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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What's up with the run-on sentence JW? You're better than that. Here's to hoping this 1st inning homer bodes better than last night's homer.

A long sentence doesn't necessarily mean it's a run-on. But anyway ... the old pick-off and the guy gets to second. A 2008 favorite, but a play that has been mostly absent this year.

Gotta keep him out of those bars...damnit.


Where is everyone? What happened to Brett? Is he reinjured?

The plot thickens...

Hey David. Piss off. How's that?

Jack: Yeah, I don't profess to be a very optimistic sort. But is there really any reason to be optimistic about the rest of Hamels' 2009 season? Realistically, I'd be satisfied just to see him pitch as he did in May through June -- which is to say, decent, but hardly on a par with his 2007/2008 seasons.

bap: Does him being one of the best pitchers in baseball over 2007 and 2008 count as being a reason for optimism?

Its good to see Raul get the night off...he needs it.

Gosh darnit. Feliz seems really determined -- REALLY DETERMINED -- to make up for his very good first half of the year.

Feliz could use a night too. He's reverted back to pulling everything on the ground.

Feliz has quietly killed the offense lately.

I'll be a lot more optimistic about Cole when he can consistently throw a third pitch for strikes, or get swings and misses. Fastball Changeup does not a Cy Young make.

Pedro back in full Rally Killer mode...super.

Cholly should create a jar for Feliz. Every time that Feliz tries to pull a breaking ball (regardless of location) and hit a ball weakly like that, Feliz has to put $25 bucks in the jar.

norbertods: I suppose you missed the strikeout on the curveball in the 1st inning then?

David: That was a long sentence, but not a run-on sentence. A run-on sentence contains 2 independent clauses which ought to be separated by a period or semi-colon. Jason's sentence contains but one clause, with some interpolative observations thrown in along the way and properly offset by commmas.

JW: You hear anything on Myers in Reading? Are they just planning on bringing him out of the bullpen to get him used to it?


Jack: Not if you subscribe to the view that he is experiencing a Verducci Effect. And not when it's August and he has stunk for most of the season. I hope you're right, and haven't completely given up but, by your logic, we should still expect a bounce-back from Brad Lidge, as well.

That was a strike to Milledge. Umps just don't call it when the batter pulls his bunt attempt back. I hate when that happens.

bap: I think he is experiencing some of those effects, as well as just having bad luck. In this inning, for instance, he's given up a weak single on a good 3-2 changeup, and a bunt single.

Cole's stuff looks really good (despite the runners)

Is Hamels really sitting 94-95?


Jack/norbertods: You're both right. Cole's curveball is actually a very nice pitch. Problem is, he doesn't throw it enough, which makes him too predictable.

That's not the reason for his 2009 problems but it's probably a big reason why he allows so many homeruns. I think Cole will return to form in 2010, but he would be better still if he threw the curve ball more often.

Cole is trending upward.

Mets actually take a one run lead on Johnson and the Fish.

Cole's curveball is a very nice pitch? Certainly better than last year but there have been at least 4-5 that have been deposited in the seats this year and he still doesn't get that classic 12-6 action that results in a called strike at the knees.

Let's say it is improved and hopefully will become a real legit weapon next year with some more tweaking.

Make that 2-0 Mets. 3-0 Braves over Pads.

BAP: Couldn't agree more. I'm not a Hamels basher, quite the opposite. Just want him to have another weapon for opposing hitters to worry about. Changing speeds is important as well as location, but another hammer wouldn't hurt.
I'm new to the site, but absolutely love it. This is almost as good as watching it at a bar.

MG: He doesn't have Barry Zito's curveball, but it's not a bad pitch at all and he knows how to throw it for strikes.

I've heard Cole complain that he doesn't have the break on his curve like Myers'. The kid is ultra competitive and I wish Phillies fans would concentrate on those comments rather than the other stuff (where they interpret him to be "soft").

So what's with all the 94mph fastballs by Cole? I even saw one at 95 on gameday.

