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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Per Metsblog, Fred Wilpon says Minaya and Manuel will return next year. In other news, I've got my party pants on.

I was at Friday nights game and the Mets fans I spoke with seemed to think it was mainly due to injuries. Sounded like denial to me as the Mets seem to have much deeper issues than
just the injuries.

it will be interesting to see what the mets look like next year. will delgado be back? if not, does murphy stay at first or do they sign someone like nick johnson? will reyes stay healthy? those are two HUGE questions about the mets right off the bat. murphy does not put up 1st baseman type numbers and if they are to content, they need a healthy reyes.

and yes, the injuries were a big part of it this year, but it does seem like more than that from my end. they just don't seem to handle any situation the right way.

Dobbs to the DL, Cairo recalled.

Mets fans are not in denial . I am a life long Phillie fan as other posters on this site know but the Mets did have major injury issues this year. This is not to say the the Mets are as good as the Phils but it would have been a much more competitive league if they had all or most of their starters. How well would we have fared without our 3, 4 and 5 spot hitters.
As for next year who knows I do think the Phillies could be even better especially if some of the prospects manage tomove up.

Finally an intelligent Phillies fan. I knew dere had to be one.Great point where would da Phillies be if dey lost dere 1 3 4 5 hitters out of dere lineup. And not to meanchon dere steup man and dere dird starta.

dis is what we gotta do next year if we want to get in da playoffs. Get Lackey den sign Holiday. Den U can take a chance on sheets. and re sign Delgado. I dink dat Benjie Monlia is free agent. r Im not sure but if he is get den Our lineup would be 1 Reyes 2 Castillo 3 Wright 4 Delgado 5 Holiday 6 Beltran 7 Francouer 8 Molina I dink dats betta dan your lineup. Our pitching staff would be Santana Lackey Sheets Pelfery Maine. dats also betta dan yours. den U hav da bullpen with Rodriguez I'd get Putz again to be our 8 inning. great team miles ahead of yours tell me waht U dink about it. lets go Mets lets Go METS LETS GO METS LETS GO METS I dink I would make a good GM too.

Where is every1. Why is dat evry1 leaves why I write.

Eric Bruntlett alert. Chase gets the day off. Good in the grand scheme of things, but uck.

Why not Cairo? Is he not with the team yet? The fact that he is on the 25-man before Sept. 1 means they could use this as an audition to see if he could replace Brunt on the playoff roster.

A bench of Cairo, Bako, Bruntlett, Stairs, and Francisco? Normally Sept. 1 callups can't come fast enough but sadly there isn't likely anyone who will be a real upgrade offensively off the bench.

Heard the other night that Bruntlett is currently on pace to have one of the worst seasons in post WWII history for positional players with a minimum of 100 ABs. I really hope that Bruntlett does get a couple of hits down the stretch to avoid being included in such discussions.

I would also like to see them call up Quintin Berry before Sept. 1 (maybe send Cairo back down). He could have major value as a pinch runner in the playoffs when you can carry less pitchers. I know this is not the way Charlie usually does things, but still.

Am I the only one who thinks Andy Tracy could help the Phils off the bench ?

Lets go Mets lets go mets lets go Mets

Miguel Cairo wasn't on the 40 man roster, so who did they get rid of to free a spot?

Cairo, Bako, Bruntlett, and Stairs won't be on a MLB roster next year. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Bako and Stairs both retire this offseason (maybe Cairo too) and that Bruntlett toils away at AAA next season if he doesn't hit it up too.

Good question MPN. Bisenius could certainly be cut. They could also move Bastardo to the 60-day DL.

I guess we can scratch that last Bastardo comment. Lauber says he is making a rehab start in the GCL tomorrow. JC and Condrey are both doing bullpen sessions in Clearwater. Maybe they will cut Register from the 40-man.

I can't wait till this series is over. I H8 NYers.

Pedro goes 6 innings, gives up 2 runs w/ 7 Ks.

