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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Jason, you a right. This topic is a real buzz killer. Quick, new thread header needed. Maybe it could be "Rate Myers champagne spraying compared to the Division clincher."; post a photo of roulette wheel, headline "How Selig picks start times", "Lake Fred survives cardiac arrest as Cholly brings in Lidge.", "What are the odds that Abreu will play the Phightin's in the WS?", or "The prodigal son returns to Philly...the story of Vincente Padilla."
Just saying we need something else.

Love the post. It will be interesting to keep tabs on Brown in the AFL. The AFL is typically the best showcase for prospects, something of an all-star league. He will be facing better pitchers than he normally does. If he looks good there, he will begin to be considered not just as the Phillies' top prospect, but as one of the best in all of baseball.

Strasburg is making his debut out there. Would be fun to see Brown get a couple of at-bats against him.

The Mexican league is full of real polished, older players. It will be interesting to see Rosenberg's performance there. He could be in Philadelphia next year if he continues to perform. The AFL has some real nice kids playing, but the Mexican league is full of men.

Thanks for all your comments re: TBS. I've forwarded them to my friend. We'll see if he continues to talk to me after he reads them.

"Taylor?!?, What are you doing back here?"

"Couldn't cut it in the Mexican Leagues"

"Hewitt was in center field during a recent instructional game and hasn’t been seen much, if at all, at third base."

They're ready to announce a 7-year extension for Pedro Feliz


NEPP- Jake Taylor or Michael Taylor?

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Billy Wagner is going to retire. Does anyone believe that?

More importantly, does anyone care what Wagner does?

Nah. It's not a buzz killer. This sort of stuff is the nuts and bolts of Beerleaguer, and is what distinguishes it from other blogs.

I can already envision the Beerleaguer headings:

Nov. 5, 7:30 a.m. EDT: "Howard's Slam Beats Yanks to Claim Second Straight World Series"

Nov. 5, 9:30 a.m. EDT: "Parade Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning"

Nov. 5, 9:57 a.m., EDT: "Phils Cut Ties With Overholt, Furmaniak"

NEPP - Wouldn't you have just a tiny bit of Shadenfreude if Wagner left the game after performing crappily in the playoff game that eliminated his team? Or am I the only black-hearted person on here?

For the record, I think he's pulling a Favre and will be back.

More like:

Nov. 5, 7:30 a.m. EDT: "Howard's Slam Overcomes Questionable Decisions by Manuel, Beats Yanks to Claim Second Straight World Series"

The resulting thread would be 80% about the use of the bullpen.

It still feels weird to me every time I see Domonic Brown. My fingers still type "Dominic" every time.

Pete Happy +1

How about:

Nov. 5, 7:30 a.m. EDT: "Phils Finally Get Payback for Abreu Trade."

timr - You just HAD to pick open that scab, didn't you?

"Yeah, we won back to back WS but our BP had a 4.36 ERA in the playoffs..."

I wonder what it would take for clout to cry? Probably 5 straight WFC with 5 straight Kyle Kendrick WSMVP.

aw crap, Kutztown. i know you said you already sent it, but since i just spent all the time posting it in the defunct last thread... here are my thoughts on TBS. pass them on if you're friend decides to continue the relationship...

Kutztown- on the whole, i much prefer the TBS broadcasts to the blowhards over at Fox or ESPN. like some others have said, they do a pretty good job of letting the game come to them, as opposed to yammering on about that base hit they got in 1978 (cough, cough, Joe Morgan) or their deep, passionate, abiding love for Troy Aikman (i'm looking at you, Joe Buck).

i do think the broadcast teams have room to improve however in the way they prepare and research the two teams in the series. especially considering that the primary audiences for these divisional round games are the fan bases of the two teams playing, i found it frustrating that the TBS crew seemed to know so little about the Phillies (and presumably the Rockies as well). what do you mean "Pedro Feliz has average speed" or "Feliz is not generally known for his defense." these are just inexcusable untruths- to a knowledgable Phillies fans- but dilute the quality of the broadcast by feeding false information to everybody else. if the broadcasters can't study up on the teams a little more, how about combining a broadcaster, like Ron Darling, who regularly covers a rival team, like the Mets, and so is very familiar with the Phillies, with a broadcaster who does the same through the regular season with the Rockies? it's mismanaging the talents of the broadcasters to assign Ron Darling to cover the Yankees when he's spent half the season really studying the Phillies/NL East. it would be a much more interesting broadcast with that sort of detailed analysis available and it might also serve to spice up some of the game calls.
i would complain heavily about the game times. i think it's ridiculous that the Phils/Rocks had to play at 10pm EST on a sunday night. and it's ridiculous that the Phils/Rocks had afternoon starts for BOTH games 1 and 2. they need to spread the less desirable game times among all the teams. i mean, has anyone every stopped to consider that the yankees and the bo-sox draw large audiences because they're the only teams ever playing in primetime?

How about
Nov 5 7:30 AM EDT: "Pedro Feliz smacks game winning WS hit 2nd year in a row, Beerleaguer heads explode"

has EFF posted the DN/Inq covers yet today? Anyone else got them? I'd love to take a look.