Actually I saw a 96 on the gameday gun hot today? lol

People are obsessed with velocity, but it really doesn't matter. It's nice that Cole is throwing 95 tonight, but he doesn't need to to be successful. If I recall correctly, his average fastball speed is faster this year than last year.

Yeah, I saw 1 at 96 too. Impressive if accurate.

Maybe they have Reading's gun on loan?

bap: Werth's OPS now above Howard's?

Its not reallly obsessing over velocity when a guy is throwing at a level that he was previously more successful. THere is a huge difference in Cole's effectiveness when he can sit 92-93 than makes his change that much more effective.

I wouldn't call myself obsessed with velocity, Just haven't seen 95/96 pretty much ever from Hamels, I still know its location location location clout..err jack

That's impressive. You have to give these Pirates some credit for trying out there.

Even though he hasn't given up a run, Cole still has thrown 51 pitches through 3 innings. And it's not as if he has a ton of strikeouts. Deep counts are now more the rule against him as opposed to the exception.

Wish the Phils could hit a bit more consistently lately. One run homers are nice are nice and all, but c'mon...

Ya he's been getting tons of foul balls, and cheap singles. Bad luck, or just too much of the plate I guess. Can't say too many strikes when C. Lee goes out throws 80/100 almost every game haha

Cole is having a down year and learning how to pitch through it without his best stuff/command. It's all part of the maturation process.

Cole is trending downward.

Sometimes people seem to forget that Cole is all of 25 years old. A lot of pitchers are breaking into the majors at his age (See JA Happ). Cole is making his 109th Major League start right now.

With Feliz swinging the way he has been, the bottom of the order is back to a black hole. I can go shower this inning and not miss anything.

Cole is trending upward again.

As opposed to Cole, Maholm has 58 pitches through 5. No need for the Pittsburgh Pen tonight.

Pedro Triste

Myers got another black eye I guess

SmokyJoe: Just keep it close.

Cole looks good through 5 but wow 88 pitches is a tad alarming. Hopefully he gets through 6 or 7 IP!

Well, the good news is that Lidge has pitched the last 4 days.

Cole has good stuff. He has for several weeks. I'm not sure the Verducci effect is what's happening here. I think it's a combination of bad luck, frustration, and maybe even slightly tipping his pitches.

88 pitches through 5...way to be efficient Cole.

This was his first 1-2-3 inning, maybe he is settling down.

It does feel like the pirate pitchers are out pitching the phils.

Ahh..Hamels back to his old self now. 91-92 fastballs. Maybe he had a red bull before the start of the game and now it's wearing off?

I think the Pirates are well above .500 at home, so there's that factor. Pirates have also been known to outpitch the Phils even in their leanest years in the Burgh. It's not like Maholm's a bad pitcher.

To follow through on my last post, last season Cole had a higher percentage of swings & misses on his changeup than any other pitcher with their best pitch. He's not putting people away on 3rd strike, as they are fouling pitches off until they get something they can handle. It's almost as if they know what is coming, even when he puts it in a good location.

It's tough for Hamels to pitch deep in games this year, he seems to have every damn pitch fouled off all the time, or those cheap a$$ singles. I would be frustrated as hell too.

Maholm might as well be a LOOGY as far as Howard is concerned. He is completely overmatched by a left-hander with good breaking/offspeed stuff. There's no way he is picking up the ball coming out of his hand, because he is completely opening up and pulling off pitches that are off the plate outside.

Ballboy fail. How do you give it to a kid in a Phillies jersey?

Doesn't Howard have miserable numbers vs. Pittsburgh in general? Other than the HR Derby, I don't remember him getting too many hits in PNC.

With Lidge unavailable tonight, and the Phillies holding only the slimmest of leads in this game, there's a good chance that we may be headed for a Chan Ho Park or Ryan Madson save situation -- maybe even in a 1-run game. If Madson or Park comes in & succeeds, it can only strengthen the case for keeping him in that closer's role. Of course, if he comes in and blows the game, then we'll have to listen to MVPTommy tell us how it definitively establishes that the guy can't close.

