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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Amen, I say to you JDub. Amen.

And early lead would be nice. Remember last year in game 5 Rollins lead the game off with a bomb and it was on cruise control after that. I'll be there tonight pregaming in Lot K and then in Sec 430. End this!

From end of previous thread:

LF: The reason guys like Bonds, Sosa, Clemens etc. are hated while Manny and A-Rod are still loved by many is simple. The Guys in column A all denied using steroids while Manny and A-Rod came right out and apoloized. Amazing how far a simple apology goes.

I do not recall an apology from Manny. I recall a denial and reading a prepared statement to his teammates that was encouraged by his agent.

Maybe it's just that Bonds and Celemens are unrepentant a-holes and a lot of people would have disliked them, steroids or not.

When did Manny apologize? I don't think that ever happened. I don't even think he has acknowledged doing anything wrong.

I think Hamels should be able to get it together, as long as the grass clippings are picked up, the short sleeves are worn, the puppy is out of the backpack, and the Malawian kid is adopted. If we can get these 4 critical parts together, then he'll be locked in tonight.

JW, Padilla in 2005 is similiar to Hamels in 2009? Really?


Hamels 4.32
Padilla 4.71


Hamels 1.29
Padilla 1.50


Hamels 43
Padilla 74


Hamels 168
Padilla 103

Also, while Hamels has not been an "ace" this year. He is exactly on league average as far as ERA goes. While nothing about Padilla was average.

I am still puzzled by as this Padilla love? Where is this coming from? He has pitched decent in 10 starts as a Dodger, so that erases the majority of his other 213 starts? Seriously, what gives?

Preserve and Loco: Yes he did apologize after he was issued the suspension he apologized to the media and fans as well as seperately to his teammates.

tommy, did you watch game 2?

MVP: Padilla's starts as a Dodger somewhat do erase what he did in Texas this year. Does Brad Lidge's postseason erase his horrible season? I'd say he is getting there - he needs about 5 more saves :)

Also Hamels had a ERA+ of 99 this year, while Padilla had ERA+ of 93 in 2005.

MVP: Hamels is a better pitcher. The point is they'd be better if they got out of their own way.

"Does Brad Lidge's postseason erase his horrible season?"

Yes. The postseason is everything.

Tony D: So he had a good game what's your point? I will ask you the same thing I asked clout. Would you rather have Hamels or Padilla starting for you tonight?

JW, I think it is two totally different stories.

With Hamels he admitted the WS hangover was an issue betweens the award dinners, partying, vacations, wife being pregnant etc.

With Padilla it has ALWAYS been he shows signs of a nice pitcher for a few games, but always goes right back to being the pitcher we have seen here first hand for years.

In the end, Hamels is going through a 1 year learning phase while Padilla's issues have been one big career long problem.

""Does Brad Lidge's postseason erase his horrible season?"

Yes. The postseason is everything."

Another interesting point. This is 100% correct. I am STILL trying to wrap my head around why posters were calling to drop Lidge in favor of Walker or Condrey. Just puzzling.

agree with BaySlugga

Look at the tape of Wolf pitching to Howard in the 1st inning of Game #4. He doesn't get a strike call from the umpire, and loses his composure. Wolf hangs the next ball out there for Howard and BOOM -- home run.

I recall watching this and thinking of Hamels -- how many times have we seen this during the season and especially during the playoffs -- he doesn't get a call and it turns into a blow-up inning for him.

Cole -- I love you man -- you're one of my favorites, but you've got to guy-up and take your lumps. If the umps are calling a narrow strikezone, they'll be calling at the Top and the Bottom of the inning. Relax and let your offense play their game. You've got a helluva defense behind you, but even THEY are not going to make every play. Roll with the punches.

Tommy, I dont think you even know what you are writing. You said "I am still puzzled by this Padilla love? Where is this coming from?" My point is in his most recent start he shut down the Phils. I don't think anyone here "loves" Padilla, but we respect what he did in game 2.

