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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yanks will probably give Lee a $300 million deal next winter

Given the circumstances, easily top 5. probably top 3.

An enjoyable day for this beerleaguer living in nyc. This win goes out to all the trash talkers on the 4 train this AM who took exception to my hat.


@Jim not after we trade Cole Hamels to free up money for Lee

I can think of none better, honestly.

I was prepared for a gem, but received a pressure-honed diamond.

Cliff Lee.

Couple of thoughts:

-Game makes a huge statement. Our ace blows their ace away in their park.

-It may not mean a lot in terms of winning or losing games, but it's nice to back the Yankee fans and the media who all picked the Yankees off the plate a bit.

-Yankees players have to be thinking a little bit. All the pressure shifts to them. They threw CC at the Phils and took their best shot - and laid a total egg. Not a blowout you can wave off, nor a nail-biter that could have gone either way. Just a cold blooded, workmanlike beating by a team of pros and total domination by the other team's pitcher.

-Really happy to see Chase put his stamp on things. He looks like he's back in the Utley zone. The K was totally bogus, never seen him gripe about a call before. I couldn't really tell but it seemed like he made decent contact on the fly ball also.

-Anyone else feel this puts a lot of pressure on Cole in a bizarre way? I'm sure he's loving the W, but, man, Lee is proving to be an incredibly tough act to follow. Hoping his philosophy is, "Hey, it's great not having all the heat on me, I can relax and let it go." But he is a perfectionist and this may just be winding him tighter. I'll be pulling for him.

-Can you imagine the implosion in the Bronx if Pedro lays another one on the Yanks tomorrow night? Apoplectic would be way too mild a word.

-Phila. announcers are really blasting - deservedly - the Yankee fans who left early. Next time I hear someone from NY rip Philadelphia fans for whatever, we always have this to rub in their faces. Corporate bigwigs and drizzle, so what? You guys should be ashamed.

What a game, and what a team.

Phils are extending Lee, Jim. He won't be available next winter.

If Lee has a soul, he'll resist.

I HATE the Yankees. That win was GREAT. Especially watching it alongside some Yankees fans.

that performance is an obivious explaination of what being in the zone is, as mr lee was tonite ... harry this one may be for you and all of our love ... but i don't want to get ahead of myself just yet ...

Come on Pedro!!!! I want a "Who's your daddy NOW, mo*&erf#ck$rs?!" performance!

that performance is an obivious explaination of what being in the zone is, as mr lee was tonite ... harry this one may be for you and all of our love ... but i don't want to get ahead of myself just yet ...


UnbeLEEvable!! Let's keep it going, Phils! Thanks, Cliff!

Lee has best post season ERA in history of pitchers throwing more than 30 innings, now that is amazing... Pitching in colorado, philadelphia and the new Yankee stadium - all hitters parks. WOW! btw, 26 post season getting on base streak by Utley - first time...

Phillies pitching performances aside, that was one of the greatest pitching performances I have ever watched in any postseason game. I don't recall but two balls that were even hit remotely hard and even those were weak fly balls that were easily catchable.

It was complete domination and Lee looked like he was about as nervous as he would be pitching to a visually challenged little league team who forgot to pack their contact lenses to an away game.

Sophist: You think Lee will sign after this postseason? You don't think he'll hold out for free agency?

I'd say this performance definitely ranks near the top, but it's not better than Schilling in that must win game in the WS against the Blue Jays. That lineup was killer and he threw a 5-hit CGSO.

C'mon, this was better than Schilling. This lineup is also killer, and Lee literally made it look easy. Unbelievable performance from him.

If Pedro comes out strong tomorrow, the Yanks are going to start getting really scared!

As important as Lee's performance was tonight, it was BBs yet again tonight including JRoll's walk to start the top of the 8th and Ibanez's huge 2-out, 2 RBI hit that really sealed this game.

The air just went out of the stadium after that point and the Yanks and their fans basically checked out after that point down 4-0.

I find this hard to believe, but they said on Baseball Tonight it was the first WS game since 1903 (the first World Series) in which a starting pitcher struck out 10+ and walked 0. They also said it was the first WS start ever in which the pitcher struck out 10, walked 0 and allowed 0 earned runs.

doubleh, we have option for Lee next year at $9 million. the team is intact through 2010. Victorino arbritration and then decisions about both Pedros and Blanton.

