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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Posted in the last thread, but more appropriate here:

I just get a sense of another blowout. Jurrjens owns the Phillies, they aren't in sync right now offensively, and the Braves currently have several hot hitters spread throughout the lineup. I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm right, at least I'll be able to go to sleep at a decent hour.

Very surprised that Francisco is not being used more. Cholly is using him just like he did Mayberry (which is very sparingly as time goes on). I would have thought he would have gotten the start tonight. All 3 OF's aren't exactly tearing the cover off the ball.

I see the Dodgers got Ronnie Belliard for their bench today. I wonder how these other teams can find a way to help their benches for the stretch run? I guess Rube has taken the rest of the year off, after the Lee trade???

Mathieson was mowing them down today for Reading. 2 IP, 0 hits, 0 runs, 0 BB's and 4 K's. His ERA for the year sits at .68

He needs to be in a Phillies uniform on Sept. 1 He has earned it.

The first 6 braves hitters are all hitting at least .275, with 3 hitting over .300. Weren't the Braves supposed to have the much weaker offense of the two teams?

That was supposed to be the first 7 Braves hitters, not 6..

I'm getting really sick of seeing the Braves hit home runs.

Well, that ought to do it. I guess I can go to bed now :( JK

When Blanton falls behind the hitters, he is not ggod.

Looking at the schedule going forward, if the Phils can manage to go 4-3 the next seven games against the Giants and Astros, you figure they'll come out with a 5-6 game lead. The next three series are Washington-Mets-Washington, or what I'd like to call 'closing time.' They should be able to put the division away in those three series, or at least have the chance to put the nail in the coffin at Atlanta directly after.

All this is assuming a loss tonight, by the way, which I think might be a fair assumption.

At least we won't hear about Cox complaining about how CBP somehow unfairly favors the Phils' homers tonight . . .


Blanton's lucky cap looks very suspicious in HD

This looks like 1st inning Blanton from April-May. Struggling with his command, falling behind early, and running some deep counts. Not a good sign.

Well, you couldn't look worse than Blanton looked in the first inning. He has Rollins to thank that it's only 1-0. If he doesn't straighten things out in a big way, this game is going to be very similar to last night's.

SmokyJoe: The Phillies have scored 73 more runs this season than the Braves. Which offense do you think is stronger?

23 pitches. Ouch.
I'll just go ahead and guess that it takes Jurrjens 7 pitches to get out of his 1st inning.

Jack, how's that been since the All Star break? How about in August?

It is really impressive when you look at Jurrjens. Very quietly been one of the best 7-8 starters in the NL this year.

Well, 5 pitches to the first JRoll & Vic.

SmokyJoe: The Braves have scored 14 more runs than the Phillies in August.

In other news, they've made up exactly 0 games since then.

OK, I can now pull a TommyD, and state that I am always right, never wrong, and a baseball god since I guessed exactly right that Jair would only need 7 pitches in the first.

Blanton does not seem to have very good command tonight. Hopefully he settles down quickly.

Blanton is wild both outside the plate and in the plate, getting way too much zone on his strikes.

Yeah, Joe you can tell and are a good analyst when you actually do some pregame work. Too bad that is pretty apparent most times that you just don't watch much recent game film/look at statistics of the team's you are doing a national broadcast for.

Ok, that looked better. Unfortunately, with the way this team is hitting, a 1-0 deficit is probably insurmountable.

ESPN crew continues to pile on with the stat-bashing.

Who did the Braves trade when they got Jurrjens?

Scott Franzke & LA off the internet, with ESPN buffered in DVR mode to match the boys. Life is good.

I wonder what Jon Miller's VORP is. Gotta be higher than McCarthy's.

You can usually count on Werth to make them throw pitches.

Smoky: Edgar Renteria. Advantage: Braves.

Filthy changeup by Jurrjens. Even on a K though, Werth almost always makes the pitcher earn it by throwing at least 5-6 pitches even if he has some ugly hacks in the process.

That was incredibly weak for a 2-0 count. Ibanez needs a couple days off, or probably more appropriate, some good luck hits to get him rolling again.

Why is it so difficult for somebody like Joe Morgan to spend 10 minutes looking at statistics to determine that Werth plays a good right field, hits for power, and sees more pitches than anyone in baseball.

Instead, he chooses to spit out nonsense about him being a winning player who knows how to win and does the little things to win games.

Wind blowing in and Jurrjens has his stuff going especially the changeup. Here hoping the Phils can work the count a bit and get him out of here after 6.

Did he seriously just call it "Central City"? Jesus, these guys are so beyond awful.

MG, Jair has 22 pitches through 2, with the Neo-Retro Black Hole coming up in the 3rd. And Jimmy/Vic combined might see 15 pitches this game. I doubt very seriously he'll be gone by the sixth. More like 8th or 9th.

OK, even better by Blanton.

22 after 2 looks like a CG shut out to me.

Cut the man a break @Matt. He had a long night in Riding House Square followed by a cheesesteak at Paddy's, which he prefers to Evgene's.

"Central City" and "OPS" were the best so far.

Not O-P-S but OPS like I'm running a covert op, not talking about Onbase Pluse Slugging.

Werth the only guy to actually work a count out of Jurrjens so far, but then he struck out on ball four. We're gonna have to connect on a couple long balls off him. Jurrjens throws a lot of strikes.