And again, Weitzel's point is that BOTH PITCHERS NEEDED TO GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAYS. And its a good one.

Hamels should relax and not worry about the weight of the world that he seems to think rides on every pitch. Rely on a great defense and stop trying to strike everyone out...i.e. Pitch like he did last year.

In their defense, Walker and Condrey haven't blown any post-season saves either.

MVP: A quick google search and I could not find evidence of his public mea culpa, so I will have to take your statement at face value. For what it's worth, I ask the following question: Did he apologize for taking PEDs or did he apologize for getting caught taking PEDs? He's earned nearly $250 million dollars in his playing career, so I'm not so sure he's really that concerned about what others think.

JW, great post.

The Dodgers must have their backs against the wall. Torre put Padilla in game 2 so he wouldnt have to pitch in Philly and maybe get rattled. Now he has to just throw him in, because he has no other pitchers, and just hope for the best.

And if the Dodgers win tonight. I dont know who will pitch for them in the last two games. Wolf and ??? Kershaw?

Hamels has pitched much better at night & home all year. If the Phils give him some offensive support tonight and aren't spellbound by Padilla again, there is no excuse for another stinker by Hamels. Nobody is expecting what Pedro or Lee did but he needs to give his team a good shot to win and that means 6-7 IP and 3 ER minimum.

Really need Cole to lock in tonight.

Not for this series, but the next one.

I feel sorry for Joe Torre having to publicly defend Manny's churlish behavior. I wonder what Torre really thinks.

In other news:

Steve Phillips suspended from Baseball Tonight


For anyone who dislikes former Mets GM/ESPN's Steve Phillips: A note that his 22-year-old girlfriend with wrote to his WIFE. Pay special attention to the part about the god.

And, not having to use Lee in Game6 is also crucial.

You know CC will go 1-4-7 for NYY, so we might have to have Lee do the same - especailly if Hamels is unable to regain form.

MVP: I was one of the posters that was in favor of dumping Brad Lidge going into September and October. You love to praise yourself for sticking to your guns with Lidge, but I can guarantee you nobody saw Lidge's current run coming (especially after a season of total ineffectiveness and a postseason where Street, Broxton, and Papplebon were all terrible).

Would anyone of been surprised if Lidge let Furcal score in game 4? Would anyone of been surprised if Lidge lost those battles to Tuluwitzki?

JW, is right - the postseason is everything. Lidge is on a great run, and as fans we can only hope it continues. As I said before, I'd like to see him pick up 5 more saves.

Two cents:

Padilla's stuff lately has been as good if not better than Hamels. In fact, Padilla in Game 2 had the best stuff of any starting pitcher in the series including Lee or Pedro. Neither Lee or Pedro had the wicked velocity that Padilla had or ability to have such a profound velocity difference between pitches. Pedro had that ability several years ago but no longer.

"On a related subject, what does it say about the Dodgers to sidestep their Game 1 starter in favor of a guy who was cast aside and out of work just weeks ago?"

What does it say?

1) They're desperate.
2) They came into the playoffs with more questions at starting pitching than any other team except *maybe* the Twins.

mvptommyd: You're a little mistaken.

Manny NEVER apologized for using steroids and denies using PEDs to this day. He apologized for missing 50 games because he was suspended. He still insists that it wsa just something his doctor had prescribed while all reasonable people know he was on hormone therapy to come down off steroids. There's no other logical explanation.

CJ - Agreed about your 2 points but it really is a no-brainer to start Padilla tonight on full-rest over Kershaw given how he has looked his last 2 starts.

I really hope the Phils' fans get on Padilla and Manny early and often tonight.

MG: Yeah, I think it's a no-brainer for them. I think Kershaw has proven to be a mental midget so far in his young career. Not that he can't mature. He's got great stuff, but the Dodgers know he's just a couple batters away from blowing up.

This season, Ryan Howard has streaks of 5 games, 6 games and 7 games with an RBI. No other streaks were longer than three games.

