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Wednesday, October 21, 2009





Take That L.A. We are witnessing something never done in Phillies history...back to back World Series appearances. Amazing. Just amazing!! Somewhere Harry is smiling :) Whitey too!

A very subdued professional celebration for the Phillies. They all know they've got 4 more to go till the real celebration.

Loving the shot of Lidge and Chooch dancing on the mound just now. Bring on the Yanks.

Can you win comeback player of the year for coming back within the same calender year?

haha I love this team.

Turnpike Series?

I love the red. Just feels so regal.

Lidge has the joy of already having won us a World Series and thus was fireproof for most of the season...Thank God for that.

Did Lidge just say his "faith in Gut" got him through hi struggles?

mvp? Lidge, Howard, Chooch? Bullpen?

Phillies in 5 over the Yankees.

Jimmy Rollins pretty much made this clincher antclimactic, though the Dodgers' clear inferiority helped that cause as well.

Phils and Yankees, here we go. Nothing anticlimactic about that. Two best teams in baseball, without a doubt. It'll be sho'nuff sweet to sit on this for a full week.

Chooch should be the MVP. Howard likely wins though.

I love the red. The great thing about being a Phillies fan in 2009 is that we have World Series traditions.

So are we still concerned about failing to pick up George Sherrill?

Anyone know the Vegas odds for a Phils 4-1 win in the WS? I would buy that lottery ticket...this team does not lose two games in the post season!

If the Yanks make it, how many families will be split next week?

Howard is MVP.

Durbin is back to 1st half 2008 form. Lidge I back to 2008 form. As a result, the pen looks much better.

Born in the year of the Whiz Kids. 59 years a Phillies fan. This is the best. Back to back!

Are they really booing the TBS guy?!?

Wow, they didn't boo Giles...that has to be a first.

I posted on this a few days ago, but this pennant makes this team better than the 80's team. IMHO

Hello World Series!! I think you already know us- we're the Phillies.

The best part about this is getting back there renders all the minute stuff we debated this season (Raul vs Pat, should Jimmy be dropped from leadoff, Lidge, Charlie's management of the pen) to an afterthought. It doesn't matter, any of that.

What matters is we are now 2 time defending National League champions and all bets are off, all hands on deck to try and win the World Series again.

Digest this for a week guys and gals and let's hope the Angles push the ALCS to at least 6

NEPP: I think they're booing TBS. Remember those starting times in the Division Series.

Wikipedia already updated for the Pennant win.

Clear your throat, Monty. You're on National TV.

How cool must this be for the Chopper? Just 12 months ago he was in the showers right about now.

Ernie Johnson needs to be booed louder.

****NEPP: I think they're booing TBS. Remember those starting times in the Division Series.****

Head kinda clouded by the whole Winning the Pennant thing. No time to boo anyone...other than Selig.

Charlie's back hair may be longer than Werth's goatee.

When do we stop hearing about the Phillies "struggling" bullpen?

It appears TBS has no love for the '95 & '96 Braves. They keep repeating the same false trivia over & over ...

Howard's NLCS MVP win is worth a cool $50K.

I love John Kruk: "the phillies are good baserunners, victorino can get a little crazy sometimes, but good base runners....

What's this "Little" Red Machine nonsense? I like "21st Century Red Machine" myself.

I just wanted to say, good luck, Phils. We're all counting on you.

Beating the Yankees would be sweet. Even if we don't win those, these are a damn good two years.





Pedro Martinez wins another pennant...too awesome!

I really enjoyed beating Torre. He's such a class act. Less so his replacement in NY, who could be a white-shirt middle manager droning about TPS reports while leaving early for golf. GO HALOS, I want to see Bobby A. back in Philly!

Torre is being very gracious in his post-game conference.

"They [Phillies] are certainly the better team."

Credit to his reputation as a classy guy.

Think the Dodgers target Lackey in the off-season? They need a legit top of the rotation guy and it showed big time in this series.

For all of the jabs at the Dodgers, this was a much better team than the one that went down in 5 last year. The obvious conclusion. These Phillies a lot better too.

So, Mitch is on MLB saying that Cole shouldn't be in the WS rotation at all? Figure the odds of that happening.

This was a heavy weight fight where we simply outclassed them. Last year was like a welterweight match in comparison. Our team is so much better than the 2008 version.