Cliff made the Yankees look so bad. What a performance.

timr - Schilling's performance in Game 5 was still a bit better for several reasons including:

- It was an elimination game.
- Phils' pitching staff had been blown out the day before in the highest-scoring game in WS history (15-14). It was an elimination game
- Blue Jays had just been raking that postseason and largely had done some serious damage already against the Phils' pitching staff that series.

Marson, Knapp, Donald, and Carrasco can all become all-stars for all I care... this trade was WORTH IT. Lee came in and has given us EXACTLY what we all hoped for. Who knew a plan would work so well?


"Historical Perspective: If not for Rollins' error in the ninth, Lee might well have become the first pitcher in 40 tries to shut out the Yankees in a World Series opener. Among the dozens who tried and failed were Hall of Famers Carl Hubbell (twice), Warren Spahn (twice), Sandy Koufax, Don Sutton, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, and Curt Schilling. "

3 weeks ago BLers were insisting that Hamels was our Ace and should get the Game 1 start vs. Colorado, and now he's chopped liver?

I don't think there IS a decision about the one Pedro: see ya. Get out. Go away.

But yeah, what a freaking game. What else can be said?

Powerful is the word that comes to mind.
Relaxed and confident. No cockiness. Just team-ness.
It is clicking on all cylinders.
Enjoy. As somebody posted here some time ago, we are witnessing the Golden Age of Phillies Baseball.
As a long-time Phils fan, I have longed for a consecutive-series wins. Reds 75-76. A's 72-74. (I won't mention the Yanks).
For those of you young enough, you will be talking about this Phillies team 30, 40, 50 years from know.
Pour a nice glass of wine, sit back, relax, but pay attention - be aware for all moments of this stretch. Don't let it just slide by. Soak it in, every minute. For it is happening, and these things don't last forever.
God bless the Phillies.
God bless Cliff Lee.

From the Inky's Jensen:

" "I was trying to let it hit the ground," Rollins said. But when he heard second-base umpire Brian Gorman yelling "Catch! Catch!", "I was kind of disappointed. I was thinking, 'Noooo!' "

Matsui was looking at Rollins, not Gorman. "

Gorman gave an 'out' signal before Rollins ran over to second base, but apparently Matsui wasn't looking at Gorman. I wonder if Matsui comprehended what Gorman was yelling; I've never seen him without an interpreter although it's likely he at least understands really basic english. It's never too late to head over to a Berlitz Language Center Hideki!

What a nice play by J-Roll. And kudos to the umps for talking it over and getting it right.

Most disappointing part of Lee's night- no base hits.

A couple of thoughts...

1. The Yankee crowd was terrible. Just sat on their fat wallets most of the night and never made much noise. I know the weather was less then ideal and it wasn't "comfortable" and Lee's pitching kept any momentum from starting. But that was a quiet crowd, even when the Yanks were still kinda in the game. The Phils crowd will be 20 times more into the game and boisterous, then the "NBA-like" atmosphere at Yankee Stadium.

2. The Phils already have them exactly where they wanted them. Down 1-0, with AJ Burnett having to save their bacon. They can't be feeling good about that, since Burnett does not elicit a lot of confidence when he takes the mound. He may pitch a gem and this series may end up tied going to Philly. But putting all the pressure on Burnett, is just what you would like.

And as I said before the series started, the Yankee bullpen outside of Rivera was VERY shaky and they looked "not ready for prime time" in this postseason. That looked like a "Washington Nationals" type of late inning performance in a August game at Nationals Park tonight. I was almost expecting Girardi to bring Saul Rivera or Julian Tavarez in at some point. And that don't play against the Phils.

I waited through a basketball on ESPN to watch ESPN's highlights of the game, only to have them given to me by CHRIS FRICKIN' BERMAN?

Damn you, ESPN.

wow, what a absolute statement from the WFC and C. Lee...its amazing how this team finds a new and exciting way to win every night...

random obs.

chase utley..starting this series the exact same way he started last seasons (albeit a diff inning)...

solid world series beard workin for the big boy....

perfect spot for pedro to give it a go in game 2....who knows what youll get from either one of these guys tomorrow....burnett doesnt like pitching vs. the take 5+ip 3er out of pedro

...hope fightins bullpen enjoyed the night off...they will be busy tomorrow

offensively, the patience in the post-season for the most part has been could never get the feel of the off-speed stuff so he couldnt really put hitters away

j-roll bunt??? def a surprise..wonder when he convinced himself that was the play..had to think about it before the game, no? his heady double play was so crafty whether he intended to catch that ball or not...then the throw he never should have made in th 9th..jimmy does love the spotlight...