He now has a playoff streak of 8 games with an RBI.

CJ: Some might say the same about Hamels this postseason.

After reading about Manny's current shenanigans (and seeing his a-hole act in person on Monday night), plus the letter Steve Philips' girlfriend wrote to his wife (how the hell did that letter get out?), aren't you all very glad that the Phils have team members (and management) with character and dignity?

Re: the Steve Phillips thing... the only thing I can say, in the words of the ever-estimable Sarge: Oh boy.

Phargo, the Steve Phillips stuff is unbelievable. Your link has a link to photos of his "Glenn Close" in this Fatal Attraction Steve Phillips Affair. He must have a drinking problem, because she only looks good when you're viewing her through beer goggles. She must have a "good personality" or other talents.

I wish men would behave themselves, as they give us all a bad name.

Anyone see the pictures of this girl? Steve, if you're going to cheat, at least make it worth it. LOL Mets.

Bay Slugga, I guess "eager" beats out "pretty."

What it says about Padilla starting instead of Kershaw is pretty clear. Torre is not starting a 21 year-old pitcher who got lit up with the season on the line. It's a no-brainer. What would Cholly do in a similar situation if he could choose between Happ and a short-rested Lee?

That dumb, dumb girl had no idea what she's getting herself into. That nasty comments posted about her (thanks for the link, Pete Happy) are just the beginning.

She probably thought her letter would free Phillips so he'd be able to marry her, not realizing that her indiscretion will drive him far, far away.

The idiocy of people never ceases to astound me. Her parents must be so proud.

anyone have a link to the playoff tv ratings that was going around yesterday?


the first comment on Peter Happy's link is the best....

>>matt Says:
>>October 21st, 2009 at 6:49 am

>>ouch talk about hitting everybranch when >>falling out of the ugly tree!

Now we know why Steve Phillips was fired as the Met’s GM…..He has a terrible eye for talent.

Hahaha @ Lake Fred. I'm using that one.

Different tack on Philips:

I really wish the media would draw a line at what details they disclose and don't disclose in something like the Philips story. Unfortunately, with the explosion of so many sources of information and a public that increasingly demands more and more salacious details, it doesn't happen.

If it really hurts other parties involved (Steve Philips' wife or kid), who gives a crap. If someone can get additional page views or attention, they go with including Deadspin which I really have mixed feeling in general about including their emphasis on some much stuff that frankly doesn't really have that much to do with sports in the end and really in the end for an additional buck & more attention.

BTY - I actually think that Buzz Bissinger's direct criticisms of Will Leitch and Deadspin (and not blogs or social media in entirety) were pretty spot on last year.

Usually a site with weak and suspect writing that doesn't bring much to the table in terms of the table in analysis.

By the way, A-Rod tied the Gehrig/Howard record of 8 consecutive playoff games with an RBI last night.

Just got off the phone with my wife. The Steve Phillips affair was discussed on "The View." My wife knew all about the letter, the photos, and about the tramp backing her car into a mailbox. I guess Whoopee and Joy had a field day on this one.

J.R. King-Thanks.

"A-Rod tied the Gehrig/Howard record of 8 consecutive playoff games with an RBI last night."

Does his record get a 'roid asterisk?

"I am STILL trying to wrap my head around why posters were calling to drop Lidge in favor of Walker or Condrey."

Ok, let me help you wrap your head around it. He was 0-8 with a 7.21 ERA and 11 blown saves this year. He also had a 1.81 WHIP and a .301 BAA. In short, he had the worst season in the history of baseball for a closer. To every reasonable person's surprise, he has had a terrific post-season, so all credit to Cholly for sticking with him. But if having the worst season in the history of baseball isn't enough for you to "wrap your head around" the idea of keeping him off the post-season roster, then literally nothing could be.

