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Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow, another great game. This postseason has been incredible so far.

I have to add Casey Blake to the list of game MVPs. His ABs were huge for us. Especially with him hitting the five spot.

CHOP hadn't pitched in a month, and he came to play tonight. He was so good, when Charlie pulled him for Francisco I winced. Obviously, putting someone in to hit for Park was the right move (though it didn't work out, thanks in part to Ruiz being too far off the bag). But when you have such a leaky bullpen, and Park was clearly stopping the holes, it seemed like a risky move at the time.

Happy it all worked out. Even happier Park is healed and ready to deal. Happiest that he took Myers' spot.

OK, we won. Why must every playoff game be a heart stopper? Isn't this supposed to be entertainment, not torture. I can't resist one criticism of Cholly. Why on earth did he not allow Park to pitch the 8th inning? The month off was a plus for him, as he was totally lights out. Anyhow, Chooch is a hero, and Ibanez and Howard have been superb. Winning at least one game in LA was the goal. Mission accomplished. Winning two games in LA would, for all practical purposes, finish the Dodgers off.

There's still a place to hide: Pedro Feliz. But I guess that's a minor quibble if everyone around him hits.

1. Bastardo is way too green for this. Swap him for Kendrick for the WS.

2. Madson hasn't gotten the job done in a while now. Chan Ho should have pitched the 8th.

3. Cole Hamels is a punk. Curt Shilling couldn't get away with showing up his teammates in this town and this man is no Curt Shilling (and never will be). He certainly hasn't had the kind of season to forgive the childish behavior. I look forward to the day when he pitches elsewhere.

4. Ryan vs LHP? What me worry?

Upside: we won, and Park can pitch again tomorrow.

It was clear after just a few pitches that Madson didn't have it tonight. As for Hamels, I'd give him exactly the same grade as he received in the division series.

I wonder if anyone can figure out why Charlie removed Happ after two batters when he didn't have to pinch hit for him and Ethier was leading off the next inning. Didn't make a bit of sense to burn Bastardo there.

For a second, I thought Charlie and Torre had switched dugouts. Torre is usually then one making the inexplicable moves with the pen.

Ak- Happ was due up first, and they hit for him with Cairo.

Probably just as well that Happ didn't stay in, and that Park didn't come back for the 8th - as much as I am hopeful about Pedro, we might want both those guys to throw an inning or more tomorrow.

Just gotta say sorry to Bed's Beard for causing him to lose his house on my Hamels Prediction. Losin' a house... that's a tough one, man. Wish I could buy you a cup of coffee.

Hamels needs to behave better under adversity. It's not good for his image.

Was driving from Houston to New Orleans during the game, getting text message updates from my daughter. Going into the bottom of the 9th, I turned to my wife and said, "Cholly better not put in Lidge, or I'll end up driving off the road." Cholly did, but I didn't. You have got to hand it to both Cholly and Brad. They both have big brass sets; much bigger than mine.

I just wanted to say, good luck, Phils. We're all counting on you.

Carlos Ruiz = Señor Octubre

just got home from the texas bars and i'm thinking, after losing the way they did, the dodgers have got to be scared out of their minds. maybe since i have a phillies-biased point of view, my thinking's a little off... but when the dodgers traded for george sherrill, i feel like they did so with meeting the phillies in the postseason in mind. and that was their big trump card, and it got busted badly by raul. so now what for the dodgers? huge momentum swing for the phils, i have a good feeling about pedro tomorrow.

Stat of the game:


That there's the difference between a win and a loss.

It's also the difference as to why Blake (0-5, 1 SO, 4 LOB) is getting stick here but not Utley (0-4, 1 BB, 1 SO, 3 LOB).

gotta love how this sets up for the phillies. they take down LA's most dangerous pitcher and now go into game 2 facing LA's biggest "wildcard" in padilla, a guy they theoretically should match up pretty well against. if the phils win tonight, LA will be in serious trouble, and if they don't, they still accomplished a key road win and come back to philadelphia in very good shape.

Torre, on why he left Kershaw in too long, "You know, to me, he's a starting pitcher in Game 1, so I felt that that's what I wanted to do."

Nice logic there, Joe.

There was not a down second in that game. My eyes never came off screen until Lidge closed it out.

I think Hamels is just EXTREMELY frustrated. He pitched a VERY GOOD game. It had all the potential to be a CLASSIC line for him against the Dodgers. That should have been a double play, getting Hamels out of that inning with 0 runs, not bringing up Manny. And even with that Manny homer, I can't sit there and blame Hamels for that. That was an absolutely beautiful piece of hitting by Manny, and makes me only hate him more.