Paul "Cy" Maholm...

Screw that BAP. Lidge only threw 5 pitches last night...he can go again.

Do you put Lidge in tonight, 5 in a row?

I'm not saying Maholm's a bum, but letting this guy mow us down with 76 pitches through six innings is a disgrace. This start might solidify his slot in the Phillie Killer starting rotation.

NEPP: You say Cole had more success with a better fastball, but he's been throwing it harder this year than last year.

So how does that work?

Iceman: At least he's not Tim Redding. When Redding does this to the Phils, it angers me to the depths of my soul.

Pedro heard you, JW.

So who's going to close this game? My money is on Durbin.

Myers will come out of the pen tonight, according to an R-Phillies source.

According to Fangraphs...

2006 - 91.3
2007 - 90.4
2008 - 90.4
2009 - 90.2

Am I missing something Jack?

Jack: "If I recall correctly, his average fastball speed is faster this year than last year."

That is correct, but on Beerleaguer velocity is everything and location is nothing so when a guy struggles the automatic response is that his velocity is down. See post from Dan earlier today blaming velocity for Lidge's problems as example #12,983 on Beerleaguer.

I can't believe Charlie elected to let Cole hit there. In these situations, the Phils pitcher who stayed in to bat almost always gives up the lead the next inning.

NEPP: Yeah I just saw that. I was under the impression earlier in the season that his FB was being thrown faster this year. Either way, it looks just about the same. I find it hard to believe that his fastball velocity has anything to do really with his struggles this year.

To clarify (since I never said it was purely velocity), Hamels throwing his FB with location at 92-93 is more effective than Hamels throwing his FB with location at 89-90. Why is this even a freaking question.

Please don't twist what I said or make something up.

Oh, well, Marlins winning now, 4-2 over the Mets on a Paulino 2 run HR. He's a bum.

They didn't even bother to put the runners on the bases on Gameday because they knew the Phils weren't going to do anything against Maholm...

I think Hamels' issue is pure location. He's had way too many pitches over the middle or up in the zone and he gets killed. The "bad luck" argument ignores this issue for him.

If we'd had a legit RH bat off the bench, or a legit closer, I doubt Charlie would've let Cole hit there. But with no good righty bat to bring in, and the desire to save Park and Madson for the 8th and 9th, Charlie left Cole in.

Not sure it was the right move, but he didn't exactly have a great alternative.

At least Maholm is out of the game.

Whattsamatter with these guys? They have a knack for making mediocre pitchers look like Cyrus Friggin Young! I see another L headed our way tonight.

Hamels is trending downward again.

With Ibanez struggling against lefties, it was either Bruntlett to bat and Durbin to pitch, or Hamels to bat and Hamels to pitch.

Screwed either way.

He's getting squeezed. That's a strike.

1 inning too long?

nice work cole

Nope, he's trending upward again. False alarm.

Great work there to get out of it. Hamels just gave us 7 innings of shutout ball. Maybe that will quiet the critics for a couple of days?

Good work Cole. A great start against a solid AAA lineup. Hopefully he builds on his confidence during these rehab starts in AAA.

7 shutout innings not a bad outing for young Colbert.

NEPP: I think this is what you're missing:

It shows his average fastball velocity this season is 90.2. Last season it ws 89.9.

Strong outing from Hamels. I hope this is a precursor of what's to come for the rest of the season.

Time to do some damage here.

clout, what's the difference between those pitchfx numbers and the ones on his main profile page? Why are they different?

Jack: I think you got your answer:

"Good work Cole. A great start against a solid AAA lineup. Hopefully he builds on his confidence during these rehab starts in AAA."

Does anyone know the last time Jimmy took a walk?

Are you disputing that description of the Pirates lineup clout? Considering their recent firesale, this is a AAA lineup that he faced...much like a similar lineup in NY his last outing. This isnt the cream of the NL here.

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