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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The name "Paul Bako" and the term "Lusty" should never be used from this day forward.

Smoky: I think you might have the wrong guy. Santana had a ridiculously high strikeout total (44 in 118 ABs) and not a particularly high number of walks (15). That's not suprising, since he just turned 17 in August. But it definitely doesn't qualify as amazing plate discipline.

You might be thinking of Jonathan Singleton, our other 17-year old GCL stud. He had 18 walks and only 13 strikeouts in 100 ABs.

With the division mostly locked up, im really just looking for a strong performance out of hamels tonite more so than a victory. Granted i want to win always, but seeing hamels finish the season strong heading into the postseason is all the more important with all these damn injuries

Denny B - going back to the last thread, what I am arguing is that 3 out of the 6 contenders DONT have better options than Bako. Why do you suggest they do?

Also, you realize that Coste has a 509 OPS (204/264/245) in his 106 PAs with the Astros. You really think replacing him with Bako was a bad idea? Yes, a do-over on the Jaramillo trade would be nice, but mentioning the Marson and Coste moves in the same context is ridiculous.

let's give the hoov a shot!

Thanks BAP, I couldn't remember who I was reading about.

Is it just me, or is this exactly the kind of starting pitcher that seems to baffle the Phils?

I'm blacked out, and watching on CSN. Who is calling the game on ESPN?

So...what does BL think about Cox retiring after this season?

I mean next season....

Auspicious inning there.

watching jimmy work a pitcher is a thing of beauty...

Smoky: I was gonna say exactly the same thing. A young pitcher with good stuff and a 6+ career ERA always equals death to the Phillies' offense.

TNA - aside from being the Braves manager and a big complainer about every little thing, he's been known to hit his wife. I say goodbye and good riddance - wish he had left earlier.

on bobby cox - don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Great insight from the ESPN analysts...there would probably be a lot more Marlins fans there tonight if they would have just won a few more games back in May.


Bobby Cox is a great baseball man, but he stayed around a bit too long.

I hope this pitcher is over-throwing and tires out early, because right now he's throwing hard and looking tough to hit.

What are the odds of a 5-4-3 for Feliz?

I'm slightly relieved that he popped out to RF.

This looks like the team from game 2 yesterday, not the team from game 1. I hope Hamels is perfect.

Franzke and LA talking about the height of the Fish pitchers, noting they could make a good basketball team. No mention of converting them to 3B.

My goodness the Mets a terrible now. Why couldn't the Phillies have some more games left with them? They are completely giving up. If Manaya & Manuel aren't canned, well then the Mets get what they deserve. It will be good for the Phillies, though.


Vic is absolutely notorious for failure in that situation. I just don't get it.

Yeah, I'd say the Mets were mailing it in, but I don't even think they're putting stamps on the envelope...

can't believe the opposite field power Howard has. thought that would be a bloop hit if not a fly out.

I can't believe how far he hit that with that swing. Unbelievable. I was hoping off the bat it would bloop in.

BIG MAN!!!!!! :-D

2 more RBIs for the Type B player

On the replay, you can see that the pitch he hit was at least 10 inches off the plate. Gameday shows it as that far outside too.

Yeah, that was actually a great pitch that Howard hit. I wish he would shorten up his swing like that more often. He doesn't need to swing from the heels to hit the ball far.

Smoky, I guess the Type B player realized that he should play more like yesterday's game 1 instead of yesterday's game 2?

Touche Spitz

Bobby Cox is an excellent skipper for the long-haul regular season, but a huge flop when it most counts -- the postseason -- where his many shortcomings as a tactical manager were frequently exposed & exploited.

Big series finale? Really?

When i'm president, i will outlaw the shift

Wow, unhinged.

Hamels has lost his composure. I blame Bako.

It's really hot here today. I blame Bako.


Killer Zs in effect

Nice way to answer the last inning.

... no thanks to Paul Bako. Despite him, even.

Nice hit, Cole!!! :-D

Rollins biggest issue isn't that he's a free swinger. It's that when he swings at balls out of the zone, he still manages to get contact, but usually pops them up or grounds out. When he actually swings at strikes, he can do some damage. That last two atbats were perfect examples. He doubled on a 1-0 count on a pitch middle in, but then flies out weakly to left field on a 1-0 fastball 3 inches outside the plate.

Cole has not been sharp since the end of the 3rd inning. He's been struggling with his location.

Cody Ross is the Matt Diaz of the Marlins

I envision this game ending with Brad Lidge pitching the 9th. They need more runs.

Vic has been in a mini-slump for about a week.

Paul Bako is the Paul Bako of the Phillies.

Ruiz is gonna get a cortisone shot, so he'll be out 4 to 5 games at least. Get used to seeing Bako. It's such a handicap for the Phillies, since it's like having two pitchers in the lineup.

When did Cole hurt his elbow. Did I miss something or is Sutcliff makeing Sh$t up?