EFF: Where do you get the covers of the papers online? I want to make a folder with all of them.

JRoll, on Lidge:

"But you know, that's what he's supposed to do. That's what's supposed to happen. And if he doesn't close them out, then we'll find another way to win -- because that is what we do."

Good Morning!

Nice J Roll quote, EFF.

Did you catch the part where the TBS guys compared Clayton Kershaw to Sandy Koufax? (Apologies if this was mentioned in the game thread.) My eyebrows shot right up off the top of my head on that one.

What a game. What a team. It's wonderful to watch knowing that any one of them can and will do good work.

Have a good day.

We'll find another way to win -- because that is what we do.

Team motto, right there.

Mick O: No worries. I'm keeping the cash, just giving up my kneecaps!

Mick O: No worries. I'm keeping the cash, just giving up my kneecaps!

Mick O: No worries. I'm keeping the cash, just giving up my kneecaps!

Mick O: No worries. I'm keeping the cash, just giving up my kneecaps!

I think Bed Beard is keeping the cash but giving up his kneecaps.

That's Lidgetastic!!!

CHoP was filthy. I don't think I realized he had that kind of stuff. Thank goodness he's healthy because Madson has had 2 disastrous performances in a row. He needs to get his head straight.

A Fan: you want Hamels to pitch elsewhere? Why, because the Phillies have such a rich and vibrant history of developing pitchers that we don't need him? You're nuts. I wanted to strangle Jimmy & Utley too. Hamels had every right to be frustrated.

"Pitching, Defense, and the Three Run Homer".
-Earl Weaver

Dont u get the feeling that Cole's teammates dont like him?

Chopper should replace Madson in the 8th from now on. Madson's looked pretty awful.
For another view of the game, read Bill Plaschke's column found here:,0,1346275.column
Pretty illogical...

Hamels is 24 years old, from California, and a bit of a "diva" personality for lack of a better word. Let him mature. To look forward to him pitching elsewhere is a idiotic thing to say. He was the World Series MVP!!! He learned his lesson last winter that preparation is key, if he fails again this winter, then be concerned long term. Great pitchers don't just pop out of the minors, they take time (like Cliff Lee).

Yea I'm stereotyping people from Cali which is wrong but you get my point.

That dude: not at all. what gives you that inclination? the dime store psychology you use from a 2 second sound bite?

That Dude: Who cares if they don't like him. #1/2 pitchers don't grow on trees. And yes, I know what his stats where this year. If you look at a list of true aces out there, guys like Halladay, Carpenter, and Lackey a lot of them had fits and starts. Halladay was busted all the way back to A ball after his debut. I think Lackey's history is pretty comparable. After he won game 7 of the WS, he had 2 very mediocre years at 24 and 25 before really developing into a reliable #1. You don't give up on that type of talent.

AL: Lee's another great example to go with the trio I mentioned. Hamels has been no where near as bad as any of those guys were before everything clicked for them.

Jimmy and Utley turn that routine double play, and today we'd be talking about how Cole is back in the groove.

From that LA times article:

If Kershaw is pulled earlier, maybe the Dodgers give up only those three runs. Maybe, then, the battering that they gave the awful -- and I mean awful -- Phillies' bullpen matters.

Battering? They battered Hamels, not the bullpen. Take away the battering they gave Hamels and add the 2 runs given up by the BP and it is still a 6-3 win for the Phils. Add in the Hamels runs it is still only tied 6-6.

So yeah, the reason the Dodgers lost this game wasn't because Torre didn't pull Kershaw soon enough. It was because the Dodgers left too many men on base. The Phils' "awful" pen, got the tough outs when it counted. The Dodgers much-lauded 'pen (read Sherrill, George) did not.

Good Morning all. I see las tnight during the thread someone suggested I would rub it in and gloat when Ibanez hit the homerun.

I will not say "I told you so" because that would be redundant at this point. We all by now realize that Amaro made the correct move. I am just so excited that we are 3 wins away from the World Series.

I suggested the other day that having Kershaw start Game 1 WASN'T A GOOD IDEA because if you lost Game 1 them the pressure would be huge now that Kershaw isn't pitching until Game 5. I would have started Wolf Game 1 and then came back with Kershaw in Game 2 because if you lose Game 1 than there isn't as much pressure because your "best" starter is going Game 2. Well now, you lost Game 1 with you "best" pitcher and you follow up with a must win game with Vincente Padilla. Yes, folks that is the Same Vincente Padilla that used to play here. Oh by the way Padilla is a career 0-1, with a 10.50 ERA against the Phillies. Good Luck Chief.

