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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Predictions? Predictions? awh don't make no stinkin' predictions?

(I love this team, though.)

Phils in 7 too!, Cliff and C.C. 2-3 times ? Wow what a series that would be! Let the Bieber Bus series begin, i will be taking it to the philly! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going with Phillies in five. I'm going to game five. So ............

Phils in four. That way I will be there to see them clinch!

clout: "Which raises an interesting question: If wins don't count, then how do you determine who's best? Average height? How about style points and technique like Olympic judges use in grading gymnasts?"

Currently the best method is probably what BP does with its adjusted standings, namely looking at third-order wins, which take into account a team's luck and the strength of the opponents it has played.

I am not really sure what the point of this argument is, as the Yankees both had significantly more wins and played stronger opponents.

Phils in 5, loses the second game. You know, standard procedure.

Liked the Phils in 4 against the Rockies and 6 against the Dodgers. Unfortunately going to take the Yanks in 6 but I hope that JRoll or JW is right.

BTY - Here's hoping that rain doesn't ruin this series because there is a good chance both at least Wed. night and Sat. night scheduled for rain/heavy rain right now.

Phillies in 3! they'll wipe em out so bad in game 1 that it'll count for 2 wins.

J-Roll, on why he predicted the Phillies would win: "It's a matter of executing. If we execute we'll win, and I believe that with all my heart."

On playing in front of NY crowds:

"We've got Pedro Martinez. I don't think anyone is going to have to overcome what he's going to face. But he loves it, too. I spoke with him about 'Who's your daddy?' and he can't wait to come out here and hear the chants. I can't wait to come out and hear what they want to say. That's fine. They're supposed to get on me. It's their house. This is New York. This is Yankee Stadium. I look forward to a challenge."

Phils in Phive.
I'd like it to go 7 just so I can watch more baseball though. Girardi will be exposed.

Phillies in three. The Yankees forfeit game four in the face of the Phillies' pure domination of their lineup and pitching staff. ;-)

If that doesn't happen, I see a very competitive series, games that the Phillies have to lead before Mariano comes to the mound. Phillies in six.

Yankees in 5.

They've had a long layoff and this team feeds on a groove. It'll be really hard to FIND a groove against this Yankees team. Look for a lot of strike outs by Howard and Ibanez. Werth will do alright, but it won't be enough. The one win, however, will be a comeback against Rivera. Shane Victorino is going to get OWNED by C.C. Utley will provide stellar defense, but will look awkward at the plate. Feliz is going to hit into an uncomfortable amount of first-pitch-swinging double plays.

Let's play baseball!

Phils in 5, six if they are feeling nice.

Head says Skanks will take this in six, but more narrowly than those numbers imply. I'm with you Jason, this is the most fun I've had watching baseball, and I can't wait to see Pedro pull out his 60'6" straw.

Phillies in five. Series MVP: None other than Jayson Werth. Biggest take-away from the series: Yankees pitching staff is OVVVERRR-RAAAA-TEDDDDD.

I predict Phillies in 6 with two games going into extra innings, and the Yankees winning one of the first 2 in Yankee Stadium in the bottom of the 9th.

I'm going with Yankees in 6 - based on the Mariano factor.

But I'm going to the SPCA and getting a big dog tomorrow morning, so I will be back tomorrow afternoon to modify my prediction.

Man, do I hate the Yankees.

It all depends on game 1. If they beat Sabathia, the Yankees are toast.

Phillies in 6. The Phillies will own Burnett twice, get a win over C.C., and a final win over Pettite.

Phils in 6 and Howard takes down Mo in the 9th with a two run bomb.

J-Roll says phils in 5, I say phils in 5

My prediction: A long series with lots of nail-biting, gut-wrenching, back-and-forth extra inning games. I can't wait.

I love the Phillies lineup, but the Yankees are even deeper. (Even their 7th hitter, Robinson Cano, hit .320 with 25 home runs. That's just sick.)