Phillies only get 3 hits, but win 6-3 thanks to 10 walks.

I'm not buying the Chicho posts. This has to be a BLer putting us on, right? Wow.

Chico has to be fake. No one would ever have such issue with the Poconos.

Almost casual time!

Supposing that Pedro continues to impress in the early innings, what would people think of a Pedro-as-closer experiment?

Dumb question, from a lurker. I'm in the Midwest, watching the game on Unfortunately, yet again, I can't get the Philly feed. MLB will only give me the NY feed, no matter what I do. Is this game not on Comcast today? Is it on WPHL instead? (That's normally the only reason for MLB not to carry the Philly feed.)

Apologies for not adding a substantive comment on the team or today's match up.

I have no problem with a Pedro closer experiment. The next few weeks are the time to do it. I'm still not sold on Lidge.

The Sunday games are always on PHL.

Great at bat Jimmy.

Great AB by Jimmy.

Hoosier: Yes, all of the Sunday games are on PHL17, unless they are ESPN or TBS games of the week.

@HP: I've got no problem picking up the WPHL feed through Though I think you need the premium membership to tune into the away team's feed.

HP: Every sunday day game is on WPHL.

I can't ever remember Jimmy & Vic taking 8 pitches a piece to start a game/inning.

Ollie already has thrown 25 pitches with Werth still at the plate.

So the Phils are 24-14 against LHP starters this year so far . . . that is something that I wouldn't have suspected before the season started.

Awesome AB by Werth.

Boom goes the dynamite!


Ollie is gettin' worked something awful here. Anyone but a Phillies fan should feel bad for him right now. I, of course, am dizzy with happiness.

We easily will put up double digits today.

Ello es en fuego.

Bastardo was moved to the 60 day DL according to Murphy at HighCheese.

41 pitches now

Of course, Bruntlett offers the nice little pitcher's respite.

A Feliz walk and a Bruntlett hit in the same inning?!

For those who couldn't see it, that was one awful swing/result.


good gravy

Ollie has got nothing today.

Killer Z's!

BAHAHA, he pulls him before he can walk Pedro, classic!

Oh my.

I hope the Phillies bats don't go to sleep for the rest of the game, but you'd hope this would be enough anyway.

That was one of the worst outings I've ever seen.

pack yer bags ollie, you'se getting DFA'd./

That's what it's all about.

That truly made my day.

You know, I do feel kinda bad for the Mets. They're in a real tough spot here with no long men really available.

I think Charlie should loan them Jamie Moyer just for today. :-)

This guy pitched the ninth last night. This is going to go well.

Thanks, guys. As it stands now, being stuck on PIX isn't as bad as the last two games. (Comment from the NY booth: "This is embarrassing."Of course, that was uttered only after they dumped all over the Iron Pigs for their name.) But much appreciation for the answers.

47 pitches has to be up there with most by one pitcher in an inning.

Eric the Great is 5/10 off Perez lifetime.

And to think the Mets potentially have another 2 years or Ollie at $12M per.

Ruiz and Howard have almost the same OPS in August. This wouldn't be surprising if Howard was in the middle of a swoon, but both putting up a 950? I'm in shock.

That was embarrasing. I've seen better batting practice pitching

Why did Ibanez pick it up?

Very quietly, Carlos Ruiz is having a terrific August.

That was one of the stranger in-the-park HRs I have ever seen.

Somehow, I thing we're going to need to score more runs.

Exactly how Pedro started his last game--leadoff homerun, followed by a single.

Why didn't Charlie argue that?

Unreal. Including his 2 rehab starts, Pedro has allowed a leadoff homer in 4 of his last 5 games.

A) Bruntlett gets a hit, and scores.

B) Pedro M gives away YET ANOTHER home run to the opening batter of a game. This is, what, the 4th time in the last 5 outings, including minor league starts?

I'm curious to see how the Beerleaguers are going to handle this all.

