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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Awesome graphic, j-dubs

Agreed. You don't really have a full-time besides beerleaguer do you J?

Jason has really stepped up his graphics-game for the playoffs. You're on a Howard-like roll!

Collect these post season graphics for a calendar, then tell me how much to send you for some.

Cole's game tonight, that's for sure. The NIGHTMAN COMETH!

Great graphic, and it looks like a giant cookie.

Last year, Cole came up huge in the spotlight. This year, so far? See the graphic...

Graphic captures the situation perfectly.

My favorite thing about this team: we've had the same 1-8 every game this postseason. Some good stuff here:

Anyway, feeling good about the game tonight. Would love to see them win it in front of the home crowd.

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(Thanks mal for the link, I think this is what you were going for.)

test (did NEPP break BL again?)

Thanks CJ!

Yeah Jason. Graphics look great! They're catching up to your writing.

Alright - my last comment got lost in the blogosphere - so I'll try one more OT post and then it's strictly Game 5 discussion.

The jokes are sexist because they reduce the girl's value to her appearance, and seem to somehow say that cheating on your wife is more justifiable if the woman you're cheating with is hot. It's not like being sexist in the sense of saying that women deserve less money for doing the same job as men, but it is reflective of typically sexist double-standards.

It's no big deal, and I'm not trying to be anyone's PC police. I get the jokes. I'm not saying that I didn't notice the girl's appearance or that anyone should pretend that they didn't notice. I'm only saying there's no harm in calling a sexist (and classless) comment when we see one. For all the disadvantages of internet communication, one advantage might be that we can call out people on comments like that. It's like how people call each other out on indirectly homophobic or racist comments on BL in ways that we might not if we were sitting around watching a game together at the local pub.

My wife and I are going to Buffalo Wild Wings in Windsor, CT to watch the game. If anyone is on here from Northern CT or Western MA, join us.

Phlipper, agreed.

It's interesting to me that Cholly has stuck with the same Howard-Werth-Ibanez configuration in the playoffs when, during the season's stretch drive, he was often, if not predominantly, using Howard-Ibanez-Werth. It seems to me that if the former lineup configuration is preferable to the latter in each of the first 9 games of the playoffs, it's hard to make a case that the latter configuration would EVER be preferable.

I think that part of the reason is that it took Charles while to catch up to the fact that during the later part of the season, Werth was more productive at #5 than Ibanez.

But yeah, even when Ibanez was so hot at the beginning of the year, it was hard to understand why Charles though the Howard-Werth-Ibanez configuration wouldn't be a better batting order.

can you believe the Philly prices for these tickets on the open market vs the Dodgers? They don't deserve a team.

The last time a graphic got me that fired up for a game was WS Game 5... Thanks JW.

I got one bit of good news today, let's hope I get some more good news watching the phillies win!

I wouldn't base the amount scalpers are willing to steal from you as a judge on whether or not a city deserves a team. The Dodgers have always had very respectable attendance numbers.

bap: From Aug 15th on, Ibanez batted 5th in 18 games while Werth batted 5th in 23 games. From Sept. 17th on, Ibanez batted 5th in 3 games and Werth batted 5th in 13 games.

This season, Werth batted 5th in 86 games and 6th in 43 games while Ibanez batted 5th in 67 games and 6th in 50 games.

Although Howard-Ibanez-Werth may have been the preferred lineup early in the season. By August, I think it's clear that Manuel was just as like, if not more likely, to bat Werth 5th.

Bay Slugga said he's feeling confident in all aspects of our game tonight. Others of you have expressed confidence that Cole will be on his game, or that Padilla will be off his & that our offense will come up big....

Ricky Bo and Dutch are hedging; they aren't sure how Hamels will do but feel sure Padilla will continue to be tough. That's pretty much how I feel, too.

I think it will be a battle tonight.

Old phan,

To counter your point:

I direct you to any google search of TV ratings for the NLCS in the LA area, or the fact that tickets are still available if the game goes back to LA

Dodger Stadium is normally quite full between the 4th and 7th innings.

I'm not comparing LA fans to Philly fans on any level. Just saying that LA certainly deserves to have the team.

It's so cool that you can stream MLB Network's pregame show online, especially for an undergrad too poor for cable like

As far as I can tell, being cold for part of the year is a major factor in developing solid sports fans. People just don't care as much anywhere with nice weather.

CJ: I'll take your word for it. I just checked some random September box scores and I often saw Ibanez batting 5th & Werth 6th. I'm glad Cholly is doing it this way in the playoffs. Putting 3 lefties in a row just makes it too easy on the opposing manager in the late innings.

I'm pretty juiced up for this game. Big -game Cole just has to step up now. Doesn't he?

Seriously though- I think the Phillies will have a better approach to Padilla tonight. That doesn't mean they'll necessarily hit him better but a better approach may lead to him throwing more pitches and being out of the game earlier than last time.

Hamels is due for a big effort. Really it's been 3 less than stellar outings in a row going back into the regular season (counting Houston, disregarding the Florida start. As was mentioned earlier, he usually pithces well after mini-slumps like this one.

I'd prefer this series end in Philly. If it gets back to LA it means the Dodgers will have second life and be ready for a fight at home. Plus it means we don't really get to sit back and rest up and get arms situated before the World Series.

4-1 Phillies win tonight.

Hit - The - Showers!
clap clap clapclapclap...

Pregame show on CSN tells me that Chickies and Pete's is the place to be. I've been at that place and had to ask more than one person if they could put a Phillies game on a tv, and then have to wait until the bosses finished in some meeting upstairs to actually do it. There were plenty of tvs showing The Bernie Mac show, so I guess that's what people were going there to watch, while I had to check game updates on my phone.