The Phils have better starting pitching depth, but much of that advantage is negated by CC pitching three games on short rest. (I like Pedro and Cole over Petitte and Burnett. But if Joe Blanton starts against CC, that tips the scales towards the Yankees.)

In the bullpen, I trust "The Gut" that Brett Myers is healthy. If so, and Durbin and Park can stay as sharp as they've been, the Phils suddenly have a lot of bullets in the pen. That's good because if the teams are as evenly matched as we all think, then we're looking at a lot of tight games. Everyone from Myers to Antonio Bastardo to Jay Happ will be called on to get tough outs late.

In the end, the Yankees deep lineup and willingness to use of CC three times gives them the advantage over the Phils. Yankees in 6 or 7.

I lke the Phils in Six.
If they loose this series though I will be in Times Square in Yankee Underwear.

I don't know if this has been discussed previously, but there is a factor not yet brought up in this thread that could potentially revolutionize this series: the weather.

There could potentially be a rainout and postponed game in games 1, 3, and 4, not to mention potential soggy weather should the series progress past 4 games.

Now I am PSYCHED for this series and ready for it to begin already, but part of me feels that a rainout tomorrow night would be the best thing that could happen to the Phils. If Wednesday's game results in a rainout, I believe MLB does away with the tentative travel day on Friday, meaning games 1-5 would be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

If that is the situation, in order to have Sabathia pitch three times in the series, he would be forced to bring him back on TWO days rest. No way he does that! You would see CC go in 1, Burnett in 2, Pettitte in 3, and likely Chad Gaudin (yes, CHAD GAUDIN) go in game 4. In that scenario, the Phillies would be looking at likely a 2-2 split or 3-1 series lead with the potential pitching matchups. A rainout later in the series, however, totally would screw the Phillies. Any more rest for the Yanks 3-man rotation would play into their hands.

What I'm trying to get at, is the fact that the Phillies' distinct advantage lies in the depth of their starters. In a pinch, the Phils could turn to Lee, Hamels, Pedro, Blanton, or Happ. The Yankees aren't in a 3-man rotation because they enjoy throwing their guys on short rest - they are doing this out of necessity. Any less rest may destroy their strategy, and give the Phils a vital advantage. Any more rest (i.e. rainout later in the series) may be enough to sway the series in the other direction. Just some food for thought.

Alas, since we can't possibly predict the weather any better than can the professionals, I'm going to say Phils in 5. This team simply has what it takes.

after looking at the hour by hour forecast, i dont see a rain out tomorrow happening unless the forcast changes. It's only twenty percent chance of rain at 10pm. At worse a rain delay, gonna be a soggy field for sure, but i dont expect a rainout

Phils in 6

Kill me if tomorrow's game is rained out, I need my baseball.

oh and thumbs up to J.R. King

Last year changed me. And I know more about Noetic Science, so if there is any truth to that thoery I'm more than happy to contribute by believeing deep down in my heart that the Fightin's take this in 5.

They'll have to jump on the Yanks early and step on their throats before they have time to come up for air.

Their is a huge amount of pressure for the Yanks to perform. When we find the crack (and we always do), lack of WS experience will be the Yanks undoing.

Last year we lost Game 3 in each of the first two series of the playoffs and then lost Game 2 in the World Series. This year we've lost Game 2 in each of the first two series. So maybe we'll win in five, losing Game 3 along the way?

Realistically though, Yankees in 6. Got to stay pessimisstic.

"When we find the crack (and we always do), lack of WS experience will be the Yanks undoing."

Such a kidder!

Phils win game 1 8-0 in USA Today computer simulation. Lee allows 5 singles and walks A-Rod 3 times. JRoll and Raul homer in first inning. No pitch count, but BL will bitch about complete game by Lee.

Phils in 6

A World Series commercial on Fox that did not mention the Yankees. Feels like bizarro world.

phils in 5, it's been a boring week since the NLCS win, I NEED MY PHILLIES BASEBALL!!!