This is kinda like how you can't get a hardon while watching an exciting sports event. My mancrush on Michael Taylor and other minor league/prospect news just doesnt register while the Phils are in the playoffs.

Nov 5 7:30am EDT: "Hall of Fame enshrines Gnome's underground treehouse after walkoff unassisted triple play in Game 7"

Nevermind, got the covers from

Looking SUPER far ahead...

"Such a plan would have CC Sabathia starting Game 4 on three days' rest. Sabathia is used to short rest from his time with the Milwaukee Brewers last year."

Yeah, and that ended up working out so well for the Brew Crew last year. Go nuts, Girardi.

Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin - what a douche name for a douche person.

MATB - I already heard back from my friend at TBS. He said they've received a LOT of feedback via phone calls and e-mails, all of which mirrored the things I sent him. Most of the complaints were about scheduling, but there was also a lot about lousy camera shots (the Victorino missing 3rd base shot especially) and, especially from the Philadelphia are, complaints about the announcers not knowing the teams they are covering.

Nice to know they are hearing the complaints. It would be even nicer if they did something about them.

Lets not look ahead to the WS. We have a very tough Dodger team to beat NOW.

Anybody take a look at Lee's splits against Manny? 20 plate appearances, 6 walks, 1 single, 3 doubles, 2 home runs and 6 RBI.

And Blanton v. Manny? 28 PA, 14 hits, 3 walks, and 8 RBI. Ethier, Loney and Thome also own Blanton albeit with a smaller sample size.

The Dodgers lineup is loaded with high OBP guys and it's pretty clear that their strategy should be to dink, dunk or walk their way into the Philly bullpen. And guys like Kemp, Ethier, Blake and a resurgent Manny will be counted on to provide timely XBHs. I wouldn't be surprised if they used the Rockies formula and hope that their lineup top to bottom is stronger/more fortunate when it comes to hitting with runners on base. Having said that, it must be noted that their NL-leading OBP is inflated by their MLB-leading intentional walks (76 compared to the Phillies 47).

The Phillies bore down and didn't allow (the Rockies tightened up and couldn't score RISP) hits with RISP in the NLDS. They will certainly need to do this again if they don't want to die by a thousand cuts.

Biggest concern? Manny gets white-hot like he was last year and it infectiously increases the confidence of the other LAD batters. Hopefully, the Phillies can contain him like they did last year and like they just survived the damage done by CarGo.

This could be an epic series that comes down to the last bullpen man standing with lots of extra inning games.

Wonder what that mental patient that was wearing the Elmer Fudd hat behind home plate is doing today. Probably watching cartoons in his pajamas down in mom's basement. What an assclown. As if I didn't want the Phillies to win enough, I just love to scorch moron fans like that guy.

btw, has anybody looked at the Inside Edge scouting reports on the Phillies and Dodgers? All of the Phillies hitters have a LOT of holes with seemingly little ability to make contact with certain pitches from certain pitchers (L or R) but do a lot of damage on pitches in their 'hot' zones. The Dodgers hitters appear to cover a lot more the strike zone in general as well have a diversified mix of players who do really well against certain pitches.
If these scouting reports are accurate the Phillies chances lie largely on their ability to take full advantage of mistake pitches and not get frustrated by the Dodgers' ability to make contact. Ethier, Kemp and Manny look particularly troublesome. Hamels better get ready to throw his curve at Blake, the changeup at Kemp, and locate his fastball well against Belliard.

Theoretically, Hewitt's .650 OPS is more valuable in CF than at 3B.


I'm not at all surprised by that. The Phillies seem to hit they way, and that probably accounts for how streaky they are. It highlights how important it is for our hitters to be patient. The walks and deep counts in tense situations were a large part of why we won this series. If they can play calm, focused baseball they will eventually get their pitches.
Likewise for the pitching staff if they don't get ahead of hitters, or if they start getting squeezed, or if they let the inevitable bloopers, flares, etc. get to them - they'll get into trouble.
I'm pretty excited though. If there is one thing that this series proved, it is that regardless of what happens we'll play every at-bat, every inning, every night; and if the Dodgers want to beat us they'll have to match that level of focus. Despite a strong showing on both sides of the ball, the Rockies just flinched first.

I stopped caring about Anthony Hewitt the day he was drafted. But hey, there's nothing like another toolsy outfielder for our system.

Hewitt has a ways to go until he's Leandro Castro, quite frankly.

And oh yeah, Denver was cold. But the witnessed heartbreak warmed my cockles.

From Wallace Matthews of Newsday

"In short, my friends, this is your World Series, beginning Friday night at Yankee Stadium.

Because if the Yankees get past the Angels, the only thing that can beat them in the "official'' World Series is a letdown."

I guess the National League gets no respect, including our reigning World Champs. (Although he does say beating them will be a little tougher than beating the Dodgers.)

I suppose if I'm completely objective, I'll agree that the Yankees and Angels are the best teams in baseball. Still, to suggest there will be no excitement in the WS is a bit presumptuous.

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