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Monday, October 26, 2009


Darkhorse stud for the Phils: Ben Francisco.

Check out the "expert" picks:

for some reason i dont' think i would have it any other way.

The Phillies don't lose at home in the postseason - Phillies in 5.

Phils in 6. Split in NY, win 2 of 3 at home, win game 6.

Chase / Howard / Raul / Shane must be salivating over the thought of that LF porch. Hell, I feel like I could hit it out of that place, and I'm old. I am tall though..

Have the Yankees ever been in a WS where they were not the favorite?

The Phillies will wait out starting pitching and attack in the mid frames. CC is the guy that our team loves to see on the mound. Victober!

This morning on Mike and Mike, it was announced that JA Happ won the MLBPA Rookie of the Year award. This one is different from the Sporting News award (although the player voting is similar), but it is not the BWAA award which will be announced after the World Series.

RSB: How many of the Yankess were signed as free agnts? How many Phillies?

You don't seem to get it.

Not surprised the Yanks are favored. They are a slightly better team especially with the DH in the lineup.

This series has all the makings of one that comes down to middle relief. Both teams have lineup that can breakout at any team and chase a starter or play the game where they wear & grind down a starter.

Yanks' impressive middle relief has sprung some leaks and it will be interesting if the Phils' middle relief can continue their surprising strong performance last series.

Most interesting thing will be to see how Cholly manages his pitching staff including using Happ & Blanton out of middle relief.

MG: Some leaks? Going into last night's game, opponents were batting a collective .432 off of the vaunted "brdige" of Hughes and Chamberlain. If it were a boat, the leaks would have sunk it! :-)

The true advantage the Yanks have is Mo. He's great... but not perfect. Just ask Luis Gonzalez.

Phillies have a chance but they can't pitch Hamels in Yankee Stadium....he will get rocked by the long ball. Hamels needs to man up and take off his bra and panties.....he is such a puss. Hahaha.

The Angels were also not that great of a team. I believe they committed 8 errors? Ridiculous for a team in the ALCS. I'd go Phils in 5 if I had more confidence in our bullpen, but 6 will do fine. Just fine.

CJ - Yeah over a 10-game stretch. Chamberlain looks like a guy who is hittable but I still like Hughes stuff out of the bullpen.

Yanks' pitchers still have an impressive ERA this postseason and a stronger starting staff than the Phils with Hamels struggling so much this postseason and Lee/Pedro general struggles against the Yanks.

I was a little kid in 1950 when the Whiz Kids lost to the Yanks.
1980 and 2008 were sweet but 2009 WS win over the long hated Yanks would be a form of redemption .
Key factor, in my mind, is our starters.
I think fall hittin' season will be in full swing - with these two lineups and ballparks. If we get good games from Cliff, Cole & Pedro I like our chances a lot.

I think its pretty obvious that Charlie will start Hamels game 2 - where you think its wrong or right move.

my hometown bias might be showing, but i still trust Cole to have a gem left in him.

Ha! Steve Phillips predicted a Cards over Angels World Series. No wonder he was fired. Ha!

Imagine if you're a Mets fan...

Who do they root for?
Will they say they're not going to watch or care about the World Series?
Or will they root grudgingly for the Phillies because they'll say they're 'National League' fans?
Or will they root for the Phillies because they flat-out hate the Yankees?
The majority will say the latter option, I think.

Is Jose Reyes playing golf or carrying someone's clubs these days?

God, it's a wonderful time to be a Phillies fan...

rsb: yes the yanks have homegrown players - you get over 10 rounds of draft picks every single year. And without looking, i bet the majority of them were all paid well overslot because of signability issues in the top of the draft - but they commited to $1 BILLION in player salaries in one offseason!

Jimmie J: Some will root for the Yanks, like my Met fan friends. Some will consider themselves NYers first and Met fans second. And the ones that live amongst Phillies fans will root for the Yanks because they want to be able to shove it back in the Phillies fans faces if they lose.

Fandom makes petty people of us all sometimes.

On a separate note:

"Philadelphia transit workers have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a walkout less than a week before the Phillies play their first home game of the 2009 World Series."

So SEPTA is going to strike before a Game 1 on a Sat. night and a Halloween? That's convenient. All because they aren't getting a big enough raise and are being required to pay a bit more on the benefits side even though they enjoy very, very lucrative health and disability benefits.

Not an anti-union guy but any stretch but SEPTA is generally well-deserved for the generally poor public perception they have and the lampooning they generally get.

