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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'd forgotten that Jeff Jackson led the league in neck length one year. The Phils loved his tools and he looked like an athlete, so he was a #1 pick.

Had no baseball skills at all, unfortunately.

From end of last thread:

Spitz: "MVP, if those father-son relationships are true, it makes for some good Who's Your Daddy chants."

I literally just laughed out loud. So from now on whenever clout or BAP says something foolish, which is alot of the time. All that needs to be said is "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!" as a response. That is GOLD!

Sweep the leg, spitz!

I'm sure I have a Jeff Stone card in plastic in a filing cabinet . . . I didn't think Jeff Jackson ever made it out of Reading.

Per Zolecki's twitter: - Shane Victorino takes a look at the New York Post.

I'll have to dig out my Richie Allen card

This thread recalls an era in which Bill Giles had the scouting and farm system on a shoe-sring budget. Yet the Phillies faithful kept the eternal flame alive. Every spring, against all logic, we thought it just might be the beginning of something great in the names of Ricky Jordan, Tyler Green, Ricky Bottalico and Marlon Anderson. And that kid Jackson just needs to be challenged in Reading to kick into gear.

Tommy: Per your last post, I've been a Manual fan for a couple years now--mostly in the past for his ability to get the most out of players, but his tactical work has improved dramatically this year. I was cautiously optimistic about Amaro--I liked what he said publicly, but I was worried he'd be a little too Ed Wade: cautious in the wrong places, stupid in the places where he took risks. Obviously that hasn't happened (his risk on Ibanez happened to work out, and the Lee deal was a masterstroke). And I definitely thought the Ibanez deal was a bad deal. So take that for what it's worth.

The friggin Philly media couldn't WAIT to show that to Vic. I imagine Barkann will be covering it today on DNL.

Tommy and CJ: You'll also note that I've consistently said Hamels is way better than the fickle fans here and elsewhere in Philly are giving him credit for. He's been hit by a lot of bad luck this year, and he was overworked last year (the price of winning).

I'm also famous here for defending the Pedro Feliz signing.

The idea that I'm always negative is ridiculous.

I'm not sure I can confirm using trading card headshots, but there is a slight chance that Jeff Jackson actually has a longer neck than Ryan Madson.

I love when there is no actual news, and JW is forced to be creative.

Phils in 5.

Don't forget when we "stole" that youngster Wes Chamberlain from the Pirates!!!

By the way, sorry to hijack your posts with meta-arguments, JW. Great stuff.

clout: I'd forgotten that Jeff Jackson led the league in neck length one year.


Good one. I didn't know clout had a sense of humor.

JW - I've been trying to temper my enthusiasm to prepare myself for a Phillies loss. I just can't get myself to believe that a team I love could actually win two WFCs in a row. Things like that just don't happen to me. And I think there are a lot of other people who feel the same way.

Double H: I would think Shane finds that Post picture hilarious.

Am I the only one who thinks that we are going to win, in 6 games or less? We have an advantage in 6 of the 8 positions (ceding 3b and catcher to the Empire) and have a deeper staff. Other than Rivera, is there anyone worth fearing in their bullpen? Wasn't the Dodgers bullpen supposed to be so scary? ROFLMAO.

This isn't the late '90's Yanks folks...they have weaknesses...Johnny Damon and Posada can not throw out runners to save their lives, Swisher and Tex are leaving runners on base by the boatful, Burnett is a headcase, etc.

We are the WFC damnit, and until someone proves otherwise, I refuse to feel intimidated or scared. I'll be in the Bronx for 1 & 2 sporting the red & white...we might never have opportunities like this again...get your swagger on Philly!

That is all.

"Obviously that hasn't happened (his risk on Ibanez happened to work out, and the Lee deal was a masterstroke). And I definitely thought the Ibanez deal was a bad deal."

I think the jury's still out on Ibanez - what if he were to struggle the next couple years? And even with Lee, in the unlikely event that he has a bad Series, some would wonder whether we should have gotten Halladay instead, just like we were wondering that a little less than a month ago.

There are some reports that the Yankees may play Matsui in the OF at CBP out of a desire to retain his bat. Hit it to the OF, Phils, and run like mad!

Since typepad ate my post, I'll just say I am super confident that this will go 6 or less, with another parade down Broad Street.

WFC...forget the past, we are champions, get your swagger on!

The approriate picture of Shane would be in a hula skirt, not the cheerleader skirt they have him in. Stupid NY Post...

You go, B. Gizzle! Swagger away. And no, you aren't the only one who thinks the Phils will win in 6 or less. J-Roll says 5.

Per Martino's twitter:

Vic, asked if he would have preferred a different skirt in Post pic: "Yeah, I would've picked different legs, too." Thought cover was funny.

At 6'2" tall, Jeff Jackson never had a shot. Everyone knows that toolsy prospects have to be at least 6'4" to have a chance.

I still have a Pat Combs - I take it out for laughs. It's not worth anything else.

To everyone that feels that the Phillies are gonna beat the Yankees: LOL!!!!!

I'm starting to take all these media predictions with a grain of salt. You need to see where the writer is from. All the ESPNers live in the metro NY area, so go figure. The neutral guys will try to keep the area with the largest readership happy. Who's bigger than NYC? Nobody in the USA. The only guys who will pick the Phillies are outsiders that cannot find enough ammo to justify picking the Yankees. I feel good about this team. We're the WFC. Hell, the Yankees couldn't even finish second in their division last year. Yeh, they really qualify as favorites????!!!

Lake Fred: Most people probably picked the Yankees because they were a better team this season, no?

Here in Phoenix I am surrounded by Yankee fans, although I am making many converts from among those who would otherwise not care but who are completely turned off by New York arrogance. One of my converts said, after hearing a Yankee fan promise that the Phils were toast, "I just realized that New Yorkers are every bit as arrogant and ignorant as Texans."

My only real ally is a guy from Boston who despises the Yankees just as much as I do. The World Series makes for strange friends!

B.Gizzle - you're my boy! This series is ALL about the Philly swagger. The Yankees have only seen this type of bravado once this year, and that was in May when they had won 9 straight, and the WFC's came into town and outplayed them. And that was without a fully functioning closer.

Yes, the possibility exists that we will only be WFC's for a few more days. But would you rather bide that time biting your fingernails thinking about the "Yankee aura," or looking back at every reason this special team from Philadelphia has given you to BELIEVE like you've never believed before?

Phillies in 6.

PS - Did the NY Post writers see the moonshot Shane hit in NLCS Game 5? Yep, big ol skirt.

Jack, with imbalanced scheduling where you play 18 games against each team in your division and little against everyone else, total wins can be a deceiving statistic. I am not convinced that the Yankees are so good because they won a lot of games. It doesn't help Anaheim every year. It is very tough to compare one division against the other. It's like college football is the SEC really better than the Big Ten? Is the AL East really better than the NL East? Who knows. I likes our chances.

Jason, I don't think a Clueless Jeff Jackson card could get you any more than an improvised toothpick after a nice steak dinner.

But, I see where you are coming from. After they won that thing last year, one of my first thoughts was about not HAVING to win anything for a while. Of course, the phight is still there, but that glorious '08 baseball season is gonna stick around for a long time. As a fan of Philadelphia sports, I have been prepared for a somber end on more than one occasion even recently... the Yankees bring something no different.

But, then there is the eventuality that the Phils don't that case, we all saw that coming, eh?

Speaking of great PHillies merch, I found this site today that has some great, certified stuff. Todays sweet steal of a deal was an 8x10 of Cliff Lee!! Check it out before they run out!

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