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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm thinking there's too much negative space up top in this image. Game 1's image is winning so far.

Tomorrow's headline: THE BRONX IS BURNETTING! Phils clobber Burnett, Bombers

These gamechat images are instant classics, JW. I wouldn't mind having a poster or a t-shirt with some of these bad boys.

Funny story, I was in class today and the professor was discussing the Phillies game and asked if there were any Yankees fans in the room. Like 2 people raised their hands, but one girl blurted out something like "They play 7 games for a reason!" - an awkward overreaction to be sure, but its fun to actually be playing a team that has fans, unlike the Rays last year.

I've never met a Rays fan in my life, but know plenty of Yankees fans - most of frauds but it's more fun anyway.

I think we'll see Pedro so much of the same as Lee did last night (not quite as well of course). He knows how to work a hitter, he has good stuff and he's pitching with a chip on his shoulder (figuratively speaking).

I'm hoping Charlie asks him for 6 innings of all he's got (maybe 90 pitches) and turn it over to CHOP, Madson & Lidge.

The Phils will get into the Yanks middle relief and I'll take ours over theirs.

Let's bring it home 2-0 boys. The Bank will be rockin' this weekend.

BTW...I just scored tix for Sunday!!!

I must repeat: Two weeks ago Peter Gammons said no NL team can "hang with the Yankees"

Phillies so far this postseason
Runs scored 56
Runs against 31
Hard to lose with numbers like that

I think it's in Peter Gammons contract that he has to say drivel like that when it comes to the Yankees.

LA Jeff: For poetry's sake, let's hope BRUNTLETT smacks a pinch hit grand salami!

Pedro's biggest game in over 5 years!!

clout (reposted from previous):

All of them at least once. OK, I'm being flip, but everyone has to do it a first time. Since the study was limited to the postseason, some may have done it in the regular season prior to the games included. I don't know for sure. The study goes back to 1969, so some of the participants were part of 4-man rotations. Still, it is at least a data point rather than a speculation.


Nobody knows for sure about how ANY one decision will turn out. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try to figure out what's more likely to happen.

Phils in 5.

Lol Harold Reynolds predicts Pedro plinking jeter

AJ Burnett has his mom check the closet at night to make sure Ryan Howard isn't going to come out and get him.

Another beautiful graphic. Let's hope for another beautiful game.

Gammons may be a Yankee-lover, but face it: the man can rock.

All I've been hearing is everyone speak about the Yankees and their "unbeatable" lineup up here in upstate New York. Did everyone forget the Phillies are the defending champions for a reason? That this baseball club isn't a push over? This team has a swagger to them and Cliff Lee proved that last night. How does everyone feel about Pedro tonight?

Forgive my ignorance (and laziness for not looking it up myself), but since the Phils won last night, they've taken 'homefield advantage' from the Yanks. Can anyone explain what this actually means? I honestly haven't got a clue. Thanks in advance.

foxsports is reporting Dobbs got sent home. Good move. Go home, get well, don't get anybody else sick.

Actually, Gammons is a Red Sox lover. He's only a Yankee lover now because they beat out his beloved Bostonians.

The main thing to realize about Gammons is that he knows almost nothing about baseball for a guy who's been around it his entire adult life. He's more like the guy who's been hanging around so long that people get used to the sound of his voice, even though he's not saying anything pertinent.

Gammons is no more than a gossip columnist who happens to cover baseball rather than Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan's latest rehab.

LarryinLA, no offense, but by now a grownup on either side of the argument would have figured out that he/she wasn't going to change anyone's mind.

I must repeat: Two weeks ago Peter Gammons said no NL team can "hang with the Yankees"

I know. Look at their lineup tonight. Is that really that great, especially 5-9?

At least Alicia Key's part is enjoyable. She sings well.

Instead of Jay-Z, it should be Public Enemy doing "Don't Believe The Hype"

@David ... homefield advantage is when the team that wins all their home games will take the series. Since the Phils took one in NY, that means all they have to do is win all their home games and the series is theirs.

Um. Opening observations:

Alicia Keys has some serious junk in the trunk.

Baseball players have zero rhythm.

I've really got a good feeling about pedro tonight. I can't articulate it but I think he's going to be spectacular. I got that feelin'...

Don't understand:

Criticism of Girardi taking out Swisher and inserting Hairston in RF. Aren't giving up any defense, Swisher has looked horrendous in the playoffs including last night, and Hairston is 10-27 against Pedro in his career.

Frankly everybody seems set that the Phils' offense is that much better but they have two really questionable hitters in the lineup tonight - Stairs and Feliz. I don't have any offense these guys will do much besides maybe Stairs getting a BB or catching up to a Burnett fastball if he gets ahead in the count.

Don't think Pedro is going to get shelled or being spectacular either. More of what you saw in most of his starts this year - up & down with some command issues at times with his fastball which means deep counts and a fairly quick exit by the 6th inning. I say 5 1/3 with 3 R.

Game 3 pregame performance "Ill State of Mind"-NeeKo ft Deanna Marie...Youtube this I promise it will not disappoint.

MG: It's not that I think Girardi is wrong for the move. If a guy's slumping, it's reasonable to try someone else. Still, as a Phillies fan, Swisher scares me a lot more than Hairston does. Swisher may be slumping, but he's a much more dynamic offensive player than Hairston, who is just your garden variety utility player.