Phils in five when Feliz slugs in two game-winners.

What worries me about this series is how much I think our success rests on our pitching. In games not started by Cliff Lee this postseason, we have allowed 5, 5, 6, 2, 4, and 4 runs. Those aren't bad totals at all, but this Yankee offense is clearly better than both the Rockies and the Dodgers, as good as both of those offenses were. In the first two rounds, our pitching seemed to just squeeze by whenever Lee wasn't pitching. I don't think that will work against the Yankees. I don't like the idea of having to rely on our offense for 6 or 7 runs every game against the likes of Sabathia, Burnett, and Pettitte when Lee isn't starting. In order for us to win this series, Cole absolutely has to step it up for us to have a chance. Without a second shutdown starter after Lee, I don't think we have a shot.

Phils in 7. Brad Lidge MVP.

And I like the Myers move.

I predict a severe lack of sleep and much angst the next week. Drinking may also be required.

Otherwise, I am thinking Phils in 7. Even though Cole pitches poorly in Game 3, Charlie goes with him again in the clincher and he is brilliant, giving up only one hit and no runs, but the Yanks pitching is almost as good. Phillies lone score comes in the 7th when Cole hits a line drive that Johnny Damon misjudges. The ball hits him in the head and caroms around the outfield long enough that Cole scores on an inside the park home run.

If it doesn't happen that way, I'm stumped.

My head says Yanks in 6, my heart says Phillies in 4. Let's go heart!

Phillies in six, Cliff Lee is the MVP, Carlos Ruiz tear up Yanks pitching.

Phils in 7.
Because I said so.

I hope from the bottom of my heart I'm wrong, but I pick Yankees in 6. It is sad, but we all have to wake up from dreams at some point.

Worried about a Texplosion. He's been quiet for too long and is due for a rampage.

OTH, Chase could break out the same way. He's due for one of those stretches where he is outrageous. It's been so long since he has been on a hitting streak, I think we've sort of forgotten how dangerous he can be when he gets on a roll.

What did Bette Davis say in that gravel voice in All About Eve? "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

Prediction? PAIN!

Looking more closely, the Mayan Calendar predicts Phillies in 6. They lose one at Yankee Stadium and then lose game 5 at home in a heartbreaker. We go to game 6 expecting a loss and arguing over who will pitch game 7, and are surprised when the Phils pull it out in game 6.

Phils in five. Cliff Lee and Ryan Howard will be co-MVPs. Parade next Friday.

While waiting for the series to start, I thought I would mention that last night I received my copy of Hard To Believe (co-authored by our host). I started to glance through it quickly, got hooked, and ended up reading till 1:30 AM. Thanks, Jason.

The book is absolutely crammed with stuff. Reading it I began to remember long forgotten games back in May of 2008 and how it felt at the time when the Phils were struggling to reach .500. In addition to a recap of every game, there are interviews with Phils people such as the ball girl, the scorer, etc., some BL comments, on and on. No disrespect to other authors, but I'm finding this account of 2008 to be the most in depth viewpoint I've read so far.

Haven't had time to check back to see if Jason's game threads are reproduced, but some seem familiar, and the writing style sounds like Jason.

Can't imagine anyone who follows BL wouldn't enjoy this read.

J-Roll's gift for prognostication notwithstanding, I don't think we can overcome CC 3 times. Not even if Lee throws 3 times. (In fact, I think that he won't do well all 3.) And Pettite is solid, too. Whereas we can't count on good performances from any of our other pitchers. Add that to offensive rust from the layoff, Mariano pitching 2-inning saves, and Brad Lidge still being fragile. But mostly the CC factor. Yankees in 6, maybe even 5.

Oh, but I hate to say it! Hate to watch it, too. I feel this Series will be agonizing. Someone help me remember it's supposed to be FUN, a GAME. I honestly didn't think I would much care what happened this year. Boy was I wrong.

