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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'd like to see Chase get to 100 RBI, as well as Ibanez & Werth. It may depend on how much rest these players get down the stretch.

Obviously, I'll take health and rest over some arbitrary number, but 4 guys w/ 100 RBI would be cool.


If Jamie gives up 9 hits & 3 walks in 7 innings, but only gives up 3 runs, will it be considered a good outing, bad, or mediocre?

Old Phan: Well, I interpreted the comments as more of a challenge than a question. But perhaps I mistook them. Anyway, it's over. I have no desire to argue about last game when we're just minutes away from a rousing argument over whether Jamie Moyer is or isn't washed up.

Actually, if he gives up 12 base-runners, I doubt he'll go 7 innings, unless the Marlins run into an out every inning.

It looks like a small strike zone for the umpire. Does not bode well for Jamie.

All four Marlins fans are really getting into it in the bottom of the first here..

From Jamie, smokyjoe, I'll take it. Good but not great.

I missed Jamie Moyer starts, where the size of the strike zone is the key to success!

Joe, I counted 6. Maybe 2 went to the bathroom.

Loving the argument from the previous thread.

I'm waiting for an appeal brief type document from b_a_p bristling with quotations from Iceman and Old Phan, rebutted with hour by hour gametime results from that day's game, proving beyond doubt that both made predictions on BL that later proved not to pan out. And establishing that they have criticized another poster for doing what they themselves have done.

Finally, a request to Jason to suspend both parties from BL for a period of time, reimbursement for the costs of b_a_p's time in preparing the brief, with further and more severe sanctions, including a ban from post season participation if the offense is repeated.

Spitz, do you think the key to his success is his devastating fastball or wicked slider?

Smoky, I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just saying that its nice not having to worry about the umps mood every fifth day these days.

Another otherworldly strike zone.

Bob: LOL. That's ok. I'm not vindictive and not out to get anyone suspended. Besides, I need a few people to argue with. MVPTommy and clout aren't always around.

No lack of people here to argue with, that's for sure. As predictable as death and taxes.

Did anyone hear the stat Franzke gave out in the first game, where Howard was the 2nd player ever to do something? I missed it while on the phone. I think it had something to do with 40+ HRs for 4 seasons...

Fish bats are waking up.

Ed, I think it was a he's one of 2 active players who have 40+ home runs for 4 seasons.

I hope Jamie can go 5 innings.

There may be fewer posters on BL tonight than Marlins fans at Land Shark Stadium, and that's saying something.

hiki: Howard and Dunn would be the two active players with 4 consecutive 40+ HR seasons?

get ready for anibal sanchez's second career no-hitter.

Can count the fans at the stadium and the posters on BL on two hands.

I wonder how many advance season tickets the Fish will sell for their new stadium. 15?

6 baserunners through 3 innings for Jamie, but only 1 run. He's on his way to my predicted results.

For some reason, I smell a HR for the Big Piece

hot damn, a hit!

My smeller is off.

in CBP, that's a homer

ok, let's play guess the actual attendance: i'm guessing 4,000

Your smeller was close.

Ball one to Uggla is "exhibit A" on the strike zone to Jamie tonight.

I love watching guys swing at those 70 MPH pitches that are a mile out of the strike zone.

There are almost as many Phillies killers on the Marlins as the Braves. Paulino, Ramirez, Uggla (not this year though), Helms

SmokyJoe, you're being intellectually dishonest! You go and and you dig up a statement that was 100% at the time -- about me smelling a homerun for Howard.

And then after the at-bat you criticize me for the way things turned out.

How do you live with yourself?


SmokyJoe's Nose

I forogt Ross

Lots of time to go, but this one's going to be an ugly one, one way or another.

How is it the Phils can hit Josh Johnson almost every inning and only have one hit off Anibel Sanchez? Did they spend all their energy?

Jamie has been more efficient the last 2 innings, now at 62 pitches. My 9 hit, 3 walk, 3 run in 7 innings prediction seems very plausible at this point.