Of course, now that I've said that, Hairston will probably get 3 hits tonight.

BAP - Normally I would agree and I didn't see much of the Yanks at all in the postseason but Swisher looked terrible last night. Timing was all messed up and he was getting under a lot of stuff.

I have a hunch that Hairston gets on at least twice today (including a BB) and scores a run.


There are 6 games left. 3 in Philly and 3 in New York. Therefore, neither team has home field advantage.

Shay Roddy, I hope you're right.

McCarthy is right. Beerleaguers will much prefer that version.

I wish I could say something tonight that might make someone think twice the next time he/she tries to type-cast me as a wet blanket. But, unfortunately, I can't. The Phillies have lost both their Game 2s in their prior series, & I really can't imagine their taking 2 of 2 in Yankee Stadium. Both Pedro & Burnett are something of X Factors, in that both are capable of being great or terrible. But, based on sheer probabilities, you'd have to say that the Yankees have the clear pitching edge in this one.

I'm not having positive vibes at all. Hope I'm wrong.

Wait, people are accusing Peter Gammon of being a Yankee-lover? Wow. Now I know people are ridiculous with the media-bashing here.

Gammons is one of the greatest baseball reporters of all time, and well known for his association with Boston and the Red Sox. He's also wrote a bunch of really complimentary things about the Phillies (including an article today where he was effusive in praise for Utley and Lee).

Come on people.

don't forget to click on the day,date,time stamp of the last post to refresh. it's fast as hell.

Run here would be huge. Take the crowd out of it a bit and help relax Pedro a bit.

What a crock. Burnett hasn't thrown a strike yet, and he just got a strikeout.

Just a reminder.Baseball games are 9 innings.

Quite a different K zone tonight.

Seriously, JW. Calendar.

Buck is mesmerized by Burnett's three first-pitch strikes. Yeah, I'm proud of him too. Go buy him an ice cream cone, Joe.

I'm not one to nit-pick about the strike zone, but not one of those 3 "strikes" to Victorino was a strike.

bap; A bigger zone probably helps Pedro as much or more as it does Burnett.

Has anyone commented on Hairston's mention in the Mitchell Report?

Bullit: Ty very much.

As long as its a consistent zone, I'm fine with it.

bap: Like that pitch, for example.

I think these chants are playing to Pedro's advantage, funny as it sounds.


Nice pitch!

Shay, I think so, too. He's loving it.

Nothing pumps Pedro up like a hostile crowd. He's probably the greatest competitor in baseball.

It's been five years and they come back with the same chant? These fans get a D+ across the board so far.


WOOOOO Petey! Keep sitting 'em down.

um Pedro looks pretty good so far.

Damon has had alot of flailing swings.

Crazy how good his changeup is.

Yanks are looking rather ... croupier?

Pedro=Hall of Fame.

Enjoy it.

you're very welcome kart racer. i'll mention it several more times during the game.

Looks damn good as expected.

1-2-3 go the Yankees. This is not a recording.

Jack: Absolutely true. And he did get a very wide strike zone that inning.

I vote Pedro

Trying to stay away from listening to mccarver, but that delay doesn't help

i wuv Pedro.

Just let your Soul Glo! Just let it Shine through!

Am I the only one for whom 1210 isn't synced up with Fox? This is bull.

Burnett seems on tonight.

I love these marathon Werth ABs. keep working him, Jayson.

Jayson can look terrible in one AB (not saying he did there) and come back and kill a ball in the next AB.

Damon has amazing range.

Most little leaguers would have gunned Ibanez out at the plate there.



apples and pears!

Did UC have to stop himself from automatically pinch-hitting for Stairs there?

Looked like that ball on A-Rod hit the cutout and skipped rather than bounced after it landed. Take the breaks as they come.

First Blood. Stairsy has his world series pants on.

With Damon and Hairston tonight in the corners, you can get Perlozzo will be sending guys home almost automatically from 2nd on a single.

Damon's arm has even atrophied since his days in Boston and that isn't saying much considering he has one of the worst arms in the league for a CF at the time.

I mean pinch-running?

Feliz batting with Stairs on first is probably the easiest double play on the face of the earth. (not a DP situation now, of course)

In Case Of Emergency, Use Stairs!!! :-D

Little luck and Phils' strike first.

A-Rod should have stopped that ball.

Postseason Comparison:

Pat Burrell ('08) - 14 G 10 H 8 RBI

Raúl Ibañez ('09) - 10 G 9 H 11 RBI

I do like the decision to start Stairs here today, Burnett only throws fastballs and curves, Stairs' blind-squirrel strategy was bound to lead to at least one hit.

Is there a rule that the DH has to hit for the pitcher? Or can he hit for some other position instead? I think I'd rather have the pitcher's bat in the lineup than Pedro Feliz's.

Damon couldn't gun a guy down from 3B.

We could just play without the DH (that is an option afterall).

Love getting first blood here. IT's going to be a long night... Burnett looks good so far... great movement... let's see if Pedro can hold here...

I'm nervous with every swing the yankees take.

We're making Burnett throw a ton of pitches just like Sabathia.

37 pitches after 2.

Phils got that run and the Yanks crowd has gone dead.

My God, McCarver CORRECTED himself on the pronounciation of Ruiz.

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