Don't let the Dodgers fool you. They were a great team and they didn't just rack up wins against the NL West. We are simply a deep club, an AL club that plays in the NL basically. If Lidge had even an average year, we would have been a 100+ win team.

We can and will beat the Yankees.

Yes Torre was gracious, but what do you expect him to say? I am reminded of Col. George Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn, who said: "those Indians sure have a good team."

Hitman: ... at least they might have if they hadn't traded Cliff Lee for wampum.

I had called the Phils winning the 2009 pennant back in 2007. Consider the following:

1993 - Phils go the WS
1997 (four years later) Flyers go to the finals
2001 (four years later) Sixers go to the finals
2005 (four years later) Eagles go to the finals
2009 (four years later) the Philadelphia wheel is due for another spin. I don't know what the 2008 outlier means, though.

NEPP: Agreed. I feel it, too.

What radio station has the best celebration coverage going right now?

You have to start Pedro against the Yankees, right?

Despite his PS numbers against them, he's got great overall splits career wise:

Yankee Stadium - 8-4, 2.94 ERA in 16 GS
Vs Yankees overall - 11-11, 3.20 ERA in 32 GS

Considering Happ's postseason issues so far, its got to be Pedro, right?

Also, the Yankees aren't quite as good against RHP as LHP.



Back for seconds. This is just the start.

Great job, Phillies. Bring on anybody ... we can take 'em!

****Yes Torre was gracious, but what do you expect him to say? I am reminded of Col. George Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn, who said: "those Indians sure have a good team."****

Compare it to any Bobby Cox post-game conference...not every manager has class. Torre, whatever his fault, is a good baseball guy and a classy individual.

I can't wait for the Pedro start. It's going to be high drama. And you can bet every Boston fan wants him to rip off some Yankee arms.

they deserved this. we deserved this as fans. this is a beautiful night!!!

congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies!

Tonight was win #100 for the Phillies on the season, by the way. :-)

Stop with the Torre love. He's an idiot for starting Wolf in game 1 of the LDS, Kershaw in game 1 of the LCS, and Padilla in a must win game. You gotta pick a horse and ride it!

He's Ohhh-verrr-raaayyy-tedddddd.

NEPP: Pedro hasn't pitched in this Yankee Stadium.

the only thing i'd like to have seen was for someone to acknowledge Harry during the trophy presentation. Harry deserved this too.

RIP Harry. We are all thinking of you!

This is awesome. Far cry from Joe Roa and Ricky Otero.

Now we have 7 days to figure out who the hell our DH is going to be. Cliff Lee?

I never said he was a smart manager, just that he's a classy guy. He was clearly outmanaged by UC for the 2nd year in a row.

Good point Doohickey...though the point that Pedro can and will go into anyone's house and rip out their heart is a good one.

I'll take Pedro over anyone but Lee on our staff and I think they should see what it takes to resign him this off-season.

These are great times my friends...enjoy enjoy!!!

Carlos Ruiz just got his due on MLB TV, most underrated Phillie. No doubt.

I made this point this morning and I'll make it again. The clear difference is how Manuel sticks with his guys. If Manuel were managing the dodgers, kershaw would have started today and billingsly would have been in the rotation as well. torre gave up on both of them.

Back to Back!

Ruiz won't be underrated anymore. People are realizing that he's a very good catcher now. He's not that young rookie that we all knew a few years back. Now he's a respected veteran backstop with a good bat.

Thanks Dad, for making me a Phillies fan.

I think Pedro would come back if offered a fair contract. He seems to value reltionships and keep loyalty to the teams he plays for.

What a punch in the gut to Cleveland if its Lee vs. CC in Game 1 of the WS.

Any chance we see Lee in 1, 4, and 7? There isn't an extra day in this Series but Lee will have a ton of days off before this series.

That George Sherrill trade really paid off for the Dodgers. He just shut down our LH heavy lineup and helped the Dodgers win the Pennant.

13.50 ERA for the NLCS.

I've been a Phillies fan for my entire life, or as much of it as I remember anyway. I started paying attention for the first time at around six or seven years old, which was 1975/76. I grew up with the Phils being a three time NL East champion (and three time NLCS loser). I was 11 when the 1980 team won, 24 in '93. At no other time in my life has it been a better time to be a Phillies fan. Bring on the Yankees, let's avenge the Whiz Kids!