Wonder what Harold Reynolds thinks about the Steve Phillips scandal

I agree with whomever said that there should be a line drawn by the media (in all forms) as ot personal crap that is made into news stories. That goes for balloon boy, Steve Phillips or whomever. Fact is, there isn't and never will be as long as there's a market for voyeuristic, inappropriate curiosity. Because I'm not interested, I didn't look at the pictures or what have you but, sad to say, and sight unseen, I did think the line about Phillips being a poor judge of talent was hilarious.

Gotta say - I'm kind of surprised that a personal situation becomes fodder at BL for sexist jokes and voyeuristic thrills.

Is Phillips cheating on his wife really a BL kind of topic - or jokes about the appearance of the woman he was having the affair with? Seriously, I get the humor, but the jokes come at the expense of real people, who are no more fallible than any of us.

Usually BL sticks to really important matters, like whether or not Manny was in the dugout our showering in the 9th inning, and whether or not he apologized for taking steroids (or only for getting caught).

I agree with you, MG, regarding the media. The affair is no one else's business.

Re: Cole. He needs to trust himself and his stuff more. If you have confidence that you can get the hitters out, you aren't as likely to be frustrated by balls and strikes counts that happen every now and again, nor with occasional defensive misplays, nor bloop hits. You just go after the next guy, adjust to the strike zone, and continue to trust your skills those of your teammates. (If a strike zone is inconsistent, then I understand getting frustrated, but I'm talking about a small strike zone that is consistent for both teams.)

Re: First pitch fastballs - I have a feeling this is a contributor to why Feliz and Rollins so often swing at the first pitch.

Re: Discussion of WS already - Well, I have my thoughts about it, too, but really, getting there isn't something we can count on yet.

Can we lay off the Cole Hamels BS. He's not immature or a headcase any more than he was last year.

The guy has not thrown a curveball in like 6 weeks. He's hurt and anything we get out of him at this point is a bonus.

"I think Kershaw has proven to be a mental midget so far in his young career."

And you've deduced this from what, exactly? His .200 Batting Average Against?

Related questions: is Mental Midgetry a lasting condition, or is it sporadic? Can it come and go, in other words, from start to start?

Also, is it possible to both pitch well and be a mental midget, all at once? I wonder, because mental midgetry seems to be the conceptual equivalent of "he pitched badly"--that is, "he pitched badly, so he's a mental midget, which we know because he pitched badly."

Now, I don't want to cast too much doubt on the psycho-analytic acuity of the average, passive observer--which I'm sure is most powerful--but as a concept "mental midgetry" does seem awfully tautologically.

"tautological", that is.

Classic BL armchair pyschology going on with regards to Hamels, Manny, Kershaw.

"Guys, let's make totally ridiculous claims about people we know nothing about !!!!"

Much better when we just focus on the actual, you know, baseball. Rather than trying to read people's minds and ascribe certain mental states to them.

JT: Did you read a report that we all missed about Hamels? I did not know he was injured.

Yorvit Torrealba would beg to differ about the last time Hamels threw a curve.

Ryan Howard still holds the record for consecutive playoff games with an RBI in a single postseason: 8

A-Rod has done that for only 7 games this postseason and 1 game in in 2007.

Here's hoping The Big Piece makes it 9 tonight!

re: on Kershaw...

I think this move says everything about the difference between Torre and Manuel. Manuel sticks with his guys/Torre does not. I gotta think Manuel would have sunk or swam with Kershaw if he were managing the Dodgers.

I might be overanalyzing this - but what will this do to Kershaw's confidence next year? Say he even has a good reg. season - what will it do if he starts in the playoffs and has a shaky first outing? At some point you have to go with a guy like that and sink or swim with him.

And unlike most people, Steve Phillips was starting to grow on me. Not a good GM, but I thought he actually did well on Sunday night baseball. And when asked his opinion, he never danced around stuff - always seemed to give his thoughts even if I disagreed.

Klaus: Really? Can't grasp the concept that a 21-year old pitcher, despite his amazing arm, can't mentally handle postseason pitching?