High Hopes: Because Raul came over and grabbed the ball before the Umpires called it a ground rule double. Considering Raul had no chance of beating him home anyways, would have been better to do nothing and then Charlie could have come out and argued.

Uh oh.

If Grampa has to come on early for Pedro and keeps the Mutts in check the rest of the game, I'm guessing we'll have a controversy on our hands.

Have a feeling we are going to be seeing alot more Moyer today too.

Raul should have left it alone.

So Jamie will be getting into this game, no?

Need to start warming him up a full inning in advance.

Still up 4 runs. Don't think we need to start think about moyer until Pedro gives up another 2 unanswered. Perhaps pedro got a little lackadaisical coming into the game with a 6 run lead.

I'm still a bit puzzled as to why everyone is so enthusiastic about Pedro. This is his 5th start, including the 2 rehab starts, and we're still waiting to see his first good game.

It's amazing how different the 86 MPH fastabll is from the 91 mph one. Apparently, he needs to get his arm stretched out w/ live pitching to batters.

Good recovery by pedro there. Now all Charlie has to say to him "Next time you come into the game with a lead, don't let it fool you in a false sense of security". He's a vet and should know better but...

I'm with you, BAP. Pedro was an interesting experiment, but I'm not seeing a helluva not better results then from the guy he replaced.

Ibanez vindicated by the ground rules.

Jimmy got his hit. Let the pop-ups begin.

bap - that's a little unfair. he's only really pitched 1 and a half games.

or maybe their idea is "Well, we have a 47 year old pitcher in our rotation whose been strugling a bit, and maybe we can bring pedro in for a month, see what he has, and if he sucks, at least we got a good long break for Jamie to go into the last 30 games with.".

At the end of the day, its our fifth starter. Happ has obviously surpassed both pedro and jamie in the rotation so frankly, who cares.

And that's why Howard goes for the home run all the time.

That's a hit for any other hitter in MLB.

bap - I kind of wondered the same thing. Thought Pedro might be a slight upgrade over Moyer when I saw his 10 K night in Reading but donn't understand all of the hype/anguish/controversary over the 5 starter spot on this team.

Reality is that you have 2 veterans who likely are at/toward the very end of their rope as effective MLB starters. Neither guy is going to be a starting pitcher in the postseason unless the Phils get hit with an injury and it is not like it is critical that the Phils win every game with their No 5. starter.

I can't believe he caught that.

i'm wondering if amaro knew they'd have this kind of lead in the standings (which you never know) if he'd have gotten pedro.

i am reserving judgement though for two more starts.

@BAP, @doohickey -- I don't agree. Moyer, there was no telling what you were going to get. You might get the "lights out" Moyer, and have 7 innings giving up one run, or you might get the "light 'em up" Moyer, and give up 5 runs in 4 innings. Pedro, we seem to be able to rely on his giving up 3 runs in 5 innings, reliably. It's the reliability that's worthwhile.

According to both gameday and my eyes, this is a tiny strike zone, at least up & down.

I don't think Pedro has pitched enough for the Phils to make the decision to dump him already.

Dismissed it a bit but it is really critical that the Phils held onto Happ in that Lee trade.

Besides being incredibly effective, a rotation with Pedro and Moyer (and a struggling Hamels) really would have taxed this bullpen over the last 7 weeks or the season.

Philly Kryptonite...Bases loaded, no out.

Good. Glad to see Bruntlett get some hits here and hopefully get off the snide as having one of the worst seasons every by a Phils' positional player.

Well, I don't know if two starts (one rain shortened) establishes a trackrecord for reliability. Or unreliability for that matter.

I do agree it was worth a shot, particularly while the former staff ace an current 4th best SP continues to find himself. I haven't read a single post that indicates the Pedro needs to get dumped.

OK, Pedro, don't swing at anything. Just stand there.

Swing away, Pedro.

I stand corrected!

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