It would help if I liked the opposing team. If the Angels had made it in, I could handle losing to them, esp. with their cause of playing for Adenhart's family.

HOWEVER, the Phils have accomplished quite a lot already. 3 Division titles in 3 years, 2 NL Championships in 2 years, 2 WS appearances and 1 WS victory. Wow!!!

Go Phils!

Phlipper, make sure you want the dog beyond the WS. Dogs need good homes with owners who pay some attention to them (like giving them walks). As for going to the SPCA, kudos to you for adopting a shelter mutt! Having owned 2 of them myself (one at a time), I can attest to what great pets they can make.

Regarding the weather: If the rain leads to delays mid-game, as opposed to postponements, then that could favor the Phillies, I believe.

Philliper: you sure you want to do that today? Lidge might still put the puppy in the oven one of these games.

Umpiring seems to be important this year - so from MLB:

Major League Baseball is breaking tradition and will use only experienced umpires for the World Series between the defending champion Phillies and the Yankees.
The group includes veteran crew chiefs Gerry Davis, Joe West and Dana DeMuth, along with Brian Gorman, Jeff Nelson and Mike Everitt. Davis is the crew chief and is slated to open behind the plate as former Cleveland teammates CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee hook up, now representing the Yankees and Phillies, respectively.


J-Roll says phils in 5, I would not go against Jimmie.

Phils in 6. Heartbreaker that we lose 2 times in a series.

This is a fun thread. I make no predictions on the series, but I wonder what the media hype will be if the Phillies lose. Back to the Birds. UGH!

I predict that in the end, Jeter beats Rollins.

Jeter retires with four rings, and Rollins retires with three.

Yankees in 4. Hamels sucks and should be left off the roster. Lidge will blow two leads for's going to be bad....all bad.

In case you're interested, NPR did a piece this morning about Rivera and Lidge. It's nothing new, really, but you might enjoy it nonetheless.

No one here needs a reminder that this is something more than the culimination of a 100 win season. There will not be any cowbells, and this isn't a franchise that just changed its name for marketing friendliness. Games will not be played in a dome with empty seats in a town where no one cares. Viewers will not be limited to a single geographic region. Walks will not go unpunished. Strikeouts will sting infinitely more. The crack of a bat will ring so loud your heart will want to explode.

This isn't even just the pinnacle of a two season stretch of greatness. The roller-coaster we've ridden dating back to a fatefull afternoon against a lowly opponent on the last day of the season a few years back is just the finale of the one ridden by fans much older, wiser, and more weathered than we are. Fifty-nine years after they beat our best, we get the chance to dig in again. We are presented with the opportunity to stomp out the flicker of hope that seems to burn eternally in that baseball shrine to the north - a chance to say that we woke the sleeping giant, and proceeded to put him to rest for good. The best team money can buy against the best team we've seen in our lifetime.

They are not Creed, and we are not Balboa. This group of opportunists will not have anyone thinking they feel fortunate to be here. No one has done them any favors, and they stand at the door again - weathered, worn, aching, but somehow standing taller than before.

Knock down the door, trample anyone in the way, and take what's yours! Bring down the Evil Empire, and stake your claim on the game!!! GO PHILS - BEAT NEW YORK!!!!!

Phils in 7.

Wgat I find the most roubling in all of the talk and hype about the series is the storyline that

The Phillies want their own dynasty.

By most accounts, the Phillies won the WFC last season and got to the WS this season by focusing on one game at a time, not by worrying about building a "dynasty" or a "legacy". I haven't heard much talk from the players about that this postseason.

One hope that Charlie can keep their focus where it belongs - one game, one inning, one pitch at a time.

On the Phillies' relaxed focus (from Sam Donnellon piece on Ryan Howard). I think Charlie deserves a share of the credit for this:

That's who the Phillies are now. One bad at-bat does not imply another. One bad game does not beget another. It seems like forever ago when there was panic in that dugout, seems like forever ago, said Manuel, "When I used to get a little hot about it."

