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Friday, August 21, 2009


I completely agree. I'm actually going away for the weekend and will miss most of this series and I don't even care. I bought my 9/11 & 9/12 Mets tickets last January thinking it would be the home series of the year. Now I might throw those on stubhub. It's a shame that injuries decimated this rivalry because it was a great one. Well, there's always next year.

Lets go Mets lets go Mets lets go Mets

I take a great deal of pleasure out of the Mets misery.

Rather than waste time with a Met's analysis, I'll pose this question: Was the Phil's terrible run because of Interleague, or was that just a co-incidence? Without that terrible stretch, we'd have the best record in baseball.

Of course, with even average pitching from the closer, we'd have the best record in baseball, too, but that's another subject for another day :)

Jason - I never thought I would hear a lament for lost mets' trolls.
Great post and true about the drama, I just hope the dreaded BL curse doesn't bring the trolls back.

The Mets are as irrelevant as the Nationals at this point. But, beating the Mets is always a good thing. I hope the Phils can stay focused enough to win three of four.

That's all for me today. Enjoy the weekend.

"As strange as it is to say it, many of truly compelling games came during interleague play, which was the worst stretch for the Phillies this entire season."

That is a heck of a thought JW. And you are actually right. Because that is one of the only times the schedule has been a struggle. We are 69-49 over. Went 6-12 in interleague play. Which means, taking interleague out of the mix, we are 63-37 against the NL. That is nearly 30 games OVER .500! Are you kidding me! This year we are playing .630 ball against our our league. With that percentage played the remainder of the schedule, we should win 97 games. Will that happen, I don't think so. But going by the way this team playes the NL, it can.

The pleasure of reading this blog disappears every time the Phils play the Mets. JW, I urge you to ban the trolls to metsblog or whatever that PR thing is called in NY.

Last year the Cubs had the best record in baseball and they got swept in the first round, so it's a pretty irrelevant goal honestly. Playing hard and making it to the playoffs, and (hopefully) winning a world series are the only things that matter

**I take a great deal of pleasure out of the Mets misery.**

Similar feelings here, except I would add "fans" between "the" and "Mets" to be more precise.

I just went outside to see what the weather looked like. There are clear blue sky's above Wall Street but across the river you can see the dark clouds rolling in. Let's hope it starts raining after 5 and befor 7.

Trolls are good for business. They're the readers most likely to click the ads with the big boobies.

its gonna start pouring up here in NYC any second

not sure about the forecast for the rest of the night

Wagner got claimed on waivers today. Rumor is that it was the Marlins or the Rays. I'm surprised the Marlins would agree to take any salary on at this point.

If the Marlins claimed him, they probably don't believe the Mets would release him and get nothing in return. Instead, if, in fact, the Marlins did claim him, they're likley hoping they can offer a reasonable enough prospect that would have the Mets pay most of his remaining salary.

Spitz: If it's the Rays, can you imagine how PtB will react?

I feel soooo sorry for the Mets....NOT.

Let's hope the Phils step on their throats while they are down and take all 4. It will also be extra fun to see Pedro beat them this weekend.
It's good to be the king.

Trolls are good for business. They're the readers most likely to click the ads with the big boobies.

I guess I'm a troll, then? Darn!

Sky's getting dark here on the Staten; and I hear thunder.

Of course that could just be Ryan Howard and company arriving in the team chariots.

Looking at the radar, the game will get played, but I doubt that there will be any batting practice, and anyone driving to the game is going to probably hit horrendous traffic.

Rain drops falling now.

I think the storm will be past by game time.

RE: Wagner to the Fish Comment....

Why would the Mets pay his salary for a marginal prospect? That seems illogical. You only pay for a legit prospect.

And as always (meaning since last week) F Moyer

I work in Metuchen and my office window is showing an image I can't even explain... I might leave work early just to find the freakin ARK right now

SmokyJoe: In NY most people take the subway, long islan railroad, or a bus. Driving up here is not worth it because bad weather or not you will be sitting in traffic.
Unless you live out on Staten Island with those silly peom writing people :)

There will be a lot of talk about the great luck missing Johan.

I actually wish the Phils were facing Santana. I'd like to see how the Phils fare against the best when they're swingin' 'em. Reps against tough lefties now would help for the playoffs.