Brett: you read my mind.

BAP: you need to stop taking the ribbing so seriously. Sometimes I think you are negative just for the sake of being negative- you are almost a parody of yourself at this point. You jumped the shark a few weeks ago when you said you "had a feeling" we'd be in second place very soon.

Every game thread seems to have three guarantees: clout p*ssing someone off, an argument over how much Bako sucks, and you throwing a wet blanket on everybody. I thought you'd be embracing that role by now, but apparently you're still in denial that you are, indeed, the board's pessimist.

Thanks hiki. Franzke just resaid it, Howard is only the 4th player ever to have 40+ HR and 120+ RBI in four consecutive seasons.

Don't 80% of all DH end in a split? Looks like we could be heading in that direction. I wish Charlie would have started the "B Team" after all.

I we really needed to do is win one in the series, and we've already done that. And Cole goes tomorrow.

It's ridiculous not to be giving guys days off in this game. They needed a split here. Ibanez for sure, one of the infielders. Swings are tired, but why not.

jerry: Ibanez is hitting well right now. I don't think he needs time off.

This game is far from over, but I agree that Cholly should have played the B team in game 2

Iceman: Oh, I'm well aware that I'm a pessimist. But sometimes my reputation for pessimism leads other posters to take a neutral statement and twist it around into something negative. And, yeah, I do get annoyed when my words are intentionally misrepresented to mean something that is sometimes the exact opposite of what I actually said.

Now . . . here's a comment that IS negative. The Phillies look absolutely pathetic this game. They look like a team that knows it has already secured the split it was looking for & is simply deciding to mail this one in.

One of the things that the 2 homeruns reminded me: we really haven't seen many HRs hitt by the opposition over the last several weeks, at least as compared to the first half of the season. Maybe my memory is off, but that's how I recollect.

Agreed BAP, which is why Charlie should have started the B Team.

He may be hitting well, but he's 37 and his team is going to the playoffs. How about Rollins or Utley? Why are Bruntlett and Cairo (who looks pretty good) even here then?

I bet the reason Charlie had the regular starters slated is because he didn't want Jamie to think he was abandoning him.

Hanley Ramirez is good at hitting baseballs.

Oops, looks like the argument is about to be revived. b_a_p was dormant for a while, but if he's monitoring this, I somehow don't think he will let this latest post from Iceman go unanswered.

The argument between the BL participants is far more interesting than the game thus far.

Damn, leave it to the Phillies to hit a great pitcher like Josh Johnson and then make Anibal Sanchez look like Nolan Ryan! UGH!

41 strikes, 31 balls, 2 homeruns allowed for Moyer. With command like that, we are fortunate to still be in this game.

Werth looks like he wants to be at South Beach by 11. And why not?

Let's talk about Abe Nunez. Oh, wait. That was '07.

Well, looks like the Phils bats may only had one "awake" game in them tonight. Nothing against Jamie, but if that was to be the case, I'm glad to see Blanton get the support and the W. He pitched a helluva game.

Cholly seems to be mailing it in too. Why wouldn't you pinch hit for Moyer there? It's certainly not because he has been so effective.

Jamie's first WP of the season.

BAP, again, it's all in good fun. I found you using the phrase "doesn't inspire confidence" to be ironic considering you have no confidence in anyone on the team at any time. That's all. I wasn't being 'intellectually dishonest.' This isn't Law and Order.

Meanwhile, Moyer gets another quality start, which I'm sure will infuriate you as well.

Well, it wasn't exactly a thing of beauty but 6 innings, 3 runs is good enough to win the game and DEFINITELY good enough to bring out clout for a, "Not bad from a washed up pitcher" post.

Do the Mets realize that it's not mathematically possible for them to get to 100 losses? Because they sure are playing like that is their goal.

I think Moyer was alright tonight. He deserves some runs! Here's hoping the bats turn on the gas this inning!

I'm not sure if 10 baserunners in 6 innings, with two HRs, is considered alright.