Nice to see Blanton settle down after a rocky 1st inning. He is still struggling with his command a bit but the strike zone looks wide tonight, he is keeping his pitches down even when he misses location, and the wind should help him to keep the ball in the park.

Chooch breaks up the perfect game.

Jimmy better not swing at balls low/away and popup.

No way, would have never believed it.

Jimmy is back to April Jimmy

Looks like tomorrow is all Favre, all the time for ESPN.

Something I learned tonight: when you use one reliever after a rain delay it's like your starter pitched a complete game because the bullpen is completely rested. BESIDES THE ONE GD RELIEVER YOU USED! IT IS NO MORE LIKE A COMPLETE GAME THAN WHEN THE STARTER GOES SIX, SEVEN OR EIGHT INNINGS AND ONE RELIEVER COMES IN AND FINISHES THE GAME! (sorry for the yelling)


What are the odds of Steve Phillips and Joe Morgan killing one another on any given broadcast?

5 to 1
3 to 1


Let's see. They're at home. They've been hitting poorly with RISP. It's blowing in. Joe Blanton is on the mound and pitching well. They're playing a division rival. They already won a game in this series. Jurrjens is, actually, a very fine young pitcher.

That's only 7. Surely there are three more reasons the Phils won't score tonight.

Kept that one under the wind.


Bobby Cox whininess in 5,4,3,2,1


We'll be hearing about that one from Bobby after the game if that ends up being an important run.

Clean slate.

I love the BL reverse jinx.


OK MG, Jair w/ 40 pitches through 4. You still think there is any chance he's done after 6?

You guys are all Utley sycophants.

That homer was like milliseconds after Andy's post. Never has the BL Reverse Jinx worked quicker.

Listening to Joe Morgan (one of the all time greats on the field) try to explain something off the field is just pure joy.

Still, he's far far better than Rick Sutcliffe as an ESPN color guy.

Hershiser can be brutal to listen to also.

Jurrjens just saw more pitches (8) than Rollins and Vic combined in their 4 total at-bats.

"Here hoping the Phils can work the count a bit and get him out of here after 6."

I was only hoping the Phils would be able to get a few innings where they made Jurrjens through 15 or pitches or so.

I would imagine that Cox is going to try and get 8 tonight out of Jurrjens if he is ahead and then just use Soriano in the 9th. Wouldn't be surprised to see Gonzalez either if the Braves need a lefty-lefty matchup late even though he has pitched in the first 2 games.

Braves need to win this game tonight or you play can "TAPS" on their NL East chances.

Umm Joe...we traded 3 prospects for Joe Blanton including 2 that were pretty highly rated at the time. The A's didn't "let him go".

NEPP - Morgan is incredibly knowledgeable about the game and a very good analyst when he actually does some work.

Way too often though it shows that Morgan has done little/nothing in advance of a national broadcast and two teams that he hasn't seen recently.

MG, you misunderstood me I think. I respect Joe because I think he was probably the best 2B of all time. He knows a TON about the game but he doesn't explain it well. Its almost like he was too good at what he did so he has trouble explaining it as he simply "gets" it when watching the game.

Sadly he's the best color guy that ESPN has considering the alternatives of Rick Sutcliffe and Orel Hershiser.

Why do you guys not like Orel. I like him as an analyst, especially compared to anything the Phillies have.

He just irritates me for some reason. He's not a bad analyst.

I really liked him as a player.

+1 for orel over the other guys.

Vote for Pedro.

Feliz went the other way!!!

"In the national league the pitcher bats..."

Thanks Jon...great insight there.

We have Big Red Machine, ripping on stats, and "productive outs." If I can get "clogging the bases" or "consistent," I win Joe Morgan Bingo.

Did you guys just see those stats? Jurrjens is a right-handed Happ.


...and they hold the runner.

Bases loaded, nobody out ...

Inning over. Shucks.

All I need is "My daughter goes to Stanford" for my BINGO.

3.5% odds the Phillies score this inning.

We probably have a higher chance of scoring a run on a wild pitch than an actual hit.

Just fantastic...mother#*#*!!!


Good work Jimmy. Way to take a damn pitch there.

Un f'ing believable.

Unreal. When was the last manufactured run?

Charlie is the worst manager. Horrible decision

That's awful for Blanton to be swinging there.

This is becoming the team's signature.

How does that happen?

Rollins is absolutely pathetic right now. If it wasn't for his D, I'd rather see Bruntlett hit right now.

How does Blanton swing there?

How does Jimmny NOT take one pitch?

The Phillies need a team shrink. How many times in a row is it that they have failed to score -- or at least failed to score more than 1 run -- in a bases loaded, no outs situation?

Can somebody explain to me why Blanton was not instructed to bunt? Bases loaded, nobody out, no runs in. That's just GARBAGE.

They had him on the ropes, and then proceeded to let him off with 2 pitches.

Damn. Thought Blanton woulda cranked a slammer.

Well, that's a swift kick in the nuts.

Why would you want Blanton to strike out? Sure there's a chance of a double play, but there is a greater chance he gets a hit or produces a run on a soft ground ball or a fly ball. That line drive could have easily as been a hit as an out. You only get 27 outs per game; giving one away is rarely a good idea, especially if it doesn't drive in a run or move a runner.

philwynk: Blanton bunting with the bases loaded? Great idea. How could it possibly fail?

It's a good thing it's still August, but the Phillies offense is really discouraging to watch right now.

Last inning for Blanton.

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