That Dude - because the Mets have to pay Wagner regardless. So why not get a prospect, even if its a marginal one.

Also, thanks for your enlightened perspective on Jamie Moyer.

I admit to being a constant reader of Metsblog. My brother was stationed in Korea for a couple years before this year, and I used to keep him up-to-date on how and what they were doing. Now that he's back in the States, I read it to engage in a bit of schadenfreude.

I got the Rollins print from Sports Propaganda today. It's really sweet.

One thing this season I haven't missed is checking on a daily basis for the trash talk in the site's comments. Who am I kidding? It was a guilty pleasure.

Don't really miss the Matthew Cerrone-penned emotional,overwrought, diary-style editorials, however.

... to me, daniel murphy is a good guy. he's a good guy... he's just, i don't know, maybe not playing with the clearest head right now and missing some balls... not sure 'bout frenchy and how he'll fit it to the mets' future plans... so much drama this year, and i can't help but feel that willie's laughing his head off in milwaukee...

Mick O: Amen. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Although, Santana has been having a tough year, homer-wise. I think he's given up the most in his career this season. I remember the Phils tagged him for a couple in the few starts they faced him.

And Redding is never an easy game for the Phils. In theory, these should be easy games, but I still think the Mets can put up a fight. Hamels has never been particularly sharp against them, for instance.

It's the Mets' turn to play spoiler and I think they will relish the opportunity. The Phillies can't let their foot off of the gas.

My cousin called me today just to chat. He is from NY - HUGE Mets fan.

The general feeling in metland is that it's a team that just had too many injuries. However, as we spoke he mentioned that the feeling is also that it is a team that was poorly constructed from the beginning.

While he mentioned that there were no perfect comparisons, if you took the Mets Core 4 - Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Delgado - and compared it to the Phillies Core 4 - Rollins, Utley, Howard, Ibanez(Burrell last season) - that the talent level matched up fairly evenly.

However, he felt the Mets were much more flawed because of the lack of complimentary players to go with them.

If you take the position that these players somewhat cancel each other out (at least offensively) - Howard/Delgado, Ibanez/Beltran, Rollins/Reyes, Wright/Utley - the Mets, even at full strength, do not have an answer for players like Vic, Werth and Feliz.

Also, he said Vic and Werth have become MORE than a complimentary players. I mentioned to him that IMO, while Vic was not as good as Beltran, he is one of the 7 best CF in the game, he actually agreed. He says Vic - while his "enthusiasm" is annoying - he is very well respected in NY.

The one area we did disagree was regarding the Mets pitching staff, particularly the starters. I told him that, IMO, except for Santana they were all overrated, and he disagreed with me, particularly on Pelfrey.

Also, Ollie Perez is not very popular among Mets fans right now.

So, to sum it up, Mets fans are disappointed but not crushed or demoralized. They understand that no team could withstand the injuries that they've had, so they seem to be in "wait until nest year" mode.

JW: coulda haiku'd that:

trolls: good for business
they cause a lot of traffic
and click the big boobs

Id rather have nothing for 2.8m than a marginal prospect....and with Moyer after his continued actions/expressions/words I dont see how he can be defended. This is coming from some1 who felt he shouldn'tve been pulled from the rotation.

Wouldn't the mets just let whatever team claimed Wagner just take him so they wouldn't have to pay teh salary and buyout?

I don't think they would pull him back and risk having to pay the rest of his salary.

I don't think they will get any prospects for him, just be happy he is gone.

Bubba- no BL curse needed to bring the trolls back. They will be here as soon as the Mets take a lead in any one of these four games. It's as sure as death and taxes.

awh: All the injuries for the Mets are a blessing for that precise reason. If they had collapsed or just petered out this year with a full lineup, you would have to think Omar would attempt to make some moves to change things up or break it up. Now? They can just say "oh we all got hurt" and ignore the causes of their prior downfalls while coming back with the same core that failed previously.

"The pleasure of reading this blog disappears every time the Phils play the Mets. JW, I urge you to ban the trolls to metsblog or whatever that PR thing is called in NY."

Hit the nail on the head LSG! I was thinking the same thing, Matt Cerrone really sold out his blog. It's a shame but it just comes across as the Mets official site. Their fans are just being fed Omar's mantra.

La Jeff: I always thought mets fans ate something else of Omar's?