Also, very positive signs from Lidge. I am sorry I lost track he is 3 for 3 in save opportunities right? And what is going on with Madson? I have seen DITHL looks the past 2 games. He has been horrible as of late, he better get his act together.

Today's game is for the series, IMO. If the Phillies win this one the series is as good as over. Coming back home with a Lee-Blanton-Hamels rotation is a heck of a lot better than a Kuroda-Wolf-Kershaw they have.

Clout, what were you saying about their pitching again? Starter got bombed and Sherrill got lite up like a Christmas Tree by Raul. Where is this great pitching you speak of?

Great win by a group that simply refuses to be unhinged by adversity. I mean, these guys absolutely rally around it. It's beautiful to watch. In fact, I'm finding myself having to actively combat the go-to Philly fatalistic attitude that years and years of "Oh, God... it's happening again -- why is it happening again!?" moments ingrained in me. These guys are flat out champions, physically and mentally.

That being said, anyone know what triggered Victorino's jawing after being picked off in the 1st? Was he just talking to himself, or did someone say something to him?


I feel like I'm talking myself hoarse about this, but there was nothing "routine" about that double play. Ethier would have been safe even if Utley was on target.

Tommy: But you always said Madson should be the 8th inning guy because that's where he was best and most comfortable. But now he's screwing up in the 8th. Maybe he got too comfortable in the 9th? What happened?

DL: You are absolutely correct. Utley should have just held the ball. But in the end it really doesn't matter because Manny was hitting that bomb whether Eithier was on 1st or 2nd.

Jack: Wait. So you are suggesting that since Madson is pitching horrible in the 8th it is due to him being used to pitching in the 9th where he was equally as bad? What?

All I know is I said Lidge would be the closer and got laughed off the blog. And my my, look what happened.

dlhunter: if that ball doesn't get stuck in Jimmy's glove, they turn it. Utley's throw was only part 2 of that snafu.

Mr. Classick: I read that Russell Coltrane Martin was jawing at Shane about trying to run into Loney.

Mr. Classick, MLB Network guys McGrane and Williams argued over whether there was a balk there, so I assumed Shane was arguing that there was. I also saw how he talked w/Martin at his next time up to bat, where it was speculated he was explaining himself to Martin, hoping to avoid being hit by a pitch, they joked.

All together now: Chan Ho Park!

Is it me or has this lineup made incredible strides in the last few years?

I think back to how frustrating Shane, Howard, Werth, and Ruiz were as recently as 2007. Didn't it seem like every time Shane would come up he would swing at a bad pitch and pop it up? Howard would be swinging at sliders 3 feet off the plate? Werth would be reaching? Ruiz has no concept on how to be a successful "8" hitter?

As currently constructed, this lineup makes you WORK. They take pitches. They foul a TON of pitches off. They compliment each other perfectly. I have an absurdly high level of confidence (that directly contradicts the Negadelphia bottled up inside of me) in this lineup to put up a satisfactory effort against any single pitcher the opposition can throw on any given night. Except Tim Redding - but oh wait, I don't think we're going to have to worry about him come playoff-time!

On another note, how about that mental midget Clayton Kershaw? Clearly has A+ stuff, but one or two things go against him and now he can't throw a single strike? Kershaw may be a Cy Young pitcher in the future, and he has plenty of time considering his extremely young age, but he will NEVER be successful if he can't correct his mental flaws.

What does my household have in common with the Dodgers' dugout?

"Come on let's go, everyone's waiting!"

"Randy doesn't have his shoes on."

"Would you get your shoes on already?"

"I don't know where they are."

Thanks, GB and JB.

Also, my apologies if this has already been posted, but this has to be the funniest quote of the year. It's from Pedro, and it's in regard to his '07 rehab: "It was really, really intense. The most intense work I’ve ever done in my life. Two times I threw up while training and peed in my pants because I was out of control, it was so hard. I couldn’t do anything about it."

mvptommy: This is simple enough for even you to understand, so I'll break it down:

1. Dodger pitching is their team strength.

2. The Phils have a huge advantage on offense.

3. In a single game or a short series, anything can happen and form doesn't always hold.

Maybe my memory is bad, but I don't recall the 2008 team playing as many pressure-filled, close, exciting games as this team has, all year long. What a pleasure to watch.

