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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Is this book basically all of the comments listed game by game? Can we have a companion 2009 book that is titled "I told you Raul was better than PtB"?

Also, I think ballsdeep was quoted inaccurately on page 194 regarding why Brett Myers sucks.

btw, just busting balls, Ill pimp this on twitter.

On the Mariano Rivera/Blanton/Lee cheating discussion... I noticed last night Martin go to the mound and hand the ball directly into Sherrill's glove, with Sherrill immediately putting the glove over his mouth for the ensuing discussion with Martin. I thought, "Is that legal? Because it'd be really easy for him to be spitting all over the ball right now."
Anyway... the only areas that Padilla was better than Hamels this year were win/loss record and BABIP... two things pitchers have very little control over. But that's just statistics...

Nice cover shot.

BL comments in the book? It's tempting. $20 is pretty tough these days.

Did anyone comment on Abreu's great base running yesterday, or how he caught that ball going over the fence the game before?

Abreu is reason enough to hope its a Yanks - Phils WS, despite the fact that I hate the Yankees and harbor no ill will toward the angels.

CJ: From last thread. You didn't read my post so I'll repeat it here:

"Slugga: If it was the 2009 version of Hamels vs. the 2009 NL version of Padilla, then that's a no brainer.: Padilla.

If, however, it's the career version of those two, then I go Hamels."

Note the words "2009 NL version of Padilla."

Now try again.

clout: Ah, I see. Well, since we get to arbitrarily select sample sizes. And to think, you once preached against relying on smaller sample sizes. I hardly know you anymore.

JW: Will this be available in any local stores?

I guess picking the "NL Padilla" means your sample size is his final 8 games:
3.20 ERA, 2.74 BB/9, 8.69 K/9, 8.24 H/9

I'll pick Hamels' final 8 games:
3.15 ERA, 1.99 BB/9, 8.12 K/9, 8.12 H/9

Padilla also got to do that in most hitters' parks (@WSN and NL west parks, apart from his two starts in Colorado) while Hamels had 5 starts at home and one in Houston among his final 8.

I'm still not clear how it's a "no-brainer" unless you plan on arbitrarily choosing sample sizes.

Bah, of course I mean Padilla get to do that in most pitcher's parks!

clout's determination of the importance of sample size varies depending on which of his argument he's lamely trying to support.

Also a "no-brainer" is that 2009 "day-time Padilla" was much better than 2009 "day-time Hamels."

Oh, and 2009 "2009 pitching after having eating fried chicken the night before" Padilla is only slightly worse than "2009 pitching after having eaten fried chicken the night before Hamels."

banana: We're working on the bookstores.

CJ: It is a small sample size, but that's all we've got from the NL this year. Hamels pitches in the NL, not the AL.

So what we have is Padilla with an ERA+ of 130 in just 39.1 IP followed by 2 post-season starts in which he's pitched 14.1 IP, allowing 1 ER, 2 BB and 10 K.

I think Hamels final 8 games is a fair comparison and you correctly note how close they are. We can also add in his 2 post-season starts in which he's pitched 10.1 IP, allowing 8 ER, 1 BB and 9 K.

So, yes, I'll take the 2009 NL Padilla over the 2009 NL Hamels. And, like I said, if it's career Hamels vs. career Padilla, then Hamels is the clear choice.

Flipper: How did Padilla pitch for the Dodgers this season? How did he pitch in the post-season? How did he pitch against the Phillies in Game 2?

I'll give you a few minutes to think about it.

Clout: Why exactly does Padilla get the benefit of ignoring his forgettable early-season performance, but Hamels does not?

I must have forgotten: this is Beerleaguer, where once somebody chooses a side (in this case, pro-Padilla, in other cases, anti-Moyer, anti-Madson, pro-Abreu, pro-Feliz), they will never ever admit that they are the slightest bit wrong.

Just a straight up question, clout - which I think gets to the heart of the issue.

You're a major league manager and can choose between Hamels and Padilla to start for your team in the next playoff game. Who would you pick?

Noting NL 2009 Padilla is only useful if you're using his 2009 NL performance to predict that he'll be more effective than Hamels tomorrow night. Is that your prediction?

DH Phils: You seem to not understand what this debate is about.

It began when CJ declared the Dodgers pitching a team weakness and cited Wolf and Padilla as prime evidence.

I simply noted that Wolf and Padilla had pitched quite well this season and that the Dodger team had allowed fewer runs per game than any other team in the playoffs.

That is the only point I made. You can join CJ and flipper in disagreeing and saying I'm wrong, but I think the stats back me up.

Or, like flipper, you can pretend I'm arguing something completely different and argue with yourself.

I'll take Hamels.

I'll take Hamels.

Hmmm. Crickets.


I'll take Hamels from the third inning against the Dodgers over Padilla from the inning he gave up a homer to Howard. I don't even find it a particularly close call.

I guess clout's internet connection is down.

Yo, new thread

If purchased through the site, does the book come signed by the authors?

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