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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


congrats Phillies!

That's Lidgetastic!!!

Class act bringing in Lidge. Good for Charlie

I love the move, and you can see that all the players loved it too; they are very happy for Lidge.


Fightin' Phils did it again! 2009 NL East champs!

Whoo hoo! I wonder if this is the first division title clinched on a bases loaded wild pitch pickoff at 3rd.

Maybe they were hoping Lidge would go down in the celebratory pile? Make that postseason roster selection easier.

Another great season, and it's not over. I wish Harry coulda called this.

It's a shame Jamie won't be able to come along for the ride.

Great game, great victory, great move by Cholly.


[Someone tell Brad that getting one out with a seven run lead may not be a save, but it does get him a "qwuragaeve." New stat.]

I'm sure Jamie will be with the team even if he's not on the roster...regardless of the surgery.

MG: You are wrong to gripe and please quit trying to be the wet blanket on what should be a time for celebrating.

Lidge is going to be on the post-season roster whether you or I, or any other person who positions themselves as more knowledgeable than the guys who make these decisions every day, like it. So you need to give him spotty work over the next few days.

Charlie was doing something symbolic and sending a message to Lidge that he still wants to go to battle with him and he appreciates him. The players are on with it too as guys like Madson, Myers, Ruiz, and Victorino were aggressively hugging Lidge and encouraging him.

As a fan it was great to see Lidge get that last out.

Also, 3 straight division titles with a World Series win for a guy people wanted to run out of town after his first season. Not bad.

NEPP - That is a little cynical even for me. I hope that Lidge isn't on the postseason roster but we'll see.

Couple of days off and a few games to sort out who is healthy/available for the bullpen.

They deserved it and they earned it. On to the post season!

Ryan Howard with champagne: "WEAR IT!" Love this team.

As a few guys have said- that move by Charlie is why the players love him and want to play for him.

Classy move by a class guy

Good luck, Phils! We're all counting on you.

TTI - And the same "fans" including you will jump on Cholly & Amaro like a pack of jackals if the Phils use Lidge in the key spot in the playoffs and it costs them in a big way.

The clincher was strictly a formality, but it's a worthy occasion to reflect on just how good the Phillies have become - how this organization has totally turned it around from the end of the previous decade.

I can't wait to see tomorrow's lineup...should be interesting.

I hope everyone gets a couple days of rest and then play them the last couple days to keep them sharp.

RSB - Agreed. That is really the key takeaway and it was nice to see the Phils this year go out and spend money this offseason to bring back another championship-caliber team and make the biggest move at the trading deadline for Lee/Francisco. Times have indeed changed and for the Phils it has definitely been for the better.

Congrats Phils! Congrats phans! Wish Harry was here.

'push button club' - Amaro.

I like that.

MG, are you being difficult on purpose do you really not get it? I'll assume the former.

I will be at the game, and I won't care who's playing. Cliff Lee might like the starting lineup in there, but then again I'd like to see him only go 5 innings with about 65 pitches. And Utley should not play again in the regular season, except maybe on fan appreciation day.

It was great to see the team simply turn it on and not depend on the Fish to win. This is a great way to clinch.

MG: Two things

1.) In all the time you've read my posts on here I think you would find 0-2 instances where I irrationally reacted to something. So no, I would not be one of the jackals.

2.) your MO is just to be a grump. Plus you've had a hard on for saying Lidge is injured all year long and ignoring any number of things.

Recognize what that move is by Charlie. Don't just immediately feel you need to play color analyst on something

Most fun part of the next few days - checking out the lineup for tomorrow night.

As a look-back, here's the lineup from the last game of the season last year after the clinch:

Taguchi LF
Bruntlett SS
Iguchi 2B
Jenkins RF
Coste 1B
Cervenak 3B
Golson CF
Marson C
Kendrick P

(For the record, only Bruntlett and Kendrick still on the team; Cervenak the only other still in the organization)

Here's the 1993 lineup the game after the clinch in Pittsburgh:

Amaro CF
Morandini 2B
Longmire LF
Jordan 1B
Eisenreich RF
Pratt C
Batiste SS
Manto 3B
Foster P

Time to get greedy: I want the home field advantage, at least in the NLDS. Keep it up, fellas!

What does a jheri curl look like soaked in champagne?

I guess I don't get it then. Lidge should be appreciated for what he did last year and there is no reason why Cholly shouldn't have supported Lidge this season as long as they could but he should have been quietly shut down a week ago. Regroup this offseason mentally and physically and come back strong for next season.

