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Friday, October 16, 2009


nice one, krukker.

If Pedro gets the first 2 guys out, does he bean Manny for the 30-second stare into our dugout after the HR last night?

"Yo, new thread"

That line never changes. It's always, "Yo, new thread".

JW: Kudos again on the graphic.

Cipper: The person who came up with "Yo, new thread" received automatic entry into the Beerleaguer Elite. Not that I'm revealing who is in the Beerleaguer Elite, nor am I suggesting that I, myself, am a member.

I'd love to see a Manny brushback followed by Pedro doing a "Zimmer" on Bowa.

I dont think Pedro would ever purposely throw "at" Manny. Pitch him inside, sure, but not throw at him.

I would say you will have to worry about throwing at Manny next season. Phillies have a bigger agenda then to get caught up in Manny's antics abot how great Manny thinks Manny is.

Which begs the question, what is worse from the roids, the lack of balls or the man teats?

Another great graphic for the chat, JW!

I must admit, I was not one of those who thought acquiring Pedro was a good idea. Now, I find I am completely taken in by this guy's charisma. He's quite entertaining, he's intelligent, he's not overly full-of-himself, he's enthusiastic, and he can even still pitch!

I was nervous about him pitching w/the layoff he's had, but as game time draws closer, I'm getting more and more excited. The win last night helps that feeling - not as crucial a win tonight now. But also, I believe that Pedro will give it everything he's got and has as good a chance as anyone of succeeding.

Should be fun.

I think they got back at Manny when he grounded out weakly in two big spots later in the game.

Ozark - I did a spit take when I read your post.

These are some really nice graphics for the NLCS gamechats. I'd go so far as to say that if you made 12 of these iconic looking graphics, you'd have the makings of a successful calendar. I'd probably buy one.

Good article about Pedilla's Fastball platoon split:
"The differences are seen in the value of the pitches. Both of the fastballs are good to RHBs (0.4 runs above average for his four-seam and 0.7 for his two-seam), but against LHBs things fall apart (0.8 runs below average for the the four-seam and a horrid 2.5 runs below average for the two-seam).

As Dave noted this is a really questionable call against a team with some good lefties."

You know what that graphic tells me? Tells me Raul Ibanez is a ballplayer.

Not a big Uncle Charlie fan, although I have been more impressed with many of his moves this postseason.

Loved substituting Park for Myers on the NLCS roster, but why Bruntlett? Why not Mayberry Jr. for some power from the right side against all of the LH in the Dodgers' bullpen?

I think he's used his bullpen very smartly, but it's really inexcusable that we still have Rollins leading off - please drop him down to the 6 or 7 position where he belongs!

Love the graphic. 6-2 Phils.

Jayson Stark reports that only once this season did Brad Lidge collect saves in three consecutive games. And then he does it in the postseason.

UC has won me over in the last 3 years...he knows how to manage ballplayers...period.

Bruntlett can play both infield and outfield, can Mayberry?

So who will hit the first-inning home run off of Pedro?

Does Lidge switch his entrance music at home to "Back in Black"?

whoever is leading off...

If Pedro wins today in amazing fashion and then wins again in the WS (winning it for us) but never pitches again for us...does he get into the Phillies Wall of Fame?

I say yes.

NEPP: You are getting way ahead of yourself. Lets take it one game at a time and see what happens.

Settle down, Beavis.

Just bored and waiting for the game to start.

Leslie Gudel tweets: "Cole Hamels on emotion display last night: "imagine you're in Philly what would the fans do? I did exactly what the fans would have done"

Another Gudel tweet: "More Cole 'you can't show up a teammate and I did that. I walked back to the dugout and said 'oops I hope nobody saw that.'"

So, end of story. I'm sure Cole already dealt with it behind closed doors. Everyone should just drop it.

How miserable will it be, weather-wise, in Yankee stadium tonight? But on the other hand, who cares?


NEPP: Exactly. Let's move on and worry about something else.