From David Murphy's blog:

"I want our guys to be aware of one thing, the biggest thing is the Mets can still score runs," Manuel said. "And on some nights, if you look up there, they put up five, six, seven, eight, nine runs."

Uh, really?

Spitz: Yes, just the other night, against Derek Lowe actually. It was Lowe's worst start in over a year.

As long as Jeff Francouer is hitting cleanup, Cholly isn't going to be able to scare anyone.

Dude...I don't have any marginal prospects, but I'll send you all the nothing you want. You can send me a check for the $2.8 MM. But if you send cash, I'll even take half that amount.

Any word on how Myers looked in Clearwater?

Velocity? Any setbacks? Any timetable yet?

Maybe its been mentioned here already or been in a paper somewhere, but I haven't seen much on it.

Anyone catch HOF and newly-minted WWE superstar Jim Rice's latest commentary on steroids: per ESPN, "Flexing the muscles in his right arm, Rice said, 'That's all the steroids you need . . . It's called God-given talent.'"

No official word, but it's presumed that he then stepped forward and challenged every little prick in the room to settle "this" outside.

HH, I bet that probably has more to do with Lowe enjoying NY a little too much the night before than that "potent" Mets offense.

Any guesses to the antics that Sheffield may pull this weekend? Looks like he and Omar have kissed and made up, but I'm looking forward to someone in Mets management putting his foot in his mouth and getting Sheffield aggrevated before the end of the weekend!

Actually loqiel, you are incorrect in the assertion that the Mets FO will ignore this year due to injuries. Word is that Omar's job is on seriously shaky ground. The injuries are not his direct fault, but this year really brought to light the fact that Omar built the team wrong outside of the core players. As a previous poster alluded to, the drop in talent from the top players is huge as compared to the Phils. His situation was then made worse by the Adam Rubin fiasco. Also add that to Jerry Manuel's almost assured firing and the departure of big contract vets and this year might be a blessing in disguise for next year. A sort of colonic for this organization. Of course the choices ownership makes after the eventual FO house cleaning will determine the course.

Omar being fired (crossing fingers) or "moved to another capacity" would be a long time coming in my eyes. If he stays, maybe he ends up in charge of parking concessions.

gonna be in NY this weekend visiting my brother. i considered hitting up a game until i looked at the price of tickets.

My favorite quote from Metsland is from amazinavenue...

I can't believe I toyed with the idea at the beginning of the season that the Mets were even in the same class of organization as Philadelphia.

Alvin, I hope the Mets DON'T get rid of Minaya.

IMO, it would be the best thing for the Phils in that if he is incapable of rebuilding a flawed team, then it will delay any resurgence on their part.

Also, one other thing:

Some have complained here about the NY media overhyping the Mets' prospects, particularly at the time of the Santana trade.

Well, it may be that the Mets as an organization believe the hype as well, and said over-evaluation has led to the dearth of real talent in their system.

Maybe we should be thankful for it.

Well, being a Mets fan, I would personally kidnap Minaya out of town—hell, out of North America—if it means no more of his ineptitude. Can't even stand listening to him stammer and stutter.

As far as the over-hyping, it seems like critics in the media want it both ways. On one hand they rip the Mets farm system for lack of talent, yet on the other, they clamor for them to make big deals giving up these players. The NY media itself is overhyped.

One thing I failed to mention in my previous post about Omar is the farm system. His supposed rep was being a "talent" guy, yet 5 years in and their system is still a couple of years from starting to blossom. (too many lower level talent, not enough upper level). Thats a long time in NY years for a guy hired for this particular thing.

so is it fair to call this team the mets instead of the bisons?

I just read this by John Finger on

“'Bleep, no,' Wagner said if he would waive his no-trade clause to return to the Phillies. 'That was hard enough for two years. You think I'd do that for a month?'"

Guess that kills any speculation there was about a return...

EF, that's a great quote.

Maybe we'll be fortunate and have a great team to root for the next several years.

Still, despite the recent success and competence displayed at 1 Citizen's Bank Way, it will take a LOT of winning to make me forget the nightmare of 13 losing seasons in 14 years.

I hope the FO doesn't forget it either, and that it doesn't forget the <15,000 attendance that was a regular staple during those years.