Oh, and one more thing:


They're a team of winners, its that simple.

When it matters, they get it done.

Great win fellas. Chooch is on track to become a huge cult hero in Philadelphia outside of our little cult here who already loves him(except davthom).

Howard keeps on hitting and Ibanez is the Phillies latest daily hero--and I'm sure there will be another one by end of the game tonight.

c ho p was filthy and made Manny look verrrryyy old and roid'less. He looks helpless against anything hard and in on his hands. They threw the last 10 pitches of the game to him right there without any inclination of doing otherwise and he still couldnt even get a swing on it.

Extremely disappointed in Hamels. He was gift wrapped a 5-1 lead from the offense and he couldn't get the adrenaline up to give them a shutdown inning vs their 8-9-1 hitters? I was really looking forward to him returning to form, but that was a huge step in the wrong direction. And don't give me that missed DP excuse. He gave up a lead off 2b to the worst player on the entire field.

clout: "In a single game or a short series, anything can happen and form doesn't always hold."

But wait clout, after 1 impressive start you are ready to say that Padilla isn't actually as bad as most here say. Contradiction much?

"Dodger pitching is their team strength."

Ok, so what? Their offense isn't that great since they don't hit alot of HR's and ground into a ton of double plays, among other reasons. So you are basically saying of all their weaknesses pitching they are best at.

And this is NOT what you said prior to Game 1. You were running around here saying watch out for the Dodgers because their starters had high ERA+'s and their bullpen was "lock down". I love when you try to twist your arguments and what you actually said.

I haven't heard any of the national or local media discuss the fact that Kershaw's first 4 inning played out exactly like Jimenez's in Game 1. Mow 'em down thru 4, rocked in the 5th.

****Scott Lauber: With his two-run double in the fifth, Howard became the Phillies’ all-time leader in postseason RBIs with 18 in 22 games. Mike Schmidt had 16 RBIs in 36 career postseason games.****

I can't decide if that's a bad thing about MJS or that Howard is just amazing in the postseason.

Speaking of which, if Russell Martin isn't the most overrated catcher in the Major Leagues, who is?

Also from MLB Network, specifically Mitch Williams, on Cole's reaction to the botched DP:

"He has a W next to his name because the rest of his team picked him up."

"I'd have liked to see the camera pan around the field after Manny hit the HR; betcha his teammates were throwing up their hands and rolling their eyes (at Cole)."

Brilliant, Mitch. That would be the perfect gesture to let Cole know his glare wasn't cool. Make your point with some pointed humor. Wonder how it was handled, or whether it was simply blown off?

More from Mitch last night: "Cole has been focused on the wrong things this year, like the start times for the LDS, instead of just his pitching."

He also recalled the error by Ibanez in the LDS and the non-reaction by Lee (or was it someone else pitching?), how the pitcher just went out and got the out. How if one of his teammates made an error, it made him more determined, to pitch as if to say "That's ok, buddy, I got you covered." How Manny's HR = the baseball gods retaliating for showing up your teammates.

Finally, not about Cole, but about Lidge, Mitch said, "Now I understand why they hated me in Philly." Referring to the scariness of watching Lidge go about the save.

Oh, and one more from Mitch, b/c I think he's got a unique way of putting things, on Padilla: "You know the saying he's a million dollar man with a 10-cent brain? Well, Padilla would have to give 8 cents back." Harold Reynolds lost it on that one, totally cracked up.

Remember: A team is never as good as they look after a win and never as bad as they look after a loss.

i'm still unsure why people here aren't taking Manuel to task for pitching to Manny in that spot.

1.) That error gave a huge momentum boost to Dodgers and their crowd which awoke for virtually the first time.
2.) errors on what should have been the 3rd out, often lead to big innings (especially with younger pitchers). Standard throughout baseball.
3.) If anyone has ever watched baseball for the last 12 years, they know in that spot, Manny is going to come up with a huge hit. At best the dodgers were getting another run. But instead you had a 1 run game.

There was a base open.

Who would you rather face? Kemp who while batting .333 in his career against Cole, only one of his 4 hits were an XBH.

Plus in the previous at bat, Cole forced a ground ball.

The Tony Larussa/Jim Leyland's of the world don't pitch to Manny in that spot.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I think clout's attempt to seem as never wrong is more pathetic than tommy's attempt to always be right.

Speaking of mental midgets, the Dodgers have Mental Midget 1(a) to Kershaw's status as Mental Midget #1 going tonight on the mound.