I guess I'll leave it at that.

JT in NC, if Colbert is "hurt" why is he pitching? Where is he hurt? I think pitching is a very exact science that has no mercy on being close to a target.

Speaking of being close to a target, here's a link to a video showing an NFL football quarterback trying to be as accurate as an Olympic archer. It's pretty amazing. Maybe the guy can make the same video with a baseball pitcher.

"Really? Can't grasp the concept that a 21-year old pitcher, despite his amazing arm, can't mentally handle postseason pitching?"

Do you mean, is it plausible? Yeah I guess.

Is it obvious? No.

klaus: I think Vicente Padilla is the perfect subject for your question. Padilla has a reputation as a mental midget, in part because of his off-field alcohol-related problems and in part because he is perceived as an underachiever. Yet, he pitched great in Game 2.

All sorts of questions come to mind. Dd he pitch great even while he was being a mental midget? Did he manage to put aside his mental midgetry for one night, and pitch a great game at a big moment? Is it even possible to be a mental midget in general, but not for one night? Would he have pitched better still if he weren't a mental midget? Was he never a mental midget at all? And what's the definition of a mental midget? Is every underachiever a mental midget? Or can you be an underachiever, but one who comes up big in big spots? Perhaps some Ivy Leage PhD candidate can do a study on these important subjects. When he/she is done studying Vicente Padilla, the next subject for study is Brett Myers, who is simultaneously known as a head case, a mental midget, an underachiever, and a "bull dog" in tough moments. How can that be?

Something I think isn't getting enough praise is the fact that Rube has done such a great job in his first year as GM. Starting by locking up Howard to signing Raaaaul then for his encore finale he trades for Cliff Lee/Francisco. It should be crystal clear at this point that even Francisco has provided a vey important piece to this puzzle.


Klaus: Well, I apologize for giving my opinion on the matter. I had no idea they were so frowned upon.

mvptommyd: Did you miss the thread dedicated to Ruben Amaro Jr.? It happened a mere two days ago. Here's the link.

Actually. I have no problem taking people to task publicly for affairs. Hell even making jokes. If affairs llike that were "never anyones business". Then where's the actual risk? I mean stuff like that needs to become publicly humiliating since there's no actual crime involved.
You wanna cheat on your wife? fine. Then be ready to take your medicine. Also, and I really am honest here, his teenage son must me disappointed. I mean If my dad cheated on my mom I'd be pissed, but at least if the chick was built built like a playboy model I'd at least be able to say "well, I can see where you're coming from, Still pissed though." Where i this case it's more like "really?.. seriously?"

CJ: That's terrific. Only the entire thread was dedicated to discussing how Wolf will pitch. My point is no one has been saying what a great job Rube has done.

Do look now folks, but were are all on the verge of potentially one of the most exciting World Series ever.

Yeah, Steve Phillips is getting what he deserves. I have no sympathy for him. Hurt your family like that and I hope it's at least this bad.

Also, worse Steve Phillips decision? This, or Mo Vaughn?

mvptommyd: Are you new to Beerleaguer? Not every comment will refer directly to the topic header. For instance, your comment about Amaro has nothing to do with Cole Hamels. There were a number of comments on that thread, including mine, praising Amaro. When you've been around Beerleaguer for a little while, you'll figure this out.

Wow: Well, at least he didn't sleep with Mo Vaughn... as far as we know.

There is literally NO evidence that Hamels is injured.

Hamels pitched 4 great innings last time out. Was he injured during those 4 innings, or did the injury occur sometime in the 5th inning, when he allowed a 2-run homer on a down and away pitch? How about in the game against the Rockies? Was he injured when he was striking out 5, and walking none, in 5 innings? Or did the injury only rear its ugly head when he gave up that homer to Torrealba in the 4th and, again in the 5th, when he got hit hard?