HH- And some will root for the Phils because they hate the Yankees even more than we do.

All I know is the Phillis don't lose playoff games at home and haven't lost more than one game in a series since '07. It will take a lot to go from that to 4 loses.

Advanced scouting has been huge for the Phils, as JW was right to trumpet last year. My "bold" prediction is the Phils, at the very least, put the brakes on A-Rod's gangbusters postseason.

And if they split in NY, I feel great about their chances.

I wonder if Cholly is holding back his Game 2 starter to see what happens in Game 1. I doubt it (that's not much prep time), but I'd be more comfortable with Pedro than Cole down 1-0, if that's the situation.

I agree with MG. A lack of Septa is going to kill the weekend, for them to pull this now is ridiculous. Yes, I understand leverage, but I also understand PR.

RSB: I'm with you. I grew up a Don Mattingly fan and always enjoyed reading about the old Yanks, like Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, etc. I think I've heard the "corporate" "best team money can buy" argument for so long, i don't really care.

I loathe "Red Sox Nation" far more.

Details on the very possible SEPTA strike:

- A strike by city and suburban transit unions would mean a suspension of service on all bus, trolley, and subway lines. That last happened in 2005 during a SEPTA strike that lasted seven days.

- It would not affect Regional Rail lines.

- Management has proposed a zero wage increase for the first two years of a new four-year contract, with 2 percent increases each in the final two years. It also wants to increase contributions to health coverage from 1 percent to 4 percent; and to freeze the level of pension benefits to members.

The union wants a wage increase of 4 percent each year, and an increase in pension contributions from $75 to $100 for every year of service.

This isn't an issue about safety, working conditions, etc. Hell, they aren't even being asked to make real painful concessions either in terms of real wage reductions or a significant reduction of pension benefits.

It is solely about the union of "getting theirs" and to hell with everybody else and I hope that in this case management stuffs it to Local 234. It amazes me how politically blind and dumb organized labor has largely become.

I'm STOKED!!! Let's get this started. Phils in 5.

BTW...if the Phils do win, and the parade is next Thursday or Friday, EVERY public school kid in the state of New Jersey will be off for the NJEA Teacher Convention.

And since Septa stopped picking up people trying to get in the city last year, a lot more people will be driving in.

The folks in City Hall will be dropping gold ones in their pants trying to plan for 3 million people.

It looked like the Yanks were celebrating a WS victory last night - big mistake. The Phils took their NLCS victory in stride, knowing that it was just the second of three steps.

Oct. 28 - Nov. 2 will be a METS FAN's worst nightmare!

I guess SEPTA really wants the general public to hate them...not exactly gonna win the public perception battle there, eh?

When does the WS roster need to be set?

JD - That's an interesting point. Yanks did seem really over enthusiastic last night about making it back to the WS and I wonder if the Phils actually won't be the more relaxed and calm team in Game 1.

Both teams can come from behind.
Both teams have questions in middle relief.
Both teams can hit.
Yankees have a Hall of Fame closer. The Phillies have Brad Lidge.

On paper? There's a few 1-run games, but Yankees in 6.
In my gut? Either team can win this Series, but with nothing more than gut to go on, I see the Phillies pulling this one out, with Lee on short rest in Yankee Stadium, Game 7.
On the field? We'll find out ...

Let's go Phillies!

The Fightins are aiming to become the first ballclub in history to complete the elusive Triple Crown of F*** You:

1) Beat the New York Mets for the NL East; 2) Beat the Brooklyn Dodgers for the NLCS; 3) Beat the New York Yankees for the WFC.

Maybe the Yankees look as good or better than the Phillies on paper, but the Phillies are a "team". They have grown together. The crucible of the 2007 Rox NLDS, forged a bond, purpose and an attitude that raises this team to playoff level winning play. Pedro noticed it when he joined this team. Obviously the Mets didn't have it.

The Yankees will be tough, but they are getting into the ring against a pack of pit bulls.

To add my anecdotal evidence, both of my friends who are Met fans are rooting for the Yankees, as the shell-shock of seeing their team collapse to us in '07 and '08 has made it so they are unable to bear seeing the Phillies win another title.

Any clues from the Phils who will DH in the first two games?
My guess is that Francisco will play LF and bat 9 and Raul will DH.

I know this isn't exactly rocket science, but: gotta take one of the first two at Yankee Stadium, especially because otherwise you have to face CC twice more with a 2-0 deficit. That's gonna be hard to overcome, even for a team like the Phils.

