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Saturday, September 19, 2009


have the phillies come out with an 'official' prognosis for ruiz and happ?

whose left in the phillies BP that's healthy?

guess that means lidge is our closer by default?

it was costly victory...

Is Kendrick working himself into consideration for a post-season roster spot?? And when is it time to pull the plug on Happ as a starter for the year and have him start working out of the pen.

Ruiz thinks he should be able to play either today or tomorrow, sprain is very minor. Happ still insists there is nothing wrong with him. Better news than anticipated on both fronts.

From last night's SAL clincher:

"Leadoff man Anthony Gose keyed the BlueClaws' offense by singling twice, stealing three bases and scoring a pair of runs. The center fielder, who batted .407 in the playoffs, led all of the Minor Leagues with 76 stolen bases in the regular season."

He is going to be in the top 10 Phillies prospects next year, maybe top 5:
Brown, Drabek, Taylor, d'Arnaud, Gose?

Not bad considering we lost 4 of our top 10 at the trade deadline (and two others for Blanton the previous year).

One thing you can count on: the injuries will be handled with care. That's one thing, among many others, the Phils seem to handle well. The Freddy Garcia days appear to be over in terms of medical malfunction.

Howard's been plunked twice in the last 2 games. When will a Phils' pitcher plunk a Brave? Remember when ballplayers didn't take no mess?

I get the sense that they will be extra careful w/ Happ, because I think they already have him penciled in as the most important LH reliever in the playoffs, in that he can go multiple innings and be an effective LOOGY if necessary. I don't think they are counting on much from Eyre & Romero.

BTW, Happ hurt himself swinging in batting practice, and swinging the bat is the most likel way he re-injures himslef. He should either bunt or keep the bat on his shoulders. He takes some big hacks at the plate, like on the liner to 2nd last night.

is meyers hurt?

Seriously, Kendrick might be working himself into the mix. There are so many bullpen guys with durability/effectiveness issues . . . they might need a guy like KK just to keep from having a playoff game where they blow up the pen.

From Hagen:

"TRADE REVIEW OF THE WEEK: It takes years to fully evaluate a trade, of course, but Indians fans aren't happy about the early returns of the deal that sent Cliff Lee to the Phillies 2 days before the deadline.

To recap, going into last night's game at Oakland: Righthander Carlos Carrasco was 0-2, 9.64 and had allowed six homers in 14 innings, catcher Lou Marson was batting .154 in four starts, infielder Jason Donald ended the year on the disabled list at Triple A Columbus and Jason Knapp had shoulder surgery this week."


OUCH is right. I enjoyed the post the day after the trade where someone who had friends in Cleveland commented. Apparently the city was absolutely apoplectic about how the Phils came out of nowhere and basically rode out of town with their ace pitcher and valuable utility player in return for minor leaguers they had never heard of. Good times.

I love the word apoplectic. One of my favorites.

Hey ya'll, technical question - I love checking in with this group but can't keep up via web - dumb question - how would a mac person view these chats and contribute via a chat program, rather than hitting "refresh" over & over in a browser? Thanks!

If season ended last night, it appears that Phils would play Rox. with Cards and L.A. eliminating one of themselves. I like this scenario the best.

No. Give me LA in the NLDS.

Lake Fred - Agreed. I don't care how many games the Rocks have won since Hurdle was fired, nothing about them really impresses me. They seem like us in 2007 - real good offense, overachieving rotation and a few solid guys in the pen.

We should be able to handle the Rockies fairly easily I think. Our offense should be able to pound their average rotation (do they even have an ace?), while our starters should be able to hold down their decent offense.

Obviously the key to the series is whether our shaky bullpen will be able to hold the leads given to them.

I remember last year when Rollins thought his ankle sprain was minor, as well. So I'm not holding my breath on Ruiz appearing anytime soon, although a wrist is different than an ankle. (Is it his non-throwing hand?) Hopefully he'll be back by the end of the season.

Missed the 9th inning last night, see that Durbin came in and gave up a few hits & a run. How do others feel about him this year?

I hope Condrey, Eyre, & Romero get back soon enough that we can see how they are pitching....Let's hope we don't see any more injuries.