This feels to me like one of those games where everyone expects the Phillies offense to pound the opposing pitcher and they completely stink up the joint. Seems like they always mix in one of those games every series.

I'm going with 6-1 Doyers. Hope I'm wrong though.

Here, here... the Phils have one of the strongest clubhouses I've ever seen. I'm sure they spent a lot less time belly-aching over this than Beerleaguer did!

The only thing that would surprise me about this game is that both Pedro & Padilla are both effective and still in there when the 6th inning rolls around.

The TBS crew did a really nice job last night. They had a lot of insight into the philly players (other than saying Madson has three pitches and "an excellent cutter"). My only beef is I want more shots of the bullpen.

I agree. A pitchers duel seems to be the least likely scenario today. Last night, one of those was probably more likely than the slugfest that happened. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Pedro goes 5+. It's been a long time since that game against the Mets.

I dont know how much I can take of David Wells but I know I am well past my threshold. And does he know he is on TV, it doesnt appear so with the choice of clothes.

The MLB Network postgame is far better than TBS. The first line from last night's broadcast was Mitch Williams talking about Brad Lidge: "Now I know why everyone in Philadelphia hated me."


JR King - Agreed. For 3 guys who haven't worked together, I thought they did a pretty solid job. Even the weakest link (Buck Martinez) was that bad.

Debating on wathcing the game at work on gamcast or turning everything off and watching it on DVR in a couple of hours. Decisions decisions!

just wanted to say, these gamechat graphics are phantastic.

i love that vicente padilla is the stop-gap between a potential sweep and a dodgers pulse. go phils.

I like Buck least on XM. I don't really remember hearing him do a game before though I know he does them.

Ironic that the Prime Time start for the Yankees almost ensures it will be raining for their game.

Here's hoping for some Phillies-style magic...

A win tonight would be huge - every postseason win is huge. Go Phils! Go Pedro!

90 degrees in the Ravine today, it's Hittin' Season again.
Go Phils!!

Hitters day, versus Padilla. All we need is some Pedro to show up and this should be a lock

For those stuck at work or without cable, here's a good feed.

Phillies’ starting lineup career playoff OPS numbers:

Rollins .684
Victorino .850
Utley .830
Howard .912
Werth 1.029
Ibanez .724
Feliz .548
Ruiz .819

What’s interesting is that all of their starters have played in at least 3 years of playoff series, with Ibanez, Werth, and Feliz having prior playoff experience with other teams.

The two figures that really jump out at you are Werth, who has one of the highest playoff OPS numbers of all time, and Rollins, who has been very poor and who has no business leading off, as he has just one walk versus 8 strikeouts in his last 10 playoff games.

Ruiz also has been mister clutch in the playoffs, and with Howard’s surge this year, his playoff numbers are very close to his career regular season figures.

hopefully Padilla will need an Avis rental health day after this game

lol there is like no one there

93 degrees at game time...crazy.

Lots of praise being throw Pedro's way. Even Cholly said he would only got "75-95 pitches." If the Phils can get 5 innings and 2 runs, it will be a successful outing for Pedro.

Packed house at Dodger Stadium again. You'd think they'd at least show up before the 3rd for a playoff game.

Utley gets a hit finally...good deal.

Nice work by Chase. Get to Padilla early

a 9-pitch inning, really? this lineup is always best when they're taking pitches; it's unfortunate that it sometimes seems to take them 3 or 4 innings to remember that.

No HR...very good sign.

BAP thinks this is going to be a shutout.

Another good sign... hitting 90 with the fastball in the first inning.

I dont understand moving Manny to 4th, now you dont see him in the first and you can face him with no one on in the 2nd.


Mick: They want lefties 3rd and 5th around Manny against the righty Pedro, and want to give Charlie more to think about late in the game.

Its gonna be a long day if they keep taking all these strikes from Padilla.

Thanks Jack, and is this just for Pedro or all righties

Mick: And is it any different from being up with 2 outs and no one on base in the first when he bats third? The reason hitters like Manny and Howard bat 4th is in the hope that someone gets on in the first so they can come up with a man on. The trade off is that there will be plenty of times when they lead off the 2nd inning.

