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Monday, October 19, 2009


that graphic is truly, truly awesome in its subtly. jw, i think you could have a pretty lucrative side-business turning some of these into posters/t-shirts/coffee mugs.

I second that: GO, KENTUCKY JOE!

(And yes, great graphics this series!)

Joe has been the ultimate team player throughout the playoffs thus far. Here's hoping his teammates reward him with an offensive display comparable to last night's, and that he throws the kind of quality start that we know he's capable of.

man, Bobby Abreu is brain-dead.

Andy Martino's blog talks about a back-and-forth twitter btwn Durbin and a friend re: Cliff Lee.

Here's what Chad said, pretty funny:

"When the boogie man checks under his bed at night, he's checking for Cliff Lee." -

"Cliff Lee counted to infinity...twice..." -

That is really awesome JW. Great job!

Great stuff, JW. As I said on Twitter, Beerleaguer has always been a great blog, but the design and graphic improvements over the years have been a cherry on top.

You always have the right words for various situations, and these days you've also got the right image, too.

Here's hoping we didn't all our runs on last night...

I'm a bit worried about Blanton, who was really out of sorts in his last 2 starts and had command problems down the stretch (issuing 4 walks in 4 of his last 7 starts). If the good Joe Blanton shows up tonight, it's hard not to like our chances. If it's bad Blanton, this could be a long night. Randy Wolf isn't Sandy Koufax, but I certainly don't expect us to torch him the way we torched Kuroda last night.

As for the discussion in the last thread about 'experts' picking LA to win the series...someone wrote that they did have a better record (one more win than us at this point).

However, one could point out that many of the same experts picked LA to beat us last year when they didn't have a better record.

Funny how that works.

*spend all our runs last night

I'm not usually big on "Keys to the Game", but I can't help but believe that plate discipline on the part of Phillies batters is going to play a very important role in tonight's game. Wolf was all over the place in his NLDS start, w/ 6 H, 5 BB & 1 HBP in 3.2 IP. If the Phils can manage to be patient & pick their pitches wisely, they should be able to put up a lot of runs fast. Additionally, as Scott mentioned above, this team flat out owes Blanton some support. He took several regular losses that wouldn't have been if the bats were even kinda, sorta warm. NLCS Game 4 would be a fine time to make up for that. Let's Go Phils!!! :-D

That's why we traded Abreu!

I think we will know early if the Phillie hitters can lay off Wolf's junk. If they can, he can easily be out of there in the 5th with some damage done.

During the postseason, I worry about the outings of every one of our pitchers, even Cliff Lee's. So, yep, I'll be watching anxiously, too, BAP. I'd forgotten about the walks, but I remember the HRs.

I think Wertha and JRoll are important cogs in this wheel, too.

Kick ass stuff, JW

Let's keep the pressure on Phillies!

BAP: I hope you're not too worried. These should be happy times, even for you.

True, Iceman, we should enjoy the ride. Most teams have been home for a few weeks already, while we get to enjoy baseball at its most exciting time. Hard to remember sometimes when you get caught up in rooting so hard for your team to win, but it's great that we have something to root for - and a great bunch they are, too.

This is the night that Blanton fixes those terrible splits against the Dodgers.

I can feel it.

wow, not to take anything away from Rivera--who's so easily the best relief pitcher ever it's not even funny--but that was a really awful play.

Fvck the wolfpack...bunch of traitors.

Iceman: BAP saw highlights of the Phillies taking batting practice and he didn't like the swings Victorino and Howard were taking. He predicts a 7-1 Phillies loss. I got that in a text from him.

Last thread there was some discussion of Boston bars. I'm wondering if any BL-New Yorkers have been to Wogies, in Greenwich Village. I went there last night, and my god: wall to wall Phillies fans.

Rivera was trying to out-stupid Abreu

Blanton's throwing strikes early, which is good to see.

I hope that's Joe's "lucky" hat.

wogies is the only phillies bar that i know of in NYC. watched some playoffs games there last year and indulged in yuengling and cheesesteaks.

Hard to find anything objectionable about that start.

Fox is much better at getting the crowd noise than TBS...ashame they balance that with Buck and McCarver.

Angels just choked.

Good Evening!

Great start by Joe. What a pleasure to again be watching deep playoff baseball with the Phils ahead in the series.

Are the yips contagious?

Franzke mentioned that Joe Blanton was born in Nashville, TN .... er, not Kentucky

It's not just the Phillies who strand a runner on 3B with no outs. Did you just see the Angels? I can't believe they failed to score. Very sad.

Who needs to see pitches anyway?

Yanks can only score with the long ball (4 HR today)...

A very good sign. Amazing the Phils have had this much success with the way Rollins has been playing for 75% of the year.

Vic loves LHP.

Awful display by the Angels.

Way to start, J-Roll!