I can't imagine Charlie waiting until after game 1 to name the game 2 starter, but you gotta figure that the outcome of game 1 figures heavily into the rotation strategy for the rest of the series. I figure we'll see Pedro in game 2, Hamels at home in game 3.

We know Lee is pitching Game 1. I come back with Pedro in Game 2. I hold Hamels for Game 3 for a simple reason: his home/road splits.

Hamels ERA is more than a run lower at home. His WHIP at home is 1.120 and on the road it's 1.483.

Hamels Game 3, Blanton Game 4 and Lee wraps things up in Game 5.

Francisco should hit about Feliz.

Ibanez, Francisco, Feliz, Ruiz

Mr Classick, it's a shame the Phils didn't play the N.Y. Giants instead of the Rox in the NLDS.

Philly fans will drive to the WS. Yankee fans will wait for the SEPTA bus or train that will never come.

"Ha! Steve Phillips predicted a Cards over Angels World Series. No wonder he was fired. Ha!"

Now THAT is funny.

Phils in 7

Lee / Hamels / Pedro / ?. No way Pedro pitches in Yankee Stadium.

I want no parts of Pedro in Yankee Stadium.

Will Ryno have a multi home run game in Yankee Stadium? Yes, he will.

Yanks pitching should look like this:
Game 1: CC vs. Lee
Game 2: AJ vs. Pedro
Off day
Game 3: Pettite vs. Hamels
Game 4: CC on short rest vs. Blanton
Game 5: AJ on short rest vs. Lee
Off day
Game 6: ?
Game 7: CC on short rest

The last time Pettite pitched on short rest was 2006. If it gets to Game 6, they'll have an interesting decision on their hands.

By the way, Cliff Lee has *never* pitched on short rest. I don't think it will happen in this series unless we get to Game 7 and it's decided that Lee gives us the best chance to win that game.

Pedro wants to pitch in Yankee Stadium. It's part of his quest for redemption.

I seem to remember the Phils being big time underdogs in last year's Series as well....

I don't underestimate the Phillies' mindset. After they won the NLCS, EACH AND EVERY player said it was nothing more than the next step to meeting their goal (and meant it - unlike the raucous celebration in the Bronx last night). And the Yankees are the more "white collar/business-like" team? Go figure.

I'm glad he wants to pitch there, I'd be discouraged if he said he didn't.

One of my favorites moments of the season was Chooch giving the Yankees fits back in May. I hope he does more of the same in the WS!

And this is an amusing take on the Mets' fans dilemma of who to root for:

http://>Address to Reluctant Mets Fans

I don't see Pedro having a problem pitching at Yankee Stadium. He's done it a few times before.

Dammit, I screwed up the tags! Here's URL:

Game 1 is seemingly rally is going to be a "make or break" for the series for the Phils for several reasons including having their best postseason starter going, Pedro in Game 2 (these loaded Yanks lineups almost always seemed to get the better of Pedro in his Red Sox days and that was when he had much better stuff), and the ability to catch a Yanks' team that maybe a little punch-drunk yet from the euphoria of getting back to the WS again.

As a diehard Philles fan since 1949 I will be rooting for a Phillies WFC repeat in this very special WS! I began to hate the Yankees in the 50-60s (except for 1961 when I was in Yankee Stadium when Roger Maris hit #34 during a Sunday doubleheader against Balt)
My hatred abated in 2001 when I began to utilize the Yankees as pain relief when the Phillies disappeared from contention; thus the Phillies and Yankees are my 2 favorite MLB teams and this 2009 will be a very special event for me.
I am encouraged by a possible cosmic and supernatural connection of our Phillies to the 1929-1931 Philadelphia A's; during the early phases of the Great Depression the Phila A's won the 1929 and 1930 WSs and returned to lose the 1931 series to the Cardinals.
I think that the only 2 catagories where the Yankees will be superior to the Phillies are offensively at 3rd base and defensively at 1st base.
After watching all Phillies games and almost half of Yankee games this year I think that this series will pivot on an error by an infielder at a critical moment and some insidious umpire calls. I think the Phillies will win in 5 games but if they lose it will be in 7 games most likely with a walk off misplay or error by R. Howard at first base in the bottom of the 9th with Nick Swisher at the plate.

Just overheard the following conversation between two "diehard" Yankees fans at work that are also giving me crap as a Phillies fan:

Woman1: Are you excited?

Woman2: Yes, I was so nervous this morning since I didn't watch last night and I work up all worried about whether they won or not. Then I heard they won so I was all happy.