As good as Padilla can look at times, if the Phils' lineup gives the same or substantially similar at-bats this afternoon as they did last night, Padilla will get flustered and it could be an early afternoon for he and the Flotilla. They just need to make him work and eventually he will provide Phillie hitters some gifts.

Phew. I'm too tense to post during the game. These last three victories make for great baseball viewing if you aren't vested in one of the teams playing, but for me it has been torture. I got about three minutes to relax and imagine things would be easy when the Phils went up 5-1, and then…

One reason baseball is such a great game is that it is practically never predictable. Hamels was pitching great (hence my foolish confidence) until a couple of unlikely fielding problems. I think the home run by Manny was partly a demonstration of the reality that sometimes good hitting can beat good pitching, but Cole was clearly useless after that. And speaking of unpredictable, how many of us would have take the over on whether or not Sherrill would give up more than 2 runs in an inning of work? The last baseball prediction I ever made with confidence was that the Yankees would crush the Pirates in 1960. I was 10, but I learned a lesson. Its why I love baseball, but its also why it makes me crazy.

I do love this team and they have a sustained resilience and confidence that I have never seen in any previous Phillies incarnation. If I could tap into that during the games, I might be able to survive this post-season.

On another note—I am driving 5 hours for Sunday's game. Any local insight as to whether it will actually happen and what the conditions will be like?

Russell Martin had a great breakout year at Age 24 and everyone assumed he'd build on that. 2 years later and he's gone downhill consistently. He's only 26 so he might still figure it out but I dont think he's nearly as good as anyone thought he'd be back in 2007. And that GG in 2007 was a complete joke.

Someone with p-shop skills needs to put CHOP's face on a samurai body.

Love this from the Stark piece,

"So he hadn't pitched in any actual games for weeks. But "mentally," he said, with a chuckle, "I was pitching a doubleheader every day.""

Dude is a warrior!

This was funny too:

"Asked if that brilliance surprised him at all, the 36-year-old Park deadpanned: "Yes. Very much. My body's not right. And I'm old, you know?""

Kershaw is not a mental midget; he's 21 years old.

Ozark: not sure if media picked it up but I know I did. Both Jiminez and Kershaw came into the game with "get ahead of the count, get ahead of the count" running through their mind. So what did they do? The first time through the lineup they pumped fastballs down the middle for strike 1. They got ahead and pitched successfully, but the next time through the lineup they couldn't risk pumping another first pitch fastball so they tried to get ahead with offspeed pitches which worked for a few batters but after awhile could not be sustained.

Trying to pitch backwards for too long will get you into trouble and both youngsters Jiminez and Kershaw showed a lack in the ability to regain composure and trust their stuff. A credit to this lineup and their ability to outlast young pitchers with great stuff.

Most 21 year old pitchers are in A+ or AA, not the NLCS. I'd give him a pass.

Tommy- I swear to all that is holy if Madson blows a game in this series and you come in here trying to rub it in I will find you. This isn't the time of year to be playing gotcha. We're 3 wins away from going back to the World Series- let's focus on that. There is a whole off-season coming up where we can get back to debating the mundane.

Phargo: The TBS announcers didn't compare Kershaw to Koufax. Joe Torre did and the TBS announcers were reporting what he had said.

TTI: I am NOT hoping Madson blows a save. Jack was suggesting that moving Madson from the 9th inning back to the 8th inning messed him up. Which is so ridiculous that it is laughable. Moving Madson to a less pressure situation is designed to help him, not hurt him. I think Madson is trying to aim his pitches too much instead of just throwing them.

Mike: I don't think you walk Manny because the the Phillies were able to get him out consistently with inside fastballs (makes the 3 straight changeup pitch selection extra puzzling). And, Kemp is a beast who's really putting it all together this year.

NEPP: I laughed when the TBS guys described Martin as a GG catcher when they announced the lineups in the beginning of the game.

In Torre's defense, Koufax wasn't good for the first 6 years of his career.

In reality's defense, NO ONE will ever be as good as Koufax. The guy had the best 6 years of pitching in baseball history. Pedro comes close in his prime but 2 things are against him: 1. He didn't pitch 300+ innings a year. 2. He didn't pitch with shoulder pain so bad he could throw on off days or even raise his arm. Sanford Braun did.

I was talking to my dad about Koufax a few months ago, and he gave me the classic story: He had tickets to go see the Phillies play Koufax and the Dodgers and he traded them with one of his friends because he wanted to see Bob Gibson instead. It ended up being one of Koufax's no-hitters. He's still pissed about it. That's why I love baseball...stories like that.