Now maybe he doesn't get used in a tight spot in the playoffs but more than likely he will. If he does fail, fans in this town will BURY Lidge and by default Cholly and Amaro for their handling of the situation.

Zach: Pedro's jheri is always soaked in champagne. That's his secret.

Canadian drinking Miller Lite. Mind blown.

Props to MLB.TV for not cutting away from the postgame celebration.

****What does a jheri curl look like soaked in champagne?****

Just let your Soul Glo!!! Let it shine through!

Too bad you're too young to remember 2004, Zach.

Does "MG" stand for Major Grump?

Lidge is not hurt, and you need to keep running him out there til season end and see what he can give you if anything come playoff time.

If he gets left off the post-season roster than this was a final thank you from Charlie and a classy gesture in front of a sold-out crowd.

nothing more, nothing less. Stop trying to pee in the punch bowl

NCPhilly: Shhhh, don't jinx it.

hey guys, does this punch taste funny to you?

This isn't Little League. It is about trying to win and using Lidge tonight just seemed liked it was something forced and unnecessary.

We'll see about both accounts TTI including Lidge this offseason but you have been pretty critical of Lidge and how the Phils' have handled it this Sept too. Don't play the "cool voice of reason" card.

We won and clinched our 3rd straight NL East title and people are bitching about using Lidge in a 7 run lead?!?

Unfreaking real.

I will pardon your zinger, danger lad. Even though, in the classic 2004 drenching, Pedro got soaked by Budweiser.

HK section of the wall is going to be sticky tomorrow.

Makes sense that the Idiots would bask in the Bud.

MG: My exact words in regards to Lidge were he should be moved out of the closer role and put into spots in games where he they are up big or down and let him work on things. If nothing else see if he can be a ROOGY type guy and come into a close game in the 6th or 7th and try to get 1 or 2 outs.

I've been consistent with that saying that Lidge will be on the post-season roster so you need to know what you have.

I don't think him getting the last out tonight is anything more than a symbolic gesture. And if it wasn't then so be it. I hope he succeeds. I'm a Phillies fan so I'm not going to hope he fails so I can jump on here and play "Told You So," with a bunch of people I'll probably never meet in my life. Got better things to do with my time.

Happy they won convincingly and love the contributions by KK and Peter Happy.

If the big guys do their normal thing, plus we get guys like that playing well, we'll go all the way.

Very importantly also, JRoll has been stroking the ball well and getting on base a lot lately. As he goes, so go the Phils, right?

@MG -- Really... normally we can mostly deal with your negative attitude... but right now you are like "school in summertime".


Lidge is going to be on the post season roster. Deal with it.

Charlie is going to mix up closing and use Madson like he did the other night. And yes Lidge will be used in high leverage situations. Maybe it won't work out.. but I'll trust Charlie. He knows what will need to be done when it counts.

But to whine about what Charlie did here tonight? On this night??? Seriously... completely ridiculous.

Happy, Happy, Joy , Joy!!

Lidge should not have been on the mound for the last out tonight. Unless it was for his fairwell.

Charlie's a genius as far as I'm concerned. An outstanding move. Best possible way to end the game and the division race.

Tip of the cap to Amaro. His major move this offseason (Ibanez) was spot-on and the bigger moves (Lee/Francisco & Martinez signing) that really made the difference down the stretch this season.


Congrats Boys. Go Phils

Tonight's win is also big with STL's loss to stay ahead of the Cardinals. Now 2 games ahead of St. Louis and, with the tiebreaker, it is really 3. Also important figuring that tomorrow night's lineup won't be very strong. Rockies are leading, Dodgers are trailing. Rockies would (I believe) clinch a tie for the wild card with a tie tonight?

TTI - The Phils know what they have with Lidge and it just isn't MLB-caliber this season.

Maybe you won't come out and bury him if he doesn't succeed in the playoffs in a high leverage spot but 90% of the fan base will and it will just make it that much more difficult for them to deal with him next spring training.

Beer showers is the only appropriate use of Bud, so good choice there. Save the real manly-man World Series champions beer for drinking!

Braves playoff chances:

Before yesterday's games: 22%

Before today's games: 7%

After today's games (not counting Colorado): 3%

Tomorrow's lineup appointed by myself:

1B Tracy
2B Cairo
SS Bruntlett
3B Dobbs
C Hoover
LF Mayberry
CF Francisco
RF Stairs

Classless comment of the night goes to the always classless NEPP on the last thread for saying Moyer's injury is a good thing because it might end his career and allow the Phils to get from under his contract.

