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Saturday, October 31, 2009



The one thing I am going to be most fascinated to watch tonight is to see what kind of offspeed stuff Petitte chooses to bring to the table tonight. He has the curveball, changeup, and a slider occasionally uses against RHB along with his fastball/cutter.

Not many of the Phils' hitters have faced Petitte (with the exception of Ibanez) and in the limited ABs have had very limited success against him including Werth (1-13), Utley (1-8), and Howard (1-9).

Given that Petitte generally has a reputation for being a pretty tough guy to hit the 1st time through the lineup, I hope the Phils can scratch out a run early and get to Petitte in the 5th or 6th.

If Petitte gets the strike zone that Burnett got the other night including pitches down and away, the Phils are going to be in trouble night.

Somebody uploaded this to YouTube yesterday. It's footage from the 1950 World Series along with an old Phillies fight song. Pretty neat!

I am hoping for a treat.

Michael Barkann reporting that the tarp is on the field...:-(

Eric Karros' hair is by far the scariest thing I have encountered this Halloween.

Yep- Rain delay. It was bound to happen in one of these games

love the pumpkins...

This is pretty much par for the course for a Game 3 in Philadelphia, isn't it? In 1993 and 2008, the starts of both Game 3's were significantly delayed.

You get good weather for a World Series game anywhere east of the Rockies, you get a break. It's not going to happen often.

Oh if they would only postpone tonight's game...

FOX is replaying the 9th inning of game two when of course their hero Rivera is pitching. Give me a break.

Selfishly, I would be thrilled if they postponed tonight's game, as I have to take my kid trick or treating & it's really not the same to record the game and watch it later.

Given all of MLB's lofty pronouncements about how they want to market the game toward kids, you really have to wonder why they've scheduled games on Halloween night 2 years in a row.

They seriously don't have anything better to show than the 9th inning of the Phils' loss in game 2??

Dukes: And the Yankees fans think that the national announcers and Fox hate them. Just goes to show that this apparent bias everyone thinks is there really isn't there...

It's just that most nat'l announcers are bad and don't do their homework so they spew the same nonsense over and over again.

Anybody else irritated-not to mention puzzled- at Fox showing the end of game 2 as filler? You have to think if the Phils were up 2-0 they wouldn't be showing highlights of them closing the Yanks out in a game. Clowns, this is exactly why the Yankees sicken me and I want us to beat the living tar out of them the next three games!

I am shamelessly rooting for a rain-out. Cliff Lee in Game 4, yo! :-D

only 9 comments? Is this thing working?
testing 1` 2 3

But a rain-out means NYY will be able to throw their pitchers out there on regular rest. I'd rather play this game and see if we can get a delay and get to their BP instead.

good point K. Earl...
We're going to face those pitchers anyway, might as well do it on short rest.

Wanda Sikes, George Lopez... anyone having Chevy Chase Show flashbacks?

Well, we know from last year that Fox will push to have this game played tonight -- no matter how late the start time.

It's ridiculous. No rain in the forecast for the next few days. The locations are 90 minutes apart, so travel isn't an issue.

Fox: Forget about protecting "Dancing With the Stars" on Tuesday. Call this.

You can watch 2008 Game 3 on MLB Network if you're tired of Fox.

Nick Swisher: future Fox pre-game show host.

Any word on the delay ending soon?

hh: To a certain extent I agree with you that the media's anti-Phillies bias is far more perceived than real. To read Beerleaguer, you'd think that every tv announcer has been actively rooting against the Phillies in every playoff series since last year. NY, however, is the home of most major media outlets. So, when the opposing team is the Yankees or Mets, I definitely think the media bias IS real, and not merely perceived.

I mean, seriously . . . of all the innings of baseball that Fox could have chosen to replay, they found the 9th inning from Game 2 to be the most compelling?

Hmmm. Buck speculating that he doesnt think MLB wants a late start a la the 1:47 ending game last year.