also, jimmy smoked that ball in the gap..deepest part of park thats at least an XBH in our park..

that right field porch is very short...seems lke nyy is due to get some of their own

tomorrow is all about yankees responding to adversity...

if i saw jeter 3-4 in the box score i would think the yanks would score more than 1 run

same spot as can really put a team in a hole at prepared for a tough game..then again this team doesnt lose home games when returning 1-1...

wonder what our fans will have in store for mr. rodriguez who admittedly has only played in phila once and doesnt know about the atmosphere...

clearly, lee paid dominated in his ST pfp sessions...two awesome defensive plays...showin a little personality out there too...cole, hope youre taking copious notes

at seasons end general lee should return to his alma mater, U of Arkansas and get a rousing bobby petrino-esque welcome from the razorback faithful


still got 3 to go. LETS GO PHILS.

So John Legend, who grew up in Ohio but went to school in Philly at Penn, is singing the national anthem tomorrow (after Jay-Z) while the cast of the tv show Glee sings it for Game 3 and Alanis Morisette sings it for Game 4. I understand scheduling is probably a bigtime constraint, but I'd trade the Glee cast or Alanis for a Legend anthem in Philly.

as for lees place in history this performance was a little more dominating southpaw version of schilling's game 5 in ' the ws...i was an 11 year old lovin the mugs you got with the hot chocolate at the vet....never thought there could be a more memorable team than that one.

Saw the game tonight. I actually plunked down $300 to see the game. Enjoyed it all. First time in new Yankee stadium. I think Utley's first homer would have been an out in CBP. Really a long pop up.
Another first this week was to run into a felow beerleaguer at a NY Bar. Saw a guy wearing a Phillie cap turned out to be Clous. Nice chat about our team.
Things are certainly working out for the Phillies. Three more to go this year.

@RK: What bar? I'm usually a regular at Wogie's but I don't have the time to get there 90 minutes before first pitch. If there's another place to go in Midtown, give me the heads up.

Make the Yankees look silly. I don't even know how to react...I knew we were the the compasionate favs when Mac couldn't stop laughing after the Lee FU out

Actually I ran into him in my neighborhood the upper west side at a place called Fred's on Amsterdam and 84th st. very nice low key bar and good as well as well priced bar food.

BTW was very surprised to see people leave before the gamewas over and right after Victorino's RBI single in the 9th they ran for the exits. I don't get it, these are the Ynakees? Hey they just scored 6 runs the other day. What's the rush. I stayed for the last out knowing full well stuff happens. But it got closed out nicely.

Last guy to K A-Rod 3 times?

Cole Hamels

I think Doug Glanville is my favorite Phillie ever.

An almost perfect game in every way except for one blunder in the 9th. Great start to the Phillies. You have to feel confidence now. The Yankees will need Mariano Rivera to put a Goose Gossage like 9 out performance if they hope to hold a lead in this series.

Forgot to mention in the above post, what a disgrace that crowd was. It wasn't just so many people leaving early, it was all those empty super expensive seats THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAME. Pedro will laugh about that crowd tomorrow.

Roy who?

NY Post poll: Do you think the Yankees are in trouble?

Yes: 84%


I voted in that poll, Bake, before I came here even.


Daily News Front

Daily News Back

Not much doubt after Ibañez made it 4-0. Lee and Utley are the headliners of course and deservedly so but it was over in my mind after that hit.

One of the best comments I read on here the past couple days was "Girardi will be exposed."

It's often said baseball is a game of inches, last night proved that. Cliff Lee was spectacular and all the offense the Phillies needed was provided by Chase.

On the first home run Posada was trying to go away with a fastball but Sabathia missed his spot by about 6 inches and left the fastball about knee high out over the middle of the plate.

After that Sabathia shut the team down until Utley's next at bat.

This time Posada set up inside to get under Utley's hands and Sabathia again missed his spot by about 6 inches. That pitch ended up in almost the exact same spot as the previous pitch Utley had hit.

Sabathia had good stuff last night but his location was off all night long. Those two times with Utley a matter of inches were his downfall.

After that the Phillies got on the bad Yankees middle relief. If they can use this blueprint going forward (run up the pitch count, get to the guys before Rivera) you have to like their chances.

CC not invincible. A-Rod not unstoppable. Lee incredible. There's now an Utley corner in BOTH NY ballparks.

Good Morning!

That was tremendous! That 3rd inning PA by Utley was masterful, one of the best I can recall seeing.