I never said it was a good thing, clout. I pointed out a silver lining. Get over yourself.

Yeah it sucked and it'll probably hurt them in the playoffs. Sorry if I tried to look at the possible upsides.

Answer to my earlier question: shiny.

Hey clout, Bruntlett will probably play short tomorrow to give Jimmy a celebratory breather, but I'm not too excited. Help me out, didn't we bring up another shortstop to the expanded roster? Some dude who the Phils picked up a couple years back in some trade with one of the New York teams?

I was going to say 'balmy', mr. morris.

did kendrick pitch his way on to the postseason roster? i thought he looked incredible tonight.

You know the best thing about having won the division - you can look at so many awful games like the ones Lidge or Madson blew - just pick one, how about the Kaz Matsui game, or David Wright, or Brian Roberts, or Andre Ethier, Lidge chucking the bunt down the third-base line in Atlanta, Feliz kicking the easy third out in LA...and you can realize that none of it meant a thing. The Phillies finished in first place. It would be fun to watch a composite lowlight film of such games and just laugh at it.

This is what I love about baseball - that making the playoffs actually matters. It doesn't feel this way when you finally lose, but being one of the eight best teams in the game is a successful season in and of itself.

And we've done it three years in a row. Kudos to the players, coaches and management for bringing the Phillies back to respectability and beyond.

Gotta think KK is almost guaranteed a spot on the postseason roster as a long-reliever.

drake - He probably did but the reality interesting question is does Pedro stay in the rotation for the playoffs or do the Phils go with Happ instead for a possible Game 4? Interesting to see how it plays out.


depending on the schedule for the first series, we may not need a fourth starter. i'm hoping that's the case. at this point, i'd give pedro the ball and keep close to the bullpen phone.

Anyone catch all of the post-game on CSN locally after the game? To recap for those out-of-towners without CSN:

1) Wheels was down interviewing all of the usuals - J Roll, Howard, Shane, etc. and getting DOUSED in champagne the whole time. Classic.

2) Howard, Cole, J Roll addressed the crowd after the game and thanked the fans for their support - a truly classy move.

3) All of the bullpen guys (Lidge, Madson, Eyre, Myers, etc. even *Jesus Tiamo* the bullpen catcher) went out to the 'pen to have a celebratory clink of their Budweisers and a drink together.

4) In one of the most heartwarming gestures I have ever seen, ALL of the Phils on the roster jogged out to Left-center field to pat/kiss/douse in beer the HK poster on the wall, in memoriam to Harry the K. This almost brought me to tears, seeing the love and admiration that everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - on the Phils' roster had for the late Kalas.

Truly a great night, and I can't wait for the playoffs. Go phils!

I'd say KK is on the roster and after tonight's hoopla so is Lidge. Pedro starts and Happ is in the bullpen. Happ is not a fluke, he's a soild arm to have in any spot.

Where are the trolls?

Pedro starts on a very short leash, and Happ and/or KK are insurance policies. Happ would work in that the other team would probably load up with Lefties against Pedro, but KK would work in that you might want to save Happ as a high leverage lefty.

whoa! you have magical powers EFF!

Do we even buy 'division champ' shirts anymore?

BTW, I can't decide if Nolasco pitched really well or if the Bravos were just wound tighter than a drum. Since I predicted last night they would be tight today, I'm going with the latter. But it's probably a little bit of both.

It's terrible news about Moyer. He's been valuable to the Phils from the BP, but he seems to be the only one who was able to avoid the injury bug these last few seasons so I guess he was due.

I thought the symbolic gesture to use Lidge for one out was touching. Blame Manuel for being too much of a players' manager, but this is why these guys love to play for him and leave it all out on the field when he asks them to do so. He is a master psychologist and even if Lidge isn't used in any high leverage situations in the postseason, Cholly wants Lidge's regular season to end on a positive note. He still has two years left on his contract and we need him to get right. I was worried the fans might boo him and thankful that the reception was great. Good show!

TTI, I agree with you. MG, don't you think you're jumping ahead? It was one out in a game that was already won! It was a symbolic gesture! Sorry, but I'll trust Charlie on this one, not you. FWIW, Mitch wanted Lidge to be brought in for the whole 9th inning and was thrilled to see him for the final out, thought it a great boost for his confidence as well as a nod of appreciation for last year's tremendous performance.

I just don't see how being happy for Lidge tonight is an endorsement of him as closer for postseason. Give Charlie credit for some intelligence. He may be loyal, but he also wants to win.

