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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I actually thought Happ's performance tonight was similar to Hamels last night, in terms of command and base runners. The difference was that Happ always seemed to put out the fires, while Hamels let them blaze a little more.

I started thinking, "Well who seems more like the rookie here". Then I remembered that Hamels is actually a year and a half younger than Happ. So maybe we should give Hamels a break considering what he's accomplished in the past and his age.

These are the kinds of Lidge outings that tend to lull us into a sense of complacency. He'll probably get another this series against this pathetic Mets lineup and he'll be declared "back."

I've got my fingers crossed that he finds himself (just like I hope Hamels does), but we're getting closer and closer to October...

so if one of the two finds himself yet this season, who's your money on? lidge or hamels?

Lidge has performed well vs. the Mets this year. It's every other team we have to worry about.

Oh, and I'll never, ever wrap my head around why Tim Freaking Redding owns the Phils. Ever.

OH well we will win tomorrow! Lets go Mets lets go Mets.

U all know we would have won if we had Wright Reyes Beltran Delgado.

Let's give credit where credit is due. Lidge did what he was supposed to and he did it well. You have to start somewhere.
You never know what can happen, but it seems like the "predetermined pitch count" lost that game for the Muts.

How is sayin muts offensive?I acctually like it.

If i had to bet on who is the best bet to find himself this year, I would be Hamels. Although Friday's performance was Hamels' most disapointing, IMO.

I think it is less likely that Lidge comes out of it. He's been terrible all season, not just for stretches. But the good thing about Lidge being terrible for so long heading into the playoffs is Cholly can anticipate and compensate. Madson in the 8th. Platoon the 9th. RH-LH- RH matchups every game. Gotta get Romero healthy though.

Where is everyone? do U people fear me?

I had no idea that 700 strikeouts was a career milestone.

Who knew.

Things must be REALLY bad for Mets fans. They've outsourced the myriad of annoying-but-literate trolls for one clown who can't even spell. Makes you wonder if there was a mass suicide we haven't heard about yet.

Is Wright Reyes Beltran Delgado related to Robin Ventura Wright Penn?

Answer to a comment from the previous thread about NL ROY...pretty sure that Sandoval had too many ABs at the end of last season to qualify as a rookie this year. Should be Hanson or Happ in the end.

Happ would beat Hanson if the season ended today for ROY.

Chicho: You rule. Seriously. You rule.

clever discussion?
not from the lower strata
trolls R so stoopid

"Chicho" is obviously a put-on caricature of a stupid Met fan. We (or some of us) get the joke.

I have *never* heard 'Let's Go Phillies' chants at Shea Stadium. NEVER. What is going on with this new ballpark? It was like the Phils were still in Phoenix. They even showed a replay of a Phillies fan pouring beer on a Met fan and then punching him in the face. This is like an alternate reality.

When I watch Redding pitch against the Phillies, my question is why he does so poorly against other teams. The guy pitches ahead, keeps the ball down, moves it in and out. He doesn't look that bad, to me.

i couldnt believe they showed that shot of the phils fan beat down....

ive seen redding a lot this year and his stuff looks significantly better vs. the phils...must be a confidence had a feeling the bats would break out once he was gone

has the metsblog chatter gotten so bad that trolls come on here after a met loss?????

hopefully pedro can keep his emotions in check and deliver a solid outing tomorrow

My favorite moment of the night:

Bottom of the 3rd with the Mets already up 1-0 and potentially threatening to crack it open a bit with runners on the corners after Castillo just beat out a throw on a potentially great play by JRoll.

Well, Sheffield comes up and basically takes the "f@ck it" approach and just starting swinging at everyone as hard as he can. To hell with situational hitting or trying to help the team score a run. Sheffield is thinking long ball to pad his career stats with number HR 510.

Sheffield winds up popping up a pitch that was terrible pitch to hit (high and outside) instead of being a bit more selective to drive in a run home to make it 2-0 on a sac fly/ground out.

Basically a perfect microcosm of Sheffield's career (me first guy) and the Mets' season in general.

Funny thing about the ROY voting. What makes a rookie is defined by MLB, 50 IP for example, but the vote is done by the BBWA. Several non-rookies have garnered votes but to the best of my knowledge none have ever won. That is likely a result of lazy writers, but you never know with someone with the cachet of Sandoval.

I still think Hanson wins, but Happ gets a ton of votes.

Yeah, yeah the Mets have a ton of injuries and they will have some decent money to play with this offseason as a couple of big contracts come off the books including Delgado/Wagner/etc.

Still, this is a team that has a ton of needs, a couple of sizable bad contracts yet, not many promising younger players (Reyes/Wright don't count on this point), a staff ace who has looked mortal at times this year, and some real organizational issues in the front-office.

If the Mets do bottom out and finish at 74 or 75 wins, I wonder if they really take a deep look to reevaluate if they can be legit contenders again next year.

I gotta go get the papers, get the papers.

"Let's go Phillies" chants were heard at Shea in years past. Heard em during the last of the three sweeps in 2007, and some of the games last year as well (remember the game where So Taguchi got a hit?)

HR leaders at Citifield:

David Wright 5
Fernando Tatis 5
Gary Sheffield 5
Chase Utley 4

I thought chan ho Turned the corner when he was wearing the vote for victorino sandwhich sign from the bullpen to the dugout haha but good article east

The sandwich sign came after the trip to LA, so it was just another step in the process...

EFF- That HR stat is awesome, almost as good as the one posted the other day about the Muts being closer to the Nats in the standings than the Phils. Would love to see him rip a couple more over the next two days and take the lead.

Lidge threw 11 pitches and I'll bet 8 of them were fastballs. He was touching 95, 96, 97. If he can just get ahead with that pitch, well, it all seems so simple. This guy's going to have a great September, even if I have to will him into it.

"Pedro dons new duds in New York"? For later today...

6IP, 2ER, 2BB, 4K for pedro today.

Yo, new thread

Just a thought, my young friends... the Phillies and Muts are getting ready for game 3 of a late season series, and we are so far ahead of those dogs in the standings that the New Yorkers have actually become irrevelant. Seriously, does life get any f'in better than this? We truly are blessed...

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