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Friday, August 21, 2009


Phils have the best ERA in baseball since the All-Star break. Braves are second, which is why they are still in this thing.

August 21st - time for the excuses to stop with Colbert. I'm predicting 7IP, 1ER, 6K, 1BB.

Is it true the game will start at 8:30?

So it looks like Burrell will get to hit that all-important dinger off Wagner after all. Horray!

rain rain go away....

let the ass kickin' get underway...

Is it time to bring up K-Rod's preseason comments? I've been waiting for weeks.

Bring 'em on, Unikruk.

Jayson Stark reports:

Since Howard lit the fuse last weekend in Atlanta, he's erupted for seven hits -- five homers, a double and a single -- driven in 13 runs in six games and slugged 1.000.

And if that sounds familiar, here's why:

Our fabulous ESPN stats crew presents this tale of Howard's previous four unconscious finishes:

2008: final 35 games (starting Aug. 22): .333, 15 HR, 42 RBIs
2007: final 36 games (starting Aug. 24): .304, 14 HR, 37 RBIs
2006: final 43 games (starting Aug. 17): .361, 17 HR, 43 RBIs
2005: final 35 games (starting Aug. 23): .309, 14 HR, 33 RBIs

mets radio reporting Wagner claimed by Red Sox

Also, hoping to start "sometime shortly after 8 or 8:15"

When it comes to throwing cash at anything that moves, the Red Sox are now in a league of their own. I hope they're spectators in October.

How is this "throwing cash at anything that moves?"

The BoSox actually cut a bunch of salary this off-season and lowered their payroll significantly. They desperately need BP help so they're giving up a couple million for a former AS closer...not the worst idea on earth.

Scheduled restart time is 8:25pm ET.

NEPP - John Smoltz, Rocco Baldelli, Takashi Saito, Brad Penny and now Billy Wagner. Perhaps we should say that the Sawx throw cash at anything that hobbles?

If the Mets release Shefield, they are EVEN MORE dumber than I thought! Do they want to lose for the rest of the season or something?

Ooh, ooh: "Of course we're going to be the frontrunner," he told reporters. "Of course we're going to be the team to beat."

So now that Wagner has been claimed, and the claiming team has until Tuesday to work out a deal, does that mean that we don't see The Rat this weekend? If I were the Mets, I would not let him pitch - why risk injury or general suckiness?

now is a good time to mention that i've had a bet for the past 3 years w/ a met fan friend as to who will finish with a better record. thank you phillies for the $300!

Granted, none of those signings really worked out (other than Saito) but they were fairly low-risk moves.

Baldelli was okay for a bit (would have been nice on our bench in the 1st half.

If they get anything at all from Wagner, its worth it. They're neck and neck in a WC race right now.

To Conshy Matt: I do the same thing but its only a case of beer, not cash...been doing it since 2005.

anyone else a fan of top gear on BBC?

LA on Rollins' case for jogging out that ground ball. Anyone see it?

Hey Unikruk Da only reason why we R not in first place is because of DA injuries our Four best players are on Da DL Lets see how U would so witout Utley Howard Ibanez and Rollins.

fun to hear the mets broadcasters gushing over how good the phils are. they almost sound envious.

This time of year, Ryan Howard is a Beast.

Re: Ryan's hit. Did the Mets forget to play the shift against him, or am I missing something?

JRoll was in a very slow jog on his groundout.

Mets were in a shift for Howard, he just hit it too hard for them to get to.

We only have 2 playas dat started opeing day in the lineup today. U know what I'm going to do is make an all Mets DL I will use every player on the Mets who has been placed on the DL and make a line up and rotation. At Catcha we have Schinder at first we have Delgado at second we have Cora at short we have Reyes at third would be Wright in left we Have Sheffield in center we have Beltran and in right field we have Church. I dink its a strong line up but we have a good bench with Pagan as a defnsive replacement Fernando Martinez As for pitching WE have Maine Perez Nieve Niese and Redding That would be our weakest point at our all DL team.But our bull pen is strong Putz as the closer Wagner as the setup man. ON this team we have 6 All stars. Remember these R players who were on the DL at some point this season.

This has been textbook Colbert...gets ahead of the hitters, but can't put them away, gives up a ton of foul balls, and then the guy gets on base. Not a good sign for the first hitter.

Chicho: That was a pathetic attempt at humor

Both of these base hits might be indicative of his Cole's high BABIP. Gee Whiz.

Nice work Colebert...though he's still throwing too many pitches.

Cole hit 95 on that last fastball (according to gameday, 96 according to Comcast)

Do you people on here dink dat if da Phillies had their four best let me repeat thier four best players on the DL. that they would be good.

Good old Whiff Francoeur.

Obvious troll is obvious.

How was my comments humorous? I wanted U to know dat dis team U sea on your TV screen is not da real Mets team. its the AAA team Da Buffalo Bisons. Da real Mets team is where in da hospital recovering form injuries.

So, what happened to Feliz? I was just reading how UC loves to play him with a lefty on the hill.

Feliz desperately needs a day off...he's been a brutal slump.

Besides Hamels plays more like a RHP anyway. He's always had reverse splits because of his changeup.

Bake: Pelfrey is a righty, anyway.

Big Pelf throws wit his right hand. I guess My friends were right people in PA not educated not educated.