Enjoy the celebration!

Ha, more proof that EFF is Bruce Wayne to JW's Batman. No one else could possibly post that picture with such perfect dimensions on BL.

Three straight, baby. I love it. I hope they're having a good night at MetsBlog.

GBrettfan, very well said.

Great moment with Lidge tonight.

And it does feel just as good as it did the first two times!

"Celebrations are becoming common for the Phillies, who used to be the NL's laughingstock. The losingest team in professional sports has been thinking dynasty since winning the franchise's second championship in 126 years last October."

Was that sh*t really necessary?

Fine if he wanted to be symbolic as a player's manager fine I can see that poin but "boosting his confidence for the postseason" or "getting him ready for the postseason" is utter nonsense.

1/3 of inning in a game up 10-3 discounts what he has done this entire year and this month?

As for jumping ahead, the postseason starts in a week and the Phils have a ton of guys who need some appearances/innings (Eyre/Myers/Romero/Condrey/maybe even Park or Happ if he goes to the pen) out of the bullpen and I don't see how giving Lidge any time makes sense in lieu of some many others who need work.

Call me greedy but I want to see this team win again in the postseason and Lidge just isn't going to help this team do that this year.

Great night. What a way to clinch, with a decisive win. The starters can get a little rest and the team heads into the post season fresh and with a positive 'tude.

Enjoyed the symbolic gesture of Lidge wrapping things up and the whole team going out to the Harry Kalas sign to honor his memory.

Time for a celebratory nightcap. Wish I were in Philly with a cold beer and tucking into a Pat's or Geno's cheesesteak right now. Goodnight all.

doubleh, the press can never let go of a storyline, no matter how old and tired it is.

Phillies are a full 2 games up on STL, and if Dodgers lose (they're behind 5-0 in the 5th), we'll only be 1/2 game back.

Just heard Reyes pulled some other hamstring and will need surgery and the recovery period is one year... No Reyes was a big problem for the Muts this year...

Gosh, I sure missed Harry during that final out. Some days I don't think about it, but right there as Brad Lidge came onto the mound, I sort of caught myself and was waiting for the Harry call...and then remembered no Harry.


"always classless NEPP"? O....K.

Congrats to the Phils on another NL East Championship!

Hats off to Manuel for putting Lidge out there for the last out. Very classy and a "family" (team) thing to do.

MG-Give it a rest.

Just got back from the game. Of these 3 division titles, I think this one means the most to me personally as a fan. First & foremost, because my Dad (who was born in Philly but now lives in FL) happened to be in town & was able to come w/ me tonight. However, it also means a lot because in many ways I think it's harder to come back & win again (& again) than it is to win in the first place. One thing the Phillies & their fans are not used to having is expectations, & for the guys to come out & take this division, rather than sitting back & depending on another team to hand it to them, says a lot (esp. to an ever-pessimistic, oft-burned Philly sports fan such as myself). Now I hope Charlie gives his regulars some much deserved & much needed time off, & everyone gets their heads straight for the postseason.

October baseball. In Philadelphia. Again. Now that's something to savor!!! :-D

Congratulations to a fine group of players, coaches, and organization.

It was real nice to see Rollins, Raul, Feliz, and Ruiz hitting the ball sharply tonight.

Lets win 11 more in the play-offs!

Thank you Phillies 2009!
This is the earliest we've been able to have one of these celebrations since 1993!
Enjoy it everyone!
Let's strategize tomorrow!

Anyone know which network we are on next week? I get FOX,but not TBS.

Yes! Haters can suck it!

Cannot wait to attend tomorrows game with my projected lineup:

ss bruntlett
cf francisco
3b dobbs
rf stairs
lf mayberry
1b tracy
c hoover
2b cairo
p lee?

Gnome leads off = 5 ABs baby!! yea!!

loctastic lineup!

Also, KK pitched great tonight. Good for him.

I liked the Lidge move to end it. Does not mean he will close any other games.

And to add to what diggitydave said; Werth and Utley went out together, smoking cigars and with beer/champagne in hand. They doused the HK (and the fans), then came back. They must have missed the first go-around. Pretty fun to watch.

One last thing: if you had to pick a polar opposite manager (from Charlie) working in baseball today, who would it be? Lou Piniella?

I suppose we could ask Scott Eyre.

doubleh....that's atroicious...was that an AP story? must be a mets fan...on the night we clinched, nice to see K Rod blow a save on a walk off complete a sweep for the nats

HIGH HOPES for a repeat!

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