Lee has never pitched on short rest in his career. I doubt they start that now.

Lee can go in Games 1 and 5 as a starter and in Game 7 as a reliever as its his side day.

I just don't see UC messing with him like that.

Its a moot point since he'll be the winner for the clincher in Game 5 anyway.

This team is a second family


Yeah, that would be real rough. Gotta feel bad for those Tribe fans.

****I think Pedro would come back if offered a fair contract. He seems to value reltionships and keep loyalty to the teams he plays for.****

Like when he asked Omar Minaya for a major league contract and a fair shot at their rotation and was laughed at this previous off-season. Then genius boy went and gave Oliver Perez a 3 year deal???

I like Pedro, he fits this team and he is a great team guy.

Good job Phils not having the home field advantage. Got to clinch at home and play more games there anyway.

Oops, meant to quote Spitz:

"What a punch in the gut to Cleveland if its Lee vs. CC in Game 1 of the WS"

2009 National League Champions!!!!!

I can't wait to see Pedro in Philly Red shove it down the Yankees throat in their yard.


Torre was gracious to a point. He kept saying the Phillies were "the better team THIS WEEK." That's all that counts, Joe. Just call them the BETTER TEAM.

I knew this team wasn't going down without a fight tonight. Sweet! This is definitely spoiling me.

P.S. I never post during postseason game threads because of superstition. Don't laugh at me, because it's working!

Woo hoo!

My guess is Ibanez DHs, Francisco plays left.

Torre is about the only thing likable about the Dodgers. Very satisfying to have slaughtered that bunch all over again.

Okay, its bed time. I have to be up in 4 hours for work.

Good Game and good series.

4 to go.

I say bring on those Damn Yankees! The TV ratings will go through the roof because it's the Yankees. Let the rest of the country see how tough these Phillies can play. Man, I am excited and nervous all over again just thinking about it. Let the comparisons begin!

Phillies now an unbelievable 18-5 in post-season the last two seasons. No more than one loss in five straight series, without a single deficit.

*shaking head* the Phillies?

Oh, was this series Phun to watch out here in Seattle. This is one good Phillies team, in the opinion of someone who grew up in Reading PA and can remember their hopes getting raised by Art Mahaffey after the disaster season of 1961, and getting dashed by the 1964 finish (I never did forgive Gene Mauch). But now, on to the Series. What a treat!

~Jack Lattemann

Hey Jack - I'm up in Edmonds. Grew up in Levittown, PA. Go Phillies.

Its really been fun to watch this team transform over the years from a bad team with a few promising young players to a mature, veteran squad confidently defending a World Series title.

i agree jack. this series will attract a huge viewership. and what delicious eye candy it will be. two elite antique franchises still in classic pinstripes. two gorgeous ball parks. a week to create the ballyhoo. i'd love for the Phils to go old-school and don the knickers and high socks look of the whiz kids. and avenge them. what a story-line.

2008 Destiny
2009 Dynasty

Agree with RSB that tonight's outcome felt like a foregone conclusion after the drama of Monday. But that didn't make it any less satisfying.

As for Cliff Lee pitching Games 1, 4 and 7 . . . I don't see it. He's never pitched on 3 day's rest before and, more often than not, that experiment fails. Lee will start Games 1 and 5 and that will be it.

As badly as he has pitched, I still say you've got to start Hamels in Game 2. I still believe, perhaps foolishly, that he'll give us one excellent game before this post-season is over. Besides, Blanton & Happ haven't been any better. I go with Pedro in Game 3 and Blanton in Game 4. That means Pedro would also be able to start a Game 7.

I almost would rather have Hamels start game three in Philly. Cole pitching to leftys in Yankee Stadium kind of makes me nervous.

Hamels was not horrible tonight. He gave up some longballs on a night when the ball was flying off the bat, but he made sure those were solo shots, and he was able to get his curveball over for strikes.

I mean, he's still not fooling people like he did last year, resulting in a bunch of really long at-bats with batters defensively fouling of a lot of third strikes, but if he changes his approach a little he could very well give us a great start.

Who pitched the three game set at Yankee back in June?

Myers, Happ and who else? I can't remember.




The Rotation should be Lee, Pedro, Blanton, Hamels for the Series. Here's hoping the Angels win on Thursday night, if not more just to really mess with the AL reps minds and heads....

doubleh, Hamels pitched one of those Yankees games

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