Thanks for the Mitch quotes, gbrett. He makes a good point in contrasting Lee's reaction to the Ibanez error in Colarado. No doubt Hamels has some growing up to do, but those who want to get rid of him are crazy. Hamels has a lot of work to do in the offseason (working on his curveball and his emotions) and only next year will we know how he grows from this. That being said, I still believe Hamels is capable of throwing a gem this postseason.

Hamels is getting a lot of greif here, but Madson was just as bad. We are doing a lot of talking about how our bullpen held them. Without the Ibanez homer we're having a different conversation today - we'd be talking about how bad our bullpen is.

I see that Hamels continued to whine about the failed double play in his postgame comments. Talk about a guy who doesn't get it. His weak act really is the pockmark on an otherwise terrific Game 1 victory. The more Hamels' career progresses, the less I'm able to stand his personality. It's like watching Gregg Jefferies on the mound.

I can't stand Marcus Hayes. His article today is "Phillies defense lets down Hamels."

An excerpt: "What should be remembered from last night's game is the 360 pounds of ineptness around second base.

First of all, if shortstop Jimmy Rollins cleanly fields the routine, two-hop doubleplay ball from Andre Ethier, Hamels and the Phillies escape the fifth inning with no blood loss.

Second, if Chase Utley cleanly transfers Rollins' toss, the Phillies still have a chance at getting Ethier at first base. Unsurprisingly, that didn't happen. Utley threw the ball into the dugout."

He makes it sound as if our infield DP combo is some crap rather than one of the best in baseball. Unsurprisingly? He is such a miserable POS.

Re: Cole - I believe that he is suffering from the "Verdcci effect" or "year after dead arm". I fully expect him to bounce back next year. Right now, the Phils simply need him to keep them in games. That being said, the Cliff Lee pickup was crucial. Without him we would have been an aceless playoff team, and could very well have made a first round exit.

I love when we win games and the classic Philly journalist has to highlight a negative aspect of the game. Get a life, jerk!

Clout did you show some emotion? I always assumed you were Vulcan.

I prefer Choochywood

Great post, GreysFan, I agree.

Request to people with talent. Do a better job than this:

Best way to make Marcus Hayes go away is to not read his articles. Everytime someone clicks on his article, it reinforces his job security.

He is a miserable little man. Journalists aren't supposed to be homers but his constant negativity is pathetic.

NEPP: It's as Schmidt said, "The thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day."

NEPP: 90% of the posters on here do the exact same thing!!

Hayes seems to enjoy highlighting moments that would have loomed large had the team lost. For him, it's like the next best thing to them actually losing.

GBrettFan: Thanks.

Sometimes it seems like Chase tries to almost do too much. This year at least, it seems like he is almost buying into his image as a great defender and trying to one up himself Brett Favre style. For every amazing TD throw Favre has made over his career, there is that occasional WTF?!? moment where you wonder just what he was thinking. Part of this lies in a belief on their part that they can make every play.

Chase is a great defender. He has gotten better every year he's been in the majors and he is the most underrated defensive 2B in baseball. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins a Gold Glove this year as he would be a legit winner. I dont mind his "errors" in that light as he almost always makes an error when trying to make an amazing play, not a routine play. I'll take that any day of the week.

Lidge on Chopper: ""He probably took some good Korean ancient herb something." Hopefully it's not on the banned substance list.

****NEPP: 90% of the posters on here do the exact same thing!!***

Yeah, but no one here has newspaper column and those remarks tend to be in the heat of the moment. There's a difference between a fan venting on a blog and a guy that gets paid to write about that team.

****Lidge on Chopper: ""He probably took some good Korean ancient herb something." Hopefully it's not on the banned substance list.****

Calgon?!? Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

NEPP: Not to mention Hayes is one of the guys who attacked bloggers for their lack of journalistic ability. He is guilty of doing the very thing he criticizes, if you ask me.

That Marcus Hayes piece sounds terrible, HH, thanks for the pointer so now I won't read it. Contrast that with MLB Network last night, when Gary Amsinger (sp?) was amazed that Hamels glared at Chase "the best 2nd baseman in baseball." Geez, Jimmy and Chase are an awesome DP combo. Now, if he were writing about a team like the Nationals, I could see saying the D let the pitcher down. True, Jimmy's half-second struggle to get the ball out of his glove cost them the DP, but it happens from time to time. He and Chase are far from crappy fielders.

Mitch Williams is RIGHT

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