I have a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we'll be facing two former Phillies pitchers this series. I mean, remember when we used to have fan clubs to make up for the fact that the team sucked?

True Story: was at LAX getting my shoes shined and who is waiting for me to get up so he can get his own shoes shined....Vincente Padilla.

He was visiting LA right as the Rangers released him in August and I decided to have a little chat with him as we waited...

"Vicente right?"


"I'm a huge Phillies fan"

"Ah, ok"

"So I hear the Dodgers are interested in you"

"Yeah that's why I'm here"

"You didn't really deliver for us, huh"

(says nothing)

My shoes are now finished and I'm getting up and we switch places.

"Well good luck this year, you're going to need it against our lineup in the playoffs".

(says nothing as I walk away afraid for my life)

True Story.

I remember a time of being a Phillies fan where I would sit in March and say "If Padilla and Wolf can step up this year, we might have a shot." Seems like a long time ago.

Wow, I don't get all the Cole Hamels "love" I'm reading today.

It seems to me that many of the posters here are as petulant and immature as they believe of Cole.

Let's face it: There were 14 runs scored in the game last night. That was not an accident.

NO pitchers was getting the low strike called, as a result they had to elevate their pitches, and "viola", they had a few balls that got crushed.

Cole and Madson were both visibly frustrated with the plate umpire. On the Dodger side Kershaw looked like he thought he was getting squeezed too. Sherrill looked none to happy with some of the calls he was getting.

There were 10 BB in the game.

Did two fairly good pitching staffs (the Dodgers led the league in ERA) all of a sudden collectively lose the ability to throw strikes?

Probabably not. I'd say they were getting collectively squeezed by a home plate umpire who had an unusually small and high strike zone.

@NEPP: I remember those times, too. They were painful ones.

I don't like padilla. Not because he's an ex-phil, but rather because he seems like a psychotic douche. Unlike former phil Randy wolf, who seems like an exemplary citizen. Let's light him up today.

Don't have any particular problems with torre's managing. Kershaw was untouchable thru 4, and torre gave his ace a long leash. It's so easy to Monday morning qb (to mix sports metaphors) manager decisions, but bl'ers continually cast every HoF manager as incompetent, and torre has been to the post-season 14 years in a row. He had the league's best record without his best player for almost half the season. How about the phils just got some clutch hits off the la ace? And how about some belated love for uncle Charlie, who does seem to know what he's doing?

Did Padilla at least recommend a good tavern in the airport?

MG: I'm game for that too. After the season is over we can swap e-mails and go about setting up something resembling a thought-provoking piece on Hamels being a reverse vampire. That is if JW thinks it is a good idea

MG & TTI working together- who'd thunk it?

After a cursory glance at the first few pitchers that popped into my head the results show more research is needed. Jake Peavy and Carlos Zambrano both have a higher daytime ERA by about a half run. Sabathia's night game ERA is a half run higher than his day game ERA. From there we'd have to look at what pitches the guy's throw primarily. Should be fun.

As for Padilla vs. Pedro, we all know Padilla is capable of coming out and tossing a good game.

When he's "on", his fastball has good movement on it and he can be very difficult to hit.

I haven't paid too much attention to him since he left the Phillies, but I remember going to a game a few years ago where he was throwing 97mph in the 7th inning.

If THAT Padilla shows up it could be a long day for the Phils.

Pedro hasn't pitched a lot lately. I liked the report from cahrlie and Dubbe that Zolecki had, but Pedro himself didn't think he threw that well - or was he being sly on purpose.

In short, both pitchers today could be very good or very bad.

Should be fun to watch.

Yo, new thread.

If Pedro gets the first 2 guys out, does he bean Manny for the 30-second stare into our dugout after the HR last night?

MG - I'm only going by your summary of the econ paper, but, I'd imagine that one reason pitchers throw a lot of fastballs is because they lose velocity on it if they don't continue to throw it.

Manny can stare as long as he wants, as long as the Dodgers keep losing.

I couldnt agree with Petey more. When a guy works his ass off to get in a position where he just got the PERFECT DOULBE PLAY BALL and then you BOTCH IT would you like him to run and pat both rollins and utley on the back and wish them " happy holidays "..Cole had every right to be pissed. Unfortunately everything got magified when the octupus wearing fertilty drug using excrement sat on a changeup and hit a two run bomb..Lets just move on

Did Padilla EVER pitch like this when he was a phillie or am I having selective memory?

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