Ugh. :-S


Urgh. Trying to copy Jimmy's hitting style is not a good idea.

Patience, St. U!

5 Pitches, 2 Outs. Nice.

Klaus, I've been to Wogie's, but does anyone know of a Brooklyn Phillies bar?



8 Straight games with a postseason RBI!

BOO-YAH!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

HR: Howard (assist, Barrett)

I knew as soon as they put the 1 HR allowed against LHB's stat up there for Wolf that Ryno would jack one!

RYNO !!!!!!!!!!!
Can you imagine if he could hit LHP??

Just taking his game to a whole new level. This is 2006 Howard. This is the Howard that can beat Pujols for an MVP.

I think the Wolf Pack felt that one!

What more is there to say about Howard? He truly saved his best for last this year. Even after a 45/141 season.

Ryan Howard is what you would describe as "En fuego."

Ryan Howard has written himself into history as a postseason legend.

i live in brooklyn, and i don't know of any phillies bars here.

there's also shorties (formerly tony lukes) on 42 and 9th.

and howard is just silly right now.


Locked in!

Howard really is dialed in this postseason. looks like he did back in 06, just unstoppable at the plate.

Simply Amazing.

Pujols is still the best 1B of our time, but a performance like this is going to separate Howard from the glut of very good 1B in years to come. I'm thinking specifically of the group he's lumped in with behind Pujols around the All-Star game each year.

So. Ryan Howard is a good baseball player.

Love this start. Wolf has a temper. I remember him giving up runs early a few years ago and scaling his glove into the crowd. Keep after him.

Wolf was rightfully pissed with the ump on that. Should've been a 2-2 count and wouldn't have necessitated the 3-1 meatball. Either way, I'm loving that the Phils have now smoked 2 left-handers in the playoffs who "don't give up homers" to lefties.

the announcers are right about the strike zone, though...

Raal Ibanez

Yeah, the Phils got a break on that 2-1 pitch to Howard, which was definitely a strike. But who cares?

Franzke mentioned that Joe Blanton was born in Nashville, TN .... er, not Kentucky

Posted by: Pasadena_Phan | Monday, October 19, 2009 at 08:14 PM


Which is true as far as I know. And he went to High School & College in Kentucky.

Just sayin'. We'd all be screaming bloody murder if it happened to us. I'll take the 2 runs though, gladly.

weirdly, baseball-reference thinks Blanton was born in Bowling Green KY.

Joe looks good -- is he stretched out to 100+ pitches though?

BAP, I'm with you on that. Besides, juat because the ump made a bad call didnt mean that Wolf had to throw a meatball. In fact, I dont know why they aren't walking him more.

Wikipedia has Nashville...FWIW.

Philly crowd smells blood in the water.

Yanks are down to their last two pitchers.

Nice job, Joe.

The Phils' Media Guide & Wikipedia both list Blanton's place of birth as Nashville, TN. B-R does, in fact, claim Joe is from Bowling Green, KY. Curious.

He probably was born in TN but grew up in KY

Kentuckessee Joe

Belay my last. Angels take it 5-4 in 11.

Angels finally won a game.

Howard sets a postseason record and the Yankees lose. A good day so far.

Good for the Angels! The Yankees were getting through this postseason way to freakin' easily.

Well, according to, he was born in Nashville. I'll take that.

Wolf definitely would not have thrown that last pitch where he did on a 2-2 count. I agree though, I don't know why they keep pitching to him. Probably because having a lefty pitch to Werth is not a whole lot better in that situation.

Thank God. The Yankees need to be slowed down.

Yay, Angels!

Can someone explain why making the defensive replacement while your team is in the field means you lose the DH?

LA, about NYY-LAA: "I don't mind if that series goes seven."

They should challenge Ruiz with a fastball up in the zone.

That was a pretty good play by Belliard.

Does anyone know why Orlando Hudson doesn't get starts for LA? Wasn't he an all-star last year or the year before?

That's OK; Joe Bagga-dingers will lead off the bottom half of the 3rd. :-)

Nice play by Belliard

Guess we'll have to wait till next AB for Wolf to throw Chooch a strike.

GBrettfan, I didn't see the game, but from the box score it looks like it was a lineup order thing: Girardi (I'm guessing) wanted Hairston to take Matsui's place in the lineup AND take over as a defensive replacement. and you can't double switch a DH.

Torre thinks Belliard is a better defender and Hudson had a rough Sep (though a pretty good Aug) at the plate.

Hudson was an AS selection THIS year.

Torre went with Belliard because he hit well over .300 the final month while Hudson hit .227

woogies is a good new york philly bar. Forget the cross streets, but it is in the west village

tg082, my understanding is that it's because Belliard hit ridiculously well after going to LA, and Torre is a big believer in relying on a hot batter.

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