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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I would have thought Francisco would bat 9th so we can get some speed connecting the bottom and top of the order. But that's just me. The way things have been going for Cholly, Francisco will have a huge night in the 7-hole.

Start already!!! The wait is killing meeee...

Very cool.

I just posted end of last thread. Charlie mentioned the Yankees score a lot in the late innings (7th on). Someone reinforce our BP's abilities for me - I clutched when Charlie said that!

Wow. Let me be the first to say great graphic.

I hear there is a baseball game tonight. Any truth to this?

Holy hell, let's get this party started.

Phils in 5.

Definitely an A+ effort in the graphics department.

Beautiful graphic. Let's hope for a beautiful game.

(Reposted from end last thread)
I heard that you have to re-pass through metal detectors if you get out of your seat to go to the bathroom (not sure if it also applies to concessions, but I assume so, as the metal detectors are inside the stadium at each section). What a pain! The drawback to having the President's wife attend. Otherwise, I think it's a good thing, that she and Dr. Biden are there doing something related to veterans and MLB.

I'm bouncing off the walls!! Let's go Phillies!!!

First FOX complaint of the night: The over blown intro/cutaway music. Sounds like something they'd play for a televised WWII Veterans memorial service. Better than smashing robots or helmets I guess.

Holy cr@@p, Mark Grace defending the Phillies?

Said it before, and I'll say it again - Phillies in 5.

Great graphic.

Can't contain the excitement/nerves. Lets go Phillies!!!!

I can't wait! Game one is the key to the whole thing, frankly. I am not one for predictions but I think the team that wins it tonight wins the Series!

Excellent graphic; excellent match-up. Here's to the Fightins getting this party started right -- Let's Go Phils!!! :-D


You are master of the graphic. that is seriously beautiful.

15 minutes boys and girls.


So we get the Empire march ... doesn't that seem a bit backwards considering the opponent?

Imperial March, nice touch.

Over/under on Darth Vader helmets at CBP on Saturday?

Great Graphic, nice work JW!

Great Graphic, nice work JW!

Star Wars=ghey

Great graphics tonight JW. I think beating the Yankees and showing the rest of the baseball world that the Phillies are for real has added a whole extra dimension to the Series for us this year. Beating the storied franchise would be a moment none of us would have ever dreamed might happen, say, oh as few as 5 years ago. Let's Go Phillies!!!

A new hope? Heh, hope is all the Yankees have.


Evil Empire plays the Imperial March for the Phils. Kinda ironic.

don't be too proud of this technological terror you have constructed Mr. Steinbrenner, the ability to destroy major league payrolls is nothing compared with the power of the gut

That really is a sweet fvcking graphic, as I'm sure you know. That's one damn impressive lineup that the hometowners are putting out there. This should be fun.

For a half a second I thought the Yanks were coming out to the Rocky theme when I heard the horns. That would have been the most backwards song choices ever,

from a Met fan, good luck.

Great Graphic JW!

Lets go Phils

I think we might need a "Jump to end of comments" link. Something tells me we might have a fairly large number of comments tonight.

BL not working again.

Ok, here we go, get it on.

we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win we're gonna win

While we wait, a question for JW:

Ever considered throwing up a separate page that simply collects your best graphics for the site? Certainly something I would bookmark, or look for in the sidebar!

i'm so excited!

Keeping the star wars theme, good luck yankees, your gonna need it.

If I'm full of nerves I wonder what the players are feeling like! Under the big lights, big stage, Yankee Stadium....

Phils in 4.

Joe Buck said first pitch would be on time.
Not the last time he will be WRONG.

Joe Buck is an untalented a$$.

What's Sabathia weigh these days? 350? 400?

Just want to quick get my pick on record...Phillies in 6

Enjoy the game folks

It begins.

Dumb decision by JRoll.

Message to JRoll...try the third base side and not so hard!

Little too hard...

Jason, your website provider is robbing you of a lot of hits. Bummer.

is 1210 gonna sync to the Fox broadcast? Its way out of line now.

Ugh, not this again. We need you working during the Series, Beerleaguer!

Come on Ryan

Not dumb at all for J-Roll to bunt for a base hit

that's a run for chase in a MLB ballpark with 330' fences

in the 1950 series the Phillies only scored one run before the sixth inning in all four games.

Damn. That was a huge blown opportunity.

Not the version of the Phils I wanted to see this inning.

too bad. it was ball four.

Great. You don't get many opportunities against this guy. You need to take advantage. This game is over.

you guys... i'm stranded up in Boston watching this by myself in my apartment. I can't contain my excitement so i figured i'd join the thread.

۞_۟۞‬ i'm so damn excited. after that first half inning, i know we can chase CC early.


Hope that Bases loaded thing doesn't come back to haunt us.

It's hard to get down on a guy for drawing a walk, but I partially blame Werth for that failure. With a left-hander on deck, he needed to be thinking RBI in that situation. Instead, he was thinking walk. Never even lifted the bat off his shoulders despite a couple hittable pitches.

bummer that beerleaguer's broken during the world series.

Raul was going for a bomb right there, swinging high at a high fastball. Actually got on top of it too.

After that let down, it would be nice to see a 1-2-3 inning for Cliff here.

No sweat. Next time through they cash in.

Ugh. Can't believe he swung at that. CC has had little control all inning.

Our lineup will wear down King Hippo.

Web server is messed up.

Sit Down Jeter!

Jeter struck out. Are we back in it?


Sit down Derek. That was nasty.

Lee has no issue fielding his position...unlike King Hippo.

where are the comments going?

Anyone else find it a little odd that they're zooming in on Lee's grip in the glove before pitches?

Low strike calls will help Lee.

Lee DESTROYED Jeter in that at bat, had him looking behind him to figure out what the hell just happened.

Yanks trying a decidedly more aggressive approach than the Phils.

Lee is sharp and a good zone from the ump for him.

Cliff Lee is trending downward

Sarge: "Here's that absolutely fiyythy curve ball by Lee."

Made that look easy.


Lee will rip this lineup apart if they keep chasing like this.

Brilliant inning by Lee. Sabathia, not so much.

ok. we got the mo.

This has worked a few times for me now. When the comments didn't refresh, I just clicked on the Date/Time link on the last post, and suddenly the new comments showed up. I just discovered that tonight.

I'm surprised they didn't put Feliz in the 9 hole.

BAP, you sure are a panic!

Phillies aren't chasing any junk from CC so far. This is a good sign.

Keep making King Hippo throw pitches.



Is this thing on?

I need Beerleaguer to keep me goin when my blood pressure is pounding like Gene Krupa!!!

I thought the Phils did pretty well 1st inning. Made CC throw a lot of pitches. Howard hit. Even Rollins' bunt wasn't a bad idea, according to LA, just too hard. I think Shane and Raul also saw a good share of pitches before their outs.

You're kidding ("game is over") right BAP?

Feliz is terrible.

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