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Friday, August 14, 2009


The next time the Phillies do anything at all with Jurrjens will be the first time. He gives this team fits. Blanton had beter be on his game from pitch one.

From last thread - you are right NEPP. I forgot that we already have 5 starters under control. No reason to look at high priced starters this off season. Thats kind of nice!

Blanton HAS been on his game from pitch one lately, for the most part. His last two games he got the L (I think he got the L in both of them, anyway) was because of crappy hitting by the Phillies. I hope they'll make it up for him tonight.

It appears as though the Wagner haters from a thread ago have failed to sufficiently ingest today's mantra. Don't you know, "everyone deserves a second chance".

It's gonna hurt not having Francoeur around to whiff a couple of times each night.

clout - yeah, Wags burned the New Hope-Lambertville bridge also.

I had to move from Bucks County back to my original hometown of Reading to have bridges to take my limos across.

I appreciate a good 7-pitch inning...

With Jurrjens on the mound, another one of those Philly Kryptonite pitchers, is this game over already?

Better question: does Jurrjens even need 90 pitches for the CG?

I'd take a shot with Wagner. Anything to boost the relief depth, particularly from the left side. And there's a chance (albeit not strong) he'd be an alternative to Lidge in the ninth. Would the Mets really trade him to their chief divisional rival, though?

Hey, the Phillies took Jose Mesa back.

Then again, they didn't take Curt Schilling back.

C'mon ryno.

If Whitey were calling the game, he might very well say that Howard looks "hitterish."

So much for that theory.

Jurrgens puts the ball exactly where he wants to and the Phillies never adjust accordingly. Gets old to watch.

Don't worry Joe. I learned on BL today that Division Race = Over.

One of these days I'm going to compile an entire 25-man roster of Phillie Killers. Jurrjens is on the cusp of making the starting rotation.

Very nice AB for JDub.

Iceman: The starting OF of that team would need to be Vlad G., Cody Ross, and Chipper Jones.

I hate that damn Larry.

McCann and Paulino would be the catchers.

Actually, that would be a great idea. Probably a good idea to start with former Phillies who were hated when they were here, like Barajas and Helms.

Led by staff ace Tim "Cy" Redding.

MPN, Vlad is definitely penciled in for a starting spot. Chipper has to be on there just for his consistency in killing us for the past decade. Cody Ross would at least make the bench. Juan Pierre would be my third OF.

10 hitters, 10 first pitch strikes for Jair

Maybe Manny Ramirez would displace Chipper to 3B as he only played LF for a few seasons.

C -- Piazza, Barajas
1B -- Pujols, Delgado
2B -- Biggio, Castillo
3B -- C Jones, Rolen
SS -- Reyes, Renteria
MI -- Jamey Carrol
CI -- David Wright
LF -- ManRam
CF -- Cody Ross, Carlos Beltran
RF -- Vlad the Impaler, JD Drew

NEPP: my starting staff would be Cy Redding, Kuroda, Santana, Lowe and now probably Jurrjens. Ollie Perez as the 6th starter.

I don't understand why Chipper uses "Crazy Train" for his entrance music when that song gets played at every single sporting event anyway. I think it might be a rule that that song has to be played at least once per game, actually.

Pujols definitely does NOT belong on the team. His career numbers against the Phillies are far worse than against the league in general.

I'm surprised that no Braves use Garth Brooks friends in low places because Larry must be friends with someone on the roster and he is, from accounts, a total lech.

No love for Brian Schneider at C? He absolutely murdered us when he was playing for Washington.

That was a very sweet swing

b_a_p: If you consider that the Cardinals play the Phils, generally 6 games a year with at most 9 games a year, his numbers from 2006-2008 against the Phils are not "far worse" than against other teams in whole or in part. In that period he has an OPS of 1.018.

Perhaps I just think him more of a Phillies' killer because it seems like every Phils game I go to against the Cards Pujols goes crazy.

Yeah, I thought about Schneider as soon as I posted it should be Paulino and McCann. The thing is, ever since the Expos stopped existing, Schneider hasn't been quite the same Phillie-killer.

The book on Utley now is away away away. I guesss that's why.

Nice homer by Utley!!!

Yes, Schneider should replace Piazza if we are only talking current players. Castillo is listed for his Marlins days at 2B.

Does everyone realize there's a game going on?

Where are all the "Chase" posts?


... oh yeah, a ball game is on.

thx tg

SmokyJoe: I tweeted a Chase!!!!

Werth just doubled JJ's pitch count in advance of that hit.

Awesome 9 pitch at-bat by Werth. He saw more pitches in that at-bat than Rollins, Vic, & Utz in the first inning

DAMN! I thought that that might've "olle'd!" the foul pole.

@SmokyJoe == looks like Jurrjens is going to top 90 pitches tonight...

Quick LV update...Taylor 2 for 2 with 2 rbi, now upto .288.