Woman1: Me too, I was asleep my husband woke me up and told me the Yankees were going to the WS.

Woman2: I hope the games don't start super 9pm because I can't stay up late and I'll just go to bed instead.

Woman1: Yeah, me too.

These are the people giving ME crap at work. Ridiculous. I freaking HATE the Yankees.

My head says Yankees in 7. My heart says Phillies in 7. Honestly I think this series is too close to call. Talent levels are is going to come down to which team is mentally stronger. I think there both teams are equal. It should be a great series.

Line of the day, as posted on Twitter:

"Mets' fans are hoping for a repeat of the 1994 World Series."

Nepp- I bet they could give you the complete celebrety list at Replica Yankee Stadium though.

As far as I can tell, MLB has yet to announce when the WS games will start. Haven't they known for the last week that its going to be either Yanks-Phils or Angels-Phils and that the Phillies will play the middle 3 at home? I guess scenario planning (along with steroid testing of course) is not a strength of that organization!

NEPP, that's great.

My mother was born and raised in North Jersey. As a boy, I would sit with my great grandfather as he'd watch the Yankees on TV during the Maris, Mantle, Thresh, Pepitone, Berra, Ford, Skowron, Bouton era.

Today, I hate them and their fans. I think the Phils will win in 5 or 6, but I'd love a 4-0 pasting of the blue pinstripers.

Spitz, I was wondering the same thing. What the hell is up with "TBD". They don't already know?

I would love it if the Yanks lose and Arod takes a giant dump for the WS...something like 0-18 with 3 fielding errors on top of it.

I think that Fred Lake nailed down the crucial factor, "team." This season, and especially this post-season, the Phillies have played as a team better than the Yankees.

When the Phillies played the Yankees in May the only thing that prevented a Phillies sweep was the arm of Lidge, giving up three runs in the bottom of the ninth during their loss (5-4). Other than that, the Phillies looked a lot more hungry and aggressive. Both are better teams now, but I do not think the gap has closed between the teams, especilly with Lee and Martinez now in the Phillies starting rotation, as well as the resurgence of Lidge as a closer.

Ya know, it's not so much the Yankees that I hate. It's the "fans" like NEPP described. The idiots that don't pay attention to baseball at all, but say they are Yankee fans because, well, aren't the Yankees the only team in baseball? It's kind of like Cowboys fans in football.

I wish the dilettantes would go away and leave baseball to the fans. (And that goes for any Phillies bandwagon jumpers.)

speaking of twitter... I posted this last night:>@hammradio Class organization the #Yankees having the award ceremony in the Locker Room instead of on the field with the hometown crowd. #phillies

the response from the NYC fan?

GeorgeSteinbrnr @hammradio stfu c**sucker.

Ladies and Gentleman... your NEW YORK YANKEES fans...

I responded to his message with Frank Costanza yelling at Steinbrenner about Jay Buhner, to which he asked to bet $500 on the series.

A-Rod and Teixiera, despite their $900 billion contracts, are playing in the World Series for the first time.

It's a breath of fresh air to at least have 2 teams in the Series that the general baseball population feels deserve to be there. It just feels like the last several Series all had at least one team that overachieved at the right time (get into the playoffs and anything can happen, right?).

That said, I hope that this is the least competitive Series in the last decade with the Phillies opening up a can and exposing the Yankees as the far inferior team.

Why am I reading the word "Mets" on this thread?

They are irrelevant.

Who cares if Jose Reyes is golfing, who cares what their fans think, who cares about who they're rooting for?

F em.

I'm reading looking for reasons to believe the Phillies are strong enough to do this. Here's what I've found to support that:

They have determination.
They play as a team.
Ryan Howard can hit multiple HRs.
Pedro is looking for redemption v. the Yanks.
The Phils don't lose at home in postseason.
They took 2 of 3 earlier this year.
They won't make fielding and baserunning mistakes; if not for those, the Angels might have beat the Yankees.

I've also read some "if" statements, as in the Phillies are strong enough IF:

If Cole pitches well.
If middle relief pitches well.
If they win when Cliff Lee pitches.
If they at least split games 1-2.
If they bring their A game.

Other thoughts? I'm in the "If" camp myself. I think the Yankees have had stronger pitching this year and an offense as dangerous as our own.

So IF we get outstanding performances from Hamels, Martinez, and Blanton/Happ to counter the expected performances out of CC, AJ, and Pettite.

IF our BP is locktight to counter likely 7-inning performances from the Yankes starters, plus to counter Rivera's 2-inning saves.