Agree w/Smoky Joe that Happ shouldn't swing the bat.

Seems like a good pitching duel tonight. Hopefully Howard is fine....

p. Red - Ubaldo Jimenez has been awesome for them this year, but he's dealing with injury issues right now. And I don't think any of us consider Jason Marquis an ace.

I'd rather play the Rockies too, but their rotation poses a challenge in the sense that Marquis and Cook (and De La Rosa too, I think) are sinkerballers, the sort of pitchers against which the Phillies always seem to struggle.

And Jimenez is really good, to boot.

I don't know why people here are worried who the Phils play in Round 1 or 2 (ass-u-ming they win in Rd.1) of the playoffs.

They're going to have to beat two good teams to get back to the WS, regardless of which two it happens to be.

Relax. If they pitch well and get timely hitting, things should work out favorably.

It's interesting.

By that I mean the difference between the 2008 and 2009 Phillies.

In 2008 they went into the playoffs with a solid bullpen and, after Hamels, a somewhat questionable rotation.

This season, it appears to be the exact opposite.

The offense: Well, I rate that as basically even between the teams.

Both offenses are HR reliant to score.

So, if I sound like I've finally joined CJ on "the division race is over" bandwagon, I'm getting pretty close.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the Braves scored 3 of their four runs via HR last night - in "Bobby's Bandbox".

I can't wait for him to whine about something to do with the park.

On a different note, the Mets attendance is down 752,906 this season.

As an average of $25 a ticket (never mind concessions, etc.), that's a cool $18,822,650 in "lost" revenue.

With the financial problems the Wilpons are reported to have had with Madoff, that doesn't bode well for an exciting off season for them.

Race. Over.

Klaus - Cook is probably out for the year.

Klaus - Wow, or not, actually. But he did have a shoulder injury, so who knows if he'll even contribute.

I hope these injuries don't catch up with us. Luckily, none of them have been debilitating, but we're stretched quite thin. Even if a guy like KK were to go down, we'd be in serious trouble.

I, for one, don't think clinching early or clinching late matters in terms of momentum. This team won it all last year; they'll know how to get it up for the playoffs. But with so many people dinged up, a quick clinch and a chance to breathe easy for at least a week would do wonders for the Phils.

Myno, I would imagine at this point in the season everyone is a little dinged up. I agree that the sooner they clinch the better and give some of these guys a rest. The players might feel differently if they are looking to advance their personal stats, though

The Park injury scares me the most. It scares me even more after watching the 93 Phillies dvd that they gave out at the vet in 2003. From game 4 of the LCS on, that dvd is the story of a broken and spent bullpen. I don't know what sick self hating impulse drove me to watch it, but it scared the living crap out of me because it looks like we could face the same situation again. If you have this DVD don't watch it.

I think the Phils are one more injury away from their breaking point. As in too much to overcome.

I think Pedro plunks someone today, just to let everyone know that hitting Howard repeatedly won't be tolerated.

Nice wet blanket you got there, BobbyD.

Can't help but make it a relative wet blanket, though.

If Lee or Hamels or Utley or Howard get injured than sure, maybe.

If Tyler Walker or Pedro Feliz get injured, can't say it's the same.

Former Phillie Bobby Scales just did a Jason Michaels. Ball bounced out of his glove and over the outfield wall, turning a double (if unreached) into a homerun.

Bobby Scales was a Phillie?

I remember all kinds of injuries through out last year, yet by some miracle, they still won the WS. Obviously, there are certain players that would have more of a negative effect then others if they were out, but I wouldnt compare their starting 3rd baseman to a middle reliever.
I hope there is no retaliation tonight. I dont want to see anyone get injured for something stupid like that, and I dont want
to see Pedro get tossed early. The Phils are the better team. Let it go.

KK = Park

Although it's largely due to only two solid consecutive appearances, I trust KK more than I do Durbin in taking over Park's role (as opposed to what Manuel said the other day).

Walker, as has been stated on BL since he was released by Seattle at the end of spring training, is most effective as a ROOGY.

@gobaystars For one year (2006). He played in AAA and the Phillies traded him to Baltimore. Yeah, illustrious tenure. Can't understand how you wouldn't recall.

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