"I'd call guys out and tell them that they couldn't be scared," he said. "Like, when you get in the moment and everything, if you're scared, we're not going to win.

"It took us a little while to get over that. Now, when we get down, like when we get our feet knocked out from under us, we'll get up. We'll come back. That's the even keel that we talk about now. That's who we are now."

Phillies in six. They split the first two, take two at home, and finish the Yankees off in front of a hostile crowd full of 9 year-olds who wonder if they will ever see the Yankees win the World Series.

Deutsche Phan, ausgezeichnet!!!

Phils in 5.

Lee outduels CC
Phils send AJ to showers after 2IP
Cole finally delivers
CC delays the parade
Lee makes it a blowout

Been away from computers. In the last thread clout wrote:

"Lake Fred in the last thread suggests that how many games a team wins doesn't tell you whether they are the best team because of imbalanced schedule, different opponents etc.

Which raises an interesting question: If wins don't count, then how do you determine who's best? Average height? How about style points and technique like Olympic judges use in grading gymnasts?

Thus, if the Phillies display the best fundamentals and the best mechanics in the basic skills of baseball, judges could rate them higher than the Yankee even though they might have fewer runs at the end of the game.

How does that sound, LF?"

I love and respect clout and I enjoyed the satire and humor in his writing, however he took my point out of context. Perhaps I didn't make my point due to poor writing ability. I feel that you cannot use wins as the sole comparison to judge the quality of one team or another if you are comparing different teams from different leagues or divisions. Within a division, where everyone plays the same teams, wins are it, period. There, clout and I agree totally and are buddies.

The Dodgers one win better 2009 record than the Phils did not matter. The Yankees win totals does not guarantee that they will win this World Series. I am not convinced about the AL superiority over the NL. Maybe their top 25 stars are better than the top 25 NL stars or maybe their top four teams are better collectively that the NL top four teams, but a league that has dog teams like the Royals and Indians may have inflated win records. This is especially true of the Angels. Their division is a cesspool.

PHI over COL in 4
STL over LAD in 3

NYY over MIN in 3
LAA over BOS in 5 (finally)

PHI over STL in 5
NYY over LAA in 6

PHI over NYY in 6 - WFC

Posted by: krukker | Wednesday, October 07, 2009 at 09:46 AM

Only thing I've gotten wrong so far is that the Dodgers swept St. Louis instead of the other way around and the Angels swept Boston instead of needing 5. Seeing how close I've been to this point, I have no reason to think any differently. Phils in 6.

I see the negativity is already starting with 10 and 1/2 hours until first pitch. I also notice that some of the usual suspects are shying away from this thread in fear of making a prediction because they could possibly be wrong.

Well I am going to make a prediction. Something I have said since Rivera got the final out against the Angels. Phillies in 6.

Going to split in NY. Most likely lose tonight and then beat Burnett. Then take 2 of 3 here. I think we are going to lose Game 4. Then finish it off in 6 with Hamels on the hill and Lidge to close it out. Also, game 6 will include a go ahead HR by Raaaaullll.

Wow Hamels on the hill for the series clincher, with Lidge getting a save and Rauull hitting the homerun to keep the Phillies ahead? That may just blow the minds of all our resident baseball GM's.

I'm a wreck. My fingernails are already chewed down to nubs. I can't sleep. My stomach is in knots. AND THE GAMES HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED YET!

I'll be pacing the house while the games are on TV. My liquor will be depleted. So will my Tums.

My inner-sports fan doesn't think the Phillies will win because that's how my whole life has been played, despite last year's win. I'm still the kid who watched his favorite teams, the Phillies and the Royals, get knocked out of the playoffs three years in a row, then had to endure two insufferable Yankee World Series titles. Even 1980 didn't purge my soul of all that disappointment. It didn't even come close.