Tuffy Gosewisch actually let a batter reach on catcher's interference in his first game in AAA.

Rolo pitching; 5 hits & 1 run through 2.1

MPN: Pujols murders everyone. If anything, the Phillies have done an excellent job on him -- particularly over the last couple years. A "Phillies killer," to me, means someone whose performance against the Phillies has greatly exceeded his performance the rest of the time -- i.e., Chipper Jones, Prince Fielder, Brian McCann, Vlad Guerrero, Hiroki Kuroda, Brian Schneider, Ricky Romero, Mike Lowell, Yorvit Torealba.


Ibanez really moved like his age retrieving that ball.

Damn, is that a cave in the LF corner? It was pitch black down there!

Pedro Feliz -

Most overrated fielder in baseball.

Unearned run...

Prince Fielder? I remember he had that one, back-breaking homer against Hamels in the ninth early in '08, but other than that I don't remember too many incidents with him.

Rough inning for Feliz, GIDP when Jurrjens was struggling followed by error leading to unearned run in a close game. Double Ouch.

Forgot about Lowell...he is DEFINITELY the starting 3B. Julio Lugo should get a utility spot.


30 doubles...impressive.

@MPN I'm quite late, but regarding your lineup of Phillie killers, I think you should put Bruntlett at the MI spot.

tg082: The reason you don't remember many Prince Fielder moments is simply that we don't play that many games against the Brewers. But his career line against the Phillies is: .312/.432/.636, with 6 homeruns.

3 pitch K for Shane, that hurts.

NCPhilly: Well player sir, well played!

well played that is...

Just walk Chipper

Do you think Vic got the message from the umps yet. You don't show them up!!!! How long do you think they will call him out on close pitches like that one. Thats the second time in 2 games i have seen it now.

BRian McCann's at bat music is "Use Somebody." Interesting.

I think Vic just made up for the K.

Attaboy Vic!

Shane!!!!! GREAT CATCH!!!!

I guess McCann is going to wait til the 9th tonight to hurt us.

tg082: Yes, the baseball equivalent of 10 Hail Marys there.

Vic! Someone get that man a beer!

I can't believe that Blanton has thrown less pitches (1 less) than Jair. I would have never thought that possible after the 2nd inning

@Mick O: LOL

Strike 2 to Chase was 6 inches outside.

I wonder how long this lump will last for Ibanez? I hope not as long as his hot streak in the first half.

Atkins broke up J Johnson's no hitter w/ 2 outs in the 7th w/ a homer.

SmokyJoe: He hasn't hit over .260 in a month since May.

It must be almost Victoberino.

Shane's got 2 web gems in this one... so far...

Victorino is so much fun to watch play. He can be clueless sometimes, but he's about as consistently entertaining a player as you could ask to see.

Philadelphia Brewing Company, Yards, or Flying Fish should DEFINITELY do a Shane Victoberfest Hawaiian Wheat beer (with pineapple). I'd buy a few cases!

This will be Jurrjens last inning since he leads off the next inning.

I wonder if Shane repeats as a GG winner despite his poor UZR rating this year (which I don't buy from watching him. If anything he's better this year than last).

MLB Networks sound stage must be a total sausage fest when it's Harold Reynolds shift...

So Blanton is definitely going 7...right?

Joe Blanton doesn't get enough love.

Joe Blanton is a pure Philly guy. He's just a regular Joe that can still bring it.

He simply fits Philly. Seriously.

or Big Macs

NEPP: Yep. This is Blanton's 7th consecutive quality start -- it would be 9 straight but he had a 5IP, 3R start on 30 June.

MPN: Technically, it's not a quality start until he's out of the game. He could still get lit up this inning.

Tie game in 7th = advantage Atlanta.

2.46 ERA in his last 13 starts coming into tonight.

And this will be Blanton's last inning (if he gets throught it), as he leads off next inning.

Braves have three good lefty relievers, so I'm not sure I'm expecting the Phillies to score in the next two innings.

***Tie game in 7th = advantage Atlanta.***

Jurrgens out of the game...Advantage Phillies.

At least Jurrjens is done for the night. Good riddance.

Ok, now it's a quality start.

People rave about Happ's contributions but Blanton was our Ace until we got Lee, not Happ.

Another great outing by Big Joe.

I'm feeling an Eric Bruntlett pinch hitting appearance coming on in the near future.

b_a_p: How dare you question my precog abilities!

BAP, considering you were a ardent supporter of the Blanton trade, this must be particularly sweet.

I was actually looking through the archives from last year and I was able to find this memorable quote from the day of that trade:

"WOW! I can't believe that Gillick was able to snag Joe Blanton and only gave up Outman and Cardenas. We might as well get fitted for our WS t-shirts right now. Great Job Pat!" -bay_area_phan

I put the chances of the Phillies scoring this inning at about 25%, even with the leadoff double.

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