Big Piece

against a LOOGY none the less

Yet another display of that strength. Wow.

BIG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D

Maybe it's the Marlins, maybe it's ESPN, or even the (lack of) LandShark stadium faithful, but this is one slow, boring game.

Non-elite player my a$$

People wonder how Howard gets MVP votes.

Ryan Howard now the MLB RBI Leader!!

SmokyJoe: I will NEVER get used to seeing Bako. He is, to me, the single most inexplicable move of Rube's tenure thus far.

killbillrain: In the beginning of the season. I read a piece in the Inky the other day where Cole says he wasn't right in the first half of the season because of the elbow issues and then was behind the eight ball when the season started, etc.

Unless something happened this evening of which I am unaware, I think that's the news to which he is referring.

Thanks to Ryan, this game may now be Lidge-able.

Raul is definitely out of his slump now. He looks so much more comfortable at the plate. I hope he continues to heat up right through the playoffs. And maybe Ryan started his tear a little later this September, and will carry it into October as well.

Howard isn't the RBI leader, Fielder hit his 2 run HR to reach 131 RBIs before Howard reached 130.

Does anyone know why Mitch Williams was on Comcast Postgame Live last night instead of the MLB Network? Was it temporary or permanent?

I just hope Chooch heals quick. Ruiz/Bako isn't exactly my ideal catcher situation for the playoffs but Bako/Hoover is a nightmare!

Dammit, Cole ...

In one breath, Sutcliffe says that Hamels threw 3 curve balls early in the game and they all missed by a mile. In the next, he wonders why Hamels would have ditched the curve ball unless he had an elbow injury. Could it be that he's not throwing the curve because he tried it 3 times earlier in the game and they all missed by a mile?

Maybe he just had his Sept in August: .299/.356/.682, 11 HR

Howard since July 9: 68 G, .292/.383/.605/.988, 20 HR

I know he's only thrown 95 pitches, but they need to get him out of this game now. He's missing his spots all over the place, and the dangerous part of the lineup is coming up.

hamels has given up 2 hr's this game - is there a reason for concern>?

in this cavern of a ball park

and to gabby hayes er sanchez a .176 batter.

not too sharp tonight

Sutcliffe is an airhead.

Not so sharp tonight...looks frustrated...what not an important enough game fer ya Coley!?

Or, he could get through it OK. Looks like the 8th will be a higher leverage scenario than the 9th because of who is due up. We'll see how Madson does.

That Cole just isn't that comfortable with his curve was well documented, I thought.

holy: Probably just a bad game. I wouldn't be too concerned.

Scott: That would require some of these on-air national personalities to read and prepare. We wouldn't want that.

Cole has not been sharp, but the Marlins can really hit the ball. I heard earlier that they have the 3rd highest BA in MLB since the All-Star game, behind Yankees and Angels. Another reason why Blanton's performance was so impressive.

I am thankful that I do not have to listen to T-Mac, Muffin OR Sutcliffe call this game.

Most teams would put the bunt down in this situation, but the Phillies are built differently than most teams.

Marlins are 4th in RS since the break. 1st in OPS. 1st in BA and OBP.

HOLYMACKREL: "gabby hayes" I can tell you weren't born yesterday.

Sophist, do you use fangraphs or baseball reference to get those splits that quick?

Veteran base running by Bako


Geebus, even the Nats are playing harder than the friggin Mets.

Paul Bako: NOT a Major Leaguer.

That was a pun line from Blazing Saddles



Nats beating the Dodgers 4-3 in the 9th. Billingsley only gave up 1 hit: a 3-run HR to Zimmerman in the 6th.

How on earth does a guy who hasn't stolen a base in the last 5 seasons manage to get himself picked off first base?

I wouldn't mind if the game got called due to rain.

Great. Rain. Just what this game needs.

Meteorology Fail.

I don't think the hard stuff is gonna come down for some time.

Just want to get it out of the way early...Lidge hasn't blown one in a while...he's due. What's the most number of games he's gone without blowing one? i.e he blows one on avg every x appearances...

doubleh, you spoke too soon. The Nats led off the 9th with a throwing error by Guzman.

Mets had 16 games on their September schedule against teams that have tormented them in the past and who are also hoping for a playoff berth or battling for playoff positioning.

So far, they're 1-11, after tonight, 1-12. Only win was their 'miracle' vs the Phils a couple Saturdays back.

Lidge blew a save Sept 5 against the Astros. Since Jul 28 he's saved 12/16 I think.

And then Thome gets a pinch hit single. 1st & 3rd, nobody out. Nats will lose this game.

I think he's good to implode once out of every four games.

I had an awful premonition earlier. It's the playoffs. We're playing St. Louis. We're leading going into the 9th. Brad's Charlie's guy. Pujols steps up to the plate. The only thing I wasn't clear on was whether he'd mess himself right there on the mound, or if he'd run into the dugout and immediately curl up in a fetal position, gently rocking back and forth...

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