IF our offense has good ABs to tire out the Yankees starters, and produces enough to knock them out earlier - since the Yankees' vulnerability does appear to be in middle relief.

IF we can contain A-Rod (like Manny last year for L.A.) while not giving the rest of their offense too many openings, either.

If we don't make any boneheaded mistakes (Werth missing cutoff man, Shane or Francisco being dumb on the bases, errors by infield).

If our offense continues its production. Jimmy and Shane are always important. Chase's walks help. Howard's bat. Werth behind him hitting well enough that either the Yankees are afraid of IBB'ing Howard or, if they aren't, they pay for doing so.

We really need our starting pitching to step up. We really need Brad Lidge to be effective - and not to lose his mojo if he should fail one time.

Yankees won't be intimidated by our fans like the Rays were. Maybe we can get to some of their young pitchers with our noise - Hughes, Joba - but I can't envision others being affected. However, we can still pick up our players with our energy. (I say "we" even though I'll only be cheering from my living room.)

I do like the intangible of our teams' fight and their mission mentality of proving themselves worthy of being called the best. I expect and hope for a good fight on their part, at the very least.


The Rays were a very good team last year...they basically went wire-to-wire in the AL East. They just collapsed this year due to their youth.

The "Curse of the Bambino" left Boston several years ago and needs a new home.

May I suggest the replacement for the House that Ruth Built is a suitable spot- NO WS Championships fot the NYY in their new digs.

Well, as most of you know by now, awh don't make no stinkin' predictions.

While I am hopefully optimistic about the Phils' chances, the longing in Philadelphia - from manangement in the Phillies down to the average fan - to face the Yankees reminds me of the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for."

This is a formidable Yankees team, one with a lot of talent.

I have no idea how this series will play out, but it could tip one way or another based on an error or a blown call by an umpire.

These are two very, very good baseball teams - the best in their leagues (yeah, I know the heartless Dodgers really thought they were better than the Phils because they won more regular season games [2], but with an effective Brad Lidge - thank God - the Phillies are better than the Dodgers).

They are closely matched, but either of these teams is good enough to sweep the other if they get hot.

It could go 4 or it could go 7.

I am looking forward to it. It should be fun to watch.

@Phils Fan in MD

Calm down, dude. It was a joke.

No surprise here...

Manuel says Ibanez will likely DH Game 1 vs. CC.

When do rosters need to be set by?

I'm hoping Andy Pettite pitches in Philly. That will give us plenty of opportunities to chant, "You took steroids" at a second cheater on the Yankees.

I think the Phils mental approach gives them the edge: As has been pointed out, they uniformly stated after the NLCS that 'there is more to do.' Plus, this is not a second WS: This is the YANKEES, who in baseball lore, and the public's eyes, are in a class of their own. These Phillies know that this is not just a back-to-back WS, it is a Yankee scalp. They have the talent and mentality. Phils in 5.

NEPP: In previous rounds, I think rosters were due 24 hours before Game 1.

I know the Phils were underdogs to the Dodgers in the 2008 NLCS and the 2009 NLCS. I know they were underdogs in the 2008 WS and are big underdogs in the 2009 WS.

Does anyone remember who was the favorite in the 2008 NLDS and the 2009 NLDS? Could it be that our Phillies were underdogs in 6 straight post season series?

I believe in these Phils.

A little worried about the Bullpen and how the layoff has affected our swings. Hopefully the boys have managed to stay locked in during this excessive time off. I feel like that will truly be the x factor. If we can't hit like we've been hitting, we'll lose this.

Phils in 7. Split vs. Yanks at home, 2 of 3 good guys in Philly, Yanks take game 6, Lee comes in on short rest and wins us game 7.

Thanks CJ.

We know the games will be W-Th, St-Sn-M, W-Th, right? And I'm 90% certain MLB and Fox agreed last winter to begin the games earlier than last year's 8:40-8:50 start times. I think they start btw. 8:00pm-8:30pm this year.

Really dumb that they haven't posted yet, however, since no matter where the WS would take place, the times and dates were already known. Maybe they're hedging on start times? Would they actually consider a day game on Saturday?? Poll:

Which team do you want to win the World Series?

Phillies 64% 78737 votes
Yankees 36% 44081 votes

So, way back in the middle of July, when Pedro was putting his name on a contract... did anyone honestly believe that he'd be a favorite to start Game 2 of the World Series in Yankees Stadium??

What's great about this series is that the stakes couldn't be higher. If the Phils win, they will have beaten the best team money can buy and cement their status as the greatest Phillies team in history.