Have a good day.

Mike and Mike mentioned Lee's performance as one of the all-time best in WS history behind Larsen's PG, Gibson game 1 in '67 (17Ks), Koufax game 7 in '65 (3BBs, shutout on 2 days' rest). We witnessed history last night.

What a sweet win. New York has been put in its place, and the Phillies are in the Yankees' heads. Cliff Lee turned in a performance to match the greatest in the game, and stayed calm like he was taking a Sunday stroll. Sabathia pitched a completely acceptable game in most circumstances and it wasn't good enough to save the Yanks. Phillies hit with RISP, making Yankee mistakes pay off. Sweet in every way.

It will get better. I'm predicting Pedro gives up 3 ER in 7 innings, but the Phillies' bats take Burnett apart by the 5th, and the Phillies come back to the Bank with a 2-0 lead and the entire city of New York wondering what happened to their monster team. This may be a short series, folks.

I love it when all the sports writers overrate a team the way they did these Yankees. They're good hitters, no doubt, and the Phils won't keep them scoreless the whole series, but Philadelphia's just got the better team this year.

Oops. Gibson in '68 vs. McLain.

Can Cliff pitch 3 more games for us?

Take a look at Utley’s second homer:

A Yankees fan just flipped Chase, the camera and all of America the finger! Classy!

Love today's subtitle on the site: "Thinks Cliff is cooler than Fonzie."

Also, fun piece by Rich Hoffman:

Great game, great win. One of the highlights for me was Rollins drawing that walk in the 8th. What a great AB! He fouled off two tough breaking balls with the count at 2-2, then Hughes misses with two fastballs. Fantastic!

So what are the thoughts on Lee going on short rest in Game 4? Me, I'm against it. Let him go out on full rest for Game 5 and dominate. He'd still be available to relieve in Game 7 (if necessary). Game 5 could very well be the clincher anyway.

Depends on what happens between now and then, NEPP. If the Phils are up 3-0, you don't send Lee out for game 4. If the Phils are down 1-2 (may god not strike me down for writing such blasphemy), then you send him out.

Yeah, if we drop the next two games, I'd send him out for Game 4. That's not gonna happen though. Even if we're up 2-1, I would hold him till Game 5 so he can go deep (120-130 pitches) again.

NEPP: I am against it as well. No need to pitch him on 3 days rest. I would rather have him for Game 5 on full rest and ready to pitch, rather than throw him in there and hope he can pitch.

Does Chase now have the monopoly on right fields in NYC??? I hope he builds a hotel out there.

Benjamin- that link actually plays the first home run, though there is a link from there to the second homer.

Actually, I was pretty sure I saw that on one of the post-game replays and it made me giggle.

The Yankee's scouting on Chase was totally flawed. CC went down and in first AB and got a swinging strike. I saw it and knew if he went back to that he was done. RH pitchers get him there with a breaking ball not lefthanders LOL. Great gameplanning Joe,Jorge. Chase is the best 2 strike hitter i have ever seen. He knows your out pitch and lays on it. The compactness of his swing makes it so he doesn't change anything with 2 strikes and he can kill (foul off) the pitches he is wrong on. People you are watching a Hall of Famer. ENJOY

When CC can't locate his breaking ball it renders his Change up ineffective. Remind you of any other lefthanders? He's just like any other pitcher, when you can lay on FB and he has to throw it, you can hurt him. It's Baseball

Jason, I did happen to watch Jim Bunning's perfect game in 1964 against the hapless METS as and 7 yr old and Steve Carltons career. Cliff Lee's performance was Carltonesk and the magnitude of the game has not been matched in Philadelphia in my lifetime.

Go Phils

Great game by Lee last night- one of the classics in Phillies history- we'll be seeing replays forever.

3 more wins to go!

I'm happy for Cliff Lee, loved him here in Cleveland. Glad to see him pitching so well in the postseason.

I think this series is going at least 6 games. Should be a good series. I think the Yankees take Game 2.

I agree, that game was a press-honed diamond and nothing truely commemorates it almost as well as when Lee caught Damon's pop-up than this pic I found for only $8! Check it out!

I have to come clean. I’m a lifelong Mets fan, and I even tried rooting for the Yankees at the beginning of game 1.

It lasted 2/3 of an inning.

The Phillies are just way too gritty and ballsy not to like, or at the very least, appreciate. They remind me of the ‘86 Mets. So, there it is. I’ll be supporting the Phils in this WS.

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