Did Nick Swisher take a breath even once in that interview? BTW, I think he said our ballpark was smaller than the new Yankee, and that's simply not true.

They're gettin ready to take tarp off

these callers on 1210 are in the clouds. I've listened to about 5 callers now and all 4 of the 5 have had confidence levels of the phillies winning the series at 100% - the 5th person had a confidence level of 110%! If only I could live life that optimistically.

I am scared out of my mind about this game and this series. The steady veteran against the shake world series sophomore. Joe Blanton against CC tomorrow. 100 or 110%? You've got to be kidding me. The Phillies can certainly win this thing, but let's be real.

doubleh is right. A rainout would be a HUGE advantage for the Yankees. In any event, the game will be played tonight so it's a moot point.

Dukes - the rain delay phone line brings out all the kooks.

Dukes: They're most likely just October Phillies fans like all the Yankees fans that think they already have this series in the bag after 2 games.

Anyone with a brain knows anything can happen in these next 3-5 games and I'm as worried as you are about the potential outcome. I just hope we stick to our traditional script.

Jamie Moyer. Hmmm. The name rings a bell.

Dukes: Hamels is better than Pettitte. If he's got command tonight, he wins. End of story.

Zolecki & Lauber claim (via Twitter) that the first pitch is now scheduled for 9.15PM.

Sweet, tarp off. 915 start

jehosaphat: He led the Phillies in wins this year while you were asleep.

A rainout would be an advantage to the Yankees unless the Phils have won 3 games after Game 5 as a Game 6 start in NY would be full-rested Martinez vs Gaudin with no Yankee starter being able to come out of the pen

sweet, tarp off, 915 start. lets go!

Advantage yanks here. Petitte is the old pro.

Go Phils!!!

sophist: The Phillies eat old pros for lunch. It's the young pros who baffle them.

Meant that only in regards to the delay. Hamels off his routine never seems to be a good thing. saying there may be a second harder wave of showers that may arrive by the late innings.

clout: who's better this year? this post-season? doesn't that matter a little more?

clout: They invented something called sarcasm while you were asleep.

clout - true. Yusmeiro Petit would have me nervous.

This is a great opportunity to state the obvious:

If the MLB insists on having the World Series this late in the year, then retractable Domes should also be required for all new stadiums.

Call me a blind optimist, but I think the good Cole finally shows up tonight. The Yankees aren't terribly familiar with him, which can't hurt either.

Sophist: If Petit were pitching I'd turn off my TV & hope the Phils forfeited the game in order to save their bullpen.

Takin the field. Yeah!

IOP - and Bud Selig should pay for it...

Here's hoping it's Treats for the home 9 & not Tricks ... Let's Go Phils!!! :-D

Just heard that out twice as 1210 gets in sync with the tv feed.

Nice start Cole!

BAP optimistic, must be a good sign!

Good 1-2-3 inning for Cole! Did he come as 2008 Cole?

Optimistic b_a_p makes me nervous.

Hamels 1st pitch to Jeter was a 79 mph changeup, prefectly placed. Six pitches later McCarver said, "Hamels has thrown nothing but fastballs so far."

Nice inning by Cole

The Yankees defense doesn't come close to the Phillies.

Huh. The old time stamp trick not working tonight. Or the gang is really quiet around here tonight.

Swung at crap.

grabbers: Saturday night. Everyone's watching at bars. Just you and me tonight.

Well, clout, I look forward to it.

Speaking of swinging at crap...

Brutal pace so far. 5 hour game probably.

Keep going, Cole!!

I'm around...

Sucks not to get that leadoff run in. Oh well, we move on...

That's one way for Alex to get on base I guess.

Smart pitching by Petttittte. Slowed the pace down to a crawl and made Utley and Howard look anxious.

thanks for the youtube, RT. the fight song has a definite mummers feel to it. and can't help noticing all the empty seats at shibe park for a rare series game.

Donut Fail.