I hope Cole can turn his mental calendar back to October, 2008.

bap: I agree, Charlie is getting it right now even as he got it wrong regarding the lineup so many times during the season. That we succeeded with the other lineup is a testament to the players. This lineup puts us in a better position to succeed. (And gives a line-up per game breakdown.)

Just saw that in the history of baseball and the 7-game series, teams with a 3-1 lead have won in 5 36 times, in 6 17 times, in 7 5 times, and have lost 11 times.



Manny's would be a shower-cap propped against a syringe

Phils come out firing, smack around (relatively) Padilla early, suffer in the middle innings. Hamels goes 7, gives up 3. Werth hits a homer vs. the bullpen.

Phils win 5-3, Lidge gets another save.

World Series.

Phils 4-2.

Yes, I'm totally confident. The offense is going to put some runs on the board, and Hamels is going to be dialed in.

JW: for next year's book encore, you oughta do a coffee-table compilation of Game Chat graphics. Awesome job, sincerely.

I'm not even here and I'm getting blamed for breaking the site...sweet.

So very nervous. Phillies have to have a good game plan against Padilla. It'd be nice to get in his head, have him start intentionally plunking people and such.

Knight: +1

Just one more reason to hope for a victory tonight: no more Craig Sager.

PAs by Batting Order position

5th - 373
6th - 192

5th - 293
6th - 212

Prediction: Padilla will not be a problem tonight.

RSB, that and Bon Jovi

Hamels is trying to aim his pitches.

I think Buck Martinez just criticized the terrible umpiring there.

There we go, Cole!

Our first Fisted!

Cole needs to locate down in the zone. He's leaving his pitches why too high.

Damnit Cole. Left it up.

Every god damned time with Cole Hamels. Can't put a guy out way ahead in the count, and then gives up a huge hit. Every freaking time.

I wonder what Chooch and Cole talked about before that homer


That was a very good at-bat by Ethier, but once again Hamels' ability to deal with the least bit of adversity comes into question.

Also, Hamels needs to trust Ruiz and let him call the game.

All of this because Ethier stepped out on him?

Cole needs to realize that he doensnt need to locate every pitch IN the zone. There is such a thing as a GOOD Ball. He kept pounding the zone and Ethier waited and waited till he got one he could drive. Make them chase a low fastball beneath the zone.

Looks like "first inning fragile" Cole tonight. Let's hope he ends it here.

Hamels will be a better pitcher when and if he stops trying to approach each hitter like he has to strike them out. Observe the difference between him and Lee. Hamels doesn't seem to grasp that there's more to pitching than setting hitters up for a K.

Cliff Lee is a polished professional pitcher with 4/5 pitches he can locate. Hamels doesnt have that.

Hamels threw that nice curveball in the middle of the AB which completely froze Ethier. I have no idea why he didn't go back to it. The curve ball is a left-hander's most effective pitch against a left-handed hitter.

RSB: Excellent analysis. Cole needs to pitch the game that's called, & trust his defense. Sometimes it appears that Hamels would rather surrender a HR on his own than even give the guys behind him an opportunity to make a mistake.

How many of those pitches to Ethier were right down the middle? All of them? He's gonna get one was only a matter of time.

I wonder if Chooch told Ethier what was coming ala Bull Durham.

Cole didn't get a single low pitch. Padilla has already gotten it twice.

Also 4 pitches 2 outs. Way to go Phillies.

Nice to see the top of the Phillies order showing plate discipline and patience...

He didn't LOCATE a single low pitch either. Every time Chooch set up low, he missed the glove.

Hey, the whistler is back again tonight.

Smart move by Padilla

And they finally start pitching around Howard.

Padilla having control issues in the 1st. We need to get him here as we can't let him settle in.

Werth has got to make them pay for walking Howard.

The guy with the Homer Simpson-ish "booo" is back, too.

If I'm not mistaken, Cole visibly slouched when Ruiz wouldn't let him shake off the pitch he was calling. The next pitch was hit out. It'll be interesting to see who was responsible for that one.

What was that about patience?

NEPP: "Don't try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic."

Maybe Cole would benefit from a chat w/ Crash?

Where were you on that one, Jayson?

what the hell are you looking at, Werth?

He was waiting for that pitch apparently!!!


Yep...swinging was a better option!

Guess he was waiting for that one.

Werth must have been waiting for that particular pitch ...

:-D :-D :-D

Hi, my name is Jason. I hit nothing but Homeruns! Haha!

I guess he was waiting for a better pitch

Consider my earlier comment about "patience" removable. Mea culpa.

Raw F'ing Power with the big stick after a niiiiice at bat!

The ball is jumpin off the bat tonight! That certainly favors the Phils, as does a two-run first inning lead!

Did you see Hamels in the dugout? I really wish he would relax - OH YEAH! Maybe that will help Cole chill out.

(via Zolecki on Twitter): "Chase Utley has reached base safely in 25 consecutive postseason games. That ties Boog Powell for the all-time record."

This is The Phillies. This is what they do.

Hopefully Cole doesn't give it right back. He's had a tendency to do that lately.

Wooohooo, terrible meltdown Padilla showing up thus far..

That was priceless after Padilla pitches around Howard as if Jose Uribe was coming up next. I mean, was that his brilliant idea of Torre's?

i think we're gonna see a lot of homers tonight with this tiny strike zone.

*or* Torre's?

NEPP, bite your tongue!

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