Dobbs has had his 15 minutes, I'm afraid.

U can't answer me Bout da injuries U know thats why we R doin bad but U can't admitt Im right U my friends R wrong.

Mets radio says fans booed Pedro on the scoreboard.

That's good. Hopefully it will take care of his professed love of NY fans.

good AB Murph drive da runs in.U gotta hand it to these players.For players who belong at AAA dey are not doin bad not doin bad.

I like how he capitalizes "U" as if it were "I." You know, you should take advantage of socialism ... show up for school once in awhile.

At least the non-fielded grounder by Dobbs in the 1st didn't hurt.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I love when people make fun of me when I prove them wrong ha ha ha I proved you all worng and all U can say is show up to school ha ha ha ha That just porves Im right I win !!!!!!!

Hamels has always struggled with the Mets. Here's hoping the offense can get it going tonight against Pelfrey.

Interesting about the reverse splits on Hamels...I never knew that.

hope.. UC was talking about Feliz's defense, sorry that was not clear.

I'm gonna be gone for a little while. please save your comments until I appear latter.I want to listen Gary Kit and Ron. One more ding Philly blunt why cant dey make you a U its faster and eaiser be open to new ding see U later

Mets fans are donks

Bake: I get it. Sorry. Dobbs needs some abs, for sure.

Atlanta getting no-hit through 5

Hamels is just garbage this year.

Even these AAA guys are seeing Hamels' pitches just fine.

Thank goodness for Cliff Lee - I would not be excited about Cole Hamels starting game 1 of a playoff series. Yikes.

Honestly, I wouldn't want Cole starting any playoff games prior to a game 4 at this point.....

Garbage fastballs right down the middle will do that for you.





Moyer time?

Who is worse Cole or Brad?!

Is he trying to place his pitches too much and getting no bite/bad location? He seems to be trying to do too much and just failing miserably. It's just sad how far you can fall so quickly in this game.

Good thing the bullpen is rested.

Pull htat string

50 pitches in 2 innings?

Too many innings last year.

Too little staying in shape during the offseason.

Poor location (probably because of the above two factors.)

Slightly below average mediocre major league pitcher.

thank god! What is this kids problem this year?

Someone else brought this up elsewhere but any chance Cole could be tipping his pitches?

funny how the answer to my question was posted before I asked the question.

I called this off year by Hamels last November. This is the price of the WFC. He'll be fine next year.

He's our 4th starter right now.

Are there only 3 umps in this game? Tough to tell on, but i looks like there isnt anyone at 3rd?

This is why baseball is so crazy. Every ground ball and dink for the Mets is falling in, Ryan smokes one right at the right fielder to end the inning. I think Cole is getting the bad luck for the whole team.

At least we're not Boston. Losing to Yankees at Fenway 12 to 1 in the 5th inning.

hh- he could be tipping his pitches. I only saw a few batters there - an dthat bomb - but it seems tonight he's leaving his fastball on the heart of the plate. He ain't Nolan Ryan so he can't do that.

Good old Whiff.


That's the universal signal for "Replace the Pitcher Now"

Hamels is DOA tonight.

Playoff 3 of Lee, Blanton, Happ with Hamels if necessary.

Seriously, he's the lefty, first half of '08 version of Brett Myers right now. A complete headcase who can't locate and gets hit unacceptably hard.

Hey, still a QS right?

If the season ended tomorrow is Manuel realistic enough to go Lee-Happ-Blanton-Hamels in the playoffs?

Anyone else think Hollywood might be letting the universal praise of Lee get to him? Of course that's in addition to his horrible fastball location. And pure tabloid speculation on my part.

IF the playoffs started today I would go with Lee, Blanton, Hamels

What a tough sport this is. Unflappable in the WS. Completely lost in a nothing game a year later.

Hate to say it, but Cole Hamels sucks this year. He's an overly emotional wuss on the mound at times and can't get the job done. He was superb in '08, but this ain't '08.

How the hell did Howard catch that?

Hamels just can't locate his pitches. He's a wreck tonight.

If he strands this guy at third, that would be big.

He's a wreck tonight?

He's been a catastrophic wreck all season. Seriously, if it weren't for Moyer's horrendous stats, people would be ready to slay Hamels.

When will the famous Beerleaguer concept of regression to mean apply to Hamels?

Cholly's seen enough of Dobbs already? Weird.

Hamels leads the league in pitches down the middle..if there is such a stat.

Dobbs pulled a muscle.

Curt, looked like he pulled a hammy.

Nevermind. Leg injury.

WTF is Dobbs doing out of the game already?

Blah nvm, injury.

Good...maybe Rube will make a move to fortify the bench before 1 Sept...Lord knows we need it.

Hamels is simply off this year...WS hangovers suck.

That pitch to Sheff was a very fat fastball. The DP was a break.

Do you all remember that brilliant playoff for Josh Becket, including the domination of the Yanks in the WS, for the Marlins? Do you know how he did the following year? Cole will be fine eventually.

Stupid rain delay and then a crappy game. Waah. Maybe it will help the Phils if I go to bed?

Still gonna be disappointed if we don't take 3 of 4? Cy Redding going tomorrow, and Ollie on Sunday, so you might just go ahead and get prepared for disappointment.

cole just pitches down to competition, and the mets offer none, so he brought his none stuff.

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