I read the posts on BL, examining every flaw in the Phillies team. I keep thinking Lee, who's been amazing, is bound to get shelled sooner or later. Pedro's arm is going to fall off. Hamels will wear a tampon when pitching. Lidge will serve up homers on every pitch. Our bats are going to be silent, with lousy swings on every first pitch. Everything is going to hell. I'm going to be miserable.

Then I remind myself that the Yankees were challenged by both the Twins and the Angels. Yes, they won their series' 3-0 and 4-2, but none of those games (well, maybe game 4 against the Angels) was a blow out. There were 2 extra inning games against the Angels. And the Angels didn't exactly play very well. So what's the big deal? The Yankees have flaws as well. CC pitching 3 games on short rest after pitching a lot against the Angels and the Twins? Burnett, with his Halloween-freaky face and skanky tattoos may look scary, but his pitching isn't. Pettite can be beaten. The Phils have beaten each of these pitchers before. They can do it again. Right? RIGHT? A-Roid wants a WS title so bad. Will the pressure be too much? Remember, up until this year, he sucked in the playoffs. Perhaps playing in his first WS will give him the jitters. Jeter will be his usual competent self, but he's not perfect, either. Damon - did you see him bounce off the Angels' outfield wall like a Keystone Kop when Mathis hit his game winner? - ain't what he used to be. (Come to think of it, was he ever what he used to be?)

The Phils can win. I know they can. But will they?

This next week will be hell. I'll be at Game 5, and there will be a Game 5. I just hope it has the same outcome as last year's Game 5.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.....


Wade, Your hockey enforcer leads with his face as if you hadn't noticed!

TTI, did you notice your missing bats, improving ground ball thrower, led the league in HR allowed for 3 weeks after he went on the DL this year. LOL

CJ thank you for the yankees link.

I'm a bit late comments are from last article posts.

J-Roll your swager is priceless. Your predictions are 100 pct. on so far and shows me you are ready. I am to.
Slay the Yankees. Get-em boys. Phils in 6

I agree with Lake Fred that the idea of AL superiority is exaggerated. Just this morning, I read how the AL is superior as evidenced by the fact that AL teams have won 5 of the last 9 WS. Hmm, that means the NL has won 4 of the last 9. That's pretty close. So if there is superiority at work, beyond the AL East, it's a slight edge, not a landslide.

Ok, Phils, you can even the record for the decade - Make it NL wins 5 of the last 10 WS!


Howard, Utley, and Ibanez all homer in Yankee Stadium.

Rivera will blow a save (but save two others).

Hamels will split his games, lose game 3 but win game 6.

I'd take the over tonight.

Phils split in NY, win 2 of 3 at home, then clinch with game 6. PHILS IN 6!

How about a 1971 Ali-Fazier comparison? NY is Ali: media darlings, pretty, legendary history, lost the title and wants to reclaim it. Philly is Frazier: gritty, blue collar, determined to show legitimacy after a weak WS opponent (Jimmy Ellis). We all know who won in '71 (and where).

Phils in 3 and Bruntlett is the MVP.

Seriously, Phils win it in 6 games and Ibanez is the MVP. I also think Francisco is going to have a sneaky good series, starting tonight. Would not at all be surprised, if this series isn't as competitive as many think it will be. Most WS have gone that way recently.

The Yanks HAVE to win tonight (weather permitting).

This series is going to come down to a non baseball statistic hangtime.

Hope the national announcers compute it on all throws coming from Yankees leftfielder and time ball is in the air before landing for hits in RF. Phils will exploit both of these weaknesses.

Go Phils WFC09

Anybody know which Phils have WS MVP bonuses in their contracts?

I think the key to this series, and the one place that the Phils have an advantage, ironically enough, is to play small ball.
Get J-Roll and Shane on base and drive CC, AJ and pettitte crazy racing around the bases. Throw them out of their rhythm.