Great called 3rd strike call. Low and outside.

Jamie was not getting that pitch called for a strike. Of course, Sanchez did hit exactly where the catcher's mitt was.

They're in the game SmokyJoe. That's all you can ask from a spot starter.

The scouting reports said that Sanchez had only been throwing in the upper 80s w/ his FB. He's hit 93 mph several times tonight.

If the two HRs were both grand slams, you could call it awful. 3 runs on 6 innings is alright and good enough to keep them in the game.

Don't have a broadcast, but from NBC gamecenter I keep up on the computer it appears Cy Young is on the hill for the Marlins in game 2?

jeebus, this is terrible. next DH, save some runs for the nightcap boys!

I think maybe the B team would have stood a better chance. Feliz has no excuse, however, since he did sit out the first one. I'll give Ruiz a pass for having a bum wrist. Chase is the only one saving us from complete embarrassment.

Jamie's done ok. Not the Fish Killer we'd come to expect, but on par for an adequate outing. He gave us a chance to win - if only we'd score some runs.

It appears the Phillies want to get this game over with so they can go on a South Beach trim hunt.

Does anyone think the B Team could have done as much? The hitters are mailing it in this game, like they new they had already accomplished their mission for the day.

Forgive my sarcasm, but Durbin warming up makes me think Charlie doesn't even care if we win the game.

Maybe Cholly forgot to tell them there was a 2nd game tonight.

On the other hand, scoring 3 runs in 2 innings isn't the most difficult thing for the Phils to do.

Well the A Team has 2 hits, I can't imagine the B Team could do much worse!

If Jamie gives up 9 hits & 3 walks in 7 innings, but only gives up 3 runs, will it be considered a good outing, bad, or mediocre?

Posted by: SmokyJoe | Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 07:59 PM

ok, time to pull some tommyd bragging. My prediction before the start of this game for Jamie's performance tonight was spot on. It's obviously due to my superior baseball knowledge, and trained eyes that were developed through years of playing this game.

This double-header is actually a microcosm of the Phillies' season. One game, they completely clobber one of the top 10 or 15 pitchers in the National League. The next game, their bats go utterly silent against a middle-of-the rotation starter.

I swear, on that replay of Jamie's facial expression after the second HR, Jamie looks like his dentures aren't in his mouth.

I haven't looked at a post since 4pm but, I'm watching game 2 on delay and I feel compelled to repeat the cursing out that I gave gm-carson this morning/ afternoon when he remarked about Anibal Sanchez having bad numbers against teh Phils. F&*%ing curses on his lancaster a##. The guy is dealing.

Sanchez deserves a little credit. Although he is getting a lot of questionable calls, he is pitching very well.

Smoky: That's almost like winning the pick-six at the track. Nicely done!

Now my prediction: Matt Stairs goes deep off a tiring Annibal Sanchez.

BAP, What do I win for that?

Seriously BAP! I can see the Dodgers, Cards, or Rockies sending out their number 4 pitcher for Game 1 against the Phillies!

Old Phan: Sanchez is hitting his spots, but the strike zone is a moving target. The Phils are mailing this one in; similar to the 2nd game in the ATL series. Maybe we're due for another big 9th inning comeback?

BTW, McCann left the Mets game with an apparent wrist injury.

He went deep, but not deep enough.

I thought for sure that was gone, I was all set to congratulate BAP on his prediction.

I should have predicted a strikeout, so as to trigger the Beerleaguer Reverse Jinx.

that's 2 that would have been homers at CBP

BAP, there was a tremor in the force caused by your positive prediction, which actually held that ball in the yard.

But we're not at cbp. we at the sparsely populated landshark stadium

Damn non-bandbox.

I wish this were the first game, & the first game were the second game. It's like the Phils are perfectly happy to mail this one in & head back to the hotel.

... & now Bako is in. The white flag has officially been waved.

Dave - No biggie. They split the DH and that is all they had too.

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