An injured pitcher throws the ball all over the place, loses velocity, and generally gets plastered from the moment he takes the mound. Hamels' recent strikeout rate is as high as it has always been. His walk rate is as low as always. And, last time out, he hit 94 on the radar gun, which I believe is the hardest he has thrown all year. Anyone who thinks that ditching the curve ball is evidence of an injury is someone who hasn't seen Hamels pitch very often. When has he EVER thrown more than 7 or 8 curveballs in a game?

The only thing wrong with Hamels is that, in his last few outings, he has made a handful of terrible pitches, for which he paid the price.

MG: FYI, Deadspin was posting based on a New York Post article and the pictures were posted by WEEI, a radio station, so the traditional media were all over that, not just the bloggers.

I don't know where someone gets the idea that Hamels is injured. He did acknowledge, though, that early in the year he experienced some significant soreness in his arm, especially on breaking pitches and his change. It didn't affect his velocity, though. I think his problem has primarily been pitch selection and location his last few times out. Pretty significant issues but, certainly correctable from start to start.

Couple things:

Kershaw: He's 21, and I don't see a mental midget, I see a 21 year old.

Manny: He's not hurting his team because he showers when he gets taken out of the game, it's because he isn't hitting the ball.

Steve Phillips: Children should be the only people "off limits" from the media, and most of the time, they are.

***8Wow: Well, at least he didn't sleep with Mo Vaughn... as far as we know.****

Of course, the existence of a "personal" relationship between Phillips and Vaughn would explain that ridiculous contract.

NEPP: "Of course, the existence of a "personal" relationship between Phillips and Vaughn would explain that ridiculous contract."

I think we can all agree that someone got screwed in that deal.

CJ: Thanks for the memo. I know that discussion doesn't always relate exactly to the tread. My point is people don't discuss it enough.

nice to see some people here berating this 22 year old woman FOR HER LOOKS. classy.

how about acknowledging that she is ONLY 22, just a few years older than his oldest child, and he is 46, and evidently no stranger to affairs.

sounds like phillips is a predator of sorts.

Harold Reynolds, Steve Phillips, ESPN is the breeding ground for open fly's...

in this day and age, where camera & videophones, keyhole cameras exist and information is decimated via the net in a split second, you have to be a 100% stone cold moron to be in the public eye, have flings & not expect to be caught,

decimated s/be Disseminated

Posted by: CJ Steve Phillips is getting what he deserves.

True- but his wife and family did not ask for this... Now his family is put into the center of the media circus.

The Dodger's blog True Blue LA posted the interesting statistic that Vincente Padilla is attempting to become the second Dodger to throw 3 consecutive starts of 7+ innings giving up 1 run or fewer in a postseason. The first was, of course, Burt Hooton.

That would seem to be a harbinger of good, no?

MG, agreed about Bissinger's comments and Leitch. At the time, I had never heard of Leitch or Deadspin, but after spending about 4 seconds on that site, I understood Bissinger's point, however poorly he made it.

I'm in the "it's none of anyone's business" camp and think it should be left alone.

RE: Manny-I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'm not bothered by Manny's antics, mostly because he is very entertaining, his teammates don't appear too disturbed, I'm in awe of his talent as a hitter, and best of all, he isn't on the Phils.

HOLYMACKEREL: It's all balanced out at ESPN by Rich Eisen saying "no thanks" to Alycia Lane.

If you or me cheat on our wives and/or girlfriends, it doesn't get media attention. Why? Because (most of us) we don't make the kind of money these people do. Comes with the territory, right or wrong. If you want to make a ton of money, AND mess around on your wife? then be prepared to see your dirty laundry on the news. Sucks for the kids and the wife, but i'm sure they enjoyed Steve's paychecks.

That being said, the eye for talent joke was superb

Re: Steve Phillips. I know I didn't marry the prettiest gal in the world, but c'mon dude, even 5 shots of tequila wouldn't make that dog look good. Go Phils!

stay classy people.

@DPatrone -

very classy

did you give your spouse an anniversary card saying that as well?

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