If that happens Phils in 6.
The top of the first, game 1 is key. Dont want to see Phils rust from the week layoff.

My prediction? Lake Nostradamus' crystal ball is fuzzy. I like thePhaithful's prediction, although I see more of a split in NY. I'd like to see a sweep in Philly but 2 of 3 looks more realistic, sending the series back to NY. Phils win in game six or seven. That's the most wishy-washy prediction ever, but I am willing to predict a Phillies victory. I think the media does not understand the Phillies intagibles and they over rate the Yankees.

Phils in 7. I think we get one blowout win for each team and game 7 isn't close.

Phils in 7. Rivera blows two games (1 BS, 1 loss) on HRs to Ryan and Raul. Lee is MVP with 2 1-run, 8 inning games, and pitches 3 shut-out innings in game 7 in relief. Lidge gets 2 saves (game 1 & 7), pitches 3 innings without giving up a run. 7 different Phillies hit an HR, but nobody has more than 1.

Yankees in 6, but it won't be easy for them.

If anyone hears anything about the chances for postponement tonight, could you please post...much as you'll hate me for it, I have a ticket for tonight's game and don't want to slog up the turnpike with this fever if I don't have to.

Clay, i think Robin Roberts has a bonus clause.

My gut has been telling me Yanks in 6, as much as I hate to say it. I do think it will be a crazy series, with big rallies. I think the Phils get Rivera once but Lidge will be a problem for the Phils.

I am encouraged though that JRoll said 5. That lad is a p*ss*r, ain't he?

RSB: Your fever has caused you to doubt the heart of this team.

RSB - If you're going to Yankee Stadium with a fever, please make sure you get as close to the Yankee dugout as possible. Make sure you cough/sneeze explosively, projecting fluvium in the general direction of the starting line up. Extra points for projectile mucus landing on the faces of the mosted hated Yankees.

And while you're at it, focus on a few Yankee fans as well.

Clay: heres the list of Phils players who get bonuses for WS MVP: Howard, Utley, Raul, Victorino. very small amount. although Lidge, Bruntlett, Tyler Walker, and Romero all had that clause in their previous contracts.

So far, the prediction with the highest likelihood of coming true is Grey's prediction about a lot of angst & a lot of alcohol consumption for Phillies fans.

As for the series . . . at the risk of stating the obvious, Game 1 is key. In the 20 post-season series since 2007, the teams that have won Game 1 have won the series 19 times. Sabathia is terrific, but it's curious to me that everyone (Phillies fans included) thinks of him as such an unstoppable force, & no one ever says the same about Lee. Yet, Lee has had a better ERA+ for 2 years in a row & his winning percentage over that 2-year span is actually better (Lee is 36-16; Sabathia, 36-18), even though Sabathia has spent 3/4 of that period playing for playoff teams while Lee has spent 3/4 of it playing for a terrible team.

I pick the Phillies to win tonight's game 3-2, and I pick them to win the series in 6. Series MVP: Jimmy Rollins. And let the record reflect that this prediction is made with a clear mind & is irrevocable; it supersedes anything I might say during the course of tonight's game.

C.C. Sabathia isn't the second coming. Let him start three times - I predict he doesn't come through the Series with an ERA under 4.

RSB - this is one of those times you should get involved with Twitter. If you do a search for #phillies from your phone, a PPD will come through that way before any radio / TV broadcast will come.

RSB: The Accuweather guy on ESPN this morning said the game will definitely be played tonight. So, take that for what it's worth.

My prediction has been long on the record.

Phils in 5.

Yo, new thread.

Phils in seven looks good to me.

I think the Phils' superior defense and starters will limit the Yanks high-powered offense enough to give the Fightins a good shot at the weak Yank pen.

Phils in 5, with the only loss coming from Sabathia in game 4. Includes a game 3 gem from one Cole Hamels...

Phillies in 5.

My prediction?

This series will have fewer TV viewers than the series in 1980. :p

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