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Friday, September 25, 2009


Is Bako hurt from the collision or is this just a day off for an old catcher? I'm concerned.

And just when Bako was starting to hit...

From last thread:

Old Phan, some posters believe the ROY is probably just due to some good luck, and his history (mainly in the minors) along with his peripherals (K rates, walk rates, BABIP, Fly Ball %, etc) still point to being a back-end starter in the future.

Smoky, thanks.

Composure. That makes sense. SmokeyJoe, I don't know. We're talking ~140 PA here. In 149 PA, Pedro Feliz is batting .323 with RISP. Would you rather he be up with men on than Utley or Vic?

As for BAbip, it has to be viewed in light of other batted ball data. It's hard to know how lucky Happ's BAbip is without knowing the LD%, for example, in RISP situations. It's at least a red flag. Most studies I've read are against the idea of clutch as a separate. Given enough PA, things even out (although it is slightly easier to reach base with men on than with bases empty, generally.) Maybe we can look at his BB and SO rates instead.

Lidge actually has been a tad unlucky, IMO, with respect to his BAbip. On ground balls, for example, hitters are nearly .300. Maybe even the quality of contact on balls hit on the ground is that much better - I don't know. Seems high. His LD BA is .914. As far as I know, keeping LD BA down is not a skill; keeping LD down is though. His HR rates are another story. I would guess that most of his failure lies in his inability to keep the ball in the park.

Something else I like about Happ. He can hold runners.

Just do a year by year comp with Tommy Hanson and you'll see the differing career projections. For starters, Happ's got 4 years on Hanson. Hey, you never know. It's just a projection.

doubleh: The 3rd reason could be from that chewing out from Cholly that you noted last nite.

goody: That was after Lidge's blown save, not last night. But who knows? Maybe Cholly just wants to see what he's got at 3rd string catcher in the event Ruiz is really hurt?


BenFrancisco Treat back in the lineup. Rauuul has a stomach bug.

I love this headline on ESPN right now:

"Cubs' Lee injured by Guzman's celebratory slap"

Cheer of Phillies fans, we could be Cubs fans.

Pedro questionable for tomorrow's start. Will throw off of flat ground to see if he can go--no word on who replacement would be if he cannot pitch.

Bad news on Pedro's health, which is key. Regardless of whether Happ becomes closer or a multi-inning relief pitcher, his addition to the bullpen is necessary to bolster an injured and ineffective relief core.

As surprising as it seems, if Pedro is unable to start in the playoffs, we may see Jamie Moyer start Game 4.

Bako hasn't started against a lefty yet, so I would not read too much in to him sitting tonight.

Cholly gave a Chewing To-Bako?

From last thread...

If you really think the thrill of winning a championship is gone after last year or that all signs point to one and done, you're kidding yourself.

We have no idea how well this team will do in the playoffs anymore than we did last year.

IMO too much is made about the damn bullpen and closer spot (i think RISP is the key but nevermind). The offense can kick the crap out the opposition, the starters can dominate deep into games, and **gasp** the relievers could actually whip themselves into shape.

I want more bragging rights and I want a chance to trash the friggin Yankees or Red Sox in the WS. I feel like the Phils still get no respect so to hell with the rest of the country i want some damn acclaim.

Wait till October hits then see how you feel


Wow... Old Phan... you've struck me speechless with that one...

As to the topic of the thread - good for Hoover.

I hope the Phils clinch and we see him a couple of more times before the end of the season.

It will rest Chooch's wrist and give the 37 year old backup a blow as well.

LOL! Raul, Vic And Chase all play with a big chaw in their cheek. they are juicing on nicotine. it's the only PED still allowed. and that's fine with me.

I was glad to see the backlash in the last thread. Hopefully that's the last kind of post like that we'll see.

Pedro scratched, Kendrick tomorrow.

I'm OK with KK. He's done a good job lately and won't be complacent - he wants a spot in next year's rotation.

SO, this is what it feels like to see the Phillies up by 7 with 10 games to go.

I find out a key starter gets scratched (Charlie left him out there for too many pitches last time around, IMO), and I'm very nonchalant.

I think it also has to do with my confidence in KK.

Having depth in the rotation is nice.

An 8:00 start time on a Friday night w/ the division pretty much wrapped up? I'm guessing the posting will be light tonight. Anyone else plan on sticking it out and contributing anything tonight?

If this hasnt been posted yet from its about f'n time!!!!
Brad Lidge is no longer the full-time closer for the Philadelphia Phillies.

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. says the World Series champions will consider options besides Lidge. Amaro added Friday that Lidge could remain in the mix. first reported that the Phillies would try other pitchers as their closer.

Lidge has blown 11 of 42 save chances this season for the NL East leaders. He is 0-8 with a 7.48 ERA.

Last year, Lidge was perfect in 48 save tries in the regular season and postseason.

Interesting that it was announced by Rube and not UC, but either way it's about time.

Old Phan, that way Charlie can still stay the good guy, tell Lidge "I still have faith in you", and keep that "player's manager" thing going. I think it's the way it should work based on Charlie's personality.

Actually, it's kind of like Good Cop/Bad Cop

yeah hopefully UC will finally stop talking out of both sides of his mouth about lidge and who the closer is or isn't

Smoky, I think you're right. Cholly has shown unending faith in Lidge. I'm all for that, but in this case I'm glad Rube intervened.

This has happened before. Amaro made the announcement that Moyer would be dropped from the rotation.

ouch....John Lester drilled on the kneecap by a line drive from Melky Cabrera...looked painful.

Im having bad flashbacks of Lee in Houston, also on a Friday night....hopefully he'll setlle in

clifford is trending down.

This game so far is about as fun as a Brad Lidge save opportunity, but longer.

seriously, EFF...they seem to be mixing in these clunkers with more regularity this season...lots of talk in previous threads about the lack of come from behind wins...lots of time left tho..parras pitched better of late but they will get to him

im mixin in tigers/sox...peavys debut for chicago...and the fish just battled back to tie the mets

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