So forget anything I said about Wagner. When asked if he would wave his NTC to come to Philly, he said, "Sh*t no. That was hard enough for two years. You think I'd do that for a month? Besides, they expect too much."

I guess winning a championship isn't important enough to let bygones be bygones. Seriously, how f'ing sensitive IS this guy? I don't recall anyone not liking Wagner until he blew those games in Houston and even then, it was never on the level of some of the more notorious Phils. F' him. I hope he goes to the Rays and Burrell and the rest of the AL pound his a**.

Keeping with the haiku theme:

Omar Minaya
Traded stud prospects for whom?
Bartolo Colon

We expect too much? Really? Like that's a bad thing, wanting a closer that doesn't blow games? Can't wait to see Finger's follow up interview with him which talks about what his kids wore while the Phils were in the WS...I'm sure it was Rays gear or something like that.

can't believe I toyed with the idea at the beginning of the season that the Mets were even in the same class of organization as Philadelphia.

funny to use the word "class" and "philadelphia" in the same sentence.

He traded Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, and Brandon Phillips for Bartolo Colon. In hindsight, that has to be the worst trade in the history of baseball. It's humiliating. As for Mets fans we can take solace in the speculation that the team will be for sale this off season and we may get some owner who actually knows how to run a baseball team

Woo hoo! Mets trolls are back. They're the best kind. For all those Mets fans, I present this:

Mets GB Phils: 14.5
Nats GM Mets: 13.0

The Nationals are closer to the Mets than the Mets are to the Phils. Now *that's* funny!

Sorry I meant fuzzycopper

Worst trade in the HISTORY OF BASEBALL??? You can't honestly believe that...

What I find funny is that even though the Mets are so "irrelevant" to you guys, there are still going to be way more comments in this thread from you guys then if you were playing the Marlins and Braves.

Sylar: You're confused. The Mets are irrelevant to baseball. But you'll never be irrelevant to us!

As per Sports Nite: Wagner claimed by Red Sox.

Good news, I guess... the Red Sox want Wagner. I'm glad he's not going to an NL team... and I'm not sure the Red Sox will even make the playoffs.

i always think the Met fans have nothing to say, but they always come up with something.

I like the "we generate more comments than the Marlins and Braves on your blog" angle... haha talk about desperate.

bathtub.... try stubhub; seats start at $5

Alvin, in defense of Omar, the Phillies hire Mike Arbuckle to basically run the minor leagues\draft in 1993/4, and real talent didn't start to trickle up in their system until the late '90s at the earliest.

It takes a while to rebuild a farm system, and several good drafts, so even if Minaya did have a positive impact, it would probably only start manifesting itself now.

I don't care to kick Mets/fans while they're down--to me they are just any other team right now. I just want to win games.

As much as I hate the Mets, I take no pleasure out of just how awful things have been in Flushing this season. The rivalry with the Mets was not only good for baseball, it was good for both clubs. It kept the Phils on their toes, and having that team so close by with the fervent NY fanbase...well, it's what made it so great.

The Marlins and Braves generate no comments because they have very few ardent fans and they are lightyears away in terms of actual distance and attitude toward sports.

I, for one, would have actually preferred these games to be relevant.

yo, new thread.

Fred Wilpon will be very, very reluctant to swallow the rest of Minaya's contract, especially considering he extended him for three years late last year. Remember, Wilpon lost $700M thanks to Madoff. Do you remember the off-season, when they got K-Rod and Putz and then the Madoff thing broke? What happened to the rest of the pre-season spending? It pretty much died right then. I think Omar keeps his job through at least next year, if for no other reason than to save money.

Jayson Stark reports:

Since Howard lit the fuse last weekend in Atlanta, he's erupted for seven hits -- five homers, a double and a single -- driven in 13 runs in six games and slugged 1.000.

And if that sounds familiar, here's why:

Our fabulous ESPN stats crew presents this tale of Howard's previous four unconscious finishes:

2008: final 35 games (starting Aug. 22): .333, 15 HR, 42 RBIs
2007: final 36 games (starting Aug. 24): .304, 14 HR, 37 RBIs
2006: final 43 games (starting Aug. 17): .361, 17 HR, 43 RBIs
2005: final 35 games (starting Aug. 23): .309, 14 HR, 33 RBIs

Game thread is up.

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