Come on, NEPP... have the Phils this postseason not taught you anything? The first inning or two or even three are hardly indicative of how this offense will perform the entire game.

Might want to start swinging at the first pitch if he keeps pounding the zone.

CJ, I'm not too worried. The first time through the lineup isn't a big deal. Its the 2nd and 3rd time when we adjust to this approach.

Vincente Padilla = Sandy Koufax?

It's been said, but it bears repeating. Great graphics, Jason. I think they are a big part of what makes this such a high quality site, and we rank and file BL's appreciate them. Thanks!

P.S. I would guess that if you have to ask who is part of the BL "Elite", you're probably not part of it ;>)

CJ: I understand the difference, just mostly wondering the change.

Mick: I'd imagine they'll do the same against Blanton.

Padilla dealing early. He always did have this stuff. Let's see how he handles it when we put a little pressure on.

Don't know why anyone thought Padilla would be an easy assignment. The question with him has never been stuff. When he's focused/motivated, he's damn good.

Padilla is clearly hitting his spots but at least from the TV feed it looks like we can be aggressive with him. I'm looking forward to the second run through the rotation.

The BL Elite consists solely of Clout alone in a room, staring at a mirror, touching himself.

Padilla's stuff looks really good in the early going. Locating, movement, and lots of velocity.

Meanwhile, Feliz continues to stink it up at the plate. 3rd base is kind of lean this year in FA with the exception of Beltre and Figgns but don't know if automatically picking up $5M option on Feliz is a good deal either.

Someone needs to break the news to the Phillies' offense that the games actually start in the 1st inning, not the 5th.

Padilla is controlling his pitches really well right now. Have to hope the 2nd time through the lineup will be more successful.

bap: Frankly, don't matter to me when they start hitting as long as they win.

Padilla looks good now but if he keeps throwing those fastballs for strikes it's just a matter of time til we hurt him bad. I think.

Pedro is looking good, not Padilla good.

I mean to say, if he continues to be this aggressive.

The good thing is that you don't have to score in the 1st. There will be 8 other chances.
Love seeing Pedro in this game.

bap: How many runs a game have they been scoring in the playoffs?

That 69 mph curve from Pedro is just awesome.

Is it me or does this just seem like a regular season game for some reason? Crowd is incredibly flat and so is the broadcasting crew so far.

OT, but Chone Figgins was CS 17 times this year (he still stole 42). That's crazy.

@MG nothing has really happened yet

MG: Yeah, 1 PM start time for an already lackluster fanbase. Not a great way to get a playoff atmosphere.

As a Phils fan, doesn't bother me.

Jack: I'm not complaining about their offense. My criticism is more targeted. Their ineptitude in the first 4 innings is grating and, frankly, a little bit nuts.

MG: I think the real reason it feels like a regular season game is the weather. Look how nice it is! Feels like I'm watching a Sunday afternoon game in June.

People will be strolling into the stadium until the matter what type of game it is. LA fans dont give a damn about their sports...not like an East Coast city.

@MG: It's a hot day here in LA and the 1p start means a late arriving crowd. It will probably pick up later.

I was lucky enough to go yesterday. Unlike any other time I'd been to Dodger Stadium the crowd arrived early, stayed to the end, and was very loud and engaged throughout.

Señor Octubre

OT, but Chone Figgins was CS 17 times this year (he still stole 42). That's crazy.****

That screams of somewhat who runs way too much and is in a contract year.

You can't stop him, only hope to contain Ruiz.

Chooch remains the man.

JW: Excellent graphic!!! :-D

its choochtober

Chooch is en fuego.

Stupid play by Loney...

Larry Anderson calls bs on Joe Torre's existence.

JRoll is about the last guy I want to see up right now with anybody on. Just not having that many good ABs this postseason with limited patience.

Rollins has been "disappointing" so far. I hope he comes through huge at some point in this series.

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