Just garbage swings there by Utley and Howard. Vic didn't swing at a great pitch either. Let's hope it's good Hamels for the long haul tonight, he looked great in the 1st.

clout- I caught the same thing from McCarver. First pitch was 79 MPH. Even Buck said "And there's the first change-up of the night" in the Damon AB. My father yelled out "Yeah, except for the first pitch of the game, but thanks guys."

Feliz continues the funeral for his career, both defensively and offensively.

Jeez Feliz.

Tim McCarver has taught me that its okay that Pettitte balks on each pickoff throw because "he does it all the time" but its NOT OKAY for Hamels to do something similar.

Keep that objectivity, you fvcking talentless ass.

I thought our guys had good ABs, but I certainly do wish we had capitalized on Jimmy's getting to 2B. Had a feeling from a shot of Rollins' face during top half of inning that he would get on base. He just looked focused and determined.

What was Cole's expression in the dugout? Is he tired from feeling under the weather? Or what? Didn't look into the game at all.

And now plunking A-Rod, is he losing command already? I know, I'm paranoid.

Guys, we can't make mental or physical errors in these games!

Feliz causeth DPs and he taketh them away.

really wanted to see utley throw to first here early where it wouldn't be a HUGE deal if he messed it up. am i correct that he hasn't had a DP grounder since that game in LA?

shots of cole in the dugout were not encouraging, he had the glassy eye flu look going on

Feliz has played so tight this postseason, it seems. Which is odd, considering how casual and shockingly clutch he was last year.

Wonder if he's playing hurt. Not that he's been much better throughout the year.

Iceman, I agree Chase and Ryan didn't look pretty in their SOs, but they did work their ABs prior to their outs, don't you agree?

do professional players normally hit bloopers and pop ups during batting practice?

Good inning by Cole. Keep it up, young man!

cole manned up on a botched double play. i think jamie moyer did some talking to him. i like what i'm seeing. not only wasn't he shaken, but his pitches seem less predictable. Let's keep it going.

What reasons does Nick Swisher have for thinking he will break out of the slump?

Cole looked very relaxed in the dugout. Maybe that's why people ar worried.
Looks very good so far.

Feliz's terrible post-season hitting is just par for the course. But his defense this post-season hasn't been so great either.

How many times will Joe Buck tell us that Phils already lost tomorrow night b/c CC pitching. Real lovefest.

I remember going to a game in the late 90s where McGwire hit something like 24 HRs in batting practice. In the game, he only had 3. So batting practice is nothing like the game. I mean, if it were, wouldn't Mark have hit 21 more HRs that night?

Not a usual poster, but figure I'll help with the snark on an off night!

If we can work Petitt for another lengthy inning, and get to the cream filling in the Starters-Bullpen-Mariano cookie, we should be in good shape.

A few runs wouldn't hurt either!

Nice job of staying composed. Lots of Cole Meltdown potential that half inning.

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we 2-0 against Sabathia in the playoffs now? In 2 total starts???

I have the feeling that this is going to be one of those games where the Phils' hitters are frustrating and scratch about for the first few innings. Hopefully, they can turn it on around the 4th or 5th. I Cole keeps up his 08 form, that should be enough for them to win. The batters just have to work out the usual anxiousness that gums up the works for the Phils.

Gonna need the clocks to be turned back with Petitte doing his best Steve Trachsel impersonation.

thanks for the post, doyle!

Wow, a commercial where Phillies fans are warmly represented! Nice! And it's for charity too... so we get double mojo, right?

haha awesome call mack

How many HRs do we typically see hit off signs that high?

I mean "Only the first one gets the million" afterall...

GBrett- yeah I liked the working of the count. Aside of innings 4-7 against Burnett the team has done a good job of that so far in the series. It'd be great to limit Andy to 6 innings here and get into that bullpen relatively early.

Who gives a squat that CC is pitching tomorrow on short rest? Love how they have to create a lot of drama out of very little.




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