If they lose and don't get back to the post-season, then they will be remembered as a good team that beat a flukey opponent in 2008 but were pushed aside by the best and probably weren't as good a team as the 1976-83 era.

The stakes couldn't be higher. I expect emotions on this blog to be off the chart once the games begin.

GBrettfan: Yeah, the days are set with off days scheduled only for travel days from NY to Philly and back. I agree with you that start times will likely be around 8:10 each day.

*****So, way back in the middle of July, when Pedro was putting his name on a contract... did anyone honestly believe that he'd be a favorite to start Game 2 of the World Series in Yankees Stadium??*****

As the biggest Pedro backer on this site, I will honestly say no. I wouldn't have been surprised to see him as starter in the WS, but not Game 2.

Where is the belief about Pedro pitching in Yankee Stadium being a bad thing coming from? In his career he was 8-4 there with a sub 3 ERA. Also, the Yankees have batted .205 against him in his career. I would take my chances with him in that spot following Lee.

This should be a really fun series. Both teams have high-powered offenses. Both teams have solid starting pitching options. Both teams can beat you with the long ball or speed. Both teams won't be rattled by the opposing team's rabid fanbase.

The only thing that would surprise me in this series is one team being swept. It ending in 5,6, or 7 games for either team would not shock me at all.

The one big difference is Rivera vs Lidge. That edge easily goes to Mariano.

The formula should be the same as in the NLCS though- split on the road, and then hold serve at home going back to New York. We do that and I like our chances

Sometimes it feels like the Phils are always the underdogs because they are the Phils and for no other reason. That's fine, though. Underestimate them at your peril!

The way I see it, Beat LAA and still no credit from Natl media.
Beat NYY and its over. Have to give it up.

****Where is the belief about Pedro pitching in Yankee Stadium being a bad thing coming from? In his career he was 8-4 there with a sub 3 ERA. Also, the Yankees have batted .205 against him in his career. I would take my chances with him in that spot following Lee****

Check out his playoff numbers against the Yankees. Though I wouldn't ever bet against Pedro.

When the game ended last night, Joe Buck said, tune into fox on Wednesday at 7:30. Assuming that's their pre-game show... we're probably looking at a 7:57 or 8:07 start time.

Charlie says the World Series roster is not yet set. They'll meet today and tomorrow to make final decisions.

For the most part, I see these teams as pretty evenly matched. The one big edge, unfortunately, is Mariano Rivera.

Unless the Phils get a substantial lead early, and somehow manage to not give up enough runs to lose that lead in the middle/late innings, the hated Yankees win the series.

I could see that happening in the games where CC doesn't start for the Yankees, but not in the games where he does.

Man, do I hate the Yankees. I want them to lose so bad, I'm almost afraid to even follow the series. I need to go out an get a dog.

Pitching and defense should carry the series. SWAG- Phils win in 7, chasing Sabbathia from Game 7 wiht a 6 spot in the 3d on the way to a squeaker.

A little surprised Happ has taken two of the post-season ROY awards in a year with multiple good candidates. Best rookie I saw this year was Andrew McCutcheon.

I really hope its an 8:07 pm start. That is the best for everyone. West Coast fans (if there even are any at this point...other than BAP) are home in time for the games and we east coastians won't be completely dead from late night games.

I'm really hoping the Saturday game is in the afternoon, so not to conflict with Halloween. An 8pm start on Halloween night is bad for you folks on the east coast, but awful for us on the west coast. Come on MLB, do the right thing.

CJ: Are you sure Pedro will pitch Game 2?

FWIW, here's Pedro's post-season record vs. his daddy (aka the Yankees):

24.1 IP, 32 H, 18 ER, 13 BB, 40 K, 6.67 ERA

I was travelling on Saturday and lost track of what was going on, so I had this conversation in the evening with a kindly-looking grandfatherly type at O'Hare:

phargo: Do you know what's happening with Yankees- Angels?

Kindly grandfatherly type: It was rained out.

phargo: Oh. Well I hope the Yankees lose.

Kindly grandfatherly type: Doesn't everyone?

Phlipper: You mean you need to get a dog to pet while you watch the games, since petting an animal lowers your blood pressure?

I tried it during the NLCS, and my heart was still racing. And I agree with you about it being difficult to watch. I turned off the TV as soon as the game was over last night - I couldn't bear to watch the Yankees celebrate.

The Phils could make it easier on us by dominating - but I'm not counting on that.

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