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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Pedro apparently hurt his neck from swinging the bat. Happ and now Pedro.

Just another sign that the Phillies should be playing in the Junior Circuit.

It's cool that they want to hit, so someone should show them how (esp. Happ. Pedro should have figured it by now.)

Here's hoping that Pedro isn't nursing any issues from that 130 outing. One fair knock on his his entire career was that he isn't the most durable guy and get his share of nagging injuries that tend to linger a bit.

As for Durbin, I bet this outing tonight sealed his fate for any real postseason roster consideration. The only way Durbin is on the roster is if the Phils literally are decimated by injuries in the pen and the likes of Eyre, Romero, and Condrey aren't able to come back.

Only question with Durbin is if he is back in a Phils' uniform next year and I would be surprised even though he is arbitration-eligible. Likely won't get offered arbitration and I would imagine a basic 1-year deal that is probably about half of what he making this year (say 1 yr/$850k-$950k).

no more durbin or no more gnome in 2010

Hopefully Ruiz gets better soon because Bako stinks. I get so tired of hearing about Bako's "defensive presence" or "prowess" when it is clear as day that is washed offensively and defensively at the MLB.

Nice to see Cholly let Werth get an early start on his drinking, hoping he sobers up by 1:35 tomorrow.

OMG the sky is falling.

This was a crushing loss. The Marlins, winners of two in a row, are obviously red hot. Does anybody else get the feeling that, two weeks from now, we'll be in second place?

No, not at all.

@Iceman: Having endured the most humiliating meltdown in baseball history (Phillies of 64), I do not exhale until the magic number turns into a negative numeral.

The Magic Number remains '8'

Y'know Park hadn't pitched well at all lately. I'd be happy with Condrey, who looked good last night, Walker and, if Eyre or Romero can't make it, Escalona.

Durbin is a super nice guy, but I hope the Phils have enough warm/healthy bodies for the postseason roster that he's left off of it and also does not return int '10.

Seriously Iceman? Seriously?

Iceman might be right. According to ESPN, there's only a 99.3% chance that the Phils make the playoffs. That seven-tenths of one percent seems like an unacceptable margin for failure.

Dry, facetious humor gets lost on the internet. I'm with you Iceman.

Yesterday was a healthy loss. It's good to purge.

Vazquez would find a job in any rotation in the NL. No shame in him coming up big when the Braves need to beat you. Pedro's sore neck shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. BS like that is better than 'my arm hurts', which is an annual occurrence for him and a big reason he is not a full-season player. Hopefully, he's still a post-season player.

Really, all the Phillies had to do this weekend was not get swept and the ninth inning showed they arent being complacent.

Exactly, Earl

Writing my summary for today's game early: Cliff Lee turns in dominating performance.

JW - I agree. If Francisco had gotten on somehow, I think we win that game. And there's no shame in losing to Javy Vazquez. We said all we had to do was prevent the sweep, and we did. A win today is icing on the cake.

to expend on limos prediction: Lee steps up today, Hanson keeps the Braves in the game thru 6 but will throw his 100 by then and the Phils get to the pen and win

We've only one once on a Saturday since July (at Citifield).

Don't see us clinching the division if we can't win on one of the 7 days of the week.

A Phils win and Fish loss today would mean the Phils may have this official before they get back from the road trip.

Atlanta has a real easy schedule after today - Washington 7 games Mets 3 games and Fl 3 games
I would feel lot better if Phils win today

All the positives in the world can never erase a negative (what do the philosopher out there call that?).
It makes me laugh that 1980 or 2008 does not cancel out what happened in 1964.

Florida schedule can hurt us also - play us 6 games, Mets 3 and Atlanta 3 (after todays game against cinci)

Anyone who has lived thru 1964 will NEVER forget, but I don't think about until people start talking about having things wrapped up in August.

I lived through it, and I'm over it. However, I was there in 1980 and THAT I'